Ishq Mein Marjawan 25th June 2018 Written Episode Update: Dilip is with Roma

Ishq Mein Marjawan 25th June 2018 Written Episode, Written Update on

Scene 1
Deep puts gun on Roma SHe says if you kill me your secret will die as well. He says you can’t do this drama anymore. Leave Arohi or i will shoot. Virat comes and puts gun on Deep. He says if you shoot I will shoot you too. Both of you will die. What do you suggest Arohi? She has to die.
Tara tries to breathe in the room. Chawani looks from outside. He says you can’t breathe. Tara says please let me out. As a human. Chawwai says you killed so many people. I will change if you get me out. Chawani says you can’t fool me. He says are you scared of death? You kill people.
Virat says put gun down Arohi. Arohi hits roma and snatches her gun. she says I will shoot her put your gun down. Deep snatches gun from Virat. Deep and Arohi have guns. Deep says go where

I say.

Tara can’t breathe. Chawani gives her some oxygen from mask. He says you really hurt me now I will hurt you. She says stop.
Arohi says you will see whose game is this. Tell us about deep’s path or I will shooot. Deep says only truth can save you. Tell me my reality or I will shoot. After counting till 5 i will shoot Virat. He counts 1.. 2.. 3.. 4.. Someone comes and says stop. Its Dilip. Deep is dazed. He is walking on his feet. deep says you can walk? He says I can do a lot more. He comes close to deep and slaps Roma. He says you are responsible for all that happened. Virat will be killed because of you. You made them like you. Instead of getting tara treated you tried saving her. You made Virat like yourselves. You only loved yourself. You tried to make me like this for life. I fooled you. You didn’t even let deep know about his past. I will tell him everything. Roma says no. Deep says you didn’t tell me? I thought you were my father. He says I will take you to a place where you will know your past. I request you dont’ kill virat. We will lock them here and let police do their work. Arohi says we aren’t killers.

Scene 2
Arohi deep and dilip are on their way. roma and virat are roped.
Deep comes to an underground place. Dilip says every secret is here. Deep says arohi you stay out I will go in and check. Dilip says the door is very heavy. I can’t hold it. Deep opens a closet. He sees many files. Dilip says we ccan’t talk to him. Arphi says whats going on inside.
Deep says what are these papers? Arohi says why isn’t he out. Dilip says what if he hurts himself. Deep sees photos. He says there is nothing useful here. Maybe roma removed everything and papa ji didn’t know. Dilip says you go in and check.
Arohi comes in and says deep where are you? What happened?? Deep says there is nothing useful here. Roma removed it. I saw all these files. Dilip says deep arohi come fast the door is closing. I can’t hold it anymore. They come to the door. Roma is standing there. They are dazed. She shuts the door and laughs. Deep says papa ji open the door.
Precap-Deep says we have to find a way out. Dilip says they thought I was helping them. Not knowing I was with you Roma.

Update Credit to: Atiba

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  1. Hello friends.
    How are you all?
    Nice episode
    Ardeep done a great Job??????????????????????
    Both are do a one mistake. Trust dilip. He is a evil.I already knew that.
    But one thing am not understanding. Wt relationship between dilip and kalyani.
    One happy thing is ardeep together. I hope they will find out deep Tara safe.
    Wt happened with chawani. Is he help Tara.
    Good night friends.

  2. Hi friends I had posted my friend’s story in telly update and the title is MERI ZINDAGI MERI JAAN and it is written there as by naveenareni becoz I have registered using my sis id ( her name is naveena) becoz I don’t have an email id of my own.
    So please read that and get an intro abt the characters in the story ok and plz comment there ok dudes and u all can see that now itself.
    I am eagerly waiting………

    1. Hi miya.I will check.

  3. ShraddhaSharma392

    Maine kaafi time se show toh dekha hai nhi, isliye yeh nhi janti ki kya ho raha hai show me, but itna doubt hai ki shayad deep ki mom ko dilip ne marvaya hai may be property and money ke liye and Roma and other are his pawns..

    1. Hi shraddha. I also think the same one.

  4. just lov de part of chawani and Tara

    1. Yes me too lutfa.

  5. i think dilip had cheated kalyani for roma . ??

    1. My guess also.

  6. Where is dany?

    1. I think Danny character is over.

  7. I liked this show at the beginning but it seems flop day by day not going well as sapost be nowa days is so boring walahi

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