Ishq Mein Marjawan 2nd November 2018 Written Episode Update: Wasu comes back

Ishq Mein Marjawan 2nd November 2018 Written Episode, Written Update on

Scene 1
Inspector says we will find our mom in next 24 hours. We have to interrogate from people in your house. surrekha hears and says what should I do. Arohi looks for key of the closet. Inspector starts interrogation from Virat. Arohi breaks the lock. Abhi says i have to stop Arohi. Deep says where are you going? Don’t go anywhere. Arohi sees the trunk. She tries to open it. Inspector comes to Tara. Tara says I am your wife. You know I love mama. Deep says everyone has to be interrogated. Deep says where is manpreet? Abhi says in her room. Let me bring her here. Deep says I will. Arohi tries to break the trunk. Its light beeps. Deep peeks in Wasundra’s room. Arohi hides. Arohi’s wig is on the bed. Deep gets a calls and runs downstairs. Arohi comes out. She picks her

wig. Arohi says I have to open the trunk.

Deep comes to the temple and sees Wasundra there. He is dazed. Deep says ma are you okay ma? He hugs her and says lets go from here. She says I just came to temple. Deep says someone kidnapped you? Wasundra says I fainted but when I got up i was in temple. Someone gave me parsad. deep says you don’t have to go anywhere.

Deep shouts at Abhi. He says you failed to keep this house secure. Nothing like this should happen again. Ma says I am fine. Go to your room and rest now.
Aroho is going towards wasundra’s room. tara says where are you going? Arohi says to give her meds? Tara says you don’t need to. Arohi says but it s important for her health. Tara says okay go.

Guru ma and abhi faint deep. Abhi says what are you doing ma? She says I wanted to see the man who did this to Arohi. No matter what happens don’t break our rules. He says yes ma.
Wasundra takes the key out from her necklace. Arohi sees it. She says oh so this is where she hides the key. Wasu is about to open it. Arohi comes in. Wasundra shuts the key. She says I brought medicine for you. Wasu says knock the door before coming. Arohi gives her medicine. She says please rest.

Tara says to Deep you didn’t tell me that deal is finalized. Virat told me. We should celebrate. Deep says tomorrow it will be signed. Taara says we can throw a party tomorrow. it will be fun. Deep says okay prepare for the party. Tara says everything will be perfect. Deep says tomorrow I will find out who manpreet is.
Precap-Arohi meets Chakor in the party. Her parcel comes to the party. Deep tries to find out Manpreet’s truth.

Update Credit to: Atiba

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  1. ShraddhaSharma392

    I saw episode today by chance, and seeing guru maa behaviour, I doubt that might be she is deep mom and not the one whom deep consider…. This show has become bhul bhulaiya as even writers don’t know what to write and how and why…

    1. Ishq mein marjawan fan

      I totally agree with you ShraddhaSharma392. By observing guruma’s behavior towards Deep, it looks like she is Deep’s real Mom and not the one whom Deep considers. Remember that Masi said to Aarohi that there is a mastermind in the house? Maybe that mastermind is the lady whom Deep considers as his mom. There is something fishy about showing that Deep found his mother so quick and bringing her into the light. Such triller shows can’t show things happening so smooth. There is something that will soon be shown. I doubt that it was Guruma who had saved Deep from Aarohi’s attack as Aarohi also told her plan of killing Deep during Karwa Chauth. I mean probably Guruma must have saved Deep from Aarohi’s every single attack as maybe Guruma is Deep’s mom.

      1. Why the police not arrested tara ????

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