Ishq Mein Marjawan 2nd February 2018 Written Episode Update: Arohi speaks to Virat

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Scene 1
Deep comes in. Tara says please tell me the password. He says what are you doing on my laptop. She ways I want to shop online. He says you know my password. You know everything. she says I forgot. You are right I should rest. Deep hugs her from behind. he says you should keep yourself calm. You need rest. He hugs her. Arohi isn’t liking it. He says you shouldn’t take any stress. Deep is about to kiss her. Arohi shoves him. He says what are you doing.. She says I felt like something is hitting my head. I need rest. She sleeps. Deep leaves. Arohi follows him.
Prithvi calls someone and says I want to talk about something important please mett me. He meets Roma. Roma says what do you want to talk about? They go to the room. Arohi tries to listen but she can’t.

Arohi is sleeping. Deep says wake up. He says give me towel. She says I am going downstairs. He says what are you saying. Why are you acting like you are not my wife. She gives him tower. He holds her hand. Deep says Tara you are behaving weird. She says I am just not feeling well. Dont’ worry.

Scene 2
Arohi does arti and pooja. She says please give me strength ma. Bindya sees her and is dazed. Arohi comes ot hall. Maya says Kesari brings tea. Arohi says you forgot. Maya says yes I forgot. Arohi twists her hand and says how dare you take her name. You know I don’t like her. sHe tried to blackmail. Deep says stop it. Tara says I recall what happened. I followed her yesterday. She told me that bindya sent her here. She forced her to blackmail me. Bindya says she must be lying. I dont’ even know her. Deep says Bindya is loyal. Arohi says no she iss the one. She has to prove herself. Arohi says do 100 ups and downs. Bindya gets tired. Arohi says go I forgave you. Arohi says maybe Kesari lied. We have to find her. Arohi says now they will look for Kesari.

Roma says I don’t care what Tara does. We have to ignore it so she gets well. You go to Maanali and bring Virat.
Arohi calls Chawani. She says its so tough to live here as Arohi. Chawani says I will come there. She says no you wont come. I can’t risk your life. He says I miss you. Arohi says chwani listen. Deep is standing behind her. Arohi is scared. Deep says I can’t see tears in your eyes. Tara says I don’t know whats happening with me. I don’t understand. I can’t control myself. Virat bhaiya isn’t here maybe that’s why I miss him. He says let me call him. He turns on video call. The camera is not working. He says the network is not working. Arohi talks to Virat. She says hi Virat bhaiya. She says when are you coming back here? I really miss you. He says Arohi’s bhabi and that kid have gotten me in trouble. She hangs up. Deep says I think there is no network there.
Arohi says why are you looking at me like that? He says how are you changing? You never spoke to Virat this nicely. She says I just want him to come back. He says I have to go somewhere.
Arohi says that means bhabhi and niku are in Manali.

Precap-Deep has a guy kidnapped. He says please let me go. Deep says you were getting Virat in trouble? You were helping Arohi’s bhabhi.

Update Credit to: Atiba

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  1. I hope it’s not a trap for arohi because they are really very smart….. Can anyone explain me what actually was there in the precap, I didn’t get it…. Pls deep ka role +ve kardo, it’s been a long time and there is no end of suspense, seeing deep in negative role is pissing me up… Instead of ishq mein marjawan it should be dhokha mein marjawan..

  2. omg . this show is full of suspense .so many questions are coming in my mind
    who is virat ? how roma knows about aroohi face . and why taara hates blood . how she became serial killer .etc .

  3. Nice ardeep scene Tara knew the password that means o password arohi nahi ho sakthaa I don’t understand the precap wt happened deep is positive role or negative still confused Roma and prithivi ka raaz kya hey lot of questions in my mind i miss nikku virat kab entry hoga can’t wait for Monday

  4. Kumudha Gopal

    i think inspector laksh is virat or arohi lover vivek is virat.. im excited to see the twist in next episode…

  5. i have a feeling that Inspector laksh is Virat, tara’s brother.

