Ishq Mein Marjawan 8th February 2018 Written Episode Update: Deep killed Arohi’s family

Ishq Mein Marjawan 8th February 2018 Written Episode, Written Update on
Scene 1
Deep says I killed them both. I shoved them from here. Virat says so Arohi and her family is over. Arohi is dazed. SHe is in tears. Arohi recalls her family. She recalls Niku. Arohi goes in crying. Deep asks Virat where is Tara? He says I don’t know. Arohi comes to the cliff in tears. She sees her family photo and cries. Deep and Virat are looking for Tara. Arohi says why did you do this to me God? Arohi says I promised I won’t kill anyone. I will. I will killed Deep. I will shove him from here. Deep comes and says Tara where did you go? I was looking for you. Arohi shows him the photo. She says I was thinking what punish should I give to you. Deep says you.. Are you Arohi? Arohi says yes. Arohi says I am your end. She shoves him. He falls down. Arohi was imaginig all

this. Deep says what are you doing here? SHe says I was looking for that? He says what? She says voice because voice never dies. He says what are you saying.. Arohi says what would someone feel if they fall from here. DEep says are you talking about Arohi’s family. Arohi is about to shove him. Virat comes. Arohi hugs him.

Virat puts pistol in the gun. He says do you still love Tara? Deep says i can never stop loving Tara. Virat says so why is there change in behaviior. Lets ask Tara. Virat says lets do a test. Arohi comes nad says what test? Virart says lets play a game. In this game there is just one bullet in the gun. People put it on their heads. Arohi says waht stupid game it this. Virat says what? You started this game. Lets start and find out how much have you changed Tara. DEep sas Tara doesn’t need to play. Virat says lets start it. First question. Who killed Arohi’s brother. Arohi says I did. Virat pulls trigger but there is no gun. Virat gives the gun to Deep. Virat says when did you find out Deep has started loving Arohi. Deep says I never loved her. Virat says I asked Tara. Arohi says when he spent a night with her. Deep says didn’t you trust me? Virat says did you want to kill deep? She says yes.

Arohi says yes after that I tried to kill deep. Deep pulls the trigger but the bullet isn’t there. Virat takes the gun. Virat says do you still think Deep still loves Arohi? Arohi says I can’t say anything. Virat pulls the trigger. he gives the gun back to Deep. Virat says do you still love Deep Tara? Arohi looks at Deep. Deep puts the gun on his head. But there is bullet.

Precap-Arohi says I hope there was bullet in that gun.
Chawani says you promised you won’t kill anyone. Arohi says I will kill Deep. She comes to shove Deep. He says you wanna kill me? Shove me and end all this.

Update Credit to: Atiba

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  1. wow, so many things happened in this episode. in the beginning Arohi was swearing that she would kill Deep, but when deep was pulling the trigger, Arohi jumped each time as if she hoped there would be no firing… then again in the precap she says she wished there was a bullet in the gun :/ :/ again arohi made a mistake, saying that it was a stupid game and she didnt remember she created it, virat is for sure doubting arohi again and again as to how she could change so much. another thing, Deep is definitely not completely negative and i am sure he didnt kill bhabhi and nikku. wonder who that ghost is though, roaming in their house and frightening every body

  2. also, i would like to add, i dont know if deep loved arohi or not, but seeing how he behaves with Tara, it doesnt seem like he loves her much anymore. he is distant to Tara, looks like he is fed up of her tantrums and he doesnt look very happy in his home, rather like he is dong what he has to do

  3. What…. Again imagination… I m sure definitely in the precap he was saying all those things to arohi assuming her to be tara… Bacause as far as i know deep has only one target in his life to prove tara’s family his loyality and act as slave for them…. I really didn’t get it, what was virat trying to confirm through those questions….. And deep’s character is more like a maze for me, i really can’t say wht he is thinking at the particular moment and btw during last question i guess he was trembling in fear and i don’t know for wht reason he was terrified, concluding from the past episode i guess deep can do anything for their or rather his so called family…. And i think now they should stop stretching, and arohi and deep should have a face off….

    1. i too dont understand the logic behind all those questions. what did virat confirm from arohi’s answers? the only thing that happened was arohi got to know that at one point deep might have really fallen for her. and i thought after virat and deep, the gun would be next given to Arohi, but no. they kept rotating it among themselves and pulling the trigger no matter what Arohi replied. i dont understand this game lol

  4. But if he really killed bhabhi and nikku then
    I HATE YOU DEEP RAJ SINGH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  5. And also seeing her innocence, i don’t think that she can kill anyone…. As in the precap i don’t want chawanni to leave arohi alone as she said she will kill deep but chawanni was against it……. And i think they should move the story ahead, or i think they should show something about deep, i mean what he feels or sees from his point of view, i guess there is much more about deep more than we know….

  6. right ,dhara i also thinks same because no one can tolerate this mad taara . he is doing all those things to save himself from anger of virat .

    1. i hope writers give a valid reason or atleast show something from deep’s view. once they showed from deep’s view that he really loved arohi but then suddenly that feeling vanished and after that nothing consistent from deep’s side. right now we all can only guess what is going on with him. good suspense, i suppose :/

  7. Deep is like a dog ,he can’t even do anything without permission of roma and virat and arohi is still a dummy how can see fooled by all such a dummy she can’t even kill anyone to take revenge in such a way how can she will take revenge i think before takin revenge she reveal her identity

  8. Deep is like a dog ,he can’t even do anything without permission of roma and virat and arohi is still a dummy how can see fooled by all such a dummy she can’t even kill anyone to take revenge in such a way how can she will take revenge i think before takin revenge she reveal her identity

  9. I think Deep is lying about killing them to protect them. If the family thinks they are dead then they won’t bother about them so they can live somewhere. Just a feeling because I don’t think Deep can kill a child.

  10. I think deep knows she is Arohi because he never told Tara what he told to Arohi about lakhshya (being dead).So when Arohi asked lakhshya if he is alive and laughed and told that Arohi would have asked that .I think deep understood she was Arohi.Hope it’s not a trap again.

  11. Good news immj is on top 4th position…. Isn’t it a great news ???

  12. Nice episode I like gun point game deep point the gun that time arohi feel for deep that so nice so still arohi and deep love each other I think deep not killed anyone some mystery in this series and vasunthra also alive precap so interesting

  13. I feel the person scaring everyone is that Mausi who was in jail with arohi

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