Ishq Mein Marjawan 3rd April 2018 Written Episode Update: Arohi worried for Niku

Ishq Mein Marjawan 3rd April 2018 Written Episode, Written Update on

Scene 1
Tara calls Arohi. Arohi is in tears. Tara says having fun? Arohi says where is Niku? She says I killed him. Arohi is dazed. Tara says relax didn’t kill him but I really want to. I hit him but didn’t kill him. Arohi says listen please. I will kill your mom and brother. Tara says don’t play smart with me. They might be preparing for you funeral.

Deep tells everything to Roma and Virat. Virat says why didn’t you catch Arohi. Deep says Tara wasn’t well and time was running out.
Tara says go to everyone and tell that you are Arohi. You have only 24 hours. If you don’t do that I will kill this niku.
Virat syas to Deep why did you let Arohi go? You are behind all this. You are the on helpping Arohi. Deep says you were incharge of who

comes in this house that means you helped Arohi. Roma says Tara.. why are you here? Go and rest. Roma says we were asking Deep what happened to you. Arohi says I am here to tell you that I am not your daughter. She says I am not Tara I am Arohi everyone is dazed. Arohi says I came here to take revenge. I will kill you alll. She points gun at Deep. Virat takes out his gun. She says I can’t do that. She puts gun on her head. She tries to snatch gun from Virat. Deep says what are you doing Tara. She says what else should I do? Arohi called me and asked me to say all this. She said she will kill everyone will if I dont. I will kill myself. Deep says she can’t do anything. Dont’ worry. Think about our child at least. Pritvhi texts someone. Roma says I want that Arohi in front of me in 24 hours. DEep says I will bring her here. Roma says VIrat go and find that Arohi. Arohi goes back to her room.

Chawani calls Arohi and says you shouldn’t have done all this. Arohi says we have to find Niku and Tara. Someone is telling everything to that Tara. Deep comes in. Arohi says go form here. He says what happened? She says I will kill that Arohi. Deep says I know you are mad at me.
Arohi calls Prithvi again and says Prithvi is telling everything to Tara. He was texting someone. Chawani saus don’t worry.

Prithvi leave in his car. Chawani and his friend follow him.
Arohi is worried for Niku. prithvi comes to a house. He meets a woman but couldn’t see her face. The kids think its someone else. Tara calls arohi and says you have wasted so much time already. Your niku should go from there world if you don’t tell everyone truth.
Deep comes to Roma and says I am really worried. I don’t know what to do. I can’t sit here. Roma says only Virat can do this. Virat comes in. He says I found Arohi. I traced Tara’s phone. It was traced near a house. I will kill Arohi and Niku. Roma says you won’t deep will kill Arohi. Arohi overhears.

Precap-A new woman comes in.

