Ishq Mein Marjawan 23rd July 2018 Written Episode Update: Arohi runs from hospital

Ishq Mein Marjawan 23rd July 2018 Written Episode, Written Update on

Scene 1
Arohi says God please save me. Deep gets a call someone says its done. Tara gets a call and says how is that possible. She looks at deep and says did deep stop that?
Nurse takes Arohi to lock up. Nurse says we have to inject this. The crazy patient takes the injection and says I will give her this injection. Nurse leaevs. Arohi says please my child will be harmed. The woman shoves the injection in the wall. She says oh it broke. Your baby is safe. arohi says you are foolin me. You are not crazy. You saved my baby and last night you got me food. You are not crazy. SHe says I am crazy. arohi says you are not. She says I want to save your baby. I couldn’t save mine. They killed her because she was a daughter. I dont want you to lose your baby. Take this cutter and start scaring

everyone. Arohi says I wanna go out. My enemy wants to kill me. My husband will save me. Please help me go out. You can go out as well.

Deep says on call that girl should be kept an eye on. She should get out. Deep sees tara and says you wanted to hear that? Arohi says that means no one was on call? She says show me your phone. He puts it in his pocket. Tara says scared? Deep twists her hand and says everything is well between us. So stop spying. HE leaves.

Sujha says to Arohi everyone will go in pooja. THere is a way out.
Everyone joins the pooja. Sujha provokes a fight between patients and nurse. Arohi steals the key and they both run out. Watchman sees them. Sujha hits him on head. Arohi goes in to get the other key. They try to open the lock. Nurse comes out to see them. Arohi goes out. They stop Sujha. She hits them and they both run out.

Arohi and Sujha come to Deep’s house. The manager from asylum are there. Deep says how could they run from your hospital? Tara says I will call police. Sujha says we can’t tell them right now. If tara gets to know she will kill my baby. Deep sees arohi.
Arohi says I don’t know what happened in three months. I woke up and I was in a truck near nepal border. There Gugu travels written on the truck. Sujha finds their number and calls them. She says there is a girl take her to border. She says sure.
Tara says to deep you got her out right? deep says shut up. You are Arohi stop acting like Tara. Chawani comes and says what happened? Arohi says nothing don’t worry.

Deep goes out. Tara follows him.
Arohi and Sujha put knife of the truck driver’s neck and ask them where did they pick arohi from? Arohi comes to Dr. Sahay’s plastic surgery clinic. She says I will find all answers here. She sees his clinic. Everyone stares at Arohi. she comes to the doctor he says you?
Precap-Deep slaps Dr. Sahay. He says sir I did ask you asked. Deep says what did you ask? Deep says I told you to change her face and send her across the border. She shouldn’t be here? Arohi is under the table. She hears everything and is dazed.

Update Credit to: Atiba

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  1. i will not be surprise if Deep betray Aarohi once again because once a cheater always a cheater

  2. this is all what we can expect….deep again betrayed i was thinking in my own that if arohi face ll change i m not going to watch this show at all…but now what i m thinking i should watch this show just till that moment when he gonna reveal y he did again all this with arohi…and please maker do something that again plastic surgery moment comes again arohi get her real face so that deep couldn’t believe that it is real arohi then arohi revenge ll start…..and let me remind u makers there was a character named virat where he is now???? …..and hello frnz those who all are present here

    1. Hi preet.agree with you.

  3. what so deep again betray her or he try again to protect her

    1. Can’t understand anything.

  4. Makers ne show ko bakwas kar diya nia arohi ki role mein bilkul acha nahi lagta aaj ke episode mein uska dressing bakwas hai agar alisha mam arohi ki role mein acha lagta hai arohi ki cuteness aur innocence sirf alisha mam play sakta hai anymore I am not watching the show from today I am reading only updates and following the caps from Instagram please alisha mam aap hi arohi ki role play kardo

    1. Yes Alisha only suit arohi role.

  5. Hello friends. How r u all?
    First of all I don’t like this nia character. Her hair style, attitude, dressing sense everything different from arohi. Today Alisha part is very less.this is injustice for Alisha. I don’t know,why writers change the leading role.

    Today chawani doubts on Alisha (Tara)behavior.

    Why deep call Tara as arohi.
    Am not understand deep.
    Good night.

