Ishq Mein Marjawan 2nd April 2018 Written Episode Update: Arohi marries Deep

Ishq Mein Marjawan 2nd April 2018 Written Episode, Written Update on

Scene 1
Tara says hurry up you have ten minutes to save Niku’s life. Arohi is in tears. Arohi says no matter how much she threatens me I won’t marry that devil. Chawani says what will you do? Arohi says I will find Niku and release him.

All guests wait for Tara. Roma is worried. Chawani says Tara madam is not in her room. Virat says what.. He goes with Chawani. Virat comes to Tara’s room and sees a rope. It feels like she ran. Roma says what happened here? Where is Tara? Chawani says when I came here I saw a pandit here. He locked the door inside but it didn’t open. i heard some noises inside. Roma says it was Arohi. Virat do something. Tara has been kidnapped by Arohi. Arohi as pandit goes to corridor. Prithvi says don’t worry you will find her. She

ran from this window. She must be nearby. Virat alerts the security. They look everywhere for Arohi. Virat and Prithvi look everywhere. Deep says whats happening here? Gaurd says no one went out. Roma says Arohi has kidnapped Tara.

Arohi comes in the backyard. Deep says to pandit where is the man you brought? He says I dont’ know who he is. He said he was from my village. He said he wanted to learn. I don’t know more than that. Roma says I want my daughter right now. Go and find Arohi.
Roma comes to temple. She asks pandit ji there was an arti going on here? He says the arti here ends at 7. Arohi says where was Arti on phone coming from?
Tara calls Arohi and says Niku’s life is in danger. She is in car with Niku. Tara says that arti was coming from tape recorder. Tara says go and sit in the mandap.
Deep is on his way. He looks for Arohi and Tara. Deep sees a bride on the way. Its Arohi. deep comes and says Tara what are you doing here.. Arohi hugs him and syas Deep. Thank God you came.

Roma is worried. Deep comes home with Tara. Roma hugs her and says thank God you are fine. The wedding starts. Arohi is in a shock. Arohi is in tears. She does marriage rituals with deep. She recalls she saw a car with Tara in it. Tara’s face was on the other side. She said Tara open the door. A woman said what is wrong. Arohi said sorry. Tara said you don’t have time. Arohi said please don’t do anything to my niku. Tara laughed.
Arohi got ready as bride.
Deep says how did yuo get here? She says Arohi came here as pandit. She attacked me. i ran after her and came here. I almost caught her. We have to catch her. Go and find her. Deep says calm down. Its our wedding. We have to go back. We will complete our wedding first. Let’s go home. He takes Arohi to the car.

Roma ties their knot together.
Arohi throws the knot in fire. Deep says are you okay? She says no i am not. Deep takes her hand and takes round around fire with her. Arohi says in heart and says why is this happening with me God. Why do I have marry this devil again. Deep fills her hairline and makes her wear mangalsutra. Arohi says what is all this God. Pandit ji says you both are husband and wife now. Roma smiles.
Precap-A new person enters. Arohi says who are you? deep looks at her as well.

Update Credit to: Atiba

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  1. Well said Dhara and shey jst enjoy ur comment more dan de update

    1. thanq lutfa 😛 😛

    2. Aw thanks dear❤ and same peach!

  2. Hi again Cherry, I also agree, I wanted to also say that if Tara loved Deep, she wouldn’t force Aarohi to marry Deep, Tara is psycho and likes to hurt people, hi Dhara, I also agree I don’t think mehendi and haldi is such a big deal because they can come off easily, she could’ve think like Deep and did some fake marriage like what Deep do to her, thanks for liking my joke Shey ?

    1. hi anonymous, i agree with you. Arohi’s thought process is not like these psychos. she wants to get her revenge but she also wants to maintain her sense of morality. in the beginning she didnt want to kill anyone either. thank god at least now she is thinking of killing!

    2. You’re very welcome dear! I liked it! Yeah things which are applied can be taken off easily but this marriage? She could’ve done something! Maybe writers didn’t want anything as such?

  3. @shey your hindi sentence was perfect btw 😀

    1. Thankyou dii!❤

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