Ishq Mein Marjawan 27th July 2018 Written Episode Update: Anjali dies

Ishq Mein Marjawan 27th July 2018 Written Episode, Written Update on

Scene 1
Sudha wakes arohi up. Arohi says how did i come here? She says you were fainted on the road. Arohi says who was that girl? Who should I trust. Sudha says you should take care of yourself. Sudha says you got me out of that hell. What happened with you? Arohi says someone hit my head.

The girl calls aorhi again and says who did you tell before coming? Don’t you want to know truth? Arohi recalls she told sudha. She is dazed.
Tara calls Virat and says I realized you have changed. You repent for your mistake and you are with me. Meet me in an hour. I will send you address.

sudha says to arohi eat. ARohi is worried. Arohi says you went to market right? Why didn’t you take me? Sudhn says I cam from the longer route and saw you there. Arohi says did you tell

anyone I was going out? She says who would I tell? ARohi says I saw a letter. She asked me to meet her. She wants to meet me again. Sudha says your life can be in danger. Arohi says it still is. Arohi says on heart I have to test you sudha.
Sudha goes to market. Arohi follows her. Sudha meets deep and says she is with me. She doesn’t have any doubt. Arohi is shocked. She runs. Deep says someone was listening.. Arohi runs. She falls down. A doctor picks her. Its the same doctor arohi met in mental asylum. She says please dont’ send me to mental asylum. She says I was fired from there because I tried helping you. Doctor gives her medicine and money. Arohi recalls her moments with deep.
The girl calls her again and asks her to meet.

Scene 2
Arohi is on her way. some thugs see her and say its the same girl. Arohi runs. They chase her. arohi runs in a street. She hides. Virat says to Tara Hi Arohi. Virat says I am with you Arohi. I have to catch tara. Tara says I want the same. I want tara to be arrested. I know you are repenting. I will help you catching her. I know a girl who can help us where is tara. She gives her arohi’s picture. Arohi is dazed. Virat says how she knows? Tara says tara is my enemy and I and deep tried to find where she is. This girl is Tara’s friend and knows where she is. We ave to catch her. Virat says sure I will find her. He leaves. Arohi hides.
Arohi walks on road. A man says Anjali.. She is dazed. The girl is behind arohi. She had the same face as her. Arohi is shocked. Anjali tries to tell her something but a truck drives over her and she dies.
Precap-Arohi says this girl has the same face that was given to me. I know to know the truth. she picks her phone.

Update Credit to: Atiba

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  1. Hello friends.
    Suspence suspence suspence
    Can’t understand anything. I think this show will be end.but mystery continuous.
    Am doubt on Sudha and deep scene.he is really deep or someone wear deep mask or arjun play a double role.who is this show so many new entries.but all are die.
    Wt’s the secret that nia face.wt Tara plan.
    Is virat know anjali.
    Tara play something. Virat play something. Deep play something. Writers play with viewers feelings.
    Cute flashback scene and lovely. Am doubt on flashback also.when it was happened.
    Kitna viewers confused hey usse kayi zyadha nia confuse hey.
    Whatever I want Alisha as arohi.
    Good night.

    1. hi Rhivanya, i still can’t understand how is she pregnant and her baby is superhuman or what survived fire and those 3 months. the more they show flashback the more i doubt on nia is she arohi or fake one.

      1. hey Arjun… not to mention the fact that Nia keeps running and falling down all the time and getting hit on the head and she is more than three months pregnant but her baby is fine. During the plastic surgery, the doctor would be checking her vital statistics right? even he didnt realise that the girl was pregnant? this baby has some super Ninja skills!

      2. Dhara , ab to mujhe doctor me doubt hai usne plastic surgery ki hai ya body surgery,colour,voice sab change. aur ye nia ne fashionable clothes kaha se churaliye. ye show dekh kar mai pagal ho jauoga. mera august me rrb loco pilot ka exam hai , i need to study now.

