Ishq Mein Marjawan 2nd May 2018 Written Episode Update: Arohi pretends that her baby has died

Ishq Mein Marjawan 2nd May 2018 Written Episode, Written Update on

Scene 1
Deep says mummy ji don’t worry I will give you her head. Roma says to Prithiv I can’t trust him. I can only trust you atm. Please keep an eye on this monitor room. He says don’t worry I am here. she says I am going.
Chawani gives drinks to the watchmen. Arohi said to chawani turn this recording on after roma does the ritual. Arohi is sitting on stage Arohi wonders how will she go. Chawani gives a drink to Prithvi. Prithvi drinks it.

Chawani comes to Arohi. Arohi texts Rome celebrating so much while wearing this gold locket? See how I ruin your day. Roma looks around for Arohi. Arohi coughs and pretends like she is vomitting. She rushes to her room. Roma says if Aorhi is here who is deep meeting?

Arohi comes to deep and says sorry you had to wait.

I was getting ready. Whats the problem? He points gun at her and says you are the problem. You are still an idiot. I will cut your head and give it to roma. She says go ahead if that makes you happy. He says how did you replace yourself with tara? She didn’t know about that place. Arohi says i made tara come there. Ask her when you go home. I know you are not a devil like them. Why didn’t you shoot? kill me. Your heart wants to keep me alive. Arohi shoves him puts something in his eyes. He screams. Arohi ties his hand to the car. He says stop. Arohi says see what I do to your mummy ji. He says stop Arohi. Arohi leaves.
Roma says this recording is repeating. Where is tara. She runs downstairs and asks bindya where is Tara? Arohi comes back home and comes to her room. Deep tries to free himself. Aorhi comes in the hall. Bindya says where is tara?
Watchman comes to roma and says here is a parcel for you; roma calls deep and asks about the parcel. He says he doesn’t know about it. Roma opens and screams. It has a cut head of a doll. Roma screams. arohi come snad says what is this mom. Who brought it here. roma says arohi sent it. Arohi says I am so scared. Arohi wants to kill me and my baby. Prithvi says whom did you meet? Arohi was here all the time keeping an eye on us. Tara says tell us. Arohi will kill me and my baby. Deep says please calm down. You couldn’t do anything. Go from here. He says tara listen.. He my mistakes shoves Tara. Arohi screams my baby..

Scene 2
Roma gets a doctor home to get Arohi checked. The doctor says we are sorry we couldn’t save the baby. The baby has died. We tried so hard but she can never be a mom. Everyone is dazed. Roma says are you sure. She says yes. Arohi says my baby.. This can’t happen. I told you deep. My baby. She screams and cries.
Roma says to deep how could you do this. You couldn’t protect your son. You can never know what family is. You only belong to road. You couldn’t be a good son or husband or father. I shouldn’t have adopted you or gotten you married to my daughter. Go from here. I dont’ want to see your face. He leaves.

Deep comes to punching ring. He fights people in anger and recalls all that happened.
Precap-Roma says my grandchild dies and niky is alive? I will kill him.

Update Credit to: Atiba

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  1. WHATTTTT OHH i have to watch this episode, i’m sure deep will want his revenge on arohi that why he will go with her to london i hope that arohi will be more smart than him. After all what happen he still love his mumji she say some horrible thing i hope he will realise that they don’t love him. GOOD JOB AROHI NOW SHE HAVE TO PROTECT NIKU

    I think that arohi will tell him all the truth about her about the fake baby, and say you destroy my family i do the same you make me fasle dream i do the same et send him to jail, they will conspire against each over again and again roma don’t deserve the death but worst than this

    1. hiii i agree with u but i think still deep will act as a great son for his mummyjii no matter what she says and does and yes aarohi can finally save niku and about london i think they will go seperately for their motive of revenge let’s see

    2. Hai arohi& deep.agree with you.I think deep take revenge from arohi.I saw a promo.

  2. Hi everyone the only development in this episode was fake pregnancy track end… Nothing else…
    I want ask everyone here is the show only about arohi….
    I don’t know why this stupid arjun bijlani want to act in the show…In his last two episode his characters were powerful enough that people love him..
    But what u want to prove here if u get some negotiable amount from producer that doesn’t mean u act like dumb and that also 5 min in every episode..

