Ishq Mein Marjawan 7th March 2018 Written Episode Update: Deep protects Niku from Arohi(thinking she is Tara)

Ishq Mein Marjawan 7th March 2018 Written Episode, Written Update on

Scene 1
Arohi recalls Deep said he killed Niku. Doctor takes Niku somewhere. Arohi runs after him. Deep is looking for Arohi. Arohi gets in the room with Niku and locks the door. The man says someone took the baby’s hand and went inside. Deep says who is inside.
Arohi hugs Niku and says are you okay? I am your Arohi bua. I really missed you. Everything will be fine. No one can take you from me. She says you have fever. Where is your mama? He is just silent. Arohi says is she okay? Niku steps back. He runs away from her. Arohi says Niku stop. Deep comes in the room but Niku ran from the back door.
Arohi says Niku its me bua not Tara. Please stop. Arohi runs after him. she says I am your arohi bua. See my phone, you used to play games on it. I am your arohi bua. I am alive.

I ran from the jail. Niku recalls Tara killing nikhil. He is silent. Arohi sees Deep. She puts hand on Niku’s mouth and hies.
Arohi sees Virat in the same hospita. She is scared. She hides beneath a bed. Arohi says what should I do? She hides with niku. Deep is looking for Niku.

Deep sees Virat and says how did all this happen? He says because of you. You couldn’t get me out. The same girl who was involved in the video against me did this. They hit me. Find out who she is and who is supporting her. deep says I came here for Tara’s checkup. Virat says I know where she goes. you wont let me come out of jail because of it is your benefit. Deep says don’t say that. I will get you out very soon. Deep looks for Niku. Arohi runs with Niku. She says please go home with me I will explain everythign. Niku runs. Arohi looks for him everywhere.

Virat gets his dressing done. He says to constable these wounds will heal and I will become your senior again. You will pay for all this. WIll you help me? He says sir I can’t do this. He says my mom can get your promotion done. Constable says what will I have to do? Laksh says find out people who attacked me. He says they came from outside and posed as prisoners. Laksh says I will find them. Find about the girl and kidnap her. My mom will help you. I want to know who used her. Who invited her in the party.

Niku’s caretaker asks him who took you? Niku is silent. Arohi picks a scissor and tries to attack the man. Deep comes and says Tara what are you doing. You said you don’t want to see blood. Niku says in heart I knew this was tara not by bua. Arohi grasps his collar and says you lied to me. You said you killed him how is he alive. Why did you fool us.

Constable brings thugs to Virat. Virat beats them and says who gave you money to beat me? He says she didn’t tell us name. She juts gave us money. Virat says tell me or I will shoot you. He says we will tell you. Deep called us and asked us to do this. Virat is dazed.

Scene 2
Arohi says tell me where is his mom? Is she alive too? Say something. Where is Arohi’s bhabi. What is going on. He says I can’t tell you. She says you are protecting that Arohi. Because you love her. You fooled us. He says I can’t tell you anythign right now. He asks caretaker to take the child from here. Arohi says he won’t go anywhere.

Virat says Deep? He says yes. Deep asked us not to take his name ever.
Deep says leave the child. Arohi says I will take this child with me. Deep gives niku back to caretaker.
Precap-Arohi says why have you kept Niku alive.
He says my Tara never talks like that. Arohi says what do you mean? He says you are Arohi not Tara.

Update Credit to: Atiba

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  1. Precap is thrilling as well as exciting i hope its not a imagination again now its a time for the story to get into another phase… And the way arohi was behaving he will surely catch her… In precap again he said ” meri tara ”, that too in front of arohi, that means he doesn’t love arohi and truly my blood was boiling i was like ” deep ka kuch nahi ho sakta”…

    1. i know he said meri tara, but he didnt seem angry or worried that this is Arohi and where is Tara… and he never pulls tara towards himself or anything… maybe i am imagining but i was happy with Deep showing some other emotions except sad mode or ‘following orders’ mode ^_^

    2. I totally agree with you @dhara…that’s true he never pulls tara like that but if he already know she is arohi, how he can dare to pull arohi like that, wht i mean is.. He is not guilty at all for wht he did to arohi…. But i m happy to see that old deep raichand is back.. U know it was interesting to see him back then…. It wud b so gud if deep comes to know everything and 2 intelligent people fighting with each other and it will be interesting to see who wins this one… Previously it was always one sided i mean either of them didn’t knew the secret of other but after this both of them knows how they actually are so it will be fair game and a fair chance….. I don’t want to think so much about it as preacp is always misleading…

      1. true, the precaps are misleading most of the time… and also i agree it would be very interesting if both sides are planning and making moves against each other. actually, i agree with everything you said. Deep has no right to pull arohi like that, but if he says that if hadnt done all those things with Arohi, then tara and roma would have done worse, or kill off bhabhi and niku or something like that, then maybe Deep would be redeemed somewhat. but i dont want Arohi to fool Deep again that she is Tara, Arohi had already done a lot of things as Tara and now we need some change, something else happening. even if Deep still remains negative…

  2. Oh my God…
    Deep is back to his wickedness,,,
    Now what will arohi do,, she is exposed

  3. Rivanya diehard fan

    Thanks for the update Atiba.Thanq.. Thanq.. much writers for making deep’s character positive.I like ardeep very very very much .
    Also thanks to all ardeep fans because of whom Arohi is paired with deep.Loved the precap.Can’t stop smiling.

