Ishq Mein Marjawan 31st July 2018 Written Episode Update: Deep kills Chawani

Ishq Mein Marjawan 31st July 2018 Written Episode, Written Update on

Scene 1
Virat says why are you so shocked? I came here but the door was locked. I was so worried for you. She says let me get water. He says don’t you wanna spend time with me? He says come I want to talk to you. Lets have a drink. Arohi says coming. She is shocked. She turns off the fuse.

Tara decorates the cake and says happy birthday to you husband. She hugs deep and says I waited whole year for this moments. Lets start the celebration. He says we both will celebrate together. Lets cut the cake. You love to use the knife. He makes her picks the knife and squeezes it. She screams.
Virat says Anju why is it taking so long? He sees her and says why were you going out? She says I was checking the fuse box. He says it was inside. He says sit and lets talk. I missed you so

Deep says you cut your mom’s finger why? She says you kept her here to keep an eye on me. Dont’ you think chawani wouldn’t doubt you? Deep says I kept her here for your safety. What if she tells everyone. Tara says she will knw what I am once she opens her mouth. Deep says you know wat will happen when police comes here. Chawani sees all this. Deep says she was acting as your mom. We can’t get another once. Don’t dare doing a mistake like this next time. Chawani comes to his room. He says this was Tara. Where is Arohi didi ten?

Deep comes to the woman and says I sorry for what happened. She says she is crazy. I am really scared. Deep says nothing will happen don’t worry.
Tara says chawani open the door. He is scared. Deep opens the door. He says why were you not opening the door? Chawani says I couldn’t sleep. Deep says lets go to hospital. I was taking Arohi’s mom there. Tara sees the rope in his room. He says so this means chawani knows everything.

Scene 2
Arohi faints. Virat takes her to the hospital. Doctor says you are pregnant. Did you tell your husband? She says no don’t tell him. He would want to go for abortion.
Arohi sees Deep and chawani in the hospital. Deep says stay with her I will get the injection. Arohi hides from deep. Chawani says this is the time to run from here.
Arohi comes out to run. Deep stops chawani. He says where are you going? Deep says I wasn’t feelin well in the hospital. So I was going out. Arohi sees them. Tara calls deep and says chawani knows our reality. He is trying to run from the hospital. Deep says okay don’t worry I will fix everything.
Deep says to chawani. I know you are bored. We will play a game. Chawani says that aunty.. Deep says don’t worry about her. We will play this game. Chawani says I don’t wanna play any game. Deep makes him sit in the car. Tara says I know deep you will play the right game with chawani.

Deep and Chawani are in the car. Arohi follows them. She says where is deep taking chawani. He takes Chawani out. Chawani says I don’t wanna play any game. I wont tell anyone. Deep says what do you know? He says no I know nothing. He blind folds Chawani and says lets play.
Deep says lets play. Chawani says I don’t wanna play. Deep says you have to. Chawani goes towards the edge. He is about to fall. Deep holds him and says you couldn’t catch me but I caught you. The plan where I will send you no one can find you. Deep picks him up and throws him in the water. Arohi sees all this. she is dazed.
Precap-Arohi says you ruined everything Deep. She cries and says Deep you have to pay for this. Deep picks off a mask from the wall. It has Arohi’s picture behind. He says you ruined my whole game. Its time for the new plan.

Update Credit to: Atiba

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  1. They ruined the show! How can u show this much negativity

  2. Sukaen

    the story gets more complicated….

  3. Deep is Satan! He killed Chawani he was so sweet and innocent child and “orphan “ like deep which was why he brought him home. Wow this show is messed up. Constantly showing murder, deceit, lies and the list can go on. Viewers want to see a mixture of positivity n negativity but all us Ishq Mein marjawan viewers see is killings etc.

    I hate this show! The writers are psychopaths and evil thinking!

  4. I Bet arohi the fool would believe deep again n again until she’s dead. She should know when he sent her jail that Deep isn’t worthy of second chance in her life. Nikku would have been alive n her babi if it wasn’t for her stupidity

  5. Please at least save Chavani. I will enjoy seeing how Aarohi takes her revenge.

  6. I don’t like two things.
    1.nia play a arohi role.
    2.arjun play a negative role.
    Current track is not entertainment the show look like a crime story.
    I don’t why still am watching stupid nonsense favorite actors(arjun&Alisha) play a negative’s sad news for me.

  7. who is left in this show? Deep, Tara, Virat, Arohi and that new fake mom of Arohi. everyone else is dead. everyone….. so guys, lets take a bet. who do you think will be the next person to die? my guess is that doctor who changed Arohi’s face lol. After that they will introduce another character and kill them, then introduce anothr character and kill them… that is all this serial does. i thought chawanni would escape. remember how many contacts he used to have when he was first introduced. He almost always managed to get Arohi out of trouble. When it came to saving himself, the little child died a scared and lonely death. not once in this serial have they shown a dead person coming back alive. so i dont have much hope for chawanni either. i cant believe how much i hate Deep right now.

