Ishq Mein Marjawan 29th March 2018 Written Episode Update: Tara kidnaps Arohi

Ishq Mein Marjawan 29th March 2018 Written Episode, Written Update on

Scene 1
Deep sees Tarra’s mehndi. Tara says deep hurry up. Arohi reads it before Deep. She reads Deep 2.. Tara screams. She says my hands are burning I water. She rushes and washes her hand. Her hands are all red. Deep is worried for her. Arohi says to Tara I mixed this in your mehndi that burned your hands. Tara says I will kill you. Arohi slaps her. Deep is coming there. Arohi and Tara fight with each other. Deep says Tara open the door. What is this noise. He breaks the door and comes in.
Roma says how are you hands? Why were you not opening the door She syas i can’t touch anything. Deep says it will all be fine. Arohi hit Tara on neck and she fainted.

Virat says to mehndi girls where is the old woman who was with you both. She says we don’t know. Virat

says prithvi look for her in the house. Deep gets a call. HE says what.. ARe you sure. He says the mehndi woman who had to come here was told that mehndi is over. roma says Arohi came here as mehndi girl. Arohi says yes I knew she would come. I told you not to do all this. Roma says deep trap her again. No one should enter this house. Virat and Prithvi be careful. I will see who can stop this wedding.

Arohi comes to Tara and says should I blast your mom? Tara says no. Arohi says tomorrow is haldi sit there silently. Niku is looking at her.
Arohi says now you know I am Arohi not Tara. I am just acting so we can avenge these bad people. We have to punish them. He hugs her. Arohi is in tears. Arohi says niku.. you recognized bua. I looked everywhere for you. He says b.. Aorhi says because of me all this happened. your voice.. I can never forgive myself. I am sorry. He swipes her tears. Arohi says don’t be scared. I promise we will get out of here. Chawani says we should call chintu here. You have to disguise as someone else now.

Arohi says to deep my hands hurt. He says don’t worry. Nothing would happen now. I have taken appointment from dermatologist. There is a cctv camera in every room of the house. Now our enemy can’t do anything. Arohi says she will get caught now.

Deep prepares for haldi. Roma says when to start? Deep says just lights.. Arohi is there as lights man. Tara comes downstairs. Haldi starts.

Tara is fainting. She says I wanna go to washroom. I will drink this later. Tara leaves. Arohi says Tara tried doing something. I don’t know what.. everything looks normal. Roma looks at Arohi. She says necklace.. She took off Roma’s necklace. Arohi goes after Tara. Arohi says Tara don’t try to be smart. You know I wont stop. Come in front of me. Tara picks a vase to hit Arohi with. She hits Arohi on head. Arohi holds her head. Arohi falls down. She faints. Arohi opens her eyes and she is tied. Tara says having fun? She says you look so pretty. This necklace looks so good on you. She made arohi wear roma’s necklace. Tara says our lives is a battler. some times things are in your hands and some times in mine. You shouldn’t have kept me alive. Be ready to die. Arohi wore the same clothes as Tara.

Precap-Virat gets arrested. Arohi is still tied by Tara.

Update Credit to: Atiba

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  1. Im atleast happy that nikki recognized Aarohi

  2. Arohi is playing a foolish game
    she doesnt think before she play the game she tried to be tara but couldnt
    she suppose to be more careful

  3. the show is to entertain us lot of suspenses n thrills… if arohi acts very smartly n execute well the story will be over in 2 weeks max.

    so all such dramas…. y would virat get arrested now???

    1. hey saras… as usual the updates are wrong. there was no scene of Virat getting arrested. also the last sentence that Arohi wearing the same clothes as Tara is also wrong. Arohi was in the get up electrician and Tara was wearing lehenga for haldi ceremony….

  4. I want deep’s charechter to turn totally positive…….. otherwise I will quit the show….. that’s it

  5. In previous episodes they have shown us the positive side and soft feeling for arohi….but what happened to writer now

  6. If they show us arohi and deep romantic scene now…. then I conform the trip will rise again .

  7. Hello everyone
    First of all precap is wrong….Virat don’t get arrested. … just past scenes
    Arohi’s gets his niku back……Emotional conversation between them…..
    This tara is also dump…When she hit arohi it was a good chance prove that she is arohi ..she can call the others and tell the truth. ……instead of that tara kidnapped arohi….ha.ha.ha ha………
    Precap…..Arohi will escape l am sure. …

    1. Yeah Shifa!Tara ckuld’ve asked everybody to come and informed she’s Aarohi! What was the need to tie and do all that drama? So ridiculous! ?

    2. hi shifa…. completely agree. when Tara hit her on the head, i was very tensed that now Arohi’s secret will be out. but what does Tara do? take her to the room and give lecture. ugh! i am sure either chawanni will come or somehow Arohi will escape and Tara will be tied again -_-

  8. Hi Dhara, Shifa Sonakshi, shey , Rhivanya and everyone….
    I was opening updates thinking there would be more comments from you all but the room is very silent ???

