Ishq Mein Marjawan 30th March 2018 Written Episode Update: Arohi and Deep’s wedding

Ishq Mein Marjawan 30th March 2018 Written Episode, Written Update on

Scene 1
Tara says if you killed me you wouldn’t have been tied here like this. She is about to press the button. Arohi says stop Tara. Arohi says i know it is in your hands but listen to me once. If I die no one would be here to tell you all this. Suddenly lights turn off and someone shoves Tara. The remote falls. Deep says whats happening. Where is Tara? Arohi and kids tie Tara.
Lights turn off. Arohi comes downstairs and says someone is there in the washroom. See what she did to me my hands are injured. Go and catch her. She will run. Deep says where is your haldi?Virat syas I think the same. Aroi says that Arohi came and you care about haldi. I went to freshen up. She came here as electrician. She left this mom’s necklace that I gave her. she was running with it. roma

says how she got it? Arohi says take care of it and keep wearing it. Deep applies haldi on Arohi’s face. She says I don’t like it. I don’t wanna do this rituals. Because of all this Arohi comes there. No more rituals. We will just get married tomorrow.

Arohi looks at Niku and says I will kill your bua. She gives him sign that she is Arohi. Virat says we should try to catch Arohi. Arohi says Arohi wants us not to get married. I wont give up. Deep picks her up and says you need rest. I will drop you both to room.

Scene 2
Arohi wakes up Tara. Tara says why are you not happy? Tara says why are you doing this all this? You should have killed me. Arohi says I want to give deep a lot of happiness. And then I will break him. Thats how i will kill him. Tara says you are dead human who is just breathing. You will always be alone. Arohi says I am not alone my niku is with me.

Arohi makes Niku eat. She says why did Tara take Niku’s name. How she knows Niku is here? Chawani says maybe she heard someone talking. Arohi says it can be a plan too. Chawnai says you two should run from here. Arohi says we wont run. We will take our revenge,, We have to be careful and take care of Niku.

Deep gets ready as groom. He says to Roma I don’t have parents. You are all I have you have to make me wear sehri. Roma says you are my son. I will make you wear it. I and Dilip will be in bbarat and Virat will be from girl’s side.
Roma says if that Arohi dares coming here we will kill that child.

Precap-Virat says Arohi is in this house lock everything. She shouldn’t run.

Update Credit to: Atiba

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  1. hi friends… it was an ok episode. it went as we expected with Arohi getting released from Tara’s capture soon enough, and even again doing her fast get up change. she even got Roma back the necklace and now i am beginning to think that the necklace really has a bomb fitted (although where i will never know). one thing i find funny was everyone was searching for Tara and Deep got nikku to try and bring Arohi in front of them. but when Arohi/Tara comes to them and says Arohi is in washroom and was trying to kill her… no one tried to go and see if they could catch Arohi 😛 i mean as far as you know, Arohi already came and left your house twice. try to catch her atleast…. the rest of the episode was fine. and Deep again confusing us. in the end when Roma said to Virat that if necessary cut nikku’s throat, Deep looked shocked and worried….. but i am like yo Deep, do you have split personalities or what bro? -_-

    1. Split personalities ? yeah they are concentrating only on hype not giving enough priority to storyline progress in a convincing way,,, as you said that very quick get-up change is not at all realistic,,,, She will start changing only after someone knocks the door or someone calls her ?

      1. true sathya… and they have done it so many times that the viewers just know now that Arohi will never be caught that way. she will just use her super-fast-changing-get-up power and fool all the Raichands again lol

    2. Sayanika

      Oh my goodness. The update is so confusing and filled with so much error. People who don’t watch the episode and just follow the updates can get misguided.
      Anyways. Coming back to the episode. After hitting Aarohi and tying her up to the chair, Tara has literally nothing to worry about and no one to blackmail. Ofcourse Aarohi does not immediately come to her senses. I feel Tara has revealed her story to the family and the Raichands along with Tara are planning to trap Arohi in her own plan. Probably that’s why when Aarohi (as Tara) came running down to tell the family that Arohi is upstairs no one pays any attention to her. Not even Deep. On the contrary they question her. Even Roma’s expression seemed confusing today.
      And then again when Tara came back to her senses and was tied up. She was not seen fighting anymore. She looked calm and somewhat happy and even lectured Arohi on what she should do next.
      I think the only person who can actually help Arohi is Dilip Singh eventhough only with his actions. I hope he recovers soon and plays a major role in support of Aarohi. I feel her team to fight back the Raichands is too weak. And releasing Tara everytime by blackmailing her and then disguising herself as someone else is sheer stupidity.