      3. Hai arjun(my favorite name) o baby deep ka hai isliye ussa kuch nahi hua.kynki deep ka head par many times attack hua tha.ussi kuch bhi hua that baby also strong.??

      4. All the best for ur exam.

      5. Thanks Rhivanya , Arjun is my real name actually.

      6. It’s your real name. Nice.

      7. all the best for your exams Arjun… i hope your luck is as good as Tara’s 😛 just kidding…

      8. All the best for ur exams??

      9. Thanks Dhara. I really need Tara’s psycho power against 50 lakhs candidates – “Jo mere raste me aayega uske mai chote-chote tudke kar dungi”☻

  2. i thought Virat definitely knows Anjali from beforehand and i also think that Deep and Sudha are working together to keep Arohi safe? because Sudha would have told Deep that Arohi is pregnant…. but seriously, when that truck hit Anjali, i was so surprised that i started laughing lol! i mean what the hell… the girl is dead and Arohi is like ok let me get her phone, its all just so random, people dying just like that…
    Today i realized that Nia is really Arohi, there’s no going back. All Alisha’s hard work is gone and now i have to bear Nia. How could Alisha agree to give up her lead role? my only hope is after all this drama, Arohi will have another surgery and get her old face back plz

    1. This is what piss me off the most alisha worked twice as hard to convincingly play both tara and arohi now suddenly they bring another actress who doesn’t have anything in common with the character she is playing. Nia might be a good actress but she doesn’t have the innocence and sweetness arohi have. She is not able to make me want to kill both deep and tara for their deceive towards arohi. Even arohi’s dress up by nia has changed. On the top of that she is present in 70% of the screen space. To that extent i want deep and tara to be together instead. Don’t know what writers drunk before creating such mess. Who bring another actress as main lead, make their hero a cruel villain and the lead actress a side character ?‍♀️

      1. Hi pia.I like this emoji.

      2. hi Pia… i agree that Nia’s constant crying and worry face doesnt make me sympathetic for her either. She can cry all she want but i will rather watch Deep and Tara than her 🙁

    2. Hai already said.this writers always break our hopes. I also want Alisha as arohi.

  3. it’s horrible to see Nia in single role.. they showed double role.. thank god one role has died.. Tara,deep, virat scenes are just few minutes only I don’t like this

    1. Hi sravanthi. Current track only shown nia scenes. I don’t like this.

      1. Hi rhivanya..
        how are you..

    2. Fine r u?

      1. Fine dear..

  4. Sahina

    I reAlly Arohi again to have a plastic surgery and Alisha should b again Arohi

  5. frnds plz any one clear my doubt..
    Tara knows that Nia is aarohi n she is pregnant.. she has given money to Doctor for hiding that.. when deep told her that aarohi was died she doesn’t reacted why

    1. Anusha Alexis

      No she didn’t know that she is arohi….she only knows that the girl is pregnant ??

      1. Thank you..

      1. Is it true.

  6. btw… one thing i was thinking, Tara is pretending to be Arohi much better than Arohi pretended to be Tara. by the third month, Arohi had stopped putting Tara’s make up, signature red lipstick, straight hair or dresses that Tara wears. but look at Tara. she looks exactly as Arohi with saree, curly hair and light make up… Tara is lot cleverer and cunning

  7. poori duniya chhodkar deep ko apni behn ka face he mila tha kya arohi ko dene k liyee..

  8. There is something fishy about Deep’s plan. He did not inform Tara that Aarohi is actually alive and he changed Aarohi’s face. He is kind off safeguarding Aarohi from Tara but yet I don’t understand why did he change Aarohi’s face. How is Anjali (Nia Sharma) related to Deep? If Deep wanted to betray Aarohi for Tara then he could have done it long time back. There is something yet to be enlightened to us I feel. I am sure we will soon know the reason behind Deep’s plan of action of changing Aarohi’s face. Till then I can’t say he is negative or positive.

  9. I too still feel deep is positive only….whatever it is… story is full of suspense.. nice only thing unbearable is bias face…. that’s worst thing writers could do to the show….

  10. Hate nia

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