Ishq Mein Marjawan 30th January 2018 Written Episode Update: Arohi comes to Deep’s house

Ishq Mein Marjawan 30th January 2018 Written Episode, Written Update on

Scene 1
Arohi says doctor died. Chawani says you killed him? She says no I was just scaring him. He slipped and fell from the roof. Chawani says I can’t help you in a murder. Arohi says I can’t kill anyone. Arohi says I will take revenge from him. Chawani says I know you can never do anything wrong. After my parents died I feel really bad when someone dies. Arohi hugs him. He swipes her tears. He says why are you crying? He says did anyone see you?

Tara says Kesari killed doctor. Trust me he told me. Maya says how can she kill doctor and why would she? Tara says no it was her.. Deep says I know you saw someone. But how can it be kesari? Why would she do something so big? Tara says why are you doing her favor. Tara says I saw her. She is very clever. Roma says maybe

she is right. Deep says we will know who was there. Here is this SD card. Maybe it has something. Prithvi brings laptop.

Chawani says you left the camera there? What if they see the video? They will kill you. Chawani says pack and lets run from here before they come here.
Deep plays the video. Doctor says I wanted to ruin Roma’s family. I was working for their enemy. I helped them in making Arohi mad but I also gave Tara bad meds. I work for their enemies. Everyone is dazed. Doctor says my treatment made tara more crazy. They are dazed.
Chawani says you got that fake video made? Aorhi told doctor to make this video she gave him words. Arohi recorded it. He was just reading what Arohi wrote. Arohi smirks.
Prithvi says what the hell. Maya says I want to kill him again. Tara says how can he do this? Deep says I can’t believe this. Maybe someone or Keasri forced him to say this. we have to go to the roots and find out who did all this.

Arohi looks at Laskh’s picture. she says your murderers will be behind bars soon. She says I have to find bhabhi and Niku.
Arohi comes to Deep’s house. Bindya says why are you coming here? Arohi says to work. Bindya shoves her. Tara comes and says how dare you be rude to Kesari? Kesari come with me. Kesari goes with Tara. Tara says sit. Tara asks Bindya to bring tea for Keasri. Kesari says from today Bindyaa will do all works of Keasri. I have given her a promotion. Arohi is worried. Tara says drink the tea. Tara says I will give you another gift. There are balloons everywhere. Tara says give me this balloon. Can you fill it? Kesari fills it. All the balloons start blowing. Everyone comes. Kesari is dazed.

Deep says where did you go from here yesterday? Arohi says home. Are you doubting me alone? I have been fooled so many times. Tara says don’t fool us. Deep says we want to know where did you go yesterday? She says I told you I went to my home. Tara says she went to Doctor’s house and killed him.. Her game is over. I will kill her. Tara gets a call from a private number. A woman says you killed so many people. I am coming. Tara says that blackmailer called.

Precap-Roman says bindya where is Tara? She says I don’t know. Tara goes after Kesari to kill her.

Update Credit to: Atiba

  1. It’s getting more interesting day by day….
    Well done aarohi?

  2. I like today episode Tara looking so beautiful interesting precap my guess Tara replace by arohi so excited to upcoming episodes

  3. Precap is scary man, Tara is about to kill arohi….
    But I know nothing will happen to her Coz the story has to move ahead which won’t be possible without arohi,
    It will be interesting to see what arohi is gonna do, How will she tackle her and come out of this danger…
    So I’m waiting for next epi, good work alisha… Superb episode ?
    Loved watching it
    And Plzz don’t create more suspens about virat, I know its none other than inspector luksh, when his entry will be shown… Can’t wait to see him, his character is seemed to be more powerful….

  4. Good work Atiba ….. this serial is so interesting

  5. Ths show is getting more interestng day by day..i just can’t wait more to see inspector laksh’s role as virat..ths is one of the most unique show i have watched till now..i love it

  6. Nice story

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