    In total 22 min serial in every scenes there was only alisa and arjun has only 5-6 min ka scenes that also like unnoticed and supporting actor not like lead.
    If anybody agree with me then please reply


    1. hii i think as a fan your pov is right i hope london track will bring back to main lead again

    2. hey pks…. you are right, Deep’s role is insulting to Arjun’s fans. the promo showed the show was supposed to be a thriller mystery love story with both Arjun and Alisha’s character having equal importance. Deep was supposed to suffer, but nowhere was he supposed to be this doormat kind of guy. When both Arohi and Tara were alive (or present on screen), it was justifiable to see Alisha on every other frame… but even now the same thing happens. i am not hating on Arohi, in fact i love Alisha’s acting and the surprising twists that Arohi comes up with….. but i hate the fact that Deep’s character is being mistreated so much. no grown man with the level of intelligence that Deep has will still consider Roma as a good person. but not only he considers Roma a goddess personified, he ignores his supposed love (Arohi) for Roma….. okay fine, if that is how the story is, then good, i accept. but Deep is the main lead, and for ages we knew nothing about his emotions or plans. he just is not given enough screen time to develop his role. maybe that is to maintain the mystery aspect, but this show already has so many unanswered questions. there is no need to sacrifice Deep’s character development for that. i know Arjun can do so many fantastic roles and emotions, but he is given almost the same dialogues everyday (‘i promise i will finish the enemy’ or him getting yelled at by another character. today even Pritvhi was shouting at him lol) and is directed to have the same emotions on his face too. he is supposed to be the main lead opposite Arohi, and we know almost everything about Arohi and nothing about Deep’s plans, pains, loss, desires….. does he care about nikku? chawanni? does he feel guilty about Vedika? he didnt want to kill Kalyani but she is dead. does that affect him? does he care about Dilip and feeds soup to him sometimes too?(like Arohi) why exactly does he hire a boxer to punch him?…… just no emotional investment in Deep 🙁 he just doesnt feel like a proper lead against Arohi….. 🙁 🙁 as an Arjun’s fan, i am disappointed

      1. Yes dhara u have completely elaborated my thought….. Thanx

    3. Hai pks.I love arjun act.I hope
      London track will Better.

  3. Aarohiiiii… i jst dnt no how 2 describe her acting evn though she was pretending 2 hv lost her pregnancy i felt bad as if she was telling de truth?

  4. precap z quite interesting i hop Deep save Aarohi 4rm Roma but dt surely wont happen

    1. hii and yes i agree deep doesn’t has the courage to go against his mummyji to save anybody’s life he is going to watch everything silently like always

    2. Hai also excited.

  5. hi everyone, was very busy today and tired too…. please dont mind as i was not able to reply anyone in yesterday’s comments….
    coming to today’s episode, finally pregnancy drama ended 😀 i missed Virat today, where was he when his sisters’s ceremony was going on?? i was happy for two minutes that pregnancy drama ended, and the next scene Roma goes with gun to kill nikku lol, no time to rejoice for us viewers!! i like how this serial doesnt have unnecessary drama and melodrama, but i felt Tara’s miscarriage should have been given more time and emotional drama…. they didnt even take her to the hospital. the doctor says ‘we tried our best’ but they were in the damn bedroom, how the hell could one doctor tried the best to save the pregnancy (and i suppose this doctor was paid by Arohi too!)…. i have been waiting for the pregnancy drama to end for so long, but when it did end i couldnt enjoy it for long, i wanted Roma to cry more, even Deep too! anyways, tomorrow nikku will suffer again 🙁 🙁 finally Arohi said that it was a mistake to keep nikku in that house…

    1. hii dhara u are right but i hope this time atleast aarohi take him away from these devils

    2. hi Dhara this is the doctor whom aarohi convinced to tell a lie for hersake to stop a home breaking…etc and this doctor also told a lie as she herfelf could never become a mother…

    3. Hai dhara.agree with you.what are you said.

  6. hii everyone i am new here i like you guys and your comments i think the show is finally progressing and aarohi utilise this situation anyhow to take niku away from this house so that she can be stress free in london but it is going to be tough for her and i think we will again see the mastermind deep in london track as i feel both aarohi and deep will go seperately to london and yes i miss virat today i think atleast he is not an idiot and dumb like deep he used his brain and don’t trust roma blindly but this deep how can he be so stupid and is he blind to see things and this prithvi who was he to poke his nose in everything he irritates me too why he is with roma in everything even when her daughter is not safe and

    1. hi anvesha… i would love to read your comments too. truly i dont understand why Prithiv will care about Tara or Virat or even Roma anymore. he knows how dangerous everyone in this house is, and his own daughter has vanished since fifteen days. why isnt he searching for Vedika instead of keeping track of cctvs for Roma, huh!

    2. hiii Anvesha and agree prithvi has to poke in everysingle matter…and noone cares to stop him is his position higher than a soninlaw of the house or what….