      1. hi sayanika…. it will be unexpected if the writers show that Tara has used her brain and every one in the house know Arohi’s truth. but i dont think that has happened… because chawanni was there the whole time keeping a watch. the show just shows Arohi as the mastermind, only she can come up with clever ideas to get her way. where as all these serial killers and people who have fooled the police and entire world are just stupid and cant figure out one girl’s truth! when Arohi entered the house i was very hyped because i thought we will get to see intelligent people using their brains against each other (especially the sooooooo clever Virat). but Arohi is the only one who comes up with clever ideas sometimes and the rest are really stupid.

      2. Hi Sayanika! Even I hope Dilip gets cured soon! So he could become a supporting hand to Aarohi! If he gets cured lots of mysteries would unravel! But I don’t think he’s a strong character otherwise how come he got bedridden? These Raichands are very dumb+cunning

    3. Hiii dhara diii
      I agree…This deep is still confusing

      1. hi shifa…

    4. Yeah I too think this he has split personality disorder! According to the story that can happen too afterall this is a thriller! And I really thought that necklace was a trick but it was true damnit!

      1. hi shey…. it would even be poetic somewhat lol, two mentally ill people loving each other. Tara having violent tendencies and Deep having split personalities lol…. and i too want Dilip to get cured. he has years frustration to get out of him and hopefully he wont be another mute spectator and do something once he starts talking. atleast the writers should let him talk so he can tell secrets instead of just pointing at things!

  2. btw, Arohi kept saying tomorrow night at 7:30 we will get married…. please, please tell me there is no mahasangam again tomorrow? does any one have any idea?

    1. No mahasangam.Don’t worry.

      1. thanx vicky for the news. you know from the promo about ‘panch din panch khulasa’ i was thinking everyday some new secret will come out but no such luck. am just happy that unlike other serials, each function gets just one episode and not entire weeks dedicated to mehendi, haldi each nightmare!

    2. I think she said 7.30 because the story is telecasted at 7.30!

  3. Hello friends.
    Very nice episode.I think deep not kill nikku. Mehandi Tara ki saath.
    Haldi Tara ki saath.
    Shaadi kisika saath?
    Arohi+deep ardeep or
    Deep+Tara deera what’s your option guys.share me.can anyone explain arohi and Tara conversation part. Excited for tomorrow.
    Good night friends.

    1. Urmi Banerjee

      I want that arohi s plan should be successfully executed. I want that the thing which deep did with arohi the same thing arohi should do with deep.

      1. hi Urmi…. i too want Deep to suffer. he has no right to be happy after what he did to Arohi

      2. Same here Urmi! I too want that to happen! Hope it happens! Keep commenting ?

    2. hi Rhivanya…. is there a chance that Arohi and Deep will get married? today, when Deep was just trying to apply a little haldi to Arohi, she didnt allow that. i feel like Arohi will try every which way to not marry Deep…. but i dont want another episode where Tara thinks of some ways to tell her family about her truth, but in the end Tara runs away to some place, Arohi finds her and captures her again and then does her super-fast-changing and comes as Tara in front of everyone… already she did it twice…. the writers want to shock us all the time so i dont know what will be shown…..