Update Credit to: Atiba

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  1. So here is the written update guys….
    Arohi sitting in her (Tara’s) room. The bed is decorated and she is alone crying. She has a picture of her bhaiya, bhabhi and nikku and she stares at it as she keeps crying. She says she has lost everything. She has lost her brother, her sister in law, the person who was most precious to her nikku and now she has lost herself also. She questions what crime she has done to be punished like that. She keeps thinking about her marriage and what she will do about nikku now.
    Arohi gets a call. She picks it up and it is Tara. Tara is still in the room where she had kept nikku before. She taunts Arohi and says what you are doing alone in your marriage-bed? Are you tensed for your husband the same way you were in Shimla? Arohi gets irritated and says stop sense nonsense and say where is nikku? Tara says I killed him. It was much fun. Arohi gets shocked and sits down on her bed again.
    Meanwhile, downstairs Roma, Deep, Virat and Prithvi are discussing about the situation. Virat says he cant believe that Arohi fooled them again. They believe that Arohi has run away with nikku. Roma questions Deep what happened when he reached Tara? Why didn’t he follow Arohi?
    Back in the room upstairs, Arohi hears Tara laugh in the phone again. Tara says she is joking. She hasn’t killed anyone for a long time and really wanted to kill nikku, but something stopped her. Then Tara pulls nikku from behind a couch and pulls his cheek and pinches him. Tara says ‘I slapped and beat him up a little, but he is fine.’ Nikku is in pain and sobs and screams. Arohi is relieved to find nikku alive and says ‘nikku, don’t worry, your bua will surely save you.’ then Arohi warns Tara that dnt you dare do anything to nikku, remember I am still in your house with your mother, brother and lover. If you do anything then I will not leave them either. Tara laughs and says Arohi wont be able to do anything to them. She says I am giving you 24 hours. Within this time you have to go and tell everyone that you are Arohi, tell them about your plan and I will give nikku to you. if you don’t obey, then I will nikku instead.
    Downstairs, Roma is questioning Deep. She says, ‘you found Tara and just came with her instead of following Arohi? Why did you leave her alone?’ Virat says that Deep is a traitor and that’s why did it. Deep gets angry and says Arohi was not even there and he was worried for Tara so he brought her home. Deep also accuses Virat that ‘I was only sitting in the mandap, you were in charge of security. You were ready to pull that sardar ji’s beard but you didn’t know Arohi was sitting there as pundit? How did Arohi reach Tara’s room while you were supposed to keep watch?’ Virat and Deep are fighting when Roma sees Arohi/Tara coming downstairs.
    Roma asks ‘Tara what happened? Why you are down, you should be taking rest.’ Arohi rudely replies I am not your daughter. Everyone looks on shocked. Roma says she is not in the mood for jokes. Arohi says she is not joking, she is their enemy Arohi and she had come their to take revenge from them. She brings out a gun from behind and points it at Deep who look at her shocked. But Arohi doesn’t shoot. She says she cant do this either since her hands are tied and points gun at her own head. Virat watching all this brings out his own gun from his pocket in case he has to use it. Arohi pulls trigger but the gun is empty. She notices Virat’s gun and goes to snatch it away but Virat and Deep stop her. Deep says has she become mad and why is she doing this? she should atleast think about their baby. Arohi cries that she has no other option, Arohi has asked her to tell everyone that she is Arohi. She says Arohi has fitted a bomb in this house and has threatened her that if she doesn’t tell them that she is Arohi then Arohi will blast their house. (I hope this sentence makes sense!) Deep shakes her and says come to your senses, Arohi is trying to confuse you, it is not possible that she has fitted bomb here. Arohi/Tara pretends to be frightened and hugs Deep. She notices that Prithvi is busy messaging someone on the phone continuously.
    Deep asks how can Tara be so emotional and tells her to calm down. Arohi/Tara says he cant be calm when her enemy is torturing her. Roma gets angry and says that she had had enough. She is fed up of this daily Drama and orders Prithvi, Deep and Virat to find this Arohi within 24 hours. If they fail then Roma says warns them that she will not leave anyone, she cant see such condition of her daughter. Deep says not 24, I will bring Arohi to you within 12 hours. But Roma says no, Virat will do this. Virat is a police officer, he might be suspended, but he still has contacts. Deep doesn’t like it while Virat nods ok. Prithvi goes away to talk to someone on the phone and Arohi notices. Roma says to kill both nikku and Arohi. Arohi/Tara is worried by and goes to her room. Deep notices her expression and is worried.
    Back in her room, Arohi calls chawanni. Chawanni, along with danger and chintu have gone back to their homes. Arohi tells him everything that has happened, and tells him there is someone surely in this house who is informing Tara of everything and they have to find him. Before Arohi can continue she notices Deep has come, so she changes her words, thanx for wishing happy marriage and cuts the call. Deep comes and rests his head on Arohi’s lap but Arohi gets very irriated and pushes him away. She stands up. Deep says I know you are upset but listen to me. He tries to hold her but Arohi again pushes him away. She says, ‘Arohi’s danger is always hanging over my head and I can never be relaxed as long as this continues. Since morning I didn’t have a moments rest and I am very worried.’ Deep tries to talk but Arohi still doesn’t listen. So sad, Deep leaves. Arohi then calls chawanni again and says sorry, Deep had come. Chawanni says, I understood, who do you think is the informer? Arohi says Prithvi. Chawanni says okay then we will keep a watch on him.
    Next morning, Prithvi leaves in his car. Chawanni watches this and calls his friend to follow. He also follows and sees Prithvi entering a house. In the house Prithvi is arguing with a woman and after sometime he leaves. Chintu/danger says it is confirmed Prithvi is informing Tara, lets call didi and tell her. Chawanni says wait, let us confirm. The woman in the house turns and the children are shocked to see her. (the audience is not shown the woman’s face)
    Chawanni calls Arohi and says you were wrong, Prithvi was on his own business. He came to talk to someone but it was not Tara. Arohi keeps the phone and wonders who can it be then? She gets another call from Tara. This time Tara is in another place, where the floor is covered with straws and nikku is tied and kept. Only sunlight is coming from above. Tara says I told you to say truth but you tried to be cunning and lost 8hours already. You will be punished for this. Now you have only 1hour. Go tell the truth or nikku dies. Arohi gets worried and says, I am sorry don’t do anything. I will go and tell everyone right now.
    In Roma’s room, Roma is sitting in her armchair. Deep comes and says. ‘mummy ji please let me go and serach Arohi. How can I or Tara rest with her danger always in our mind? I feel restless sitting and doing nothing.’ Roma says, ‘Deep, I didn’t stop you because I am angry at you. there are somethings that police officers can do better and so I asked Virat. You don’t worry, Virat will handle this.’ Deep kneels down at Roma’s feet and holds Roma’s hand for comfort. Roma is surprised at his. She sees Virat is standing at the door and pulls her hand away from Deep. Deep is hurt. Roma asks Virat to come inside. Virat comes and says I have found Arohi. Just minutes ago there was a call to Tara’s phone. I traced it and I am sure it belongs to Arohi. She has played enough games, I will go and kill Arohi and nikku right now. Arohi listens to this from outside and is shocked. Roma stops Virat and praises him. She tells Deep, didn’t I tell you Virat will do this job well. Now, the job that Virat had started will be completed by you. Deep will kill Arohi.
    Deep looks on with a (I don’t know how to describe this) expression. Arohi hears everything and thinks about nikku.
    Precap: same as yesterday. Some woman comes in their house and Arohi and Deep are scared.

