Ishq Mein Marjawan 7th November 2017 Written Episode Update: Arohi looks for Sanaya

Ishq Mein Marjawan 7th November 2017 Written Episode, Written Update on

Scene 1
Arohi opens Sanaya’s closet. Deep says in heart she isn’t there? Tara tells Prithvi that she came out of closet. Prithvi says where is sanaya? Tara says isn’t she in her room? Tara says I don’t remember anything. My head hurts. I wanna sleep. Go and find her. She sleeps.
Maya says to Dia Arohi didn’t do anything. Dia says then where did sanaya go? We have to be careful. Maya says don’t worry. Dia says I will find out what happened to her.
Deep says to Prithvi I can’t find her. Please do something.

Laksh says find out where was Arohi when the murder happened in Kasol? Constable says someone from Raichand family wants to meet you. He says someone is missing.
Deep comes to Arohi. She says I am really worried for

Sanaya. She wanted to tell me something. I should have listened to her. Call her friends or your relatives. Deep says our relatives are in USA. Arohi says we have to find her. She must be in trouble. Ia m going to inform police. Laksh comes and says I am here miss Arohi. He says I got an FIR. Deep says who did? Sushant says I did. Laksh says you have to come with me Mr. Deep/
Sanaya’s dead body is in garden.

deep says when someone is missing police waits for 24 hours. Your FIR is not valid. Laksh says now you will tell us law. Deep says this is our family matter. Laksh says your family member lodged this FIR. Arohi has to come to police station. Deep says in heart what to do. Laksh says Deep why so worried? Deep says you can go I will bring Arohi. Laksh says I will wait for you. He leaves. Deep takes Arohi to police station.
Prithvi grasps Sushant syas how dare you. He says i will tell them everything if I don’t find Sanaya. Where is she. Dia says where is she? It can happen with us too. Prithvi says we all know your weak points too. Sushant says if anything happens to sanyaa i wont leave you people.

Scene 2
Deep says to SAnaya Laksh is against you. he will try to get you involved in all this. Be careful. Don’t answer much. Laksh says welcome. Laksh says we will take one statement at a time.
Laksh calls Prithvi and says look for her dead body. He says I am trying.

Laksh says to Arohi what was it all about? What was the tension between you and sanaya? Arohi says small woman fight. I wanted to solve it but then she wasn’t in her room. Deep is waiting outside. Laksh says she wasn’t there. But Maya and Dia said that you spoke to her.
Remember that man who accused that you hit his son but you said you never went to Kasol. Where were you when a murder happened in Kasol.
Arohi is nervous. SHe drops the glass of water. Laksh says answer my question. Arohi recalls Deep saying don’t answer him. Arohi says please ask about Sanaya only? He says just asking you where were you? Arohi says do you know where you were all 365 days of the year? Arohi says stop asking me these stupid questions. Arohi says you want to get me stuck in a fake case. Her phone rings. Its a text from Sanaya’s phone. Deep gets it too. Arohi reads it. It says stop calling me you people. I don’t want to talk to anyone. Laksh says what message is it? Why are you so shocked. He takes her phone and reads it. Arohi says Sanaya is fine this means.

Precap-Arohi says see Sanaya’s message. Deep says I got it too. Arohi comes home and sees SAnaya’s dead body in garden.

Update Credit to: Atiba

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  1. Too much bullshyt. Not watching it anymore, a few days then will stop reading the written updates too.. Bakwaass

  2. Nice episode I think Tara not kill sanaya somebody is there and play a game this is my guess what happened next waiting

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