Ishq Mein Marjawan 23rd October 2017 Written Episode Update: Laksh sees Tara

Ishq Mein Marjawan 23rd October 2017 Written Episode, Written Update on

Scene 1
Arohi says Sanaya was saying something. Deep says eat first. Sanaya says yes we will talk later. Sanaya leaves. Arohi says what happened outside? He says you didn’t see my face from it. She says you were fasting as well. They make each other eat. Arohi is trying to sleep. She places her head in his lap. Arohi says I wanted to say something. He says yes? She says I.. She falls asleep.

Sanaya shows Sushant pictures of Arohi. He says then why was arohi saying she didn’t break her fast? Sushant says she was in a shock. And you should stay away from all this.

Scene 2
Next morning, Arohi wakes up. deep is asleep. She lays him on bed and he falls on her. Her bangle gets stuck in his kurta. Arohi places blanket on him and leaves.
Sanaya comes there.

Arohi says I really love Deep. He is such a good human. Sanaya says really? She says yes. Sanaya says did you tell him? Arohi says I will tell him on right time. we have to plan something. You have to help me. They leave. Deep was hearing all this.

Commissioner gives Laksh file for another case. Laksh says I have to work on the serial killer case. It is important. I have to find him. He says we can’t do that. You have to work on this case.
Deep sees a note in Tara’s room that she is going out.
Deep comes to his car. Arohi is there. Deep says where were you going? She says came to stop you. She says did sanaya tell you anything? He says what? Arohi says sit in the car. He says but where are we going? She says sit its a surprise. Deep texts Tara that he is going out with Arohi.

Arohi and Deep are on their way. Deep says where are you taking me? She says you will know. Tara is jogging in the park. She sees a couple together. The guy gives her a bracelet. He says I have to leave. Have to take mummy hospital. She says bye.
Later Tara sees the same guy with another girl. She says cheater. She recalls her dad. Tara gets attacks. She says I hate cheaters. She puts her hoodie on and follows the guy.
Deep says our car has broken. Arohio says my plan is ruined. He says everything is going as planned. Snowfall starts. Deep gives Arohi his coat. Arohi says we should find a place. He says lets stay in that hut till this stops. They hide under the coat and walk towards the hut.

Scene 2
Laksh says that killer is roaming around free. He sees Tara following a man. He says why is arohi following him? Deep calls Tara.

Precap-Laksh says to Tara running from whom? Do you know Vishal. Deep throws money on his family and says you are all my fake family. So shut up. Arohi comes there.

Update Credit to: Atiba

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  1. Nice episode deep and arohi is so cute what happened next waiting for tomorrow

  2. Nice episode deep and arohi is so cute what happened next waiting for tomorrow

  3. Nice episode deep and arohi is so cute what happened next waiting for tomorrow **

  4. Very nice episode

  5. Boring episode cause deep is becoming bad day by day . I don’t know how directory will end this movie. Like dil sa dil tak which has no proper maner like ten surbori love part then what the requirement to bring a man in the show and kasam also in which rishi and tanuja will never meet each other and what about their age 50. Tanuja sister has 20 yrs old daughter and tanuja has none and now had one that 2 age 7 and her age 46 still now rishi is running after tanuja and tanuja is douting her.

  6. Over all don’t make it bad

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