  4. i got a distinct feeling that Deep would be supporting Arohi, by the way he pulled her towards himself when he said ‘tum Arohi ho’….. even now if the writers somehow show deep to be positive i would be so happy, maybe Arohi would be able to forgive him over time when she discovers that Deep had been protecting her family! maybe Deep was upset and asked Tara to throw him down the cliff because he was depressed over Arohi’s death and was hiding it…. i dont know, Deep has done so many dreadful things, and i thought he never loved Arohi, but if he starts supporting her it would be so great!! not getting my hopes up though…. the writers sometimes show something different in precap and then something entirely different happens in the episode

    1. The moment of ardeep was cherishing.. But the thing which is stuck in my mind is, arohi is against killing even she doesn’t dare to kill those raichand, then how come she was ready to harm nikku’s caretaker, who was really good to him and seems like he takes good care of him and luckily deep thought she was going to harm nikku… And after this incident how can deep doubt on arohi..

      1. maybe arohi was too desperate, you know she thought she had lost everything, had no one in the world anymore. then suddenly she finds nikku and all she thought was i have to save him anyhow. i dont think she would have killed that man, maybe harmed him a bit so that he wouldnt be able to come after niku or her. i wouldnt have been surprised if she had took a swipe at Deep too, hurting him and running away with nikku. but i suppose she still needed bhabhi’s address, so she kept playing as Tara…. also when the caretaker was taking niku away, Arohi was desperately looking at them, trying to free herself from Deep and Deep was looking very carefully at her. maybe something about her expression gave her away. hopefully today we will get answers

  5. also, virat is such a dumb character. the guys told him it was Deep and he believed it. anyone else can take Deep’s name and call them, but he is not thinking about it because he already doubts Deep. Virat is not even trying to find out who that unknown caller was and how he knows so much about his family. i have a doubt friends…. virat said today his name was Virat Laksh Raichand…. so only Deep’s name is Rajsingh and they rest are all Raichand? for some reason i thought everyone of them had Rajsingh title

    1. Yupp.. Virat is so dumb but somehow roma feels that he the most smartest and intellectual person and can protect tara lol????

  6. Wow! Super episode. Interesting precap. Deep is a positive character or negative character still am confused. Friday immj show hai or nahi.

    1. friday kuch hai kya? generally, friday has immj shows

      1. Yes. I saw a promo.udaan serial start at 6.30 p.m so only am asking.

    2. In friday there is a mahasangam(holi celebration).. So there won’t be any regular episode of immj..

    3. ou… another mahasangam episode!! i dont like those, i cannot sir infront of the tv for four hours listening to all other actors while i am interested in only one serial :/ and the main story doesnt progress much either. i dont know why everyone has started doing mahasangam now a days

      1. Me too same

      2. Exactly they should on air these stuffs at weekends..

  7. In the precap,deep says “meri Tara”!!!.. haha so weird…Do he really love Tara?!! He said that she is Arohi not Tara,it means he knew everything then whats he waiting for? He didn’t come to save Tara also… I love Arohi nd I don’t hate Tara also,as she is mentally unstable person…she doesn’t know anything what is wrong nd what is right…Her husband nd Her family should consult a best doctor for her but what they do!! Unlike her,they r not mad,can’t they give a proper treatment to her,y they still kept her at home…psycho family!!….

    1. yes, her family is more to blame then Tara herself. she is not the one to plan carefully. even before we saw how she tried to kill Arohi’s family and Arohi too, not caring that her family was planning to get Arohi arrested in her place. if her family had tried to treat her and left Arohi alone, none of these things would have happened. its not like they are poor and cannot afford treatment. then why did they wait until Tara had already committed so many murders? i dislike Roma the most, not giving any good teachings to her children, and forcing the orphan boy into a world of crimes

  8. I think Deep will ask Aarohi to release Tara and leave her Family in exchange of Riddhi Bhabhi and Nikku
    Nikku doesn’t Believe Aarohi so as Bhabhi wont believe

    1. I too think that but believe me i don’t want any such sequence….

  9. Aarohi’s plan exécution couldnt take place of cheating deep after showering love

    1. you know, i am a little bit happy that this particular plan couldnt be executed. i have seen many times boy/girl pretending to be in love with the other and trying to make them fall in love so that they could break their heart for revenge. eventually both of them fall for each other, but i am not a fan of this type of story.

  10. I don’t care how positive they make Deep look, he left her to die, he was complicit in the murder of her brother. Some things can not be forgiven let alone forgotten

  11. Love it munch baby deep isn’t back

  12. Love it munch baby deep is back!!

  13. Agree with u @lmm…I also think the same,if he really love Tara,then he will surely ask Arohi to release Tara in exchange of bhabhi nd Nikku…He always say “meri Tara Ko kuch nahi hone dungga”,nd when they revealed out Arohi was pregnant, Tara also said “meri deep”….Did they really love with each other?!! If it is true then m really jealous of their love,but he should not always support Tara’s crime…if he love her,then he should make her normal first,nd he should not let Arohi die also as he is human not a monster….

    1. That’s trueeee..
      I guess now they shud explore deep’s character

    2. i want Deep/Arohi pair, but i wouldnt mind much if they show Deep/Tara pair either, i mean it would be so different form regular stories. how interesting it would have been if Deep was madly in love with Tara and was knowingly doing it all for Tara and not on Roma’s orders. Arohi would be fighting against them both with her clever moves and they together would be tackling her. i would have been even more mad about the show than i already am!

  14. super romantic thriller… i m loving it.

  15. i think he is going to like her instead of tara

  16. I love this show so so so much.I can’t express how much I like it.I got addicted to this show.

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