    1. oh thnx to you dhara dear, let me read it so that I can say something.

      1. you are welcome moneera.. 🙂

    2. Thanks much for the update ??

      1. Hai dhara.keep rocking.

      2. welcome Sathya and Rhivanya 😀 😀

    3. Ohh thank you so so much Dhara didi! Finally I understood the story! Thank you so much ?

      1. hey shey….. you are welcome! busy today?

      2. @Dhara, yess this! Very busy! I’ll keep commenting as soon as I get the chance!

    4. Thanx Di for such a detailed update!

      1. welcome cherry ^_^ ^_^

  2. hi friends…..
    after the high tension episode of yesterday, i felt today was an ok episode. i just hope Arohi doesnt attach too much importance to this marriage, Deep is not her husband as legally Tara is his wife. i didnt like the way Arohi said in the beginning ‘today i lost myself too (because of her marriage with Deep)’…. Tara’s plan is still good, it was the best way to bring Arohi’s truth in front of others as otherwise it will be too complicated for Tara to explain to others. (Tara herself doesnt know half of the things that has happened in that house)…. i wonder who is helping Tara if it is not even Prithvi. (doesnt seem like Virat or Deep, then who? or is it Deep 😮 😮 ) and i wonder who that woman was to whom Prithvi was talking in the house? another new entry??
    when Arohi came and told everyone i am Arohi, for a moment i thought we were getting another dream sequence lol, thank god that Arohi did that knowingly. finally Virat did something useful…. although he tracked the call that Tara made to Arohi, but didnt doubt on the many calls that chawanni and Arohi make to each other? also, how is Chawanni again away from the mansion, hadnt he asked Deep and Roma to let him stay there permanently?

    1. I m too thinking, has chawanni again run away from raichand mansion?? But i guess no one cares…. I saw somewhere that deep, Tara and arohi will be in same frame and deep won’t be able to find who is tara or who is arohi and thrn arofi will find her way and will get nikku back…… The question is after that what???
      Arohi will again try to behave as tara and tara will be captivated and agsin same thing blah blah blah… I guess marriage was her dream since her childhood thats why she is so attracted to the institution of marriage…… I can’t believe it from my point view this is the best chance for arohi to avenge deep in the same way he did to her, and after all she can divorce him is well wht is so big deal in this….

      1. hey Tanya, i too dont want a repetition of Tara being kidnapped and Arohi proving herself to be Tara….. but if Tara escapes then what will be the story? maybe Tara will continue to try and harm Arohi and everyone will believe more and more that the person in their house is Tara and the one attacking is Arohi 😛 it will be ironic if the whole family starts fighting against Tara unknowingly making things easy for Arohi for once lol…. then there is this new entry coming, hopefully Arohi will learn to control her emotions and work things out more coldly…

      2. Exactly tara and arohi can live together in raichand mansion and can compete with each other, because other than them all are looking like fools, it looks like tara and arohi are the captains of their team they are the only one who knows what exactly is going on….. Deep doesn’t feel akward if he romances with tara and gets to know that she is actually arohi…

    2. Hey dhara Di! Yes I also thought that it’s another dream but thankfully it wasn’t!
      And I’m really not happy with dresses Arohi is wearing ,I mean accept her eye makeup everything resembles old Arohi! And if she hates deep so much why on earth is she wearing the mangalsutra and sindoor?? She’s not bound to do so! In fact she has an advantage because Tara never wears either of them… Arohi is doing this according to her own wishes! I don’t get this? or maybe she’s doing this because she is very sanskari and believes in values do because she’s playing deep’s wife so she’s wearing sindoor and mangalsutra?? What do you think?
      Tara’s makeup is also different from Arohi I have noticed she wears dark makeup unlike Arohi
      They are doing this so that we viewers differentiate between the two but are messing up with both the characters and their looks?

