Ishq Mein Marjawan 4th June 2018 Written Episode Update: Nimki stays with Abhi in hospital

Ishq Mein Marjawan 4th June 2018 Written Episode, Written Update on

Scene 1
Tara says to Roma I wont leave that deep. He fooled me. I will kill him. Roma says are you Arohi? She laughs and says mom relax I was just kidding. Roma says this was stupid. Arohi laughs. Roma says you need your medicine. She says no my mom dear needs the medicine. She gives her an injection. Roma says Arohi.. she throttles roma. Roma shoves her and runs.
Pankti asks her guards to stay alert. Virat collides with reyansh and says you look worried? he says no I am fine. Lights turn off. Everyone says what happened to lights. Pankti’s photo slides down. Ahan comes singing a song. Pankti smiles. he stands in front of her and smiles. He dances and sings with her.

Tara runs after roma but she runs. Ahan sings with Pankti. She sees her large potrait. Virat throttles Pankti’s

Virat says to Reyansh don’t thank me. I have hit the one who was after you. They both hide his body. Reyansh says thanks. I will help you too on right time. Pankti calls his guard but he doens’t pick. She gets worried.

Arohi comes to deep and says thank God you are fine. She cleans his blood. Arohi caresses his face. He says I had to keep myself away from you. But you found me. i have to find my family. She says you are right. You should do what your heart says. He extends his hand. Arohi holds his hand. he says for now I need my ID card from you. Give it to me. Arohi looks for the ID card. She says it was in my bag. He says you lost it? Are you crazy? i came here to know the answers but you lost the only thing I had. You know how important it was. How can you be insensitive. She says I am not insensitive. I kept it in my bag. I don’t know where it went. DEep says it was my only way to go to my parents but you ruin it like everything. Arohi says it was in my bag. It might have fallen when they attacked me. He says who attacked you?

Tara says to Roma who did you slap in the police station? She says i slapped Arohi. Tara says dont’ be scared. Tell me who was it? Tara or Arohi.. She says Arohi. Please let me go. Tara shoves her to balcony and says should I leave now? You will fall donw and die. She shoves Roma. roma falls down. Her head bleeds. Tara laughs.
Pankti sees a man with hoodie and says who are you? Ahan says he is my childhood friend. Please calm down. She says I am sorry.

Precap-Ahan says to pankti all your tensions should go aaway now. Sheetal sees Reyansh taking off his mask. Deep cmoes to police station and says you have arrested Tara instead of Arohi. The guy who saved Arohi says I have the proof for that.

Update Credit to: Atiba

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  1. i don’t know why but i was sad for roma she died by his daughter hand wouahhhh i didn’t expect that

    1. Me too.

  2. hi all I am not going to write a fan fiction. its about the love story of Rohan a business tycoon and alia an IAS officer and its my friends story her main habit is to make serial type stories whenever she is free
    plz do comment on this guys

  3. Naman pandey

    What will happen to roma later on she will be alive or nat & who is this new caracter now

    1. Same doubt here.

  4. did roma die?? i dont think she will die this soon…

    1. Hi Saras.

      1. hi rhivanya.. how are u now…

    2. Fine dear Saras.

  5. Sahina

    It was good if before killing Tara have told her name to Roma…Roma was confused between Arohi and Tara

    1. Hi sahina.

    2. Hello,
      I am a fan of Ardeep and even I don’t like mahasangam. I just want to watch ishq mein marjawan.

  6. How did arohi reach deep???
    Is it shown???
    And who is the new person??
    Please someone tell me…..??

  7. Hi frnds…
    Oh god Tara is unbelievable she has killed her mother.. Is she alive or died.. In precap I think aarohi arrested

    1. Hi sravanthi. I don’t know wt happened in precap.

    2. ritght but tara mother too send his own daughter in jail she didn’t reconize her

  8. i had decided that i wont comment watch or comment as long as the mahasangam episodes go on but this is ridiculous!!!! at this rate, i would not even understand the story anymore. from the comments it seems Roma might be dead and Deep has kidnapped himself? but the heading for the update is nimki decides to stay with abhi… who the hell is nimki, who the hell is abhi??? i will continue boycotting the mahasangam episodes, cant stand ahaan/pankti…. someone from another show got Tara released and now it seems Tara has managed to kill Roma. this is nonsense

    1. Even i am fed up of this mahasangams cant stand ta faces anymore..its jist i dont watch it on tv i just watch it online and cut these carazy ta parts..and i too thought will not comment on this stupid mahasangams when immj trp can increase they want to decrease it with adding ta????? anyways missing ur comments dhara di?

    2. Hi r u?
      I also hate mahasangam. I was really miss u.

  9. I am both happy and sad that Tara is back to her style and killing. She would attempt to kill Aarohi and Deep next. The new entrant is Jenny, who will help Aarohi. If Roma dies, then who will admit her crimes and about Deep’s family? She’s the one hiding his past.

    1. Hi not expect Roma death.let see wt happened next.

  10. Hello friends.
    Finally mahasangam end.
    I want Roma death.but she not realize her mistake and deep not slaped Roma.these things are am expected from this show.
    And Tara Roma scene is just awesome. When I saw that scene am continuously laughing.
    Tara act look like a Tamil movie anniyan vikram character.Tara is really psycho.Roma and Tara both are deserve this.issey accha punishment ho nahi sakthaa.Tara last six month lost everything and she not live a normal peaceful life.and Roma she not recognized her own daughter.she not a good person. I want roma learn something from arohi and deep.ardeep scene was nice.but am expect more.who is new he help arohi or against arohi.
    Where is deep ID card.
    What happened in precap.

  11. Roma is getting her fruit of her deeds
    She first killed her eldest daughter Vedika and Now her daughter whom she always protected in front of law killed her

    1. Hi imm.

      1. Hi rhivanya

    Watch this video. It’s really funny and my mind relax video.

  13. very lovely show

  14. dhara… nice to see ur comment. the heading nimki is by mistake… thats from another serial called nimki mukhiya… anyways never go by heading they tell something and all which is not real…

    i loved roma n tara scene… romas acting was super… she should not die so soon… most funny thing is… its party n nobody sees this maa beti frama wah.. kya writer hai….

    lagta hai writer aona dimak bechake us Paise se serial bana raha hai -:)))…. just joking…dont know y i did not like ardeep scene so much… these days i m not liking deep also.. i m only liking tara n virat ??

    1. Me too love Tara scene.

  15. I think roma may come back because in these show always good people dies instead of villains ???

  16. think roma may come back because in these show always good people dies instead of villains ???

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