Ishq Mein Marjawan 3rd May 2018 Written Episode Update: Deep helps Arohi

Ishq Mein Marjawan 3rd May 2018 Written Episode, Written Update on

Scene 1
Chawani says they have to keep niku alive. They wont kill him. Arohi says I can’t leave niku here.
Deep comes to Roma and says I am sorry. Roma says go from here. You love that Arohi. Tara was right. You are with her. deep says please dont say that. Roma says that Arohi killed my grandchild my son hates me. My dreams are shattered. She is always at large after all this because you help her. He says give me one chance. She says you have time till tomorrow morning If Aorhi doesn’t come here I will cut that Niku into pieces. Deep texts Arohi lets meet next morning.

Deep comes to meet Arohi. Arohi says please save my niku. He says how dare you. You killed my child and want me to save Niku? She says tara was never pregnant. she was lying all this time. Deep says

I heard his heartbeat. You can’t lie to me. Arohi says she never loved you. She knew you love me and she did all this drama to keep you. I can prove it. You love me we will go away from here. Deep shoves her and says stay away from me. I will find the truth out and if all this is a lie you wont be alive. Meet mummy ji at 9 or niku will die. He leaves. Arohi says please listen.. He leaves.

Deep comes home and wonders if arohi was lying. He says tara where are you? She isn’t home. Deep looks everywhere and finds a fake tummy. He says what is this.. This means Arohi was right. Such a lie. He sees her fake reports and sound of heartbeat. Arohi comes home. Deep says stop Tara. What is all this. What was this stomach doing in your room? Roma says what happened? Deep says there was no child. She lied to us all this time. Roma says is he right? deep says she was never pregnant. She played with our emotions. Arohi says you love that Arohi instead of me. You are saying all this to stay with Arohi. You want to leave me. Roma says you can never leave my daughter. You will be an orphan again.

Deep comes home. He sees all the toys her purchased. Deep is broken. He says why did you lie Tara. I was so happy. He sits down in tears. Arohi texts Deep you have to help me deep. Please.
Arohi tells chawani deep didn’t reply. Roma ties Niku in a room. She is about to hit him. She says your bua will have to come out when she hears your screams. arohi calls roma and says I am coming there. Don’t harm niku.
Prithvi brings his men. Deep comes.. Roma says when his she coming? Arohi comes in. Arohi says where is my niku? roma slaps her. Roma says because of you my dreams are shattered. My son hates me. I wont kill you easily. she slaps her again. Deep closes his eyes. Roma says your niku will see you dying. arohi says don’t harm a child. roma says you two will die in front of each other. She loads her run. Arohi looks at deep. Police comes outside. A man says they are here to arrest Arohi. Arohi says you can’t kill me and can’t keep me here. Roma says prithvi take her where Niku is and hide her. Deep takes Arohi there.

Police comes to Roma’s house. She says do you know where you are? He says we want to look here for Arohi. She says give me search warrant. Roma says come back when you have search warrant.
deep shoves Arohi in a lock. She hugs Niku. She says bua is here don’t worry. Deep says lets bring mummy ji. Deep and Prithvi leave. Chawani comes and gets Arohi and niku out. roma comes and opens the door. No one is there. Roma says what joke is this?
Arohi asks Chawnai and niku to run in one direction. Prithvi’s men see them. They run after the kids. Arohi is in another direction. Arohi is worried for the kids. They hide behind a box. Deep sees them. Prithvi comes there. Deep says to Prithvi what are you doing here? Go out and look for them everywhere. Prithvi’s men go out.Arohi is seeing them. He doesn’t tell prithvi. Pritvhi goes out. Arohi is about to hit deep to save the kids.
Deep says to the kids I know you both are hidden here. Run towards the jungle. I wont tell anyone. I have sent them in another direction. Arohi is dazed. She leaves the stone. Deep looks at her. Arohi is in tears. The kids run. Deep comes towards Arohi. He recalls seeing her message. He said I will help you in saving niku arohi. I will end all this. Deep say chawani saving Arohi. Someone hits both Arohi and Deep on head and they both faint.
Precap-Virat says to Roma Prithvi is your illegitimate lover. He puts gun on her. Deep and Arohi are locked in a dark room.