    3. Hi Rhivanya, it was a good epi! I think the marriage would be Detara’s!

  4. i again felt real bad for nikku… the way Virat or Roma mishandle him is really irritating to see. complete inhumanity. Arohi was talking how did Tara know about nikku…. does this mean someone is helping Tara or giving her information? is there someone who knows about it and the same person sent the goons to kidnap Arohi in the temple? Arohi mentioning that Tara shouldnt have known about nikku’s presence seemed a bit odd to me… but really, last time Tara and Arohi talked, Arohi hadnt known anything about nikku. infact Arohi sent Tara to the party with Deep in the hope that Tara would get some info about chawanni. and right now Tara was out of capture for maybe an hour or two and the whole time nikku was in his room…. so when did anyone talk about nikku to Tara??

  5. Pls complete by someone

  6. Please can we have a written update with more detail

  7. btw, i have one small request to this website. can we please have the updates on time and sooner? i mean come on! other serials with later air-time are already updated and even have 3-4 comments while i have to keep refreshing to see if immj has been uploaded. and after all this time, i really lose the interest to comment. what is the problem here? is there no one who can provide a good mistake-free update in time?

  8. There’s a connection between these two incidents
    1) Viraat called his goons but didn’t reach but other goons reached and attacked Tara (Aarohi) and one of the goons were asked that who sent them thaen they replied by saying that Aarohi sent them but actually Aarohi didn’t send them
    2) Tara being aware that Nikku is in Raichand mansion

  9. I really doubt that someone is helping Tara
    And Prithvi is not seen for a long time

    1. hi imm… even i feel that someone is somehow helping Tara and giving her information… i feel Tara was somehow involved in the attack on Arohi and she put the blame on ‘Arohi’ so that everyone would know that Arohi is alive. i am curious to know that if Tara is behind this then why she did such an elaborate plan. why not just inform her family that she is captured and they should come and rescue her…

    2. Hi Imm! I too feel so! Prithvi is loyal to Tara! Could he be helping her? Don’t know what! We should keep watching the show

    3. but the same prithvi wanted to help Virat against Tara…. if it shows that Prithvi was lying to Virat so he could keep an eye on him and tell secrets to Tara then it would be something… but Prithvi never went to Arohi/Tara so it again makes me doubt if prithvi would be that loyal to Tara…. but it seems someone is against Arohi and helping Tara (as if Arohi didnt have enough enemies already!)

  10. i read somewhere that there is an episode tomorrow with honeymon track yess ! can someone tell me what deep say to his baby ?

    1. Sayanika

      So Deep kneels down infront of Aarohi and touches her belly. He says that Hey Champ, this is your father speaking to you.. I still couldn’t give you a peaceful environment.. but I promise when you come out of your world to our world there would be nothing like that. Your dad won’t leave all those people who have tried to hurt you. Tomorrow your mother and I will come even more closer. And even you will join us sometime later.. and after that you, me and mummy will play dhishoom dhishoom with our enemies. But now it’s time you and your mummy get some sleep.
      And so Deep carries away Aarohi in his arms.
      But Virat’s reaction made me laugh in this scene. He couldn’t tolerate the lovebirds. Hahahaa. ?

      1. Hii Sayanika
        Yes virat reaction ????Roma plz make him married to anyone otherwise ???

      2. tnhks you very much

      3. lol Shifa… true. this Virat needs a wife too! poor Virat cant handle Deep being romantic 😛 😛

    2. No honeymoon track yet Aarohi&Deep!

  11. Hi dhara, sonakshi, arohi and deep, rivhanya, imm, sathya, shifa, babe, and everyone…i finally got time to comment..
    Actually i must say make up artist is too good and costumes of tara she usually wears is excellent, i will surely give them points on this…..
    Coming back to the episode is was an average episode not much to say, i don’t feel scared seeing these raichand now anymore, they r clueless and dumb at the same time, they just know to kill people when things doesn’t work there way…… Immj is on the 10th position with trp 2.1 and that’s sad, i guess writers won’t budge, they will do what they want they don’t care about trp’s and our opinion…..
    I will warn the team to explore deep character or the upcoming the trp will be decreased comparing this week, or either show arohi winning and i m damn sure u won’t dare to do this…… Nothing much to comment, they r spoiling the show…… Arohi just kill everyone leaving deep and then love him to the core and fortunately he will turn out to be lively and then kill him, one advantage of killing others is they won’t try to hinder her plan and her revenge will be done the way she wants……….
    Guys one ques.. is immj team heading to london for the shoot for upcoming sequence..

