Ishq Mein Marjawan 30th July 2018 Written Episode Update: Deep kills Sudha

Ishq Mein Marjawan 30th July 2018 Written Episode, Written Update on

Scene 1
People there call police. Arohi is dazed. She says in heart she was running from that man and then truck hit her. She picks Anjali’s phone. Arohi says why deep gave me her face?
Deep sees something in phone and calls someone. He says find her. we have to do it any cost after this news. He breaks stuff in anger. Deep picks is gun and leaves.

Tara sees video of Deep’s room. He says who is deep lookin for? The same girl. She recalls she left a camera in deep’s room. Arohi says if Tara sees me I will be in trouble.
Arohi’s mom texts deep something. Tara picks her phone and says dont’ use your fingers they can break too. I know you worry for me. That’s why you keep an eye on me. The woman says no no I shouldn’t leave you alone.

I was in your room to give you medicine. Tara says you were texting deep. I hate people who spy. Chawani looks at all this he is dazed. tara takes out knife and says if you wann stay here know that you have you mind your own business. I can cut your fingers. She cuts er hand. The woman screams. Chawani runs from there.

Arohi says who was she? I will have to go to her place. She takes Anjali’s car. Arohi sees sudha. She sits in auto. Arohi follows her. Sudha meets deep. Deep says did you catch her? She says I tried. Deep says I am tired of this word. Arohi steps in. She stumbles over something. Its sudha’s body. Arohi screams. She sees Deep leaving. Arohi says deep killed her.
Tara says on call keep an eye on deep. Chawani sees her and starts running. tara says chawani why are you running? He is scared.
Arohi says sudha only helped me and Deep killed her. Why did deep do this? I can’t believe deep can do all this. He is just like tara. Why did he give me this face? She looks at her ID.

Arohi comes to Anjali’s house. She sees her photos and says you wanted to meet and help me but you got killed. She opens closet and sees men clothes. arohi says she had a brother or husband? Arohi takes her clothes and says sorry but I need them. Virat comes in. Arohi is dazed. Virat hugs her. He says I missed you so much Anjali. I live you. He kisses her forehead. Arohi is shocked.
Precap-Arohi says so he is Anjali’s boyfriend? Tara says to deep happy birthday. He grasps her hair and says stop spying on me.

Update Credit to: Atiba

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  1. Sahina

    Whatever we want Writers always do the opposite here ….

  2. RuCh23

    Never commented on immj before today I couldn’t stop. Why they introduce so many new characters only to kill them? Either the writer doesn’t know how to use those characters to make an interesting thrilling story or they have some sort of a killing fetish. And looking these recent episodes, it seems like not Tara but Deep have some serious mental issues.

    1. 100%agree with you.. honestly this drama was going really interesting but they had to kill the drama with new characters… i think deep has a split personality and tara is a psycho in this drama.

  3. Lol…………………….
    I have seen the latest news that Deep tries to harm Chavani since Chavani came to know that the lady living with Deep is not Aarohi but Tara.

    How could Deep do like this Chavani????????????? Is he that heartless.
    Now real Aarohi will try to save Chavani. I hope Aarohi is able to save Chavani.

  4. Guys, I found out that Aarohi is able to save Chavani and she somehow also comes to know the reason behind Deep changing her face.
    “Aarohi believes that Deep murdered Chavanni but is later elated to find him alive. However, the incident convinces Aarohi that Deep is evil and deserving of revenge”.

    “Aarohi learns that Anjali has a large amount of money to her name and decides to use it to take care of Chavanni and put her plans for revenge into motion”.

    “Aarohi learns that Deep and a group of strangers are after Anjali’s money and concludes that this is the reason why he changed her face”.

    1. Hi sorry but is this true I mean I still can’t believe that deep betrayed arohi again. Where did u get this information .

  5. Anjali was Virat’s girlfriend?????? what! lol… i remember in the beginning when many fans said that Virat and Arohi had very good chemistry and it will be interesting to see Virat fall for her. i was opposed to it as i thought it would be weird for Virat to fall for someone who looked like his sister. but now they have changed Arohi’s face. Now, Virat wants to help Arohi capture Tara and Arohi also has his gf’s face. wow… a love triangle will definitely start. why in god’s name will Deep give Arohi Virat’s gf’s face?? and also, everyone keeps dying. lets make a list
    1. the man who died in the beginning in the hotel, when Lakshya was first introduced
    2. Arohi’s bf – Vishaal
    3. the guy and girl who played Deep’s fake siblings
    4. Arohi’s brother Aniket
    5. Doctor who treated Tara
    6. Kalyani
    7. Maya Mausi
    8. Vedika
    9. Nikku
    10. Prithvi
    11. Danny
    12. Roma
    13. Arohi’s bhabhi
    14. Anjali
    15. and now Sudha
    Did i miss anyone? this serial has no character development. half the characters get killed in two weeks. only Arohi’s enemies survive long. ridiculous.

