Ishq Mein Marjawan 25th July 2018 Written Episode Update: Arohi finds a new clue

Ishq Mein Marjawan 25th July 2018 Written Episode, Written Update on

Scene 1
Arohi is crying. Her conscience says Deep did this and you have to be strong. You re alive. She says but I don’t deserve to live. The one i loved did all this. i have to die. Her conscience says you deserve to know the truth behind this. She says so he did this to save me? I can’t believe he can do this with me. I know there must be a reason. Her conscience says then go and find out.

Tara says to deep how she knows about us? Deep says I dont’ know. Tara asys you don’t care. He says I care for you. She says I want an answer. Tell me who is she. Deep says I came to this hospital chasing her. Deep says Arohi has gone from our lives. I dont’ know who this girl is.
The doctor wonders what is all this.
Deep says to doctor how dare you bring

my wife here? He says I changed her face. SHe came here to slit her wrist I had to admit her. What is the secret of this face? Deep says if you involve in anything I will send you to jail.
Deep sees the file on floor. He says that girl might have seen this. We have to control her. If she hasn’t she should never see this. Deep burns the file. He leaves.

Mahek comes to the doctor and puts knife on him. She says tell me everything. He says deep brought you here and you were burned. He asked me to change your face. He asked me to keep you fainted and then send you out of country. He asked all this. I don’t know why he chose this face.
Deep says lets go. Tara says I will stay here. Arohi is there as a nurse. DEep says I did everything. I burned Arohi for you Tara. Arohi hears she is dazed. He says I made you Arohi. You are free for your sins as well. If you act like this people will know you are tara. You will go to jail and be convicted.

Scene 2
Yuvraj says to inspector Tara killed my mom. she can kill anyone. Inspector says we will keep an eye on you. We didn’t find her body either. Inspector says bring us Tara nad we will get you your job back.
Deep says tara’s case isn’t closed. Police is still looking for her. I did everything to get Arohi’s trust. I even got dany killed. Arohi is crying. She says I loved him so much and he did this.
Tara says when I see her I feel like she is my enemy. Deep says don’t do anything stupid in your anger now. They leave. Arohi goes out crying. She says I kept a paper from the file. There is an address on it. Arohi comes to that address. She asks watchman anyone lives here? He says no one lives here. She peeks in from the window. There is deep’s photo. Arohi wonders why is there deep’s photo. she says fan is on. That means someone lives here. She says I will find my answers here.

Precap- Arohi sees a woman leaving the house. She sneaks in. Deep slaps watchman and says someone entered the house and you couldn’t even know.

Update Credit to: Atiba

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  1. God Why did Deep do like this? From the starting he was just acting to love Aarohi. Why didn’t Deep tell Tara that that Aarohi is alive? How will Aarohi take her revenge? Just for that mad Tara he betrayed Aarohi. The show should end with Aarohi successfully sending Deep and Tara to jail.

  2. Sometimes I don’t feel like watching this show at all.

  3. it is Deep whi has split personality disorder. someday he loves Arohi, someday he loves Tara. I am beginning to hate his character. and i am beginning to hate this whole show….

    1. You r right Dhara.. Deep is the one who has split personality. Me too thinking the same.

  4. This show should end…………Why did they revamp the show? sometimes I don’t feel like watching this show and sometimes feel like watching it to just know how will Aarohi take her revenge.

  5. Aarohi plz take revenge now… Waiting for that part

  6. Meaningless no connectivity incomplete stupid nonsense illogical show.
    Why deep not tell whole truth to Tara?
    If deep loves tara mean in previous episode Arohi,deep,Tara all are meet in guest house. That time police was enter and asked to deep who is arohi and who is Tara.that time deep protect arohi,why.
    Indirectly deep kill Roma and Danny.
    Arohi face not fully burned.then why did a plastic surgery with her?
    What a relationship between anjali and deep?why deep not kill arohi?
    Face only changed.not story different is now nia pregnant.
    Who is the face cover girl.may be nia.
    I think nia play a double role.I can’t see a single double role mean oh no…..
    (Stupid guess)
    Is deep memory loss patient or writers forget the deep past?
    The current track is????