    1. Hiiii Tanya
      Well said. ….yaa me too heard that they are going to london for shooting honeymoon sequence

    2. hi Tanya…. i agree the make-up artists of this serial are better than most others. when they try to change Arohi’s look, they succeed most times. i only wish they will pay more attention to her manicure hands 😛 be it waiter or electrician or old woman, she always has perfects nails lol 😛 and yeah i am in love with how beautiful Tara/Arohi look in their costumes, they do very well with blending modern and ethnic wear.
      i too want more info about Deep. and also something that will be established as truth and not shown to be a lie two episodes later to confuse us again. it is not fair that writers play with our emotions so much regarding Deep

    3. Hi Tanya! Though you haven’t greeted me!? I checked their official insta accounts they haven’t posted any pictures of leaving to London still they’re posting pics of rituals! And yess the writers never fulfill our wishes they have their own way no matter what happens! They should show something interesting this week!

  12. nonsense and just foul.baseless serial…..

  13. In London episodes I want to end the deep’s charechter.when there is nothing to do with his charechter why the show us these types of craps. Why the maker make a good charechter to evil character always and continue confusing us.In the total episodes in last 15days they only shows us arohi’s story sorry sorry arohi’s smart game…that’s it. PLEASE ANYONE REPLAY ME IN THIS MATTER…..

    1. Hi Pks! Yeah they only showed how Aarohi outsmarted those idiots for a long time nothing revealing nor interesting was shown! They’d better get out of it and start focussing more on raising our curiosity levels so the shiw will gain more trp! Deep should be there in the story otherwise it won’t look nice! But as you said Aarohi should punish him sooner or later! And she should get a good partner but Deep should also be there! Maybe in London episodes they’ll punish Deep’s character! There’s still no sign of the cast flying to London though! There were only pictures of these rituals in their official instagram accounts!

    2. i Pks and Shey…. i agree with both of you completely. i want a clear ans whether Deep loves Arohi or not. i am 99.9999% sure that Deep doesnt, but then they will some expression of Deep that will make us think that Deep is hiding something from everyone…. just make it clear, and if he is bad then punish him. if he is bad then stop showing him touching Arohi against her wishes all the time -_-

      1. Exactly! Even I don’t want that to happen! I’m also very confused of Deep he gets shocked that Roma and VIrat would harm Nikku, sometimes he himself uses the kid to threaten Aarohi! Very confusing character! But if this story is conventional then there are high chances of Deep becoming positive if this continues to be on unique side they should turn him negative! Really!

  14. Hello dhara dii, Rhivanya, sathya, sanaa, Sayanika, Sonakshi, Sobhana, Babe, Mohit, Nayana ,pks,imm,arohi &deep,shey,salley, Tanya, Sonia, Moneera,and others sorry if l miss anyone. ……
    Arohi again gets saved by her vanara sena (chawani &others) ……When tara was talking to aroh in the start of the episode. I really miss the old tara……There was no fire in tara’s eyes…..l thought she was normally talking like others….That she gets the control in her anger……
    Ardeep movement was so cute…
    Arohi and nikku scenes was also so good
    l hate the last part of episode .Deep and Roma sendi
    she is using her money for poor children’s education and for their happiness on the other side she is using niku as a shield against arohi by saying l will kill him….l think roma also use deep as a shield against someone in deep childhood too..That why she is showering lots of fake love to him…….
    Virat as always feeling jealous by seeing ardeep together
    Precap……Ardeep marriage or Deera marriage
    Well l need to wait for monday
    Happy weekend guys

    1. Hi Shifa! I wonder why Virat is feeling jealous of Ardeep! He doubts that the one acting as Tara is Aarohi. So why? Very confusing he felt jealous when he was carrying her up the temple also don’t know why! And I think it’s Deraa marriag! It would be injustce on Aarohi’s character if she gets married to that Cheat! Roma is a deceptive woman two faces!

