Ishq Mein Marjawan 6th February 2018 Written Episode Update: Laksh is Virat

Ishq Mein Marjawan 6th February 2018 Written Episode, Written Update on

Scene 1
The guy says let me go. I will leave this city. Its Chawani with Arohi. He says Deep is so dangerous. Whom are they talking about? Arohi says they are talking about inspector Laskh. They killed him too. Soon I will know who Virat is.

Arohi wakes up in her bed. Deep comes and says there is a good news fr you. We both are going to Manali. Aorhi is dazed. DEep says aren’t you happy? Don’t you wanna good? Arohi hugs him and says of course I wanna go. Roma comes and says stay happy like this always. Go and meet your brother. Deep says we have to only two hours. Roma says get ready.

Scene 2
Deep and Arohi come to Manali. Arohi recalls her life before marriage. She is in tears. She recalls marrying Deep. Deep says why are you so silent? Aren’t you

happy? Arohi says we are so close to Shimla. But those doors are closed. He says we will never talk about that. Arohi says you can’t shut memories. Arohi recalls her brother and her happy family. Arohi says top the car. I am coming in a while. She sees a temple and goes there. Deep is dazed. Arohi says when I came here before I had dreams. Now I have tears only I hope I find them. Deep says you never believed in God. I never thought you could bow down to God. Arohi says time changes everyone. I thought I would need to bow to good to meet my brother. Deep says Virat will be dazed to see you like this. Arohi says lets go. They sit back in the car.

Scene 2
A woman comes to Maya’s room and scares her. She says I will kill you. Maya is scared. The woman is wearing white sari. Maya runs out. She is scared. She wakes up Orma and says there is someone in my room. she will kill me. Prithvi and Roma come there. Roma says no one is there. Maya says she was scaring me. She said she will kill me. Prithvi says where will she go? Roma says its your wine on your head. She leaves. Chawani says who was this ghost? I have to tell didi.

Deep stops his car. He says here we are. That’s virat’s cottage. Arohi comes to the house. Deep says lets go. Deep takes her inside. They go in. Deep says Virat.. See who is here to meet you? Arohi sees weird sculpyires in the house. She sees knives as well. Deep says virat knows we are coming. He gets to know everything. He has gone out. Lets go have a breakfast. They go out for breakfast. Deep says let me bring coffee. Arohi sees a child sitting in corner. SHe thinks its Niku. SHe goes after him but he runs. Its someone else. Kid says who are you? Arohi says sorry. THe kid leaves. Arohi is in tears. SShe says Niku.. Where are you?

Deep comes back with coffee and sees Tara isn’t there. He says Tara.. Some thugs surround Arohi. They say how can we help you madam. Arohi says let me go. Deep is looking for Arohi. Arohi says don’t come near me. I have gun. he says we have it too. Deep is looking for Arohi. Someone comes and breaks their necks. Arohi sees the man. Its Inspector Laksh. She is dazed. He says welcome to Manali Tara. You came and started fighting? Arohi is in a shock. Arohi recalls Deep telling her Laksh has died.

Precap-Laksh says Arohi or Tara? Arohi says Laksh or Virat?

Update Credit to: Atiba

  1. What a thriller episode yaar hats off to entire team of IMM. So finally virat ke darshan hogaye but he looks really powerful like after he broke neck of the 2thugs the third 1was still there with gun he could have fired but when he saw virat he ran away with fear n his room’s decoration + the way he left the note so scary I mean who leaves any message that way with knife. N vineet’s look is really dangerous I actually got scared more then surprise.

  2. Writes pls make virat fall for arohi. N I think it won’t be wrong like deep said virat gets to know everything earlier so maybe he will know that she is not his sister Tara but arohi because the way arohi is behaving the way she dresses up nothing is matching with Tara n she can easily get caught n this way this time he will truely fall for arohi.. They will look perfect together. But watching the promo I feel deep is secretly planning something like he said mohra looking at arohi n shikar at virat (sides were different but face..) maybe he already got to know that she is arohi but is quite because he wants her to kill virat like ek tir se do nishana n is thinking of double crossing Roma or something like that.

    1. OK but wouldnt it be creepy and weird if Viraat falls in love with a girl who looks exactly like his sister?!

  3. That’s why laksh didn’t tried enough to protect arohi in the tara case i thought that before laksh is not helping arohi at All.if he did, he would have tried just like neil was excited to know avni truth till then he found the truth he didn’t sit quite and after knowing truth he fought his level Best to give justice to avni and he did.

  4. I knew it!!! Inspector Laksh is virat… But don’t know why I m thinking like arohi’s bhabhi is also involved in .. Don’t know what made me think so!!