      1. hi cherry…. even i am afraid that Arohi is goinh to take this marriage too seriously! 🙁 🙁 she is pretending to be Tara and can just leave those mangalsutra and everything, but no! i hope when she goes to kill Deep she doesnt start thinking ‘he is my husband’ -_- -_- when Arohi came in the start, she is used to atleast wear that dark red lipstick like Tara, but not even that anymore. i agree, she looks too much like old Arohi. and Tara alsmost always keeps her hair straightened, but Arohi keeps her curled during the day….. but i suppose it is just to inform us who is Arohi and who is Tara, i have given up any hope of Arohi dressing more as Tara 🙁

      2. Yeah that’s what I was thinking! @Cherry I also don’t like her wearing clothes more like herself than Tara! @dhara @tanya, Like Tara didn’t wear anything to resemble a married woman! So why is Aarohi doing all these! And why the hell is she so serious about this marriage!

      3. @dhara Di exactly I hope Arohi doesn’t consider that deep to be her ‘pati parmeshwar ‘ it would be too much?
        It’s ironic that she says I hate deep and won’t marry him but then wears sindoor and mangalsutra -.-
        @shey she doesn’t look like Tara but arohi

    3. And I also thought prithvi is helping Tara but he’s also not then who is helping her? Maybe deep or I also have a strong doubt on Roma
      Maybe this is all a trap for Arohi ?

      1. Hai cherry.I also have a doubt Roma help Tara.

  3. When Arohi is saying that she is Tara every one is suspecting her an now that she is saying she is Arohi no one is beleiving her ?

    1. hi lutfa… even i found that ironic lol. everyone was doubting her, but the moment she comes and says, ‘dont call me your daughter. i am you enemy i will kill you all’… everyone is like oh no, Tara is suffering so much, poor girl need rest 😛 😛

      1. Hello Dhara i was surprise with dt too it reminded me of “beyhadh”when maya was accusing “Ayan” of rape cases an she shaded crocodile tears an she was saying i scartch my back i did all to myself blah blah blah and all that infront evry 1 an evry body belive her but when she was saying Ayan molested her no 1 was ready to bliv her

    2. Hai lutfa.yes no one believe arohi words.

    3. Hi Lutfa! ?? Ikrrr! That’s complete humor!

  4. the mystery thickens lol… even Prithvi is planning something! i am hopeful tomorrow Arohi will get nikku back and this time keep him safe away from Tara and family’s reach. and start again on this revenge….. after Maya’s death it has been long time since Arohi got a good win…. waiting eagerly….

    1. Hi dhara didi,yes the episode was nice and thanks for the detailed written update…..i felt I was watching the episode all over again….just like you, even I was thinking it to be a dream sequence when Arohi told the entire truth…? But then no one believed her and then she took the gun and pointed it on her ….I was double shocked but then Deep’s and Roma’s concern assuming her to be Tara relieved me….manna parega, Kya chaal chali hai Arohi ne aaj…Tara ki khel Mein usko hi phasake…now Deep will have tough time deciding who’s the real Tara once all three gather…

      As for prithvi, I am just wondering what’s he up to now…does he also want to avenge the death of his darling Maya from the Raichands by creating a rift between them?

      1. hi sonia… yeah, no one believing Arohi when she said the truth was another surprise lol…. i dont know about Prithvi though, when Maya was saying things about Roma, Prithvi stopped her and said he can never listen anything against Roma and will not tolerate it… so it seems he was more loyal to Roma than Maya…. so it is hard to believe he will try to avenge her 🙁

      2. Hai is a prithivi revenge.very nice I like this idea.

    2. Yess di I’m also hoping for the same! I wanna see a real victory! I wanna see a Raichand dead! Atleast that pipsqueak Prithvi!

    3. Sanaa.khan

      Hi dhara di, prithvi is simply a buddha who recently lost his buddhi partner in crime- Maya and so I think he’s planning something against Roma or Tara.

  5. Hi friends, how are you all, i need more explanation about the update..please dhara can u explain?

    1. hi moneera…. i already did an update….. do you need additional explanation? which part?