      1. Hey shey
        Yes Yes Yes…..Always virat babu feel jealous. …..And me too want deera marriage. ……… l don’t want arohi to marry deep

    2. hi Shifa, i dont think you missed anyone… although no comments from a few of them for a few days, i must say you remembered all…
      i too want the forceful Tara that cant be controlled by anyone except Deep. this Tara seems so tame. i thought Tara would keep smashing Arohi with the vase in her hand or start shouting at everyone to come and see the duplicate…
      Roma is the most worst character in this show. hypocrite and two faced, she will do religious rituals, donations and talk sweetly, but behind she is a evil woman who will not think twice about harming about the most innocent and harmless… ugh i want Arohi to give Roma a long tortorous death, althoug i also wish that Roma should rot in jail with all her children dead. she will cry for them every night and get tortured by jail-inmates every day of her life.

      1. Yeah ? Shifa always apologizes if she missed anybody’s name! FYI, you haven’t di @Shifa! And it’s soo nice of you to remember everybody’s names on your comments and you too Dhara di, you reply everybody’s comments! That’s soo sweet

      2. thank you shey 🙂

  15. Hello everyone! I can’t wait till monday to watch the epi so I read the update! I didn’t get one thing in the story it said Aarohi telling Tara I’m not alone Nikku is there for me and later she’s telling Chawanni how Tara got to know Nikku is here? Confusing! I hate the way Roma harbours ill feelings towards a small child whose almost like her grandchild! Disgusting woman! Well, I thought the necklace was just a trick! Thank god Aarohi got saved I knew the kids would help her once again! That idea of telling the family that Aarohi came there posing as the electrician wasn’t a good move! Now how will she evade the marriage? Next weeks going to be interesting! So upset with the trp drop and comments drop! Other serials are rising trp wise and comment wise!? After reading you guys’ comments I figured out the update is not elaborated properly! Lots of scenes are lacking! Please give the update in detail Dear!

    1. hi shey….. actually Tara mentions nikku first and then Arohi tells her that nikku will always stay with her…. i too hope the next week will be interesting 🙂 i will try to do a more detailed update below… as for the comments, please try to reply to as many comments as you can and then the comments will rise. actually Sonakshi used to make about 20 comments everyday, but she is having exams now and so the comments are very less. 🙁

      1. Sure I will di!

  16. @imm, @Arohi&Deep, @shey…. i wrote a more detailed update, hope it helps 🙂

    the episode starts with Tara and Arohi in the store room where Tara has tied Arohi up and Tara is holding the remote to the bomb. Tara is about to click the button but Arohi stops her and says ‘if you kill me now then no one can tell you the truths that i know, so its better you listen to me.’ Tara laughs and says Arohi is lying because she is about to die. Tara says she only wants to talk with Deep, Virat and mom now and not with her and tells her good bye. meanwhile, Chwanni, danger and chintu are there and they secretly go and cut a wire which causes the lights to flicker. Tara is about to click the button but as soon as the lights starts flickering, Tara startles and the remote drops from her hand accidentally. Tara doesnt notice chawanni and others and tries to get the remote from the floor. as she is busy searching, Chawanni and gang come and untie Arohi.

    down in the hall, Deep and others wonder why the lights are flickering suddenly. Deep says what happened to the lights, maybe the electrician did something. at that moment the real electrician comes up and says ‘what electrician? i have come right now only. what have i done? someone took the air out of my bike and so i became late.’
    Deep: ‘first say who are you?’
    electrician: ‘i am from electrician company and i am senior. there is no way someone else came in my place.’
    Deep and everyone realise that Arohi must have done this. they become worried for Tara and start searching for her. Deep remembers the storeroom and goes there.

    in the storeroom, chawanni has untied Arohi and now Arohi and Tara are fighting for the remote. when Tara hears Deep calling her, she tries to shout out to him, but Arohi shuts her mouth with her hand and pulls her away. chawanni and his friends also hide. Deep comes inside but is not able to see anyone. Tara and Arohi are only a few feet away and Tara tries to reach out to him but Arohi again pulls her away. Deep not finding anyone leaves. Tara starts fighting again but Chintu/danger has a spray that makes people unconscious and sprays it on Tara, making her senseless.