    1. Me too

  5. I am really happy I was comment all 100 episodes 100 the episode is awesome super I think scared women is deep’s mom prithivi and Roma something is hide from deep manali is so nice wonderful and beautiful place arohi aisa react karengi phir kya honga virat and deep easily find out her thrilling exciting precap

  6. Finally Virat is arrived back,,,,, Arohi should be consious being as Tara,,,, Few things she shouldn’t do though she can manage,,,, they would easily identify,,,,, Virat seems to be a main villan and again Arohi needs to be fight more and should be smart to succeed in her revenge

  7. i am excited to think what is going to happen next in manali. there are still some mysteries that we dont know of. what i dont understand is how can someone take a fake name and act like a police inspector, was it just luck that lakshya got the murder case, or there was some other inspector named lakshya whom virat killed and took his place. that would make more sense if lakshya was a new inspector shifted to shimla. i hope that the writers dont show Deep as a mere puppet following orders though and hope he remains cunning and finding out things and plan on his own. also, Arohi has to be more careful, everyone knows that there is another girl who looks exactly like tara and Deep had even lived with her previously. Arohi had the opportunity to observe tara when she worked as kesari and she needs to act more like her, otherwise in the middle of so many conspirators, it would be stupid if someone doesnt start doubting her

  8. So Lakshya turned out to be VIrat as expected. Hope Aarohi and VIrat fall in love they really are so good together. Please hook them up. Let Tara and Deep be togethe. Can’t believe Lakshya turned out to be a big-time cheat under police feign. But he looks sooo dashing

    1. Really virat is looking too cool

    2. No it would be weird if Virat fall for a girl who looks like his sister

  9. We all saw it coming Laksh being Virat

  10. Insoector already knew Tara in Simla. He knew she was a murderer how can he be Virat ? He helped Arohi as well. This story makes no sense to me.
    Laksh and Virat cannot be same person. Either they are look a like or someone is wearing a mask.
    Or Laksh never died instead Virat died. Story is twisted making the audience confused.

    1. If thats so it’s going to be great. Hope the story twists like that

  11. I don’t want lakhshya with Arohi as someone said in earlier comments if Tara is lakhshya’s sister and Arohi is lookalike of Tara it would be like lakhshya falling for his sister .So I don’t want it to happen.Also lakhshya cheated and trapped Arohi.

  12. Imagine if virat and arohi fall for each other, then really they will make a better team as i think both of them r quite smart…. As we all know both deep and virat betrayed arohi, but that’s not the point here, standing for your partner matters the most in which deep failed terribly… And i think they should give virat this chance or rather say test…. There is a common phrase that 7 lookalike r present in the world so it’s not necessary for arohi and tara to be twins, but still for so many people it seems weird that virat is falling for tara’s lookalike but people i guess we should fall for soul not for the face….. This series is getting interesting but i do not get that horror thing, i thing that is related to the secret prithvi and roma knows…. Congratulations immj team for hitting century….

  13. it seems the story has reached such a point where i dont feel like supporting either the arohi/deep pair or arohi/virat pair. i mean virat saw arohi and called her tara, his sister. how will they show virat thinking romantically about arohi? arohi thinking about virat wont be a problem but virat – wouldnt the image of tara and arohi get mixed up? right now arohi is dressing up and trying to behave like tara even. it just seems too weird. then there is deep who it seems planned and did some truly horrible things to arohi. it is common in hindi serials for the heroine to forgive the hero easily, whatever be his crimes or even not to mention those crimes at all later, but i hope they dont do that here. either they have to show deep planning something on his own in support of arohi or going through immense torture and guilt, because based on what we have already see, arohi deserves someone far better than deep. but deep’s characterization itself is consistent, sometimes he would be doing nice things like bringing an orphan and enrolling him in school, while other times he would be torturing and beating others. so if deep’s character is not shown to better, i would rather prefer that arohi does not get together with either of them, that she gets her revenge and then goes to live peacefully with her bhabhi and niku for the time being.

    1. Agree with you

  14. btw, from the very beginning of this show i used to check how many comments the updates are getting because i am big fan of arjun from the miley jab hum tum days, loved his chemistry in naagin and hope he gets a big hit in this. i liked him better in naagin when he was a positive character, making jokes and being funny, here, the way his character is, i dont like him much, but i am happy that the updates now regularly get so many comments. i hope the writers keep doing a good job and hopefully the comments here dont turn into silly fights between arohi/deep and arohi/virat supporters.

  15. i think later they will show tara nd arohi as step sisters tara killed arohi mom nd dad bcom they Baytered her mom due to this she want to take frm her family

  16. True that heroine forgives hero no matter what bad things he’s done with time. I don’t find any awkwardness in Aarohi and Viraat as a couple. Really hope Viraat doesn’t turn out to be the person he actually looks like because in the story before nobody looked the way they are on the inside so hope it happens here as well. I’m done with Ardeep. Virat/Lakshya too should’ve a partner. Aarohi suits him better. If Lakshya turns to be good that’ll be great. *fingers crossed*

  17. Wowwwe… I guess for the first time the no. of comments has crossed 20…

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