    2. Hai r u?

    3. Hiiii! Moneera! Am fine!How’re u! Well Dhara di has given a detailed update!

  6. Roma always trust virat more than deep, she still feel that deep is useless….. Nd deep should b happy, roma initially didn’t order anything to him, but he willingly beg to give him something to do…. Now she ask him to kill arohi, nd arohi heard everything, so she will get to know where is Tara nd will handle everything properly…

    1. hi babe…. i laughed when Roma said Virat is more capable. all these days Virat did nothing but Roma is more biased to her own children. i dont know why Deep doesnt realise that Roma is just using him and doesnt really love him as a mother 🙁

    2. Hai babe.yes am very angry to see anyone kill Roma.otherwise……

    3. Hi Babe! True! Like Dhara said that disgusting Roma trusts that nakabil VIrat for God’s sake! Anyways she’s a disgusting woman remember how she asked Deep to kill Kalyani? And when VIrat asked why, she said she doesn’t want him to get his dirty! But ultimately he’s the one who got to kill Kalyani! That’s what happens! Time serves right!

  7. Loved how Deep gave a fitting rply to virat when he was accusing deep of helping Arohi and i hope they wil kil Tara mistaking her to be Arohi that wil be their biggest punishment but didnt like at all how nikku is suffering between this 2 enemies

    1. agree lutfa… i was getting irritated when Roma was questioning Deep and Virat was saying he is traitor. why these people always ask Deep to do things and then blame him for failing? use your own brain and do your own job, stop mistreating Deep like that. he is not yours slave, huh! happy that Deep is finally speaking up against Virat, before he used to listen to everything silently, even get slapped silently and i hated that

      1. Agree with lutfa and dhara.what are you said.

      2. Exactly @Lutfa @Dhara! I like to see Deep speaking against VIrat! He’s finally building up his stand now! And Roma the…. (I’m so so irate with the mother-daughter duo!Seriously!! ??) how she disheartened Deep! I felt really sorry for him but he deserves it! I wonder why he can’t understand she differentiates between her own and adopted! Bevakooph!

  8. Hello friends.
    I can’t understand wt’s going on writers mind.
    Tom and Jerry jaisa arohi and Tara.
    I think Roma help Tara(my stupid guess).
    Prithivi kya kar raha hai.kisiko msg and phone kar raha hai.o ladki koun hai.any affair. Maya ka saath prithivi ka affair tha.ab koun aagayi?
    Tara ka plan kya hai?
    I hate Roma.please someone kill Roma.
    Virat kar kya raha hai?
    Definitely deep not kill arohi(Tara).
    Why deep not identify who is arohi and who is Tara? Is arohi escape from Tara trap.same precap.who is she?
    Lot of questions in my mind?
    But no answer.
    Writers please clear my all confusion very soon.I think London track shown in this month end.
    Good night friends.

    1. hi Rhivanya….. maybe your guess is not stupid. my mother while watching the show was continuously saying maybe it is Roma who is helping Tara…. so if it is true you and my mother would be proved right 😛 i am not able to guess at all who might be helping Tara

      1. Oh your mom and my guess is same.

      2. yes Rhivanya 😀 😀 😀

    2. Hi Rhivanya! Haha ? they are like Tom n Jerry ??!!! When the story comes out only we know what’s going on writer’s mind! They’re also unpredictable! I too can’t guess who’s helping Tara! Every time I think of it I’m reminded of what Chintu n Danger said “tall man”

  9. Thanks alot Dhara for the update

    1. you are welcome lutfa 🙂 🙂

  10. Wht a drag… Arohi to tara and then back to arohi this is what is going on… Different situation hits arohi and she with the help of chillar party keeps finding her way out….. It’s like more than revenge she is focusing more on how to behave as tara, arohi realised that she didn’t play her part well but i m damn sure she will do the same mistake again, i can bet on this….. Its better to keep nikku far away from this issue but instead that she brought nikku to villians, after seeing half of the episode i felt like today is prithvi’s chance to face arohi and then die, but i was wrong….. The main question is how come tara comes to know about arohi’s activity, someone else is definitely with tara…. I really wish arohi looses, otherwise stupid drama will go on, it feels like arohi’s determination has faded off…….. Wht can i say, cvs is not listening to us, i don’t know till when they r going to continue this crap…. I really want to see deep as a very strong character either good or as a villian.. Now he is like innocent puppy who doesn’t know wht is right or wrong, just following orders…. Do arjun doesn’t fell like his character is now being underrated, i mean being an actor everyone wants to grow as an actor or i say they need more challenging tasks in acting, and i don’t think that arjun is being given wht he deserves but one question..

