Ishq Mein Marjawan 27th October 2017 Written Episode Update: Tara goes after a man to kill him

Ishq Mein Marjawan 27th October 2017 Written Episode, Written Update on

Scene 1
Deep gives Arohi a gift. She says what is in it? He says my dreams. Go freshen up and check it. She goes to washroom. Deep tries to clean the evidence. He says my plan has finally started. He cleans all the evidence. He says I have to get Arohi’s finger prints on this and then some of her hair in this room and everything will be fine. Arohi says this dress is so small. He says its my dream to see you in this dress. Please come out. She says can I wear something else? He says your happiness is mine. If you don’t wanna wear it its okay. Deep says in heart stupid girl. Whoever has seen Tara should see her in clothes like these so they believe Arohi is Tara. Deep says come our please.
Deep says that stupid lakssh would be looking for killer in Shimla. I will send

him the killer.

Scene 2
Laksh is in kasol. He eats with his men. He says Kasol’s food is great. They are at the house of the waiter who said Arohi hit his son. He asks were you right? He says how can I forget that girl? because of her my son can’t hear from one ear any more. Laksh says was there a murder in your hotel? He says yes that man was killed mercilessly. I am scared to go to that room.

Deep says Arohi please come out? She isn’t ready. Arohi comes out in the short dress. She sits next to Deep. She says I am ready. Tell me where are you taking me? He holds her hand. Deep says you wore this I thought you would trash it. She says you do so much for my happiness I can do this for you. He says you love me so much? She says say yes. He says you look so pretty. If people see you they would freeze. She says don’t make me shy. She says did you notice there are no guests other than us?
The waiter tells Laksh that the hotel will end. the last guest is that couple that is staying in the same room.
Deep says I booked the entire hotel. I don’t want people to disturb us. And no one should see you in dress other than me. SHe hugs him.

On news reporter says the murder that happened in the hotel.. Arohi says they wereH talking about the same hotel. Deep turns it off and says we are here to celebrate not to investigate murders. Let police ddo that. I am very hungry. Please order something. She orders food.

Waiter says let me show you something. Laksh says so Arohi came to this hotel.
Arohi touches the ash tray. Deep smiles because she has given her finger prints. Arohi orders food.
DEep says one task done.

Scene 2
Tara is following the guy. She hits him with car. The guy says are you blind? He sees its the same girl. He says what are you doing here. She says here to kill cheater like you. She goes after him. He runs.

Tara goes after that guy in her car. He runs from her. She parks the car and goes after him. The inspector says to Laksh I saw you first time I was appointed here. You have become more handsome. He says thanks. These evidence are very important. I think the murder is related to the shimla serial killer. She say a private detective came and was asking about this case too. Laksh says what was his name? She says don’t remember. He shows her Laksh’s photo and says is this he looked?

Deep says to Tara bell is ringing. See might be another surprise. She opens the door and waiter is there with wine. She says we didn’t order it. He says order was from your room. She comes to ask Deep if he ordered. Deep has gloves on and ash tray in hands. She is dazed.

Tara is running after the guy. He falls and says why are you after me? What have I done? She picks the temple bell there and is about to hit him. She hits him on head multiple times. He falls and his head bleeds. Tara smiles and takes out an injection from her bag. She gives that injection. He grasps Tara’s hand and she is dazed. He gives her injection and stands up. Tara faints.

Laksh says so deep is trying to save Arohi? I have to keep an eye on him.
Arohi says this ash tray shopper and gloves? What are you doing with them?

Precap-Tara says you cheat on innocent girls. I will kill you. The guy says I will kill you instead.
Deep is speechless. Arohi says what are you doing with these things like criminals?

Update Credit to: Atiba

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  1. Very nice and thriller episode I think laksh find out everything and laksh saves arohi deep and tara evil game is revealed on next week arjun & Alisha act superve well play a role

  2. this is confusing ..i dont believe that the hotel gave the murder room (crime spot) to these honeymoon people a and then will there not be any cleaning how can the ash tray sill bear taras finger prints..the police would have taken all that for finger print recording….misleading scenes in this serial..

  3. Nice serial

  4. If a crime takes place police should collect evidence and proof in 48 hours. If not happen like that all proof and evidence wipeout

  5. I think in future episodes deep will fall in love with arohi nd he feel guilty that he doing wrong with her nd tara will feel insecure Nd she will kill arohi nd blam deep nd make him arrested like in promo that deep is arrested by police…

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