Ishq Mein Marjawan 26th October 2017 Written Episode Update: Deep and Arohi go on honeymoon

Ishq Mein Marjawan 26th October 2017 Written Episode, Written Update on

Scene 1
Deep says to Tara those people are forgetting their limits. Tara says you could make a better plan. SHe is from middle class. She could be fooled easily. DEep says they look for good family too. Tara says poor vishal. He wasn’t even a cheater. Deep says you stop killing people. you went after a man today too. Laksh followed you. I don’t want you ti go to jail. Please stop it. I am going to hotel with Arohi where you hit that man with ash tray.
Tara recalls she killed him there with ash tray when he was waiting for his gf. Deep says if police found your finger prints then? She says police would have come here. Deep says you don’t have police records and that case is out of Shimla.

laksh shows his constable the case of Kasaul. Where the murder is

same as Shimla’s cases. Deep says I am taking Arohi there so she leaves her finger prints there.
Deep says when I go don’t create another plan. Laksh says I am going to Kasol.

Scene 2
In sleep, Tara sees today’s cheaters. She says I hate cheaters. How could I leave him.
Deep and Arohi come to Kasol. He says we will make so many memories here. Laksh comes there as well.He sees Deep and Tara. He says what are they doing here?
Arohi says always wanted to spend holiday here. Deep says we have a lot of time. Laksh says why would they come here? What is this game?

Deep and Arohi come in and flowers sprinkle on them. Nandu comes to Laksh. Laksh says I asked you not to come.
Deep and Arohi come to reception. A warden is scared to see her. He drops the bags. She says let me help you. He says stay away. Deep says what is this? He she is an animal. She hit my son on head for a small thing. He can’t hear now. Arohi says I came here for the first time. He says I am sure it was you. Security asks him to go from there. The receptionist apologizes them. Deep says Arohi dont’ worry. He is an old man. They go to room.

Laksh says but Arohi said she came here for the first time. Laksh says yes then who slapped him?
Prithvi says to Tara I have been looking after you since your childhood. He gives her meds. She says why are you standing on my head. He says because Deep asked me.
Tara says I have to do what was left incomplete. She recalls that man.

Scene 3
Arohoi is in tears. Deep says why are you sad. He had a misunderstanding. ARohi says I feel bad for that kid. Deep says we can donate some money for that child. Arohi says where are we going today? He says thats a surprise. I will surprise you every day. Arohi says let me go and change.

Laksh says this is not a joke. I need to find oout why are they here. Prithvi texts Deep I have given Tara meds. Tara spits med and says he can’t stop me. She leaves the house with her knife.

Precap-Arohi says to deep what are you doing with this ash tray gloves and shopper? Laksh has the real ash tray. He talks to inspector or region. SHe says a lot of people are taking interest in this case. A private detective came last week too. Laksh shows her Deep’s picture. He says I guess it was him. DEep says so he is trying to save Arohi?

Update Credit to: Atiba

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  1. Nice episode My total confusion is clear laksh acting also good some twist and turns aanawaali hai waiting for tomorrow

  2. What the hell is this??
    Nonsense serial ? tara is killing those pepole who are cheating in love.. then she should go and kill deep.. because he is also cheating in love with poor arohi ?

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