  6. i still hope everything is not what it looks…. Deep is too rough in his behavior with Tara. He slaps her, causes her hands to bleed – Deep was never this abusive kind of person. I mean he slapped Arohi once in jail, but other than that he wouldnt usually raise his hands. So, why is he behaving like this with Tara? If he really betrayed Arohi and he wants to be with Tara then why not tell Tara everything clearly? and why isnt Arohi’s fake mom shown more? what is her purpose? what is she doing? Why did Tara agree to introducing a fake mom for Arohi in front of the rest of the world? sometimes i feel sad that the writers will not even answer all these things. Seriously, how many times has it happened in this show that they will give all sort of hints and characters will behave strangely but then one day all this will be forgotten and new storylines will be introduced without any resolution. (Like what happened to Deep’s past? Deep was so troubled that at one point he was ready to shoot himself. He wanted to kill Roma and everyone else and find about his mom. Now, all that is forgotten. where Dilip? Deep said that he will get Dilip out of jail through doctor’s documents if Dilip helped them locate the rest of the Raichands… so where is Dilip now?) none of the previous stories are completed, but we get this nonsense of Arohi getting a new face.
    is this even Deep? He is abusing Tara and he asked a doctor to change Arohi’s face and then SELL her beyond Nepal border?? Nonsense!!

    1. I guess nia is anjali and arohi ,deep ,chawani are mastermind??.

    2. Hi dhara. I also think the same one.previous stories are not completed.the current track is?

  7. Jo arohi ki mother h ab… Wo deep ki mother hogi… Aur deep ne yeh sb apna past jn ne k liye kiya hoga… Yehi story bna dni ab… Bkws past ko pyr se abv choose krna deep ne..

  8. Aalisha was best for arohi. I stopped watching this show. What kind of twist the makers doing?What about deeps family background… His mthr.

  9. Hi everyone,

    I’ve stopped watching the show. But I read the updates and your comments. When this nonsense ends and the writers finally make some sense of all this, I may resume watching. If Deep did betray Arohi again, the writers must know that would be the end of the show. I don’t think I’ve ever watched anything more stupid ever. In a country of over a billion people, are there no brilliant, talented writers? These writers appear to be amateur! Nonsense

    1. hi sof
      i really like your line – In a country of over a billion people, are there no brilliant, talented writers? sadly, its true. i dont know what this writers think. even we fans sitting here can create better story-line than what they are showing…

      1. Hi Dhara,

        Yes I really wanted to continue watching, because I’ve been watching since it began. But I can’t comprehend how garbage like this is running on television. The writers are clearly mindless. To repeat the same plot if Deep did betray Arohi again is a joke! I think Arjun and Aalisha need to speak up. By going along with this rubbish, they are enabling the writers.

    2. Agree with sof.dhara.

  10. Tara is the only source for deep to knws his past ..may b bcz of that he changed arohis face intentionally.
    And by being with tara he can easily knw abt his past

  11. Tara is the only source for deep to knws his past ..may b bcz of that he changed arohis face intentionally.
    And by being with tara he can easily knw abt his past

  12. Arjun and Alisha both are very good actors. But the storyline is very stupid and no sense.
    Where is virat?
    Where is dilip?
    Where is arohi fake mom?
    Why deep hurt Tara?
    What about deep past?
    i knew we won’t get any answers from writers.
    The writers totally spoil this show.
    I can’t understand how Alisha agree to leave a arohi role.because arohi is soul of this show.

    1. I think Dillip and virat are in jail
      Deep betrayed tara bcz he loves arohi
      No idea why he is playing against “arohi” aka nia
      Maybe deep is doing all this to either protect arohi or find about his family or get revenge on arohi ( the last one doesn’t make sense but we never know )
      The whole show is confusing

      1. Hi pia.I think the story title should be changed as confusion mein marjawan or imagination mein marjawan.

  13. It is difficult to analyse whether Arjun Bijlani’s character Deep is negative or positive. I recently saw a promo that Deep said that ‘Aarohi jab tak thum mujhe jan payoge tapthk tum apne jan se chale jaoge’.

    What the hell is going on? I would like to see how Aarohi (Nia Sharma) takes her revenge?

  14. Someetimes I feel Danny was right about Deep betraying Aarohi.

  15. the one who is doing sujha character is good acting better than nia…
    not at all interesting..
    so much confusion about deep character

    1. Hi sravanthi. Yes

  16. Ardeep die hard fan

    I am thinking that nia is tara who lost her memory and thinks herself as aarohi and aalisha is arohi acting as Tara sometimes and deep burnt Tara’s face to get rid of her and nia is Tara maybe. This is wat i think i hope either aarohi is alive as aalisha and deep is living with Tara to know his past and hidden arohi and nia is anjali distracting Tara living with deep

  17. Ardeep die hard fan

    just having 2 ideas hope arsha are ardeep let Tara be mia or aalisha but better arsha as both ardeep and deer a better ..

  18. Ardeep die hard fan

    Sorry for mistakes

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