Update Credit to: Atiba

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  1. finally

  2. finally so proud of u Deep

    1. hii lutfa i agree with u but i still don’t trust deep

    2. Hi Lutfa! I’m also so proud of him!

    3. Hai lutfa.

  3. Hello everybody…….
    I will kill roma…Such a disgusting women….Deep gets trapped in arohi’s plan…Finally ardeep are together..(Hpoe this is not a cheap plan of deep) Well happy for them….The last scene was so cute.? l am feeling scare..When deep came to know that arohi was with him instead tara…..l am sure he will be angry…..
    Finally prithvi comes to know that his daughter has died….
    precap…..Who kidnapped arohi and deep…
    Why They are torchering arohi…..l think they are the same who tried to kidnap arohi before. ….

    1. Yeah……I think Tara is back

    2. hii shifa i agree with u now we finally get some clues about them and i still think it’s deep plan

    3. Hi Shifa! Same here! I too can kill that blo*dy Roma! ?! Yeah Deep is trapped in Aaroji’s love that’s good in one way cause that happened with Aarohi too noh!

    4. Hai shifa.agree with you.I hate Roma.

  4. ShraddhaSharma392

    Itna bada twist… Ek episode me…
    I am 99% sure that tara is alive and she is planning something big….
    But now real game start, who will win and lose… What will happen in ishq me marjwana….

    1. hmm i think so tara can’t be dead so soon

    2. Hi Shradda! Yeah that was a twist indeed! And Tara sure is alive!

    3. Yes war starts between deep and arohi.

  5. Good episode 4 me..deep helps arohi

    1. Hi Moneera! Same here loved the episode!

      1. Hai moneera. Yes lovely episode.

  6. hi everyone…. suddenly Deep’s u-turn and then both Arohi and Deep got bumped in the head. the masked guys torturing Arohi in the precap seemed to be completely new people. maybe these are related to Tara? it is definitely not Roma’s people because in the Raichand mansion completely different drama is going on with Vedika’s issue… i feel like it will be another big reveal before london track….
    how will london track begin? Deep has decided to help Arohi but the london promo shows both of them talking with enimity against each other….. maybe Arohi will dump Deep just before leaving for london with nikku and chawanni…. Arohi will leave and Deep will realise everything that Arohi did and not Tara. when Deep realises it he will know that Arohi played with his emotions and she didnt love him really either, so he will go for revenge… dont know what role Roma/Virat/Prithvi will play and how Dilip-Deep’c connection will come out….. waiting to see what happens next. it really seems the story is going to progress and something new is about to happen!!

    1. What u said is true…But I feels it’s all deep and Roma’s plan to trap arohi to know whereabouts of tara

    2. Hi Dhara di! Lots of mysteries are yet to be revealed! They don’t show the precap here so I understood that with what you said ?!
      Who could that be! Maybe Tara’s aids? Anyways like you said we’ll get a major revelation scene before London track! Hopefully!

    3. Hai dhara.yes lot of mystery is there.

    4. deep really confuses everyone so well i think even arjun doesnt know whats in deeps mind but yaar arjun acting skills are immensely talented like you have to show something else but your real emotions are completely different from what you want to show but both the emotions are reflected at the same time uffff even hard to explain

  7. btw, when Roma left and Prithvi wanted to take Arohi, i thought she would tell him that dont worry about me, worry about your daughter, do you know Roma has killed her? that would have taken down one of her enemies, but i suppose the writers want Virat to tell PRithvi, else all Virat’s hard work will go to waste na… lol
    btw guys, when Deep was crying after knowing that Tara was never really pregnant, i didnt really feel that bad for him. what about you friends??

    1. hii dhara missing your commments and yes i think deep will help aarohi only to win her trust he is planning something and u r right there are a lot of confusion present in show don’t know when will they answered?? i know aarohi’s revenge is main plot but still there are a lot of mysterys about other cast’s past like roma ,dilip ,prithvi and even deep we don’t know a single thing about their past who r they how thay are related?? why prithvi is still with roma afterall this?? how roma trapped dilip? and how deep and dilip are related?? and where is tara uff so much confusion

    2. hii dhara u r right i don’t know why this prithvi is stick with roma after their past and all this how they talk so normally there isn’t any awkwardness between them.Yes i don’t feel bad for deep i felt like u deserve this.haa precap was great me too feel it’s tara and i think deep is again planning to trap aarohi it’s his plan to win her trust and find out what is she planning and who is helping her??and yes there are a lot of confusion and question present and we can’t get it’s answers till now.

    3. Yeah Di! ? Even I thought the same! She could’ve told Prithvi bout that ?! But she didn’t! I felt half sad and happy! He deserves it because of his past deeds!

    4. Yes dhara.I also felt bad for deep.I can’t trust deep.I don’t know he love arohi or Tara.but he really love and take care of his child.its very clear.