    3. Hello b. B

  7. Hello ???dhara dii, Rhivanya, sathya, sanaa, Sayanika, Sonakshi, Sobhana, Babe, Mohit, saras, Arpi, arohi&deep, lutfa, Nayana, Avensha, salley, Tanya, Sonia, Moneera, imm, Hj,shey,cherry,pks, nabs, critic, cherry, priya, emli, Ashi, vicky,adhira,deeyana, faiz,amira,riena arya, maya,ardeep….and all Sorry if l miss
    l enjoyed today’s episode a lot??????…..Just laughing while arohi pretend that her baby died?????? (” l know is a painfull scene even my mom ask why are you laughing on such a scene” but only l know the truth)
    Arohi’s master dialogue……Mom my baby….My baby….
    Arohi was just awesome………Way she fools roma and prithvi was superb…..
    Deep and prithvi is too loyal to roma…and they always disappointed her. …..
    Deep and prithvi have to study our chawani and his loyalty towards his arohi didi
    He do his job perfectly….Hats off chawani……
    Today arohi gives a message for us by using pepper spray towards deep..That we girls need to have that spray with us always….. (after all we are living in india)
    Gift was also nice……..Doll’s head…….?????
    Deep…..No sympathy for him…He deserves this……Still he is trying to cheat arohi….Truly a fool…Virat is better than you…….
    BTW…….Virat and dilip was missing( l think he go to that jungle find vedika)………..How will virat react….Is he wil be happy or sad….I think he will hide his happiness…….
    I like the scene that chawani and niku where playing……So cute…..But feeling sad
    for them…Now they need to suffer a lot…….
    Precap……….Again roma drama………But precap are always misleading
    Bichara niku…..Needs to suffer for her bua….
    Guys guess if our orginal tara was instead of arohi…..If she lost her baby …How will she react….l am sure she will not react like arohi………????

    1. hi Shifa, agree to almost everything you said lol. even i was saying ‘what overacting Arohi’ when she fell in the party and began screaming lol.
      i was also surprised that today Arohi used nothing but a simple pepper spray, good to have it 🙂
      i too think Virat should b happy, because in the beginning he was trying to get the baby killed, but everyone has forgotten that completely, so i am wondering what his reaction will be….
      the scene where nikku and chawanni were playing was cute, i wish they had shown more of such scenes before, but now again nikku suffering starts 🙁
      if it was real Tara, then she would not have said Prithvi to stop Roma. she would have got out a knife and gone to kill nikku herself lol

    2. yeah completely missing virat..he doesnt care about any1 but he wants to know the truth i hope prithvi and romas child being vedika should be known by him too..he will kill him and should take aarohi’s side just to getaway from his mother(as roma feared) then aaarohi will only have to manage deep who is too loyal and his pyaari mummy ji

    3. Hai shifa.aagree with you.really I like nikku and chawani.

  8. In the whole episode Viraat was absent wonder what’s his next plan or evil plan

    Why everytime Nikku’s life is in risk and Aarohi always even after knowing that Raichand mansion is not the safe place for nikku she would have taken to her chavani hideout

    1. Hi imm.nikku is more dangerous place. I don’t know how arohi save nikku.

  9. Hello friends.
    Finally pregnancy drama end.what happened deep love arohi or take a revenge from her.I can’t understand. I like Roma saree.really beautiful saree.well plan arohi.deep deserve this.
    Good night friends.

  10. i have a question…. i was thinking of Virat’s reaction to all this and how he tried to get the baby killed before…. and then i remembered the temple scene where goons were sent to kidnap ‘Tara’. Virat thought it was his goons but no. a sardarji came and said Arohi had sent him and the whole Raichand family became aware that Arohi is alive and escaped from jail… was it revealed that who sent the goons to kidnapr Tara/Arohi? i am just not able to remember, it was not Arohi, Virat, Deep or Roma… so who?? was an explanation given??

    1. This question i asked so many times even that time when Aarohi set tara free tara had kidnapped Nikku and tara got the news of each and every moment of Aarohi and she was keeping on threatening Aarohi
      I still think there is another person other than the devils

    2. I was asked this question many times at that time. But no answer. I don’t know who is that person. Some mystery to be unfold.

