Ishq Mein Marjawan 5th February 2018 Written Episode Update: Bhabhi and Niku are in Manali

Ishq Mein Marjawan 5th February 2018 Written Episode, Written Update on

Scene 1
Chawani comes in front of Deep’s car. Deep says I am sorry. I will take you to hospital. Chawani says don’t give me money or treatment just give money in name of my mother her name is Wasundra. she is dead. I an orphan. Deep takes him home.
Arohi is dazed to see Chawani. Arohi says who is he? He is so dirty. Deep says he is chawani he will live with us. Roma says who are his parents? Arohi says he is so dirty.
Deep says I will educate him. He is an orphan like me. I brought him with me. Arohi says bring the whole city here. Throw him out. Deep says please. Arohi says okay done. Roma says she agreed. Chawani says to Deep why did you argue with you wife because of me? Deep says I am an orphan like you as well. My mom’s name is Wasundra as well.


shows Chawani his room. She leaves. Arohi comes. She says I asked you not to come here. Its risky. And you came in front of Deep’s car? It could be risky. He hugs her and says you are our didi. I was missing you. She says buttering me? He says I brought your family photo here as well. I won’t go anywhere. Arohi says deep is an evil man. Chawani says but he was good to me. Chawani says maybe there is a reason behind what he does. Our mother’s name is same, wasundra.

Arohi puts the laptop password Wasundra. It opens. Chawani says there must be something related to Virat in it. Arohi goes through his laptop. Arohi opens his emails. She sees Virat’s email. It says Arohi’s bhabhi and Niku are messing with my head. Don’t know if I should kill them or keep them. Deep replied keep them in Manali. I will come there and handle everything. Chawani says for two years, they were kidnapped. Arohi says they must be fine. I will find them. I can’t wait anymore. I have to go to Manali and find them.

Arohi comes to Roma and says I really miss Virat. I want to go to Manali. Roma says deep wont let you go. you can get in trouble. Arohi says please I want to go to Manali. She breaks the vase. Arohi says I want to meet Virat. Prithvi says you can’t go there. None of us can. Arohi says I am sick of my life. I can’t go anywhere. She goes to her room.

Deep comes in. Arohi says give me some time. He hugs her. She says I want to go to Manali. He says why? She says I want to meet Virat. It will be fun the weather there is good as well. He says we can’t go there. Virat is in trouble.
Maya slaps Chawani. Deep comes and says why did you slap him. maya says he called me aunty. And he spilled tea. Deep says kids make mistakes. Arohi graps her hair and says how dare you hit the kid. Maya says I am your aunt you hit me for this child. Deep says what did you do Tara. Arohi says did I do something? I am sorry. I want to go to Manali. Maya leaves. Arohi says what happened to her? Deep says nothing. She goes to her room.

Arohi is in her room. Roma comes. She lays her head in her lap. Arohi says mama I want to sleep. Roma says I make you sleep like this always. Deep says we can’t take her to Manali because of her anger. Roma says but he can’t come to Mumbai. Deep says I and my people are looking for that witness. He his hidden in the shed. I will go there. Virat will come back. I am going there.

Arohi follows Deep. Deep hits a man. He is injured. The man says let me go. DEep says I looked for you two years. The guy says he is a killer. Deep says you wanted to help Arohi’s bhabhi and Virat arrested? He puts gun on his head. The guy says please let me go. I won’t tell anyone. Someone comes to Arohi. She is scared.

Precap-Someone scares Arohi and everyone in the house.

Update Credit to: Atiba

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  1. I think writers have read our comments and are making deep’s character positive.If you are doing this then thanks a ton .Even if deep commited a sin by destroying Arohi’s happiness I still wanted Arjun Bijlani’s character to be positive.Thankyou so much writers and telly updates which helped us to convey our message and thanks atiba for written update.

  2. Honestly this series is getting more and more interesting everyday.

  3. When will manali track start I just can’t wait anymore for virat to enter. Pls pls make virat fall for arohi they will look great together. Vineet too is handsome.

    1. Sraddha but Viraat is the brother of Aarohi’s lookalike Tara so they cannot make Viraat for for Aarohi

  4. Well sonakshi whatever deep did with arohi he can’t be forgiven for that because he not only destroyed her family but also harmed her both physically n mentally n what deep did with arohi is called molestation n he should get punished for all his crimes n pls now don’t say that he was not looking at her or that he is orphan n all that.. N I just don’t understand that why can’t we have the lead male playing negative role in daily soap. And I will like it even more if writers keep deep’s character as negative n if we feel like romance is missing n miss seeing romantic scene then we have virat right makers can show some romantic scene between them but no Ardeep.

