Ishq Mein Marjawan 3rd July 2018 Written Episode Update: Tara and Virat attack deep’s wedding

Ishq Mein Marjawan 3rd July 2018 Written Episode, Written Update on

Scene 1
Dany says to arohi inviting so many people can be dangerous. Arohi says whatever deep is doing is right. You better go from here. He says when I know you are protected I will leave. Deep says relax dany I wont let you go until there are all things done. Deep says to Arohi I wont let him go until he sees how true my love is and we become one forever. He kisses her forehead. arohi leaves.

arohi puts card in the temple. She says this is such a good thing. I am scared please protect us God.
Dany sees footage of the house. Deep comes to Arohi’s room and turns on fan. Flowers sprinkle on her. He says look at these flowers. They live for today. he hugs her and dances with her. Dany is seeing all this. Arohi hugs Deep. Deep looks in the camera and waves. Dany is dazed.

Tara makes a garland with prickles. She says this is for Arohi. Roma says do something. She has gone crazy.
Deep says to Arohi your smile has fear. For that tara needs to die. Arohi says after wedding we will go away from here. Deep recalls the voice in his head. He gets up. Arohi says are you okay? He says I am leaving.
Deep comes to chawani and says take care of didi.

Scene 2
Deep comes to the woman who hypnotizes. He says I want to know about my past. She hypnotizes him and says go back to that place where it happened.
Arohi says to pandit ji when will you come for pooja. Tara puts gun on his head. She asks pandit to say that his son would come. He asks her to order a lot of woods.
Deep has pressure on his head. The woman says deep you will lose mental balance. Get back.. Deep says I saw tara there. What was she doing in my past? Deep says why did you get me up. She says you would have gone mad.

Deep comes home. Arohi says where did you go? He says to get you ring. He shows her rings and says choose one. We will start functions from today. Dany says there are tara and her family trying to kill you. Deep says you are here to protect us. Do you trust me tara? Arohi holds his hand and says I really trust you. Deep says then I don’t need to answer anyone else.

Scene 3
Shanti pooja starts. Arohi comes. Deep says you look very pretty. Virat is there as pandit. Deep sees gun in his pocket. He says in heart so virat is here as pandit. Deep looks at inspector. They come close and put gun on virat’s head. Inspector says your game is over. He puts something in fire. It all smokes. Everyone screams. Arohi runs from smoke. Tara puts gun on her. Deep sees tara. Arohi runs. Virat grasps Arohi. He puts knife on her. Dany comes and saves her. Inspector says stop or i will shoot you. Deep rolls in another smoke bomb and virat runs. Dany says where is deep? They all look for deep.

Precap-Arohi and dany look for deep. Tara and Virat bring Deep to their place.

Update Credit to: Atiba

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  1. y does deep roll in another smoke bomb??? is he playing games with arohi again?? full suspense…

  2. Hi frnds…
    Nice episode…
    I loved ardeep scenes ??????
    Tara acting is awesome..
    In previous Episode deep saw some other women in his past but this time he saw Tara why?
    im not getting one thing virat has entered the house as pandit that is K but how Tara and dilip entered in that much police protection.. In precap deep is in danger so worried for deep…???
    I hope deep will be safe..
    Gdnt everyone..

  3. deep is playing game he hasn’t changed at all full suspense and twist always

  4. Hello friends.
    Nice episode.
    Love ardeep scenes?☺?☺????????????
    Cute expression. I don’t understand what happened in precap. Am want ardeep will be safe.police and deep ka eye expression was good.
    I think ardeep trap Tara family.
    Good night friends.

  5. ShraddhaSharma392

    Still villians winning only… Nothing changed even after so many days… Only suspense who will betray whom… Nothing changed.. Writers spoiling show.

  6. Hi everyone 🙂 today i watched the episode after a long time and i was thinking these things…
    1. Arohi is going to marry deep for the third time still she needs to know the list of things from pundit
    2. Has deep divorced tara? Because otherwise the third marriage is also illegal
    3. Arohi was so clever and did so many disguises before. But nw she doesnt think that pundit’s chela might be in disguise
    4. Standing/talking dilip is even more useless than sitting dilip. At least before he used to provide clues and help. Btw sitting dilip always knew who was arohi and tara. Then why he nvr told roma?
    5. Arohi seemed completely like the girl before jail time. Speaking softly and thinking abt romance and marriage with nothing else to do
    6. The raichands are smoke proof. Everyone is coughing and cant see. But virat even without a gas mask runs away easily. Maybe his false beard was smoke repellant 😛
    7. I felt like arohi has lost. Everyone she knew is dead, danny still thinks deep is cheating and the raichands are all alive and united. The police are after them so atleast that is good.
    8. Deep and his history…. Omg. Please show wat it us already. Didnt danny once said that he knew everything abt deep’s past? What happened to that?
    9. Liked the fact that deep hid his brain pains from arohi so as not to stress her
    10. Who puts cctv camera in own bedroom? And deep waving to danny looked villainy…
    10. Loved tara. Though last time i watched she wanted to kill deep. Nw she wants deep back?
    11. Does anyone knw if chawanni is going to school?
    There… I think i hv mentioned everything… 😀

    1. welcome bake dhara i really miss your comments alot

    2. Sneha parekh

      Good was thinking same

  7. There is still a lot of mystery to be unravelled… It’s still not confirmed wheather deep is a villain or not… N deep’s past is also a big story… I guess

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