Ishq Mein Marjawan 26th July 2018 Written Episode Update: Arohi comes to deep’s other house

Ishq Mein Marjawan 26th July 2018 Written Episode, Written Update on

Scene 1
Arohi sees a woman with covered face leaving the house. arohi says I will find my answer here.
Virat comes to his house. Tara see him and is dazed. Virat says I want to say something Arohi. I know you wont forgive me after what I have done. I just want to talk to you. Deep says what are you doing here? How dare you talk to my wife. Virat says I know I have done so many things wron but please let me talk to her. deep shoves him and says stay away from my wife. How did you come out of jail? Virat says I am bailed. If I wanted I would have gone somewhere but I came here because I repent. please listen what I want to say.
Tara says to deep let him speak. He doesn’t know I am Tara but he is my brother. Deep says you are Arohi for him as well. Arohi hates Virat. Tara says

I will handle everything but i want to know what virat wants to tell that arohi? Deep gets a call and says what.. He rushes out.

Arohi enters the house. She sees deep’s photo. Arohi says every time I see your face I recall what you did. You don’t love me. I hate you. She drinks water and looks around. Deep enters the house. He puts hand on Arohi’s house. she shoves him and runs. Deep runs after her and pulls her leg but Arohi runs. she hides in a room. Deep looks around for her. She is in closet. Arohi runs downstairs.

Virat says to Tara I did all that for my sister tara. And she sent me to jail. Tara ruined everyone’s life. Tara is angry. Virat says my mom and dad died because of her. She is at large and she shouldn’t be. she is a devil. I did so wrong with you. I want to help you. Please forgive me. Tara says in heart wow virat. You are betraying your trust.
Deep says to watchman someone entered the house and you are doing nothing here. He shows Arohi’s picture. Watchman says yes it was her. Deep says I have to catch her before she finds things she shouldn’t. It would be dangerous for all of us.
Arohi runs on the roads. She stole the phone from there. The phone is locked. The phone unlocks with her face sensor. arohi is dazed. She says how did it recognize my face? She goes through the contacts. everything is code words. Arohi says whats happening.
Sudha comes to Arohi and says I was scared for me. I was at my brother’s place but I was worried for you. Come with me home.
Arohi comes to sudha’s house. She says this is my brother’s house. You can rest here. Arohi sits down. Sudha says let me get you something to drink. She says there is no milk I will go out and get something for you.

Arohi prays. she says please help me out. Please show me a way. Arohi sees a letter on the window. Its for her. It says I know you are Arohi. I can tell what happened with you is because of what. Come to the empty compound I will tell you everything.
Arohi comes were the letter asked her to come. She waits. a woman with covered face comes. Someone with a rod comes and hits Arohi on head. she falls down and faints. The other girl runs.
Precap-Arohi says who are you? She says I am that woman. Your life is in danger. Some people dont’ want you to know the truth. I want to tell you something very important.

Update Credit to: Atiba

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  1. What is the reason behind Deep betraying Aarohi?

  2. so the writers have decided that whoever plays Arohi’s character will have a double role. Arohi’s luck is so baad, that there will always be another girl having her face and out to destroy her life. Nonsense. who is this Anjali now? i thought Nia is playing only Anjali and doing fake drama, but it seems Nia will be playing Arohi AND Anjali. huh

  3. I am happy to see that finally they did show Virat’s character positive for a while……….please keep him positive throughout.

  4. My only question is why deep betrayed arohi. If he wanted ruin her he had many occasion before. If he was really with tara he wouldn’t lie to her about arohi’s death and would have shared plans with her. Maybe this time virat would be team arohi and it will be arohi-virat vs tara-deep. It will be interesting the only thing disappointing is arohi’s face changed.

    1. i agree Pia. this is like the track when Deep proved to everyone that Tara is Arohi and sent her to jail and used to call Arohi Tara infront of everyone…. remember that track? He even got finger print reports changed and there was the scene at police station where Roma first slaps Arohi and then slaps Tara and sends Tara back to jail because the fingerprint reports were changed by DEEP. at that time Deep saved Arohi hundred times. Arohi would have got in trouble through her stupidity but Deep helped. HE sent Tara back to jail after the lady from Tu Ashiqui released Tara. Deep told police and everyone that Tara and Raichands are real culprits… After so much, he is again Arohi’s enemy. means do anything for Drama whether it makes sense or not…

      1. Totally,completely agree with you dhara.
        No sense.

  5. Another story to d face oh god spare us writers if u are so confuse y not end d show Deep and Tara are evil how are they getting away with all there wrong doings

  6. This is freaking. Enough of the double role. Why don’t the CVS take rest? They r just stretching the drama. I hope there is no double role drama again. Oh God!! But Virat’s positivity was something worth to watch. At least there is something good for Arohi. I hope this time Arohi doesn’t believe deep at all.

