Ishq Mein Marjawan 28th February 2018 Written Episode Update: Arohi proves she is pregnant

Ishq Mein Marjawan 28th February 2018 Written Episode, Written Update on

Scene 1
Roma says this is why she left and is hurt. Arohi comes back to her car. Deep calls her. Arohi turns off the phone. Roma says bring her back here.
Chawani says if they get to know who you are they will kill you. Lets go from here. Arohi says I can’t give up. They killed my family. I will ruin their lives. I can’t run from myself. Chawnai says they will come here. Aroho says I wont go anywhere.

Roma says where is Tara? she says virat did deep bring her back? Virat says deep couldn’t find her. Roma says what are you doing here then? God and find her.
Arohi comes home. Romaa says deep told us those report and said you can’t be a mom. Arohi says do you trust a piece of paper or your daughter? He is fooling you. He doesn’t want to be

a dad and face his responsibilities. Virat leaves in anger.

Virat comes to Deep and points gun at him. He says why are you both fooling us. Deep says is she back? Virat says this is your plan. You are using Tara. Deep says she can’t be pregnant. I dont’ know why is she lying. Even if we have a child everything will remain yours. Virat says that’s like a brother. Arohi overhears and says I have to do something and make them fight.

Scene 2
Deep says to Arohi why are you doing all this? Arohi says don’t lie. You can’t be pregnant. Arohi says are you ashamed to be my child’s father? You still love Arohi. Deep says she is dead. Why are you lying about this child. Arohi says I can’t be pregnant? He says look at these reports. SHe says he is a doctor not God. arohi says I am pregnant but if you don’t wanna be a father then wait for my next step. He says stop.
Virat says to Prithvi nothing is right. If Tara is pregnant that child will always be a danger for me.
arohi calls Virat from the man’s number and voice and says I am your well wisher. Your sister is pregnant. Deep is lying. He wants your wealth. Arohi says done with Laksh. Have to prove those reports wrong.

Arohi sends Roma a voice note. Arohi says mom you are a mother as well. I am not being loved when I am pregnant. He doesn’t want to accept this child. I am going to hospital and I will get a medical report that I am pregnant. Then I will get my abortion done. You all will be responsible for the death of my child. DEep says she is fooling. Roma says shut and go there. Save my grandchild.

Scene 3
deep comes to hospital. He looks for Tara. Doctor shows her reports and says Tara is pregnant. She is going for abortion. Deep says how is that possible. Deep says dr. Shrivastav told us she can’t be a mom. Doctor says miracles do happen.
Preacp-Arohi asks Doctor to make fake report or she will make her video viral. Deep comes in.

Update Credit to: Atiba

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  1. virat is a police officer. he can easily track the phone number from which he is getting calls and see who the number belongs to. seriously, the way all information regarding what is happening inside their house is available to someone outside, Virat should start worrying. have doubts on the servants or even Prithvi. but i guess he doesnt remember what is his job as he never goes to work lol. all he does is Deep Deep Deep! he is going to be a mama but no happiness. selfish, greedy and idiotic.
    overall it was a good episode, dont know why suddenly prithvi is not talking to Roma but pledging his loyalty to Virat. the way it is shot it seems like Prithvi knows it is going to lead to a major fight between virat and deep. roma does not want that but it seems Prithvi does. i like Roma’s acting. she really loves her children and wants peace in the house. i am not liking Deep either, no ambition, no wishes, no emotions, just follows orders. how can such a hero be interesting? good work by arohi though. also clever to use that voice change so that Virat thinks its a guy calling him. technology is so advanced but other serials dont make any use of it. right now Arohi is more clever than all the family combined. excited to see what happens next

    1. Totally agreed,
      Virat mindless,
      Deep emotionless,
      There is no logic in the story but still love this show, characters r doing what they r said to be, so it’s writers who should do their best… Otherwise I love all characters, all r doing good acting…
      Nd I’m loving arohi, she is now full on revenge mode, she is doing good work
      So ?

      1. There is some lack of logic yes, but it’s more believable that what usually happens in other serials. This story is going smoothly beautiful and I hope it will keep that to the end. This is the second serial I watch that have good villains : the kind you love to hate and never irritates you (the first one is naamkaran, i loved vidyut character he had lots of layers)

      2. true jennifer, i agree. whatever scenes the actors are asked to play, they are doing a very good job. just hope the writers would take care to stop making mistakes. else the show is good and refreshingly different from what other serials show

    2. A private number cannot be traced..

      1. i might have missed it. did they show that arohi was using a private number?

  2. Super episode. clever move arohi. excited to next episode.

  3. I hope Deep has not heard anything,,,,, Deep loves Tara or Arohi

    1. i am sure Deep has not heard anything, the writers cleverly show the precap in such a way so as to mislead us. so now worries 🙂

      1. Yes Dhara ?

    2. i meant no worries

  4. Virat so gredy person with no intelegant power only runing after money. Arohi mindblowing nd acting is gret as a duel character of truth nd false. Deep hv no feeling only a pupet of roma. Prithbi should now get killed by arohi.

    1. prithvi after the leap didnt have much role to play. now he seems to be doing something again by supporting virat. lets see how it goes from here on. agree with everything else you said

  5. Love ardeep .

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