    5. hey Dhara i think the writers felt bad for virat’s character as they showed him to be an intelligent cop at first but then they showed him to be a flop cop because they couldnt obviously make him a hero of the show and now they are feeling bad for virat so they gave back his intelligence LOL i so wish virat was not roma’s child and he was helping aarohi..but what i dont understand is when deep and tara talked about inspector laksh tara asked shall i kill him..and there were so many times virat tara and deep were together alone..can yourl remember the scene aarohi and laksh made a plan to catch tara i was wandering at that time how could tara know all this but the question is why would deep ask help from virat itself confusing

  8. Salley145

    I m sooooo happy…nice epi after a long time

    1. Hi Salley! It was a nice epi indeed!

    2. Hai also happy for today episode.

  9. Jaw dropping episode it was ???

    1. Hi Sahina! Agree!

  10. sorry but i read a spoiler !!!!!!!!”######§§§§§§£££ be careful if you dont wanna know dont read the next part of my coms. So they say that deep is with roma all this is roma and deep plan to kwon where is tara, they will plan to trap arohi in london i hope is’n’t true but when i saw a promo if feel like this is true deep is again traping arohi i hope this time she doesn’t fall in this trap

    1. hmm even i think the same

    2. Oh no! That’s bad news then! We still can’t trust Deep!

    3. Hai arohi&deep yes we can’t trust deep.

    4. hi Arohi&Deep heartbreaking but yet knew it is going to happen as deep a loyal dog will never so soon change parties…hope aarohi would be thinking a step ahead though….

  11. EVEN I think tara might be behind this kidnapping …waiting to see whats gonna happen

    1. Hi Hardika! Yes it could be Tara!

    2. May be.

  12. Naman pandey

    It means now arohi & deep will be together & virat will kill roma & prithvi

    1. Hi Naman! Virat might not kill Roma n Prithvi! Who knows Roma would trap him again ?

    2. Not sure.

  13. Nice episode deep help Aarohi who kidnapped them wait for next episode

    1. Hi Zain! (I feel like I’m replying Zain Imam?) yeah kidnapper could be Tara or somebody else? Let’s sed what happens!

      1. After watching today episode deep,Aarohi,Tara in m se kisika plan hai

  14. Rather good episode……Next episode is more interesting

    1. Hai pks.yes more interesting precap.

  15. Tara aagayi tara aagayi?? iam damn sure its none other than tara??

    1. haa finally the most awaited wait is over

    2. Hi Nabs! It could be Tara! I think so too! But soo soon is unbelievable!

      1. i know but i miss her,her tune,her charm,her knife,her instincts of ones cheat,her style i know aarohi is the protagonist but also without tara there would be no story the story started just because of tara..

    3. Am waiting for Tara.and miss her knife.

      1. me toooooooooooooooooooooo………………….and her tuneeeeeee………………

  16. I am really happy for as deep scene.The last scene was amazing .LUV U ARDEEP.?????????????.Please bring Tara back.I really miss her

    1. Hi Manu! Tara will be back! And Ardeep scene was really nice!

    2. Hai Manu.ardeep scene is awesome.

  17. hii dhara Rhivanya nabs and everybody else don’t mind (as i am not good with names).i think deep is helping aarohi only to trap her to win her trust to know what she is planning and who is helping her??and precap was great Rhivanya i watched your videos they are nice ardeep are adorable together and virat finally man he used his brain like cop.this prithvi is irritating me and roma i can’t believe how could a woman be so selfish and disgusting. from next week london track is starting i still clueless about raichand’s past and connection of deep with dilip anyway deep can’t be changed so easily i find it fishy he is definately planning something big and finally i hope tara is back

    1. Hi Anvesha! You seem to be a new commentor! Yes Roma is a cussed woman! And Prithvi is hopeless! Everyone’s so lenient to Roma! Finally Virat snapped oit of it! I want everyone to turn against Roma! But Deep is so wavering he still is mummyji’s puppet!

      1. hii shey yes i am new

    2. Hai anvesha.thany you.
      I want everyone aganist Roma.

    3. hi Anvesha I also have the same doubts and deep if he turns good so soon not possible at all its like a dream which is apparently impossible..if it is true i will feel bad for deep as aarohi is just trapping deep just as he trapped her hmmm have to wait and see what else could happen another 2 episodes then starts our london track the most awaited one

  18. It is really disgusting that deep again going to fool arohi want to trap her so that he can reach to Tara…….. I am 100% sure deep has already known the lady in the house is arohi not tara ….It is all his plan …..But both are in same stage arohi want to fool deep and vise-versa……So friends don’t be so happy to see ardeep…Ye ghatia writer will never do that and put London track in water

    1. Hi Pks! Yeah noh! I mean only fools won’t know Aarohi is pretending to be Tara! Which means they’re aware of it! If Deep turns out to be a traitor again he’s the nastiest! Aarohi better keep watch!

