Ishq Mein Marjawan 30th October 2017 Written Episode Update: Deep tries to remove proofs

Ishq Mein Marjawan 30th October 2017 Written Episode, Written Update on

Scene 1
Arohi says why are standing here like criminals? he says I am allergic to cigarette. I was going to throw away that ash tray.
Prithvi says where is madam? What if she does something. Arohi says I am still getting to know new things. Mama was right I get to know a new thing about you every day.
Prithvi is looking Tara.
Deep says lets have champagne. Arohi says let me call bhaiya bhabhi first. I haven’t talked to him in days. Nikhil cuts his call. She says why are they not talking to me? What are they mad about? Deep says don’t cry. Maybe they are busy. Arohi says no they are mad at me. Deep says I think I am responsible for this. I took you from there. I am not giving you enough love. She says no you love me so much. You are my strength. I am lucky

to have you as a husband. He says then smile please. They drink champagne. He says your face is so known to me. He caresses her face. He says I can write a book on your beauty.

Prithvi is looking for Tara. He says Deep’s phone is off too. I don’t know what to do. Arohi falls asleep in Deep’s arms. He makes sure she has slept. He cuts arohi’s hair.

Scene 2
Laksh has cctv outside Deep’s room.
Tara is tied to a tree. The guy says why did you want to kill me? I will kill you. She says you are a cheater. I will kill you. I am not scared of your knife. He says you will repent. Now see what I do to you.
Deep ceases all the proofs. Laksh sees Deep coming out of room with a packet in hand. There is smoke outside police station. Everyone runs out. Deep comes there to replace the proofs. His bag is empty. The proofs aren’t there.
Arohi wakes up and looks for Deep.

Deep comes out of police station. Laksh says Mr. Raichand you in Kasol? Deep says what is this man doing on my car? Laksh says he is ill mannered. See the fire. Deep says then go and extinguish it. Laksh says it will be extinguished. Why are you so worried? Deep says I told you once, you forget your limits while talking. Laksh says but I didn’t ask you anything. Just to tell you I came here for a case. See what I found. These proofs. Deep holds his bag.
Laksh says why you had to come here? Deep says I am staying in the same resort. There is no safety there. I came here for safety. But people here are very careless. Laksh says don’t worry at all. Join for a drink. Deep says some other time. He leaves.

Arohi is looking for Deep. She comes down the lift.
Prithvi says its late at night and Deep isn’t here. He calls on reception. The receptionist is asleep. She picks the call. He says I want to talk to deep. No one picks in Deep’s room.
Arohi comes to reception, receptionist says there is a call for you. Arohi picks. Prithvi says she ran don’t know where is she. Arohi is dazed. Arohi says papa?

Precap-Deep talks to Prithvi. He tells him that Tara has killed another person. Deep goes to Shimla. Arohi says Deep left me here alone? Laksh says deep left you here? come with us.

Update Credit to: Atiba

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  1. My earnest request plz don’t make deep so bad. Plz bring out some positive point. And arohi and tara are twin sis which was brought by 2 mother but they are the daughter of 1 mother

  2. Nice episode my guess laksh saves arohi interesting precap

  3. But Tara was tied to a tree and the man was about to kill her than what happened how she killed him….by the way the matter of fact is now arohi will be save coz when the murder happened she wasn’t there so it will be in her favor …laksh will find out all the truth sooner or latter

  4. Ya tara says she hates cheaters and recalls her means maybe tara and arohi r sisters from same father but different mother’s

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