Ishq Mein Marjawan 23rd January 2018 Written Episode Update: Arohi scares Tara

Ishq Mein Marjawan 23rd January 2018 Written Episode, Written Update on

Scene 1
DEep says to doctor I shouldn’t have let this happen. I didn’t know she will jump. Sunanda says its not your mistake. her disease is coming back. I am scared she might end up killing someone again. The doctor says her disease can’t come back. The reason is something else. Sunanda says she shouldn’t get mad again. Arohi says in heart I will make her crazy again.

Arohi stops the auto. Chawani says good luck for your mission. Arohi says Tara is still crazy. I will use her to accomplish my mission.
Arohi comes to the house.
Tara says to Deep I thought you would jump. Deep says dying doesn’t prove live. Who said all that to you? Deep says I will kill myself if you want. Mummy jji says stop. Deep says if you think I don’t love

you I will kill myself. Arohi says what are you doing sir. husband and wife should always talk about love and happy things. Tara says we don’t a lesson from a servant. Sunanda says she is right. What is this dying and all? What will happen if deep is in trouble. Enough Tara. Tara says okay fine i wont say such things. She holds Deep’s hand.
Arohi sees Tara’s dad. Arohi says why is he that way? He looks like a good man.
Arohi serves everyone breakfast. She gives papaji water. Sunanda says you will take care of him from today. Deep eats and recalls how Arohi used to make him eat. he leaves the table. Tara says what happened? he says who made the kheer? Maharaj says is something wrong? Deep says in heart the taste makes me recalls someone.

Maharaj says why didn’t deep like kheer? Did Kesari do something to it? Maharaj asks Kesari. She says why would I do that. I know nothing about kheer. Maharaj says who did it. Keep an eye on this kesari. She says yes I will.

Scene 2
Arohi sees Tara choosing a dress. Arohi comes to corner and calls her. Tara picks the phone. Arohi says your murderer I know all your sins. Tara is dazed. Arohi says I know the people you killed you will pay for your sins. Tara says who is it? Arohi says your death. I am near you. Tara screams.

Tara comes to sunanda scared and csays she called and said she knows everything. Who is she? Sunanda says I will find her out. Don’t worry. You need to stay calm.
Maya says to Arohi what are you doing here Kesari? She says cleaning here. Maya says go downstairs. Arohi sees Deep’s dad falling from wheelchair. Arohi picks him up.
Arohi takes him to room. He is shivering. Arohi says who are you? Can you listen? He nods. Deep comes there and says what are you doing here? He says he wasn’t well. I was massaging his hands. Deep says go from here and do your work. Its papa’s work.

Precap-Tara comes to room and sees blood.
She says see here. Deep says there is nothing here.

Update Credit to: Atiba

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  1. Super episode I love arjun and Alisha act day by day so interesting story keep rocking immj team

  2. Miss atiba seems to be u were in hurry while updating…..

  3. Miss atiba, seems to be u were in hurry while updating

  4. Mona146

    deep should suffer. dont prove him positive again and bond with aarohi. Inspector laksh character should not have ended abruptly like that. I want him to come back.

    1. I think inspector Lakshya will come back. Maybe the person named Virat is Inspector Lakshya.

    2. I think he is Virat..

  5. Super episode

  6. I too doubt laksh is virat

  7. i love this drama and ap logo kochayia ka 2 hour ka drama lagna chayia phirmaza aya

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