    1. Hi Sathya! Yeah less comments now

    2. hi sathya…. i was waiting a long time yesterday to comment. but there was late upload and then i was having net problems. so couldnt comment :/

    3. Hiii sathya
      Less comments. ..l think because of exams

    4. Hai sathya.I have no balance. So I can’t comment yesterday.

  9. It seems like Arohi nd Tara just playing a tying game, now arohi is tied,but Tara also doesn’t reveal anything to other,she doesn’t call anyone …I don’t know how Arohi managed her time also, she hit on tara’s neck,after that she change her dress so fast,she really looks like a transformer but she can’t do anything when Tara hit on her head…nd i really feel sad for Nikku,now he can’t speak anything…

    1. hi babe…. agree yaar, i mean not only Arohi hits tara and change clothes and hide her, she also manages to completely take off her make up and reapply the make up Tara was wearing in all but 30 seconds. i am like wow…. WHAT???? agar kuch bhi dikhana hai to….. let Arohi smile and in flashback Deep is dead, then Arohi smiles again and in flashback Virat Roma Prithvi everyone is dead and revenge complete in two minutes! -_-

    2. Yes Babe! Her sudden self shift is out of the way! ? Like Dhara said if she could change her look like that how cool would it be if revenge completes in 2 min ?!
      According to the look of that old woman’s make up I felt it’ll take ages to rub those things off and the teeth! Her dressing skills are amazing!?

  10. Sayanika

    What a stupid move by Aarohi. Why was it necessary to put that burning thing in the mehandi and create more trouble for herself. Why doesn’t she let the rituals be done in peace.
    Tara in her old form now. I miss Tara’s background music though. And I don’t think the bomb necklace would work. Aarohi is too faint hearted to kill someone. And now Tara wouldn’t take Arohi seriously.
    The only good thing in the whole episode was Nikku reuniting with Aarohi. But poor kid couldn’t even talk.

    1. hi sayanika…. maybe Arohi wanted the mehendi to burn so that Tara would be alone for a moment to wash her hands and at that time Arohi will exchange herself with Tara again….. although the way it was shown was nonsense, complete get up change in 30 seconds πŸ˜› even maggie doesnt cook that fast πŸ˜› even i dont think there is any bomb in the necklace, Arohi was just saying it to scare Tara….

    2. If she didn’t put that burning thing on the mehendi Deep would’ve read the message written on Tara’s palm Dear! But that idea of putting the blame on Aarohi wasn’t a good idea. I agree I too miss Tara’s background music!

      1. the problem with this logic is Arohi already knew that Tara would try to get something written on her hands. then she could have simply kept a better eye on Tara and made sure the mehendi design was right instead of putting chemical in it…. but i suppose it also serves another purpose. since Tara washed it off immediately, Arohi need not apply the exact mehendi design on her hands as well and she can continue pretending to be Tara πŸ™‚

  11. Can anyone tell me why nikku can’t talk??

    1. Hello Sahina, he’ traumatized by the incidents! Remeber Deep telling, “Nikku and his mother almost got hit by a truck” or something? Such things traumatize small children and he’s getting frightened all the time so that’s worsening his condition!

  12. Hello Dhara, Shifa, Sathya, Rhivanya, Babe, Sana, Sonakshi, Saras, Sayanika and everyone! I’m a bit sad that comments are dropping very fast. Normally by this time there are atleast 45+ comments! Maybe some are having busy schedules hopefully!
    I’m soo happy for Aarohi and Nikku’s reunion soo emotional (All thanks to Chawanni)! But felt equally sad for Chawanni when Aarohi kept loving Nikku! I think that necklace was just a trick to keep Tara under control maybe? Obvs, it won’t explode! I love how Aalisha acts out her roles perfectly! The way she voiced Kesari and Jaismelar lady just brilliant! I still love to hear Kesari speaking and the boy she’s a superb actress!
    There was a funny part where Tara locked the door to wash her burning hands and Deep was trying to open the door and Virat kicked it and Bang! The door opened ??
    Chawanni went to bring glucose does it take that much time for him to reach? And Danger and the other boy were also at home weren’t they keeping an eye on Tara! They could’ve saved Aarohi!
    Virat is still doubtful I hope he proves Tara as Aarohi and catches her cause Tara is overacting she should get punished!