    Deep not finding Tara anywhere goes to nikku’s room and brings him out in the hall. he yells that ‘Arohi, where are you? come out fast. we have nikku and if you dont show yourself now we will harm him.’ Arohi comes running from the stairs in Tara’s clothes. she runs to Deep and tells him that Arohi is upstairs in the washroom and was trying to kill her. Arohi shows them all nail marks on her hands and tells them that Arohi did this, go catch her. but everyone just stares at her without moving.
    Arohi: why are you staring at me like this?
    Deep:where did your haldi go?
    virat: even i was thinking the same. when you went you had haldi. now its gone.
    Arohi: Haldi? you people care about damn haldi? i was in the washroom cleaning myself when Arohi attacked me. i came here to tell you and you want to know where Haldi went! have you all lost your mind. see, what i found Arohi had… Arohi shows them Roma’s necklace. Roma asks how did Arohi get this? Arohi/Tara doesnt ans and goes and makes Roma wear the necklace again. she says this necklace is very important, you please wear it all the time. no one questions Arohi anymore (but no one goes and tries to catch Arohi in the washroom either for some reason) Deep goes to bring some more haldi and apply it to Arohi/Tara. but Arohi doesnt want it and stops him. she says she had had enough all these rituals and Arohi comes every time to attack during these rituals. she says now there will be no more rituals and they will directly marry tomorrow at 7:30 (dont know how she fixed the time 😛 ). she then pulls nikku to one side who is still standing there scared. with her back to everyone, she signs to nikku that she is his bua and nikku understands and smiles. Arohi then to fool everyone else threatens nikku. Virat says lets just forget about this marriage and focus on Arohi instead. they are already married, no need for this Drama. but Arohi/Tara refuses and says she will never accept defeat from Arohi and this marriage will definitely happen. Arohi says ‘as for Arohi, find her and bring her to me, i will cut her throat with my own hands!’. Deep gets emotional and gets on his knees to talk to Arohi’s belly (his child). Virat rolls his eyes like oh god please, enough of this nautanki. Arohi is surprised too.
    Deep: hey champ, its me you father. i am trying hard to give you a safe environment but i am failing. i promise, when you come in this world no such thing will happen. whoever is trying to harm you, your father wont leave them. tomorrow your mother and i will marry again and come closer. after sometime you will come too. then we will play dhishoom dhisoom with our enemies.
    Deep then picks up Arohi and takes her to their room. Roma is worried about it all and says Arohi will not sit quietly. make this child (nikku) our shield. use him and trap Arohi. Virat takes nikku to nikku’s room.

    it is the next morning. Arohi splashes Tara’s face with water and wakes her up. Tara talks angrily.
    Tara: what happened, why you look upset? you should be happy that you managed to defeat me so many times. i dont understand why have you kept me alive? you should have killed me long ago but you are getting me married! why?
    Arohi: because i want to give Deep a lot of happiness. i want him to know the joy of becoming a husband, a father. i want him to dance with joy and forget all his sorrows and then i will snatch everything away from him. the pleasure of killing a happy man is something else. (at this point i seriously thought Arohi is sounding a lot like Tara lol. Tara is shocked and maybe a little worried for deep).
    Tara: very nice plan but have you thought what will happen to you once all this is over? you will be completely alone. you will be like a lone tree in a hot dessert. you will be breathing but not alive
    Arohi: (pretending to be scared and emotional) you are right. i had forgotten about all this in my revenge
    Tara: one more thing, whether you win or lose, your nephew nikku will be sacrificed in your revenge. there is still time, take him and leave.
    Arohi is shocked that Tara knows about nikku. Arohi: you already have taken everything from me, now its my turn. you think you were trying to scare me and i was getting frightened? i was only acting to know what is in your mind. even after all this is over, nikku will always stay with me. now stop thinking about me and get ready for marriage. i dont want you to become orphan on your marriage day (indirectly saying she will kill Roma other wise). Arohi leaves.