  8. This story doesn’t justify its title ‘ishq mein marjawan’ . Where is ‘ishq’ in this show?? None of them is sincerely loving anyone.
    1 Deep loves neither Arohi nor Tara
    2 Arohi doesn’t love Deep
    3 Tara has psychic love; it cannot be called as ‘love’

    Vishal loved Arohi, he was killed. Danny loved Arohi, he also got killed.
    Now its Virat’s turn. His Anjali is actually Arohi naa?? So, I think next they will kill Virat for sure.. How stupid is this show..?
    The story untill Arohi got imprisoned and returned as Kesari was nice. After that writers gone mad..

  9. Killing a character in a story is acceptable but killing so ruthlessly.. omg…. i feel the writer is seriously psychopath thats y he enjoys creating such scenes…

    As per some spoiler chawanni willcome alive… hope so…

    @dhara next may be that fake mom n then dr. And virat

    1. hey saras…. the fake mom is also good guess, already her hands her cut, her throat is next lol… you know, day before yesterday i swiched tv for 5mins and saw Sudha died. yesterday i switched for 5 mins, saw chawanni was about to die, today lets see who dies…. i am just surprised that chawanni didnt know how to swim 🙁

  10. Deep Kuttaa hai hai usko tho nikalo serial se

  11. this chow it s not love story it s an dark murderer serial !

    the love story deep arohi foer we wait long time is finally just sujecting ! they make us follow story of two psychopath ! or nobody interest by that !
    deep caracter becomes realy creepy ! he acting like desturbing mind persone !
    it s becomes so desgusting !!!
    i dont inderstant where writers would arrives wiht deep caracter they get him worst than tara ! and he also acting so bad and trought with tara who is normaly her loveand did all crimes for her !!!
    but we must salute bijlani s performance!!!

  12. this chow is big trap!i feel like i traped in hiden camara programe!
    its get desgesting! and i heat what they do with deep character ! yes he was bad but we saw some humain
    reacts in him sbut now he is realy monster !!! no thing positive in this sereal its all murder blood,scar,criminels always gets away and win!
    the titel is a big lie !!! wher is a love in this chow !

  13. in this show the writers has ruined both tara and arohis character

  14. Arjun and Alisha plzzzzzzzzzzzz quit the show… we can’t see u in negative role..

    Again deep betrayed arohi.
    This video prove that total 200 episode was meaningless.
    Please watch all video and tell me the current track is related with previous episodes.

    1. the writers dont have a story. everything time they gut stuck about how to take the story forward, they change Deep’s character. in the very beginning, before Arohi was sent to jail, when Deep first started to fall for Arohi, from that time itself they should have shown Deep loyal to Arohi but also cunning and sharp-minded. then it would have been a very passionate love story plus thriller. but no. suddenly Deep sent Arohi to jail, did nothing to protect her and after three years was even dreaming of having a child with Tara… the writers kept us guessing until Arohi shot Deep in London. after that it was supposed to be the final confirmation that no, Deep loves only Arohi and now he will only support her. i was not very convinced with how they justified everything Deep did with Arohi, but then he was helping Arohi and sent Tara to jail and was protecting her so i let it go. after that at least they could have developed trust and passionate love between Deep and Arohi. but no, their love didnt really develop with Deep always pushing Arohi away until Danny came and he also started doubting Deep that Deep was still cheating Arohi…. and now this. so where is any love between Deep and Arohi, the main leads. better than that would have been Deep always staying loyal to Tara (atleast Tara’s love is full of passion and obsession) and Arohi with her friends (Klayani, chawanni and Vedika) getting revenge from the psychos.
      right now the serial is at worst place where the viewers feel betrayed by every character. everything is spoiled.

      1. Hi dhara.thank you for your reply.and totally agree with you. I think deep is psycho.

  16. personally, i liked this serial best when Arohi was making the Raichands dance on her fingers and had even kidnapped Tara… that was the best times. sometimes she would lose or get in trouble but atleast she used her mind and actually had a plan. i have no interest to see Nia do the same thing. my guess is now Nia will stay with them as Virat’s girlfriend Anjali (and again pregnancy drama with how she hides her pregnancy or whatever) and again plotting… whatever. Arohi will take months to do one single thing then Deep/Tara will simply kill whoever she is trying to save. this is the only story from beginning. enough. the writers should have stuck to the characters and made something interesting with Deep’s past to bering freshness in the story

    1. I like kesari part.writers always kill the new ishq in this show.title should change as something.

  17. shayad deep nahi deep ka jurwa bhai hai.Danny ne kaha tha ki Deep ne uske maa ko nahi mara tha.Deep ne apne bhai ko maraa tha.Mujhe lagtaa hain Deep ke jurwa bhai ne Deep ke ma ko marke usko marne ki koshish ki thi.

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