    1. hi shey… i was happy that finally nikku knows the truth and Arohi even made a code work for both of them to identify each other πŸ™‚ (wonder why she didnt talk of code when Deep wanted a tattoo… ). Alisha acting is very good and i must applaud her make up artist. for one moment i couldnt recognize the electrician was Arohi at all… although it was evident there were using a dubbing artist for the elctrician’s voice. … i agree about the glucose part, also Tara is gone for a long time tying Arohi and all, so wouldnt Deep and Virat would be searching where she went too? afrais that she might be attacked again or something…

      1. Ohh I thought electricians voice was hers?! Yeah and that old womans makeup theyre amazing! I wondered why too Sonakshi normally comments everyday if so that’s ok! Others? That Mahasangam became a curse we dropped our comments too ?! And you’re right if Aarohi gets exposed then the promo would definitely be something very scary! That means it’ll take time and yea she’ll somhiw get away with this I’m also sure☺

    2. btw about the comments things…. comments just started decreasing after the mahasangam episode. amny commentators dont post rgularly now. Sonakshi is having exams and she said she wont comment for a few days…. i dont know about the rest. maybe because everyday nothing new happens so comments are less. i mean Arohi got captured but we already have promos where Arohi will go to honeymoon or try to murder Deep, so we all know that Arohi will escape this time also. hence no excitement…. if Arohi’s truth were to come out then there would be have huge promos about that

    3. Hai shey.

  13. Hey shey(plz don’t think its rhyme…I love to mention u like that. ..)
    I agree with you. …..well said….Arohi is awesome

    1. Hi Shifa! ?? I just said so! And I like it!

  14. hi everyone…. most of you have already stated everything i had to say about the episode. one thing i will like to talk about, Deep says he is getting cctv camera installed in ALL the rooms of Raichand Mansion. so the room where Arohi is keeping Tara tied, isnt that in Raichand mansion too? how come no one went there to install cctvs? and even when Tara dragged Arohi till that room and tied her up, that all should also be recorded in the camera…. if the writers remember this then Arohi’s truth can still be found out. still i feel Tara should have just screamed and brought everyone to Arohi and told them everything when she had the chance -_-

    1. Yeah Dhara! They installed cctvs in the corridor so howcome? That’s weird! Remember Aarohi (as the electrician) told Deep she’ll tune it and come? Maybe she didn’t tune places where she felt might be too exposed? Just a guess and besides the bride disappears saying she’s going to washroom aren’t the members wondering why she’s taking so long? ( our Roma would do that she’s the fikhr wali noh ?)
      And yess Tara could’ve exposed Aarohi straight way why take the trouble of all that drama ?

  15. Coming today episode,deep nd Virat will use Nikku to catch Arohi but Arohi can handle them properly,she will continue to act as Tara….I knew that deep will use Nikku in someday nd it will happen on today episode,so sad…

  16. Don’t apply so so so so much logic for a TV serial yarrrrrrr.Keep calm and enjoy the show.Don’t give much stress to yourself and your brain for a silly serial.Just enjoy.

    1. Give this stress to your career.It matters most.

      1. Hi Vicky! that’s our way of enjoying the serial! We speak of things that lack logic and forsee some incidents that’s the way we enjoy this serial that’sy it has become interesting for us to watch this?! We’re not stressing our selves!

  17. Hello friends.
    I like two thing in today episode. First one is arohi and nikku hug.second one is arohi is so cute in electrician makeup.

    1. Hi Rhivanya I too liked those two things in the episode! Nikku is so cute

  18. btw where is Rhivanya? she comments everyday… but no comments today :/ sonia and Tanya too and Arohi&Deep,,,,, salley and sanaa as well…. btw there is something i noticed, there are a lot of people here whose name start with ‘S’….

    1. Hai dhara.I have no balance. So I can’t comment on yesterday.

    2. Well noticed Dhara! I hope your real name too starts with S! And finally Sana is back others will be back too!

  19. Sanaa.khan

    Hi everyone, I finally finished all my exams and I am back here to comment…

    Coming to the episode, I must say that’s too genius of you Arohi to bring Tara for mehendi and put yourself at risk.. I mean she didn’t want to get mehendi applied of Deep’s name so she could have simply acted of getting alergic of mehendi…just like she did after replacing Tara and applying harmful chemical on her mehendi. As for haldi , nothing would have happened if she had applied haldi. What was the need to bring Tara for the rasm.?

    In the precap I guess chawanni or nikku might help Arohi… Tara is way smarter than Arohi is what I feel.

    1. Hi Sana! Good to see you’re back! Look how our comments have dropped! We should get it back on track I feel so so upset! In a way you’re right! Let’s leave the finished rasams but haldi? She shouldn’t’ve let that psychotic Tara sit for haldi! Anyways what’ll happen if you apply haldi? Nothing? She set her own trap! But she’ll definitely get away this time too☺

    1. hi sanaa, congratulations on your exams being finally over πŸ™‚ watched the video. good job πŸ™‚ πŸ™‚

  20. Hai sanaa.I saw your YouTube video. It’s nice.

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