  7. Guys i stopped watching this show. Bt i’m reading updates. I think the woman whom Arohi saw will be Roma bcoz her body was not found. May be Deep saved her.

  8. Deep played arohi!! It was obvious from the start! He played a NATOK of looking for his mum to trap arohi emotionally. I hate this show. Arohi should have trusted Dani he loved her and would’ve 1000 times b better as a husband than two faced Deep for sure! Arohi was very stupid and careless when it came to Nikki her babi Dani etc she could’ve left deep to rot and start her life afresh with her nephew

  9. writers are gone mad. So nothing new, again revenge where is thrill and suspense? This is comedy show.

  10. I feel that this show has got diverted from it’s original story line. Who agrees with me?

    1. yes… agree with you

  11. Bnd krdo ye serial..bkwas hochuka h..

  12. Hello everybody I have watched the serial from the beginning but now I do not understand anything and stopped watching it

  13. I think deep is also duplicate

  14. I’m agreed with Dhara and Rhivanya. Non sense show. Kuch bhi dikhana hai. Bas show ko lamba khichna hai toh kuch bhi dikhao. And Deep ka dialogue “Do billiow ko ladana tha”. He is more look like split personality disorder person

  15. Even I had stopped watching this show. I only read updates here. Can’t watch Nia and current non sense storyline

  16. I am waiting for the time when Aarohi will take her revenge on Deep and Tara. She could use Virat. I am wondering what will happen when Deep will find out that Aarohi is pregnant with his child. Will Aarohi destroy the proof of her stating to be pregnant? It will be interesting to see how this time Aarohi does not fall into Deep’s trap but takes her revenge. Aarohi should this time be extremely strong and careful in her planning.

  17. I stopped waching this show why deep and tara always win and not arohi the show is already boring and getting worst l only read the update 2know when arohi will be abal to take her revenge on tara and deep

  18. nonsense drama.. writer has spoiled the whole story.. we should support aarohi but bcoz of this Nia im not connecting at all

  19. Hi guys just a quick question…..
    Do you prefer Alisha playing Tara or Aarohi? Also which actress would you prefer played the other part? Be interesting to see you’re opinions. I like her playing Tara but not sure who to play Aarohi as I don’t know much about Indian TVs actresses.

    1. Hi Mesha,

      I prefer Aalisha playing Arohi. I also like her playing Tara…I think I’m so accustomed to seeing her play both parts, its impossible to imagine anyone else. However, if I had to choose, I would probably choose Jennifer Winget (Bepanah) or Surbhi Jyoti (Naagin 3). I think they’re both talented actresses. The only other Indian serial I’ve ever watched was Koi Laut Ke Ayaa Hai. Surbhi was the lead actress in that along with Shoaib Ibrahim (also incredible actor). It had high ratings and the writers were BRILLIANT. It was so well written. Unfortunately it was cancelled 2 months before its end date. But I would still rate it as one of the best Indian serials.

      1. Hi Sof you’re absolutely right hard to imagine anyone else playing both roles…. Alisha all the way! Must say I’m a fan of Arjun too. I’ve never seen Koi Laut Ke Ayaa Hai but I am currently watching Naagin 3. Actually I think Mouni Roy or Adaa Khan would be just as good – loved them in Naagin & Naagin 2. Can’t believe how upset all the viewers are at the changes…. can’t wait to see what happens further down the line!

  20. Yet a question remains that why did Deep tell Tara that he killed Aarohi but actually changed Aarohi’s face and did not let Tara know about it. What does Deep want?

  21. Ardeep die hard fan

    I hope deep is good and trying to protect arohi
    Can’t see this stupid track now already nia wali track went bakwass and now deeep being negative is more bad

  22. I wouldnt be surprised if Arohi starts her revenge once again and then falls in love with Deep yet again, which Deep will then betray her AGAIN. This show will go on this way FOREVER. It went from Good to BAD to HORRIBLE to PATHETIC

    1. hi sof…. soon it will end up being I-DONT-EVEN-CARE-ANYMORE

      1. Hi Dhara,

        I agree! I think most of us are at that point LOL! This show makes me so ANGRY LOL

  23. Where is 26 July 2018 update

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