    2. Let see what happened next.I hope London track Will be good.

  19. Hello friends. Good morning.
    Really fantastic episode for me.
    Last part was very nice and cute.
    Who kidnapped deep and arohi?
    Is deep again trap arohi or really help her.
    My guess Tara is come back.if deep knows arohi play with him emotions and feelings mean what will do?deep also play with arohi feelings in shimla. So he deserves all these things. But something in ardeep mind.
    I have one question arohi really love deep or not.its ishq or revenge.but ardeep expression said something. But promo said something. What will happen in London track.
    Is arohi Bhabi alive or not.
    I want prithivi kill Roma.
    Ardeep scene is super.arjun and Alisha act is so beautiful.when Roma slap arohi how deep control the arohi just look deep.and her eyes said do something deep.

    1. Hi Rhivanya! Reading a long comment from you after a long time! Everybody thinks Deep is trapping Aarohi! I dunno it could be true maybe! Bhabi mystery is also still there!

      1. Yes some mystery to be unfold.

    2. yar you’ve just grasped all the emotions hats off to u Rhivanya..i heard you have videos etc etc can i know your insta username

      1. Hai nabs.thank you.
        Am not public user on Instagram account.

    3. hey rhivanya even i feel the same but this prithvi will never go against roma

  20. Hello Everyone! Missed you guys bgm! Commenting here after a long time! Actually my uni has started and I watch 5 o’clock repeat so by the time I comment you guys have already watched the next epi! For now I’m only free on Friday! So i’d be commenting on Fridays!
    The episodes were wow these days and I’m falling for Deep ? (hope what he’s doing is genuine) also I loved Ardeep scene! Who kidnapped them btw? I hate Roma again and so happy that Virat turned against Roma! Now that Roma’s suffer time has started! I wonder how Ardeep would fly to London ?! They’re posting beautiful pictures in London these days! We’ll get to watch a breath taking track soon!

  21. I honestly think that Tara is alive and is responsible for their kidnapping. Deep’s emotional scene was touching and painful. He helped Arohi because he is tired of being victimized by the evil Roma and Tara. Deep is merely a puppet for the Raichand family and he’s realizing it. And though Arohi wants revenge from Deep and his family, she still loves him. I also think that Deep is more intelligent than what is shown on the surface meaning that he knows that Arohi is posing as Tara but is indirectly helping her. And it’s possible he shot his wife purposely. I just hope that the writers tie all the loose ends of the plot focusing on Deep’s back story and more.

  22. Hai r u? I was really miss you and your comments. Eagerly waiting for London track.I saw a ardeep pics in Instagram. Just awesome.

    1. I’m fine dear! Wbu? I missed you too! Can I know your insta name? I always try to reach the links you provide but they never open!

  23. Whatever may be today’s and tomorrow’s episodes will be the high lighted episodes of this season before London track……….Let’s see how arohi take deep to London

    1. Yes you are correct.

  24. Hey friends tara is back……. Confirmed … Will see Tara deep and arohi in London track

    1. Am also excited.

  25. Kind request to writer that please give us some romantic scenes …No more betrayal or revenge…I guys have already done these things too much.

  26. about the current episode really feel bad for deep atlast deep trusts aarohi and saves her but what will aarohi do?? just play with his emotions just because he did that with her too i understand but deep had no choices he was under some critical circumstances too..he wanted to be an obedient and a loyal slave of roma’s family in return of the favors done by roma to him he was doing it for gratitude he even once kept back his gratitude and did many things against roma because of aarohi but aarohi doesnt know that aarohi should atleast know the feelings he had to her and yet has to her..but i continuously hope deep isnt planning anything big and fooling aarohi…but i guess aarohi will punish deep then she will realize that he truly loved her and both together will end romas chapter but hope there will be clues of was told that dilip had bought deep to the house…why is dilip much concerned about deep etc etc and i found some unrealistic things today
    1 deep being roma’s chamcha has an iphone while roma being deeps boss has a samsung
    2 i thought nikku couldnt talk but roma said “bohoti meeti avaas hai…..sunna jathi hoon”
    i cant remember much but when i was seeing the epi i saw many flaws hope the makers will make it flawless

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