  7. i hope it doesnt happen that Deep realizes Arohi is pregnant and then betrays Tara for Arohi. remember how he was ready to start a family with Tara and was so happy for the fake baby?? and i hope Arohi never trusts Deep again. that guy actually got her packed in a trunk and was sending her across border while he threw a party in his own house!!
    as for Virat, i dont have any high hopes from him. i mean he is Roma’s son (the mother who killed her own daughter) and Tara’s brother (the daughter who killed her own mom). he is just as selfish and is willing to find Tara only for his job. i dont think he has even little sadness for Roma. and he knows when Tara is caught she will tell police that Virat did everything willingly. he is definitely not someone Arohi can trust. one reason and he will also betray Arohi.
    this is the problem with the show. there is not one person Arohi can trust except for chawanni. i have doubt even on the woman that ran away with Arohi form mental hospital. woman conveniently has her brother’s home very near to Deep’s secret house… sometimes i watch the show just to find out how much more ridiculous things are going to get.
    and Arohi never used to wear sleeveless dresses (just saying)

    1. Lol itz nia sharma… most dress less girl in the industry.. she have no attitude like arohis charactor.. her acting and look horrible… she have no similarity in arohis role… nia is completly stranger in immj.. alisha luv u so much.. nia sharma pls wear two piece, swim suit or anything… go to hell immj and nia sharmAaa

    2. Yes face change hone ki saath saath attitude, style,dressing sense sab kuch change hoga.I don’t like this nia character.

  8. btw every time Arohi says ‘baby dont worry, as long as i am alive i will not let anything happen to you’ , i feel this baby will also surely die. Itihas gawah hai, everytime Arohi says she will save somebody, that person dies the next day lol (RIP nikku)

    1. Lol so true

  9. not just niku… lonng list.. niku .. bhabhi.. vedika.. dany

    i feel even this time deep is only with tara to know his past…. he is trying to convince her that he is with her whole heartedly so that she tells jim jis past.

    i hope so at least…

    1. hey Saras… i mentioned nikku because he was also a child and Arohi always always used to tell him that ‘nikku dont worry your bua wont let anything happen to you’ and then nikku died and Arohi could do nothing. nikku’s murderers both Tara and Virat are alive and are roaming freely while Arohi was just wanting a happy life with Deep… i also hope that Deep is cheating Tara but come on yaar, changing someone’s face and sending them across border? Deep has always hurt Arohi a lot in the name of protecting her 🙁

  10. Sahina

    I surely feel that Sudha is also related to them..

  11. Now only I got this page.
    Here Some technical issues.
    Come to immj episode Alisha part is very less.this is injustice for her.still I don’t understand how Alisha agree to leave leading role. I can’t see nia play a arohi she play a double role.I can’t tolerate this.
    Virat is selfish person. He not realise his mistake.and he not save Tara.he just want a job.that’s it.I like Tara am watching this show only for Tara.
    This week trp increased.but how?
    Lot of peoples hate current track.
    Trp increase karna ka liye leading roleku change kardhaley.Alisha how much sacrifice follow Alisha Instagram regularly. She shooting hours 6 am to 2 PM.alisha ka hardworking waste ho she have a rest.but….

    1. hi Rhivanya… i think trp increased because people are curious to find out what Deep is doing and many people still have hope that Nia is not Arohi. at least i still cant believe it. i am still hoping that Alisha will come back in the role of Arohi, and although i say i wont watch i still switch on the tv just hoping that Deep has the real Arohi somewhere. i dont know why i do this… When Deep’s truth comes out and it turns out that he really changed Arohi’s face then maybe i will stop

      1. Hey also hope real arohi is somewhere.but this writers always break our hopes.let see what happened next.
        Arjun also told an interview:
        “Definitely Upcoming twist liked by viewers”

    2. Sry 6am to 2 am

  12. After ardeep wedding power off.and deep went to check fuse.that time arohi ate laddu.she felt uneasy. At wedding night no tatoo on Alisha back.I thought she was Tara.but writers thought she was arohi.and nia is pregnant. I think power off hone ka saath saath tatoo be disappear ho gaya.kuch bhi.

    1. i love your line ‘i thought she was Tara. but writers thought she war Arohi’ 😛 😛 like even writers dont know ki wo thi kaun yaar….

      1. Ss thriller show comedy bangaya.
        This show got thriller award and arjun got negative role writers decided only make a suspence and arjun(deep) play a negative role without sense.but viewers have a sense.

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