Ishq Mein Marjawan 6th September 2018 Written Episode Update: Tara sees Deep and Arohi together

Ishq Mein Marjawan 6th September 2018 Written Episode, Written Update on

Scene 1
Tara picks a vase and is about to hit Anjali. Virat comes. He shouts Anjali. ANajli leaves.
Tara throws stuff. She says how did Anjali come back. Deep says I controlled her so she doesn’t go to police. Better control yourself. Deep shoves her.
Virat says you have relation with Deep. Anjali says you never did anything for me. That Arohi tried to kill me and my baby. She buried me. Only deep could help me to control her.

Tara says to Deep save me from police. He says that Anjali will die in my love like Arohi.
Virat takes Tara aside and stops her breath. He says this is what you did with my anjali and baby. She throttles him. Tara says your Anajli wants to be with Deep. She can’t be trusted. Throws her out of our lives. Virat says if you ever

dare harming anjali and my baby I will kill you. Tara says she is cheating on you, what will you do? He says I will kill her. Tara says in heart that’s what I want.

Arohi left a camera in deep’s room. Virat also installs a camera in Arohi’s room. He says I will kill you if you are cheating on me.
Deep calls someone and says how could you not go as the plan. Arohi sees deep leaving. Virat sees arohi leaving. arohi stops and closes the door. Virat says so she wasn’t going after deep. He oes in. Arohi goes out and says deep is gone. How do I find where he went. I have to do soemthing.

Arohi reads Anjali’s diary. It says how did newspaper knew about accident? No one had that news. Arohi reads news o clock. SHe says that article can tell me a lot of things. Arohi calls the newspaper company and asks them for record. They ask her to come. Virat says where are you going? She says some work. He says you are pregnant. You have to take care. She says I can take care of my baby. I am going to doctor you can come with me. He says okay lets go.

Virat drops Arohi adn says I have to go for some work. He leaves. Arohi checks the record and says 27th paper is missing. THe girl says I don’t know. Arohi asys there was an accident. Do you know its reporter? The girl says no.
The receptionist gives paper to Deep. Arohi sees them. She puts gun on reporters’ head and says I want that news paper.
Precap-The girl says I will give you that paper. Arohi reads it. Deep comes close to Arohi. She says you tried to kill me many times. She picks a knife.

Update Credit to: Atiba

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  1. totally hate this drama
    Immj rip

    1. Hi sravanthi

      1. Hi rhivanya

    2. Satya127

      Perfectly said….

  2. Not interesting at all.

  3. 😷 totally ruined.

  4. Satya127

    If anyone would asked before 3 months that what show u r watching and why u r watching I had a perfect reply for them that immj is the unique show with a very cute twisted love story with the best leads arjun and alisha and their perfect chemistry and this love story is the one which used to balance all the negativity in the show and all fans support and live their ARDEEP (arsha)…. And I would even suggest them to watch the show….
    But now if anyone could ask me that question
    I will say that it is the worst show ever with rotten creativity and story line with alisha and arjun as villains of the show and side characters and nia as the lead which doesn’t have any sense of her own character wht she ia playing and doesn’t show any decency in her dressing style and coming to the track the writers r just dragging because they don’t know wht to do next and in that process they spoiled every pillar of the show – deep, arohi, tara, story…..
    Please end this track…. It really sucks watching it on tv…. The way they r showing things on tv is just looks soo ugly on TV… this used to be a show where we can watch with family but now they turned it a stupid dirty web series kind….
    Immj whole team gonna taste the bitter fruits of their own tree now….
    This week immj is at 18 position which is the least position and status of immj…. This is the lowest position for immj from Jan because from arohi(alisha)revenge had got it in top and beat position every time but now this spoiled rotten pungent khichidi is at 18…. And not only this but more shockingly it is out of top 20 in the online trp…. Immj used to be at top 1, 2, 3 but this week it is out of 20…. Which is only because of thus track
    I wish they kill every character of the show at once (because they like making death plans for each one at every 2 episodes ) and bring a new story of immj with alisha and arjun as main protagonists…. This would really bring the lost charm of immj…. Because now fans r fed up with story and track… Now all of us want a new love story with arsha as main leads…. Don’t u accept this friends….

    1. Hi satya
      asalu emanalo kuda artamkavatledu writer ke kadu actors ki kuda pichekindi particularly arjun entha chetha character etla chestunadu

      1. wow u r Telugu……….. Even I am… Ya true I am watching this show right from beginning… It was my favorite serial but is. It’s day by day getting worst no logic at all

    2. Stupid and confusing storyline and Arohi 2 are the reason.

    3. Agree satya

  5. I want alisha to play arohi and tara
    And nia sharma should be exit from the show please

  6. I think next week is the last week for nia.

    1. Satya127

      Hi samiya
      Why do u think that next week is the last week for nia….
      If really it is then I am really happy but I want to know anybody felt like that

  7. Boring serial…hope it will cm to an end so soon…

  8. Satya127

    Ha sravanthi….
    Arjun ki nigagane picchi pattindhi…..
    U know people on youtube r just trolling him for doing these scenes…. U know they literally were like how can anyone do these for money…..
    I know arjun is dedicated towards work and he is known as King of romance but the romance they r showing these days looks soo vulgar and indecent….. U know I did not feel like this with any other pair of arjun be it rati, mouni, adha, drasthi and Alisha but with nia I feel soo disgusted….
    Guys before also there is romance in the show but it is appropriate to a line on tv they used to show cute moments where all the emotions of love r just expressed through their eyes and dialogues by arsha…. But now this much boldness and all may be for web series kind but not for tv….
    I don’t understand some viewers point of also why some think that we all want alisha to just do romance…. We want alisha as arohi because secretly connected to her and she can only handle arohi role and show all the emotions, we all love alisha work that’s why we want alisha back aa arohi not that she can do these romance or not that alisha is white and nia is black…. I personally don’t support the color issue…. The person may look like anything by color but wht matters is his or her work onscreen and the chemistry they maintain onscreen with their partners which is too be accepted by the viewers…..
    Truely with these stupid scenes arjun as lost some of the respect which I have on him…. I love his work, and by person he is also nice but doing these kind of stuff is not acceptable…. And taking about deep the role is just spoiled like arohi and tara…..
    Now the show is left with all violence and in decency…..
    U know guys if u remember how much perfect immj Used to be before with all the elements at balance….
    The writers with their own hands spoiled the show by bringing nia into the show as AROHI….. Now see whts happening everyone started hating the show including us… Guys there should be some suspence and some confusion but here to bring more suspence they made the whole story confusing and by showing these scenes all r just fed up with the show….
    Please nia u may be any person by heart but please leave the show immj….
    I would have been some with ok with adha atleast she can show the emotions nicely to an extinct…. But still bring alisha back as main lead can only bring the lost charm of the immj

  9. Satya127

    It is not secretly connected but it is that we r really connected with ALISHA as AROHI and felt each and every emotion of her but seeing nia I feel and I want tara to kill her in the show

  10. Satya127

    All the fans want only #arsha as their #ARDEEP….
    Immj was the best show only because of the hardwork of alisha and arjun and all fans love their chemistry as ardeep….
    Please end this nonsense track and bring back alisha as AROHI…. Without alisha as arohi the show as lost its charm and became lifeless and a trash….

  11. U r right satya127

  12. we want alisha as arohi back.then we will start seeing this serial

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