    1. I think deep loves Arohi but he betrayed her for his dad or some other reason (may be).I know deep did very bad with Arohi but I really like Arjun Bijlani .I have been watching this serial for him.Please make his character positive .He should repent his mistakes and arohi.i really hope this happens.After naagin serial Arjun didn’t get a better role like that .His character was spoiled in Pardes mein hai mera dil.I request the writers to please pair Arohi with deep in a positive role.Show that he did that unwillingly .I like Arjun Bijlani in a positive lover role supporting his lady love . After what he did with Arohi ,he can’t be forgiven but I can’t stop myself from hoping to see ardeep happily .

  6. Oh no the way Aarohi was pretending in front of Deep by which she can get easily caught
    When Tara used to pretend Aarohi there were very less to get easily identified

  7. Inspector Laksh is Virat

  8. In the scene in which arohi talks to virat, i got feeling that its a trap for arohi! From deep’s expression, arohi has made alot of mistakes and it is easy to identify that she is not tara, there are alot of questions! Who is virat? Where is nikku and bhabi? Are they alive? I hope virat is not inspector laksh! But aur koi is story ka part tha bh nh sirf wohi bachta h! The serial is creating suspense over suspense! I think monday k episode me virat ko samne le aana chahiye! Elasting ki trah khenche jarahay hain! Hope all this was not a trap for arohi!

  9. In the last bit Deep is attacking one of the officers thar worked with Lakshya in the police department. And I think everyone is starting to suspect Arohi because she dresses different acts different and is the total opposite of Taras behaviour.

  10. I think Deep recognized Arohi and he is trying to trap Arohi.. Her dressing and behavior is different from Tara. Deep, being husband will easily recognized it.. If Deep again find out it and if Arohi fails again then I will stop watching this serial

  11. I can’t understand why Arohi isn’t doing a better job at convincing everyone she is Tara. After everything she went through to get to this point, it is pathetic that she’s doing such a poor job portraying Tara. I wouldn’t be surprised if Deep has caught on that it’s not Tara. Arohi could have at least dressed like Tara, why is she doing everything the opposite of what Tara does? I’m very upset and frustrated with the way this is going. She intended to be Tara, then she should have expected Deep would expect things of his wife. Everytime I try to have faith in this show, it keeps flopping and becomes irritating. I really hope Arohi can continue with her plan, but she’s making so many foolish mistakes, I don’t know how it will work.

    1. I too think so.. Arohi is doing very bad being tara and yes she can be easily caught……
      But i hope deep recognizes arohi and helps her, then it will give different dimension to the story, but still he can’t be trusted as he is very good in betraying others and arohi will definitely not believe him, if she has got brain in her head instead of vaccant space….

  12. I too think that deep identified Arohi because he used to identify who is Arohi and who is Tara .He is just pretending as if he doesn’t know.Also I think the password may be Arohi which Tara didn’t know and I think Tara didn’t use deep’s laptop once. That is why he asked Arohi what was she doing with his laptop.He also tested her by coming close he knew Arohi hates him now also after he pretended to be in love with Arohi he didn’t come close to Tara (I think so)also he didn’t kiss her .He feels weird around Arohi .So maybe he knows she is Arohi .I don’t like deep after what he did to Arohi but I like Arjun Bijlani and can’t see him in negative role.Writers have been doing a fantastic job .The twists and turns are mind-blowing although I guessed some .But after this show lost his charm they made it regain its charm by these twists in tale .

    1. Very truuuuu.. Isn’t it weird that after attempting so many murder, she gets only 15 yrs imprisonment (i think deep somehow helped her, maybe..) and then in 1 of the episode he said that he truly loves arohi and he can do anything for her (so from my point of view he must be forced to betray arohi…)..
      And after doing hellll of mistakes arohi can be wasily caught by deep, because in previous episodes we saw that dhak dhak movement.. Anyway next week is going to be interesting…

  13. Someone please help. This link says Tara and aarohi are twin sisters. I hope it’s not true. Else Viraat /Laksh will be aarohi’s brother and I really like those two together! ?

    1. even if arohi and tara are not twins, it would still be weird. imagine someone falling in love with a person who looks exactly like their sister. if laksh is virat, then i hope the writers never show any feelings between arohi and virat, he should always be reminded that the girl looks exactly like his sister.

  14. cant wait for Monday day by day getting intresting ,I realy like arjun bijlani,corector he is so smart

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