  11. i also have two questions about today’s episode…. 1. Deep calls Roma from far away in the road that Arohi is going to send Tara’s head in box while Roma is looking at the box in the party. Roma immediately opens the box and at the same time Deep runs into the hall. which car does he exactly drive? or has he learned how to teleport? 😛 😛
    2. chawanni is street smart and has contacts there. but how does he know anything about pen drive and computers? how would he know how to transfer data or hack into a cctv camera system?? even i have to flip the pen drive three times before i am able to insert it into the laptop lol, and chawanni does it like a boss behind Pritvhi 😛 😛

    1. hi Dhara its called jaadu…deep has learned alot of magical moves from aarohi..remember how aarohi comes within a second changes her clothes so fast..i was like thinking when i was seeing the episode that deep was handcuffed he opened the handcuffs and came there in a jiffy too
      aarohi and deep were togeather in the same place and aarohi was with deep when Roma realized it was going on loop then how did she enter so fast changed her clothes on time

    2. 1. doubt.. deep did not call from far he said main baahar hee hoon…

      2. its just a story to rell same footage was being played to fool him…. if we ho in detail quality of recording cccamera to pencamera will different… so cant get int o that…now…

    3. Ha ha ha arohi did PhD from jail and chawani did PhD from IIT …..
      Forget chawani comes from street….Think how can a 10 yrs old boy who can’t break a lock within 1/2 an hour can hack the CCTV system……
      And chawani has more contact than deep and virat ..He can easily go to jail and record every thing when virat was beaten

    4. Don’t see any logic dhara.

  12. In the whole episode Viraat was absent today wonder what’s the plan or evil plan going in his mind
    Why everytime innocent Nikku’s life is in risk and Aarohi always even after knowing that Raichand mansion is not safe place for him when her fake godbharai was happening she could have asked Chavanni to take him to his hideout

  13. ShraddhaSharma392

    Nail biting episode…
    But precap is wrong…
    Story futher goes, that roma try to kill niku, and aarohi ask prithvi to stop, roma was about to shoot but on nick of time, prithvi saves niku and ask roma to hide niku somewhere else, otherwise we can’t catch aarohi.

    Precap- roma ask aarohi to meet and sace niku, and aarohi reaches to meet roma and roma put gun on her.

  14. I really want Aarohi to beat Roma, Prithvi and Viraat very badly like she did with Jailor Durga Yadav in Raichand mansion and minister in jail

    1. Ye I also want arohi and deep both are beat Roma.waiting for that day.

  15. Few days back..In one of the Insta story of Aalisha ,she was saying Viraat went to Goa… that’s y may b today he wasn’t shown

    1. Hai sahina.

  16. Sayanika

    Hi guys. Long time. Actually I have my University exams in a week and thus, so inactive. But I have kept myself updated. I guess it would be lame to look for logic in these daily soaps.
    Well, Aarohi is doing a great job. But Deep, I think he deserves to play a better character with a high morale(That’s what was shown in the promos). I don’t know why is Arjun always given such sombre characters. I never followed Naagin but I guess he was an orphan there. Even in Pardes he didn’t have his own family. Again now, in IMMJ he is an orphan though in a grey shade. Like, why the hell on earth. I guess it’s high time Arjun should choose different roles and not ones like orphans.
    Even Arjun in one of his recent live videos said that even he thinks that Deep does too much of unnecessary Mummyji.. and he said tag ColorsTV and then post the comment ?
    I hope the London track brings some change to Deep’s character. Sadly, won’t be able to follow regularly, ufff yeh exams.
    Btw. In today’s episode.. I loved it when Aarohi was glaring at Roma and thinking that she would snatch everything from Roma and even Deep.
    P.s: Sorry for such a clumsy comment. Did not comment for weeks and everything had to come out all in once. I don’t even know what made my comment so long. LOL. Would be back soon. ?

    1. Hi sonakshi u r completely right arjun has already played orphan in his both previous serial. But arjun has strong role in naagin1 and pmhmd so that people like him. He also got best actor award for naagin1. I. Naagin1 he played both father and son role like rhitik roshan played in krish3 . In IMMJ also I think deelip Singh is his father. He should come out of this zone.

      1. Sorry for mistake it’s sayanika

  17. Episodes dekhne se jyada comments padhne mein our comments karne mein maja araha hai

    1. hii even i agree with u

  18. Naman pandey

    Realy its too shoking i saw the episod also

  19. Hi r u? I don’t understand why prithivi trust Roma.and virat is not a good person.he already killed a police officer. Kalyani. And try to kill i can’t trust virat.

    1. hii Rhivanya i m fine. how r u?? u r right virat can’t be trusted but atleast he don’t behave stupid like deep

      1. Fine are correct.

  20. Hai sayanika.agree with you.

  21. For every one who asked, Where is Verat?
    he was here

    1. ASma, thanx to you too. now i am angry that this scene was not included in the night telecast, it is really unfair. thanku again for giving the link 🙂

    1. thanku so much Rhivanya for this scene!!! i dont know why this is in the afternon episode -_- this is an important episode, i was wondering why Virat is not shown today, but he was there, hidden in the afternoon episode. this is a really bad thing, it should have been shown in the night -_- thanku so much again Rhivanya

    Please watch this video and reply me. How is it.

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