    1. Well said Tanya and i think even this week they wil only show as how they wil try to no who is Tara and who is Arohi they r draggin way too much

    2. hi Tanya… completely agree with everything you said. Deep’s character needs to grow, he needs to realise and question Roma about her rudeness to Deep, instead of being a mummy ji ka ghulam. and also, it seems when Deep thinks Tara is Arohi, he will point gun to her…. so it means he wont support the real Arohi either if he knows the truth….. i feel the writers are simply destroying Deep’s character. whatever chance was there of him being good is slowly going, even nikku was kept alive to be used as pawn (apparently). and Arohi is coming across as weak again and again… she is playing defense for too long, reacting to what others are planning against her, it doesnt feel like she is control at all. hwe revenge is lying in shambles now…. soon she will need her belly to grow and more drama in that regard (please no…..). if only she planned more attacks on herself and blamed it on Virat or something, or used to marriage to attack but no….hope after she gets nikku back the track changes and the new entry brings a better revenge plot

    3. Hai also want to see deep be strong.

  11. for how long wil this Roma keep using deep she doesnt want her son to dirtify his hand with blood or get into to trouble and be quote by the police but she z wiling to put all the burden on deep everytime their is a problem and these deep is rily forcing me to hate him mammaji!mammaji!mammaji! My foot! Cant he use his brain and realize dt evry 1 is just using him

    1. Actually it didn’t strike my mind that roma was saving her son from murder charges, i want deep to get reality check from roma and virat, in the same way arohi got from raichands and then ardeep can join hands and can attack raichands it will be fun to watch as far as i know both arohi and deep can use their mind in pretty good way….

      1. It will be happened am really happy.

  12. Even i had suspected Prithvi initially but it is someone else who is aiding Tara

    1. Hai imm.ya me also suspected prithivi. But writers Idea is different from our thoughts.

    2. it seems like it imm…. cant understand who that person might be….. there arent many persons in this house anyways….

  13. Too much non sense story specially its totally far away from reality director is making us fool I think all locations are fake n not even related with situations

    1. hi merry… can you explain what do you mean about ‘far away from reality’? i mean, most thrillers and suspense stories are far away from reality in that if you consider it, we dont have serial killers or stalkers following us or some psycho character torturing us… this story is about psychos who destroyed the life of one girl and she is out to get her revenge….. there are some logical inconsistencies, i agree. but if you elaborate a bit more then i suppose i will understand what you are trying to say…. i still feel it is better than most dramas with mindless leaps, leads separating for some goddamn reason, marriage swaps while the ghoonghat of the bride is not lifted the entire time and then lights go off when sindur is to filled, or even ghosts and what not….

  14. I think that mystery womal can be arohi’s bhabhi

    1. Hai guess also arohi Bhabi.

    2. but why would Prithvi go and talk to Arohi’s bhabhi…. or more importantly, why Arohi’s bhabhi will want to talk to Prithvi at all? to get nikku?? 😮 but Prithvi is loyal to raichand’s…..

  15. Hey dhara Di, Sonia, Shey, moneera, critic, Shifa, rhivanya, anonymous, lutfa, Tanya, and everyone
    Read your comments on the previous page to decided to reply here
    @Dhara Di ye it’s quite amazing nobody noticed the bride’s tears Ya some can cry thinking about the ‘vidai’ but here nobody is actually having a vidai ? in that case deep should have cried . .. Maybe all the people were daydreaming.. Nobody bothered to know why she’s shedding crocodile tears
    @anonymous ya we never know what Tara can do after all she’s a phyco ? nobody can guess what’s going on in her mind
    @critic I’m happy my comment made you laugh ?

    1. hi cherry…. lol true, there is no vidai in this marriage. both bride and groom came from the same house, married and then went to their rooms lol… everyone was relieved that the marriage was happening without Arohi’s interference and hence paid no attention that the bride is crying -_-

      1. Hey dhara Di! Everyone was happy that Tara got married to deep without Arohi’s interference especially Roma so maybe they didn’t notice also it can be be like everyone was thinking she cried because gatbandhan caught fire maybe

  16. In today’s episode I never expected the new entry to be linked with prithvi never thought about it! It would be interesting to see how this character shapes up(not like virat bada packet Chota dhamaka ?)
    And what’s wrong with Roma?? Virat virat virat!! Virat can do this!! Only a police wala can d on this!! Police ka dimag? ?
    I think the police dogs have more brains than this virat ?
    To be very honest I think deep is more smart at least he doesn’t easily believe on what others say (ex the goons)

    1. Ya Roma always said virat virat virat.

      1. Yeah rhivanya virat does nothing
        Nam bade darshan chote

    2. hi cherry…. is there any chance there will be two new entries? because everyone was saying the new entry will be brought by Arohi, but now prithvi is also talking to someone unknown (it seems the new entry wont come before tomorrow at lease)…… seriously, even i cant understand why Roma believes Virat so much. Virat would have destroyed everything if Roma didnt have Deep -_-