    1. Maharaj( the cook) and dilip

    2. Hey saras… i think Dilip is still alive. did i miss his murder?? but yeah, i forgot Maharaja. the ghost of all these dead people can form two teams and play kabaddi with each other!!

  6. I’m really trying to comprehend this film but it’s all not making any f**king senses 🤦🏾‍♀️🤦🏾‍♀️🤦🏾‍♀️😭

  7. I seriously give up on the story line will only watch for few glances of alisha and arjun together. No point on resquesting writers to give arohi’s role back to alisha nia is too precious to them. They can go to hell with her and their stupid track. One day or another they will get what they deserve – off air bcz of low trp ( sorry to be so negative but l’m too much frustrated and disappointed )

    1. hey pia… i guess everyone is frustrated here. yesterday i didnt even watch the complete episode. i switched on the middle, saw Arohi crying over Sudha’s dead body and Deep going away… and i was like, ok, all right, another person died… whatever. i switched off the TV again 🙁

  8. I have no idea what the writers were thinking when writing these recent episodes…. all these people dying all the time. Story line is just getting more & more ridiculous every time…….I mean come on guys – Do you want people to stop watching or what! Seriously stop with this rubbish! No wonder the viewers have a headache watching this trash. Sort it out please.

  9. Hello friends. How r u all?
    Today episode I just enjoy Tara part.and her bgm.otherwise full of confusion. Ithna confusion mera studies par nahi hua tha.ithna confusion ho ra hey iss show par.
    I felt bad for chawani.

  10. Nia sab kuch freeya mil raha hai.
    Key,phone,car,house,dress and boy friend also(just for fun)

    1. true… in one episode Nia makes a sad face infront of the doctor because she doesnt have money for medicine and food. but she changes clothes everyday wearing designer suits. no sense at all… after they ran away from mental hospital, from where did Sudha and Nia get dresses? they had nothing, Nia just stole keys from the mental hospital but not any money… but the writers dont care about maintaining any logic. its hard to feel bad for Nia, that she has lost her identity and is roaming homeless if she has perfect make-up and clothes all the time. lol… and Last time pregnancy drama was going on, someone told me that the stomach starts growing at three months. Nia is already three months pregnant. where is her growing belly?

  11. Can anyone tell me arjun play a double role or someone wear deep mask.because am doubt on sudha death.his attitude is fully different from deep.

    1. i dont have any hope. i mean if they show double role for Deep also then it will be ridiculous, two Alisha, two Nia and two Arjun also! but i dont think writers will even explain it…. remember when Vedika died, they didnt show the actual scene. Deep was strangling her, Arohi was approaching the Room, i think Roma also came and then next scene Arohi enters the room and it is empty…. next scene Deep is burying something, and he also keeps Vedika’s hanky/dupatta (forgot what)… we all thought later it will be shown in flashback who killed vedika. we all even thought that Deep hasnt buried anyone and he had kept Vedika safe because Vedika like him was only trying to find out about her family. but then what happened? these things were never clarified. even Virat i think didnt find the body in the forest when he went searching. the writers gave numerous hints that Vedika might be alive… then forgot all about it with no signs of Vedika returning. that means Deep actually buried Vedika’s dead body. how come he didnt get arrested along with the Raichands for that murder? it is not fair that Arohi was saying Deep is good and Raichands are evil…
      i agree that Deep’s behavior right now is comepletely different, very aggressive. but i have no hope that the writers will ever explain it. they will just forget and start a stupid new track. i also dont think Deep murdered Sudha, but whoever did i dont think it will make sense. 🙁

      1. Agree with you.

  12. Still we don’t know deep deep celebrate his real or fake.because arohi celebrate Tara birthday. Tara celebrate arohi birthday.

  13. Is there any chance to Alisha will come back as arohi.

    1. Big boss season 12.

  14. Now Aarohi (Nia Sharma) will use Virat against Tara and Deep. As Virat considers Aarohi as Anjali so Aarohi will take this advantage and trap Tara and Deep. All I can say best of luck Aarohi for your second revenge journey ahead.

  15. Pichi serial

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