Ishq Mein Marjawan 5th October 2017 Written Episode Update: Vishal named as the serial killer

Ishq Mein Marjawan 5th October 2017 Written Episode, Written Update on

Scene 1
Deep says Arohi doesn’t even know what she is stuck in. She says you played so well. He says I feel bad for her. He laughs and says just kidding.
Maya hugs Arohi and says be happy and welcome the new life.
DEep says this all can’t stand for days. She says your fake wedding? He says I am not talking about our wedding. Our life was going well. Tara recalls when she killed the woman. Deep came there. SHe said this blood is suffocating me. Please take me out of her. Deep calmed her down. He said you promised me you won’t do this. Tara said it wasn’t my mistake. That girl waas cheating her husband. Deep says don’t try to fix everyone. You can get in trouble. She said I know you love me. You won’t let anything happen to me. I know you won’t

cheat me like those people. He said I love you. She said this blood. You know I don’t like this. Take me from here. I don’t want to go to jail. Deep said that won’t happen. He cleaned everything carefully. He left 10 size shoe there deliberately to confuse police. He fixed everything and took her from there.

Tara hugs him. She says I know you will solve all the problems. I won’t have been alive without you. He says we can’t kill more people. This can bring us in trouble. She says I had to kill Sharma he would have told police. He says why are you following me? She says I wanted to ask you how to kill Vishal? He says if you wanna help me then stay in the room. She says i dont’ know what happens. I lose control and go out of room. Maya says Deep open the door. Your new wife is waiting for you. Sushant says Deep your bride is outside. Deep says you have to go from here Tara. no one should know about you.
She says why don’t you introduce me to your family. Deep says you have to go. She says remember what I said. Don’t do anything that makes problem for me. Happy wedding. I hate cheating. He says go. She leaves. \
Deep opens the door. Maya says why weren’t you opening the door? Maya says were you talking to someone? He says don’t have experience. Was practicing? Sanaya says give me shagun. He gives her shagun. Arohi comes in.

Scene 2
Laksh opens eyes. Inspector says we have found the killer.
Deep says welcome to new life. She says I want to say.. He says I will say first. I want to thank you for maarrying me and saving my dignity and not going. Thanks for marrying me. She says you are weird. you did a favor on me. you got my dad’s sinner punished. He says how do you know I helped you?
Arohi recalls inspector met Arohi and told her that Deep found her parent’s killed and he is punished. She says Khurana told me all this. I found out that I can never find out a good human like you. So I had to come.
Deep swipes her tears. He says I don’t like tear. Deep comes near her. Arohit trips and falls on Deep. Her jewelry gets stuck in his sherwani. Deep says careful.
He holds her hand. Deep says you trust me right? She says yes. Arohi holds his hand.

Deep brings Arohi in a dark room. She says its so dark. Where have you brought me? He turns off lights.

Scene 3
Laksh is brought to the room. Inspector says this is the room of the serial killer. This diary shows all the proofs we needed. Its of Vishal. He was that serial killer. This is the shoe that was found there.

Deep says this is your room. You will live here. You told me that I am a good man. I want to become the man who deserves your love. The path of love is never easy.
Unless I don’t win the heart and become the man who deserves you, you will keep a little distance. She says what about your family? He says your relaxation is important to me.

Khurana says to Laksh in this letter vishal wrote he is going to kill himself for all the murders he did. This case is over. Laskh says I don’t think its that easy.

Precap-Tara says to Deep now we don’t need her.
Lets kill her. Arohi is sleeping. Tara comes there with a knife.

Update Credit to: Atiba

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  1. Lakshmi Suma Devarasetty

    Oh my god poor Arohi but Arjun is good

  2. Antara

    So many questions in my mind
    Tara is a psycho which is protected by deep but why? he loves her or hates her ? why didn’t he tell the truth 2 family that he is already married to tara why he married arohi? koi revenge hi arohi se kya twist hai ? anyways so excited 4 nxt

  3. Nice episode finally truth is revealed Tara is a serial killer deep is help her abhi bhi kuch raaz chupa hua hai next kya hoga am waiting

  4. khud toh cheater ko marte firte hai phir arohi ke saath kyun cheating karr rahe hai
    iss hisab se toh tara aur deep ko bhi marna chaiye
    deep se ye umeed nahi thi ki woh apna pyar ko bachane ke liye kisi innocent ka istamal karega
    aur ye tara pshyco khud cheating karne walo ko marti hai phir khud hi cheating karti hai

    1. You are right use khud ko bhi aur deep ko bhi marana chahiye

  5. Omg ….suspence reavealed….it’s really a amazing concept with different storyline….this show deserve high trp.

  6. Dhokebaaz kahike sharam nahi aata tumhe using innocent girl for cover-up tara. U loser, disgusting, dumbass,a*sh*le ,shrimp, bastard. Duniya ki saari gaaliyaan bhi kam pad jaaye tum usse bhi bade creepster ho useless.

  7. I like this serial so much I think deep already have feelings for arohi

  8. oh god i think abhi bahut raaz khulne baaki hain

  9. After very long time i saw mystery like serial…l really like mysterious concept.. before this i ws watching Koi Laut Ke Aaya Hai n tht ws amazing n before tht Chhal Sheh Or Maat it ws also unique concept

  10. Yrr PR ESE mysterious serial baad m bekar ho jate h

  11. I believe Tara is a hypocrite coz how can she cheat Arohi if she just kills people coz they are cheaters

  12. There is way more secrets to be revealed but I really love the concept which is unique and isn’t a drag like most of the series which is running for over 5-7 yrs..

  13. If Tara is the seriel killer, then how comes arohi gives the flower wender ? her jacket?? If so whom arohi was calling telling, this is my new number. And Tara took simcards in the name of arohi ??? Totally mysterious..!!!.

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