      1. Hey dhara Di! I don’t have any clue about the 2nd entry just read About one
        Don’t know what the new entry will do
        I hope she brings some twist because it’s enough now
        Every day Tom and Jerry drama -.- highly irritating Arohi proving herself as Tara and so on… We have been watching this for a couple of weeks now (what if the new entry is prithvi’s daughter ?)
        Roma used to always say mera virat hota to ye karta Vo karta blah blah blah
        I can only see virat punching deep, kidnapping or trying to kill Tara, making his own mom fall from the stairs

    3. Sanaa.khan

      Hi cherry, Viraat is nikamma but he being Roma’s Ladla beta, gets all the praise like as they say ” apna khoon apna hi hota hai” ….when Arohi as Tara was lost from the Raichand mansion, Deep got her back but Roma didn’t praise him …Viraat didn’t even look for Tara properly even once and istead started blaming Deep who got her back. At that very moment I just simply wanted to punch Viraat and I was Soo pissed of at him.??

      1. Hi Sana sry forgot to mention your name
        Yeah exactly Roma says virat virat virat becoz he’s her son she is always biased towards deep

  17. Today’s episode was not at all illogical at any point.Earlier they suspected aarohi.But now they believe aarohi to be Tara as she successfully made them believe that she is Tara by answering all their questions and accomplishing their tests.Raichands know that arohi can’t marry deep.But when she did it they had no doubt that the person who is living with them is aarohi ie.,She is tara.So when aarohi said that she is not Tara in front of all they ignored that and believed her as Tara.Think about it… And Comment whether what I said it right or wrong.Thank you..

    1. Hai are right.

      1. Thanks for your support..

    2. hi Vicky…. what you said makes sense. besides, they might also think why will the real Arohi come and tell them she is Arohi? also, they will never imagine that Tara, and not Arohi, has run away with nikku and hiding from everyone. i mean Tara has no reason to do this…. and Arohi proved herself again and again to be Tara. so finally everyone, including Virat (hopefully) believes her to be Tara. it is a good sign and i hope that Arohi has no more to prove her identity and can restart her revenge plot

      1. That’s what I was telling in the above comment.I hope that I have given the Answer to the questions you asked above.So I think you are free.So without thinking much enjoy the show……I think today there will be a better episode…..

    3. Sanaa.khan

      You’re right Vicky…now the only suspect is the real Tara whom they might all think to be Arohi.

    4. Hi Vicky! Completely agree with your point!

  18. nice episode but if new entry is arohi’s pawn then why she met prithvi or may be prithvi met someone other and maya is alive and did chawanni actually see her? Can anyone tell who was diya and what happened to her because i missed most episodes and don’t want to wacht it online. I have read that she was also deep’s sister. May be arohi’s brother is also alive and her bhabhi is with him where he is being treated after attack if his funeral was not shown. Anything can happen in this show.

    1. Hey Mohit! Diya was deep’s fake sis she was a paid actor who got money for acting like sanaya, shushant and Maya ….she was living in shimla only and Arohi got to know about deep’s name and address (mumbai) from her only

    2. even i did not see most of the earlier episodes, but Arohi’s brother is definitely dead. Tara killed him and there was a funeral as far as i remember (Aniket really supported Arohi and i wish he was alive 🙁 ). as for Diya, earlier Deep had appointed actors to play the role of his fake family members to fool Arohi. Prithvi acted as Deep’s father, Maya as mother, and three others played Deep’s siblings. two of them are dead, and i think Diya was the one who lived after all those incidents. she acted to be Deep’s sister, but is not really related to him in any way…

    3. cherry, dhara thanx for info.

  19. Where is shifa and sanaa

    1. Sanaa.khan

      Hi rhivanya , here I am .

    2. Sana’s here but I don’t see Shifa today! Maybe busy

  20. Critic and anonymous comments are missing.

  21. I wonder when will the London track start…it’s been nearly two weeks that they showed the promo that Arohi will kill deep in London… but I guess that won’t take place until the end of April. Now they are focusing on the new entry which is a mystery itself and I guess the writers have forgotten about some incidents that has no explanations like…
    1) who’s keeping eye on Arohi in the Raichand mansion on behalf of Tara and informing each and every step that Arohi takes.?
    2) how did Tara escape?
    3) how did Viraat -the great, manage to get released from jail?
    4) Kalyani’s mystery- how did Roma snatch everything from her
    5) mystery behind Dilip’s condition
    6) Arohi’s bhabhi ….is she even alive?
    7) what about Diya? she didn’t even inform the Raichand about some woman threatening her
    8)no one wonders where is chawanni after Tara aka Arohi’s marriage.
    9)when and how did Durga and minister video got deleted?
    10) and last but not least Deep’s family history and his past.