    Arohi then goes to nikku’s room and feeds him food. Chawanni is there and Arohi asks how did Tara come to know about nikku. Chawanni says i dont know, maybe she heard someone talking. Arohi is worried and says we have to be very careful, nothing should happen to nikku. in another room, Deep, Virat, Roma and Prithvi are getting ready for marriage ceremony. Deep comes to Roma with sehra and says that i dont have anyone, so i want you to put sehra on me. Roma acts sweetly and agrees. she tells others that She and Deep will come as baraat and Virat and Prithvi will welcome them from girl’s side. in the other room, Arohi tells chawanni that you will always stay with Deep and give me information about every moment. i wont let anything happen to nikku. chawanni says the Raichands are all alert now, which get-up you will take now? (i hope Arohi doesnt come as the pandit lol 😛 😛 ) in the other room, Roma tells Virat that if Arohi comes then cut nikku’s throat, Arohi has no idea that she is playing with fire, when Roma talks about harming nikku, Deep looks shocked and worried.

    Precap (to me it looked false because Deep’c clothes were different and not the one he had worn for marriage): Virat says Arohi is here. lock every door and window. she should not escape.

    1. Hai dhara.thank you.

      1. welcome Rhivanya.. 🙂 🙂

    2. Omg thanks a ton Dhara di! What a detailed update! I wouldn’t have understood this much even if I had watched the serial with my own eyes! This is how an update should be! It might’ve taken a lot of your time for this di! Thank you soo soo much!?

      1. you are welcome Shey, happy to help 🙂 🙂

    3. OMG friends! i cant believe my prediction came true!! Arohi actually came dressed up as a pundit!! i was dying of laughter during that scene lol…. i cant wait for the update to start discussion

  17. Comments are decrease day by day.

    1. hi Rhivanya… please try to reply to as many as you can. that will increase the no of comments 🙂

  18. there is something else i thought of…. Tara only said that nikku will get sacrificed in Arohi’s revenge. Tara never said that nikku is in this house. maybe Tara was simply implying that since Deep has kept nikku somewhere (Arohi told her that), when Deep finds out about Arohi then deep will harm nikku…. i dont know why Arohi thought that Tara was implying that nikku was in Raichand Mansion…. but since Arohi mentioned it, maybe its writers way of telling us that someone is helping Tara. before Arohi mentioned it to chawanni, i didnt think that Tara mentioning nikku was a big deal

    1. Wonder whose helping Tara ugh! Another mystery!

  19. OMG friends…. tu ashiqui is airing at 7:00 clock today…. immj will air or not :O

  20. After reading Dhara di’s update I finally got it!
    ?? I was laughing when I read the way you’ve said that Aarohi might come in Pandit avatar! That’s a possibility too! Then the marriage would be fake!? btw the way Deep took Nikku to threaten Aarohi was rude! And why were everyone not paying attention on Aarohi when she said Aarohi was inside the storeroom? And Tara being soo calm after all this happened? She usually is hyped up all the time! Could this be a plan of Raichands and Rajsingh? I’m in doubt! Are they aware of all this? Possibilities are high this time!

    1. hi shey…. i had no idea that there was going to be another telecast of immj today too!! there was telecast at 7:30 (i guess thats why Deep and Arohi were repeatedly saying that they will get married tomorrow at 7:30)… no mahasangam, thank god! and my prediction came true! Arohi came dressed as pundit and it was too funny for me! cant wait for the episode to be updated so that we can start discussing. i liked todays epi!

  21. Wow what a prediction!!!Omg ?? now I’m laughing my pants off! I’m sure she might’ve done that role pretty well as usual! That was unexpected I didn’t know there’s another telecast! I wonder how it telecasts here! Once again I’m getting confused

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