    1. Absolutely, there is no way Arohi can forgive him, he used and abused her, there is no way a normal person would ever forgive that level of betrayal and get back together, what if she had died, it wouldn’t have made a difference to him he got what he wanted he put the plan together

    2. if virat is laksh, then please dont forget he was acting the whole time too and he had an equal role to play in Arohi’s misfortunes. it is clear that deep was not acting alone. sunanda, virat.. they were all behind it. if arohi cant forgive deep for what he did, then how would she forgive virat who broke her trust too and has been torturing her bhabhi and niku? by the way sunanda talks about her son virat, it is clear that virat is more cunning than deep is shown to be. and a brother falling for a person who looks exactly like his sister? i hope the writers never show that, if virat was not tara’s own brother then i could have agreed with a romantic angle between virat and arohi, but not now

  5. Even if deeps character is becoming positive he was a betrayer he hurt Arohi a lot theres no way arohi can forgive him after everything in my opinion. And him attacking the guy proves he has split personality like tara. Perhaps the family know its arohi and are playing along with it.

  6. If Deep’s character is positive then this serial will be great and ardeep look lovely together and damn sure that TRP will raise

  7. The chainging in personality of deep is straing ltis not acting he was tooking in him self that he want to protect arohi how this become acting that is not normal ! + he does not care about arohi life in the jail and her death ! If he was acting on tara for arohi you need at least gives some shows pointing for that !!
    but totaliy i love this drama ?
    thanks From SA ✋

    1. i think he was not too worried about arohi’s death news because he knew that arohi was not dead? i would be happy if they showed that the whole time deep found a way to go behind everyone’s back and help arohi escape in some way. it is true, the writers showed deep actually caring for arohi and then suddenly there was a 180 change. it seems fishy and hopefully is explained later, and laksh/virat turns out to be the real villain. early in the show, deep was shown to be mastermind. but then we saw that the fake papaji did not follow deep’s orders but helped tara instead. all their loyalties lie with tara and sunanda, and now we see that deep is no more than a puppet. he is insulted and somewhat forced to do things for tara against his will. and he is the only one who seems to care for the man in wheelchair. hopefully the writers will resolve all this nicely.

    2. Truly said dhara. .. I to hope that thay give reasons of the questions coming in our head..

  8. Even if Deep becomes positive, I’ll be happy but it’ll be too late, what happen 3 years ago when he could’ve had a chance to change and find a better life partner

  9. Rina alfiyani

    Im from Indonesia. Nd very excited to watching this serial. Very interesting of manali track.

  10. Nice episode deep laptop ka password Amma ka naam so sentiment precap mey horror person koun honga my guess chawani so excited manani episodes hands off arjun and Alisha act I love this show

  11. Well i feel you people keep your mind open for deep character…. As he has many shades…cvs can show Deep must have some motive….like for winning a war..many innocent have give their life but it doesn’t mean that war is always wrong…so may be arohi is pawn of his game…so we have see what is Deep’s actual motive

  12. What’s that horror thing….. BTW he already knows that his family is a criminal, so he brought one more member (chawanni) to transform him like those beasts, if he really wanted to help him he must had found some other way anyway i hope deep doesn’t know kid’s connection to arohi….. Deep is not at all forgivable he had tortured arohi to the limit which is out of the box, he is totally a coward person…… Being a weakling doesn’t give u the right to hurt or torture someone

  13. I love that negative character of Arjun,to watch his other side not always positive.
    Pls don’t change it.

  14. Theres no way Arohi can ever forgive Deep after all he had done to her. Married her to frame her for Tara. I think Deep knows its arohi thats why he is pretending to be so kind hearted and allowed Chavvani to live there. Even taras mum keeps saying doesnt she remember how she sleeps on her mums lap etc they have doubts thats not tara.

  15. The show is based on Chaalbaz about teins seperated after birth. They knew tara had a twin thats why they found arohi and framed her otherwise how wud they find her look alike plus deep has split personality, one minute hes nice next minute you see him attacking someone and holding a gun to there head. You cant trust deep hes very cunning.

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