    God knows how long will it take for the written to reveal all these unsolved mysteries…I wonder…and now they are introducing a new character with a new mystery.
    I guess the writers should change the name to ” pahelian suljhate suljhate Marjawan”.

    1. **writers instead of written

    2. Hai sonia.these are all my questions also.
      (Pahelian suljhate suljhate marjawan) iska mathlab kya hai.

    3. hi sonia…. true, there are too many questions and some of them at least should solved before the new entry. maybe the new entry will provide some answers. dont know, when the writers will reveal though, i dont all these mysteries to drag…..
      Rhivanya, pahelian means puzzles, suljhate means to solve… so what sonia said means dying while solving puzzles 😛

      1. No am understood dhara.

    4. Hi Sonia! I know they showed a promo but the cast haven’t even flown to London! They shouldn’t have shown the viewers the Promo at the first place! They’re are so many confusions here also! Mysteries aren’t unraveling even! When will those happen?

  22. Hello everyone! I’m soo busy today so I won’t be able to comment muchh! But I thought of posting atleast 1 comment! I watched marriage episode today! (this is a hectic week for me) One thing I wanted to tell you all,
    Raichands are not big masterminds as we think! Just because Aarohi was this new girl who knew nothing about the cruel society just got entangled in their stupid plan! And Roma having given birth to the child, and being with her all throughout the life couldn’t recognize one mere thing! TARA NEVER CRIES!!! (Especially on her wedding day!) No one recognized she was Aarohi for God sake any idiot could’ve recognized that simple thing that a girl never cries on her wedding day!! Even Deep! She was right infront of him! There were tear marks on her face too! Like seriously!??? This is utter nonsense! I could Kill that blo*dy PSYCHOTIC WOMAN TARA!!!

    1. Sanaa.khan

      I agree shey,I agree with you…Roma being the mother of Tara is the dumbest of all the Raichands and Tara is the cleverest even though both are psychos….yup Arohi got lucky this time that no one had doubted her to be Arohi even after crying so much in the wedding altar.

    2. true shey… they were able to trap Arohi because Arohi had no idea what was happening. i mean who marries and doubts that the entire family might be fake? Deep sent his fake mother with marriage proposal and everyone said Deep is a very nice person, five people were plotting against Arohi and they even gave her drugs to make her think she is going mad….. but once Arohi realised the truth she fought back and now single-handedly she is fooling them all. even i feel the Raichands are really stupid and just got lucky the last time that Arohi was naive and soft….

  23. True Di! This is baseless! I mean he himself got into the house for the second time! But no one noticed that either! If it were me I sure would’ve felt suspicious! Like these Raichands are not in this world! And I also have this doubt whether Deep’s helping Tara! Obvs he know that Psycho wouldn’t cry in mandap on her wedding day! He saw Aarohi crying ughhhh ?

      1. @Dhara this comment was suppose to be a reply for your comment! How did this end up here now?!?

    1. true… with all these conspiracies going on in the house, they shouldnt have let chawanni come. but now he came for one night and disappeared and again no one notice?
      btw… its ok shey, sometimes comments get posted in other places 😛

  24. Sanaa.khan

    Hi everyone, I just keep wondering what a big fool is the Raichand family… Viraat traced the number that Tara was using to call Arohi but he didn’t trace chawanni’s mobile number. Also Deep, what’s wrong with him, I miss the master mind Deep who used to use his mind properly but now it seems that after the tattoo incident he got a shock and has lost his mind completely.
    Arohi, you’re a lucky girl… even after being your trueself, no one doubted you….
    As Sonia had said wonder how long the writers will take to reveal all the mysteries.

    1. thats my point too sanaa…. he says few minutes ago there was a call to Tara’s number, well like two minutes before that call chawanni had called. so, they only traced the second call and not the first??

  25. Hi Sana! Yeah like that’s weird how that idiotic VIrat didn’t see Chavanni’s calls! Proves he’s a fool really! And Deep has lost his shrewdness you’re right! Dunno what’s wrong with him ( but which means Aarohi has become a bit successful in his transformation) let’s be happy on that note!

    1. or maybe arohi uses different no to call chawaani. anyone being in her place would do that

      1. hi Hardika….. like a dual sim in the same phone? that is avery good point! just because it is always shown the same sim phone, i assumed same sim card too, but you said is entirely possible! and right now, logically it seems that is actually the case 😀

  26. Lets just hope for something good to happen today

  27. Now am understood dhara.

  28. Plz next episode jalti upload karo

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