Ishq Mein Marjawan 2nd November 2017 Written Episode Update: Deep kicks Sushant out of house

Ishq Mein Marjawan 2nd November 2017 Written Episode, Written Update on

Scene 1
Deep says Arohi was in Kasol and she was with Laksh. You can get our game ruined. Tara says don’t scold me please. She hugs him. She says you are so nice. He says you need doctor. Arohi calls him. He says what.. He leaves.

Arohi says you wont talk to them please. They are kids please.. Deep goes to their rooms in anger and slaps Sushant. Arohi says please open the door.
Deep says I pay you idiot. You couldn’t do anything. He slaps him. Arohi says deep please open the door. Sanaya opens the door. Arohi says please stop deep.

Scene 2
Laksh gets the ash tray checked. He says it was replaced. Laksh gets to know about the fake forensic person. He says why you idiots let him in with authorization. He changed my evidence too. Laksh says this evidence

is replaced. Check whose finger prints are on it.

Deep slaps sushant and says its a sin. Now you would say Arohi is lying. Sushant says yes she is lying. Deep says Arohi never lies. Sushant says she is lying. Deep slaps him again. Arohi says don’t lie Sushant. We are stopping you because its a sin. Sanaya says wont do this again. Deep says pick your stuff and get out of here Sushant. They can’t live together.. He can only come back when he realizes his sin. Sushant packs his stuff and leaves. Deep says to Maya don’t you kknow what your kids. He leaves in anger.

The doctor says the finger prints are of Arohi Kashap. Laksh says are you sure? Then whose finger prints were before? Deep wanted to save her no? What is going on here.
Arohi says what is happening in this house/. Sanaya comes to Arohi and says I want to talk to you. You are not seeing two sides. Maybe what you think is wrong is not wrong. Arohi says what are you trying to. Sanaya says you can’t understand.

Scene 3
Deep is taking Tara to doctor. She says I don’t like doctors please don’t take me to him. He hugs her. Sanaya sees them. She comes back to Arohi and says I want to talk to you. Arohi says what is wrong with you? Sanaya says I can’t explain you. Your husband deep.. I saw him with another woman. He is fooling you. Arohi says shame on you dont blame your brother. i caught you and that is why you are mad at Deep. He is your brother. Sanaya says I am telling you what I saw. She was hugging him. You are being fooled. Arohi says I don’t wanna hear a word. Prithvi comes and says what is going on. He takes sanaya with him.
Maya says what did Sanaya say? Arohi says she said Deep is cheating on me. She is in tears. She said I shouldn’t have my eyes closed. Go says go to your room and rest. She is crazy.

Prithvi says to Sanaya you won’t say a word to anyone. You can’t step out of this room till deep comes back or I will kill you. She calls Sushant. His phone is off.
Prithvi calls Deep and tells him everything.
SAnaya calls Sushant. He says I can’t hear you. There is no network i will call you back. She says I need to go from here. She sneaks out of window. She is running from the house. Deep and Tara come in. Sanaya sees them she is shocked. She says I just saw Arohi in her dress and room. This can’t be arohi.
Sanaya follows them. Deep says Tara you heard what doctor said. You will eat meds. So you don’t murder anymore.

Sanaya says to arohi deep is fooling you. There is your doppelganger in this house. Her name is Tara. remember you said you couldn’t do rituals on karwa chauth? Then who is this? She shows her pictures of Karwa chauth. Arohi is shocked.

Update Credit to: Atiba

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  1. Nice episode my guess sanaya talk to Tara not arohi and Tara kill her then laksh arrest arohi some twist and turns aanawaali hey am waiting for tomorrow episode

  2. I juz hate this serial

  3. Now sanaya will be killed I am not feeling bad for arohi but feeling really angry dumbo arohi

    Laksh will arrest arohi or will use her

  4. Nice episode, I think it is Aarohi and not Tara who talk to Sanaya in the precap, waiting for tomorrow episode.

  5. Why this arohi is so dumb..why she blindly trust least now open ur eyes aarohi…if in tomorrow’s episode arohi not pay any attention to what sanay said to her I will stop watching this drama

  6. I would hope that now the writers will move forward with revealing the secrets and the show will finally progress. If it turns out that Sanaya is talking to Tara and not Arohi, I will have to stop watching. It will be frustrating to see nothing come of it. The viewers have been waiting anxiously for the show to pick up and for the truth to start coming out. The writers need to do better. Viewers are fed up of seeing the same thing every episode.

    I do hope Sanaya isn’t killed. That would be too easy and predictable. The writers need to start being more creative. I like Sanaya character, as she is the only one who wants to help Arohi.

    I don’t think Deep and Arohi will end up together and they shouldn’t. It wouldnt be realistic. As much as they look good together, after what Deep has done, he doesn’t deserve Arohi. I don’t know how Arohi would be able to forgive him for the evil he’s done.

    I think Tara is using Deep and I done think she’s capable of loving anyone.

    1. Totally agree with you

  7. If Tara wants to kill cheaters then he first needs to be deep who is big cheater cheating arohi and Tara herself commit suicide as she has her hand in deep cheating arohi..??

  8. Sathyaa

    I read in spoiler that Sanaya telling the truth to Tara assuming she is Arohi and Tara will kill Sanaya as well,,,,,
    Now it’s laksh turn to think well through Deep’s activities….
    One thing he guessed if it’s Arohi’s fingerprint now then whose the fingerprint was earlier… I hope he maintains the same and try to see the actual happenings and support Arohi

  9. Total garbage sherbet why morons are watching it???

  10. Very nice sheeet SHOW thanks volor

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