Ishq Mein Marjawan 3rd November 2017 Written Episode Update: Sanaya tells Arohi everything

Ishq Mein Marjawan 3rd November 2017 Written Episode, Written Update on

Scene 1
Sanaya overhears everything. Tara says I can do this much for you. You are getting Arohi stuck in my crime. Deep says let me go to Arohi. Sanaya says I need to tell Arohi everything.
Arohi says to Deep Sanaya was saying all this to take revenge. Deep says I can’t believe my sister would be like this. She is so spoiled. Arohi says she warned me that i shouldn’t have my eyes closed. What did she mean? deep says I am sending her to London. Arohi says no don’t do that. Deep says she is ruining the plan. She says what plan? He says plan to have a peaceful life.
SAnaya is running out. The door is closed. Dia comes there. She is very scared. Dia says go to your room. Prithvi said you can’t go from here. Sanaya syas you should run from here as well.

There is a big game going on here.

Arohi says we shouldn’t send her to London. We should take her to psychiatrist. He says I don’t want anyone here to hate you. Arohi says she is very nice to me. I will talk to her don’t worry. We can’t let her to go away. Please let me handle this problem. He says okay. If she misbehaves with you she can’t stay here.
Sanaya says to Dia please listen to me you will be dazed. Arohi comes there. Arohi says I and Sanaya have some misunderstandings. Can I talk to her in person? Sanaya says let dia didi stay here. Arohi says you are my friend too Sanaya. You showed me whole room. You have always been with me. You wanted to tell me something that day too. I want you tell me everything. Sanaya says Dia didi you go.

Scene 2
Laksh is thinking. He says I am looking for answers. WHat is deep doing? What is Arohi doing? Arohi is different every time I meet her. She called me dog then she said she doesn’t remember any such thing. There is Deep behind all this. This case is very complicated.

Sanaya says to Arohi you can’t understand what is going on in this house. You are so innocent and I will feel really bad if you get in trouble. I will go from here but i will tell you truth first. Sanaya says its upto you. There is a game going on in this house. I am not Deep’s sister. We are all actors and being paid for it. Sushant and I are not siblings. Deep is fooling you. There is your doppelganger in this house she looks like you. Her name is Tara. Arohi says what are you saying. Sanaya says that ma’am is Tara. Arohi says this is not possible. Sanaya says remember that day you got locked. Then who is this doing rituals with Tara? She shows her photos. Arohi is dazed. She says I am going from here you should go too.
Arohi says Deep.. How can he fool me like this. Sanaya says I am going.
Arohi says they will not let us go from here. Arohi says they won’t let us go from here.

Maya and Dia hear noise form Sanaya’s room. Dia says Arohi was talking to her.
Arohi is sitting in garden. Deep comes and says did you talk to Sanaya? She says no Sanaya was out. Deep says why you look worried?

Precap-Deep says we have to look for Sanaya. Maybe she is scared. Let me look in her room. She goes to Sanaya’s room. She is shocked to see something.

Update Credit to: Atiba

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  1. I think Deep and arohi see sanaya dead body what happened next can’t wait for next week

  2. Nonsense all rubbish, enough of murders now I won’t watch this show anymore, to hell with writers

  3. Nice episode, but still I think Aarohi couldn’t know the truth about Deep and Tara, and I think it was Tara and not Aarohi who talks to Sanaya about Deep and Tara, and it was Tara and Deep plan to kill Sanaya because they know that Sanaya know their plan by the way today episode was entertaining, can’t wait for Monday episode and wish all team IMM nice weekend.

  4. Murder kar kar ke beyhadh khatam hua nehi ke ye agaya aur murder karne.. Bakwas ki bhi hadh hai. Nonsense

  5. Haha just loved your comment bani
    Truely speaking I am fed up of seeing arohi’s dumbness
    Now she should talk to laksh about it because arohi is really dumb and tara-deep are very clever so I don’t think she will alone be able to handle them and if she asked for laksh help the plot will move further and we also will be able to see some romantic seen between arohi-laksh

    1. Yes waiting for something interesting to happen, otherwise I’m done with it. Can’t handle this much negativity in the name of tv entertainment ?. Yet hats off to the heroine, it’s almost impossible to believe both the characters are being played by the same actress. Love her for that!

  6. What a serial start will full of interest nd now rubish

  7. Lakshmi Suma Devarasetty

    Seriously this show is totally a dual copy of beyhadh
    Can’t understand why the hero is interested in saving a heroine who kills every one
    Is she is a law to punish everyone by killing
    Rubbish story line
    Hell with writers
    Always showing Arohi as dumb and idiotic
    Will be good if at least laksh helps Arohi

  8. I agree with a few of you on here. I’m fed up of seeing murder after murder. It makes no sense that Tara was able to change her clothes and style her hair so quickly to look exactly like Arohi. There wasn’t enough time for her to do that. This show is really STUPID. It seemed promising initially but has become backward and ridiculous now. Such utter NONSENSE.

    Arohi is beyond naive, she’s an airhead. I’m so upset with the writers. This show is similar to Koi Laut Ke Aaya Hai with the exception that KLKAH was brilliantly written.

  9. I completely agree Jennifer. This show is terribly written.

  10. Don’t know if Sanaya will die or not but I think that was Aarohi with Sanaya not Tara….Coz Sanaya also thought that she’s Tara…when Aarohi came to talk Sanaya alone but diya was there, after confirming that she’s Aarohi not Tara, she told Deep-Tara truth and the family truth to Aarohi…. and Aarohi also saw that pics where Deep broken Tara’s karwachauth fast and other rituals followed by Deep-Tara in Sanaya’s phn bcoz that time Aarohi was locked in dark room. So, I think Aarohi has know everything about Deep and his fake family drama… But I still confused after watching precap… yet in precap Sanaya dead body not shown.
    Also, I think after knowing the truth Aarohi will go to laksh…let’s see, afterall, it’s upto writer’s…. But seriously, I too fedup of this murder after murder by Tara… Hate Deep-Tara.

  11. Sanaya jisse tuth kahegi wo tara hi hogi aur deep tara milkar sanaya ko maar denge…
    ya sari news ishq me marjawan latest news serial gossip me lilha hua hai…is website ki news truth hoti hain…
    Isly maine ab serial dekhna chor diya…

  12. With whom Sanaya was talking is non other than Tara.

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