Ishq Mein Marjawan 23rd February 2018 Written Episode Update: Kalyani dies and Tara runs from Chawanii’s house

Ishq Mein Marjawan 23rd February 2018 Written Episode, Written Update on

Scene 1
Deep is leaving. Arohi says my hand really hurt. He hugs her and says I will be back soon. Arohi hugs him and says I am really scared. I hope you don’t kill anyone. He says for mummy ji I have to do this. I have to kill that Kesari and Kalyani.

Kesari comes to the place. She calls Deep adn says are you alone? He says yes I am alone. Give me the proof. Kesar says you will kill me if I come in front of you. She says come under that tree. Leave Kalyani alone there. deep says give me proof first. I am coming. Deep comes to her. They point guns at each other. kesari says leave Kalyani first. Deep says you think you can go from here? You will die. She says you can’t close my ways. Take this proof, leave Kalyani and get out. Kalyani walks towards Kesari. Deep picks

the proofs. Kesari says lets go. she turns back and Virat shoots her from a distance. Arohi takes her behind a tree. SHe says mausi I wont let anything happen to you. Deep says to Virat why did you come here. Deep says we had to catch her. Deep stops Virat. He says don’t do this. Lets go from here. Virat syas I will kill her. Deep takes him from there.
Arohi says I am sorry i couldn’t save you. She says I don’t mind dying. You took me to my husband. Kalyani dies. Arohi screams and cries. Mausi.

Scene 2
Virat and Deep come home. They enjoy wine. Roma says i told you when my kids are together our enemies will die. kalyani is dead.
Arohi comes to dilip and cries. She says I promise you but i couldn’t save her. They killed my brother, his wife and son. And now they killed Kalyani mausi as well. She cries and says I am really sorry. They don’t deserve to live. She picks her gun. Arohi says I won’t leave them. They took everything from me. I will kill them all.

Virat says I wish I could have killed Virat as well. Dilip tries to stop Arohi. Arohi says I will kill them today no matter what. They don’t deserve to live. Arohi comes to hall. Deep says lets see the proof in the phone. Arohi says enough you have celebrated enough. Arohi shoots at Virat. Deep stops her and says what are you doing. You were taking your brother’s life? Roma says have you gone mad? Arohi says why are you asking me. I am trying to leave my past behind but you all keep bringing it in front of me. Virat says kalyani was our enemy. She did this our papa. how could I leave her? And you wanted to kill me for her? You can’t be my sister. She says you are alive because you are my brother and I really love you and that is why I shot in the air. Why don’t you all understand. Deep says Kalyani paid for her sins. Arohi says i left the path of killing people. If you all wanna do this then go kill everyone. Virat says you are so weird. We all promise we will do what you want. Please calm down. Arohi says okay.

Roma says yes calm down. Lets see whats in this phone. Deep opens the phone. It just has Kalyani’s video talking to someone. Arohi says she fooled us. She is doing what we did to Arohi. Roma says how does she know what we did to Arohi? Deep says Kesari can tell us all the story. This is all related to Arohi. Virat says she has to die. Arohi says you just promise you can’t kill anyone. Arohi says in heart thank God I controlled my anger. I shouldn’t have done this.

Scene 2
Chawani calls Arohi and says Tara has ran. Arohi says where did she go? Tara comes and takes her phone. She says here is Tara.
Chawani gave Tara food. She pretended like she is dead. Chawani and kids get scared and tried to take her to hospital. She runs from there.
Tara takes out knife and says open the door tara. He tries to break the door. Tara tries to stab Arohi. Deep breaks the door and comes in. There is just one Arohi/Tara there.
Precap-Tara falls from the balcony. Doctor checks her and says your wife..

Update Credit to: Atiba

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  1. I almost cried when Kalyani died
    They should not have killed Kalyani
    Now Tara has also escaped and entered raichand mansion

    1. It’s Rajsingh mansion

  2. How Tara is dressed up like arohi in no time she appeared like devil, before chawni informed arohi….
    chawani had called arohi so lately or Tara has wings or she has any magic stick so she can dress up quickly….
    Yaar it doesn’t make sense

    1. Truely i agree with you Jennifer

    2. nothing makes sense. arohi came out of Dilip’s room alone holding the gun. Dilip was left in his room and he cant even move. but the next moment when arohi is pointing the gun at virat, Dilip is suddenly at the corridor outside watxhing her with tensed eyes. How dilip reached the corridor? using the same magic stick that tara used

  3. Ok I’m watching this show only for arjun
    Otherwise this show is nothing but just frustration…

    1. It’s called a new twist and mystery with suspense show. If it’s not your type then watch previous shows with Arjun B.

    2. i was a fan of arjun, but as i watched this show i realised i like the other actors too. i like alisha, i like the actor playing virat. and i want to watch the show for them. i just hope the writers make a consistent story. twist, turns and mystery doesnt have to be illogical

  4. update is very confusing.. tara takes her phone from where n y does tara says open the door tara??

    1. its magic land. when arohi is talking to chawanni tara just appears behind arohi wearing the exact same saree that arohi is wearing with the exact same make up arohi has. also tara was taking lessons from harry potter and just apparates into the room, not entering the house through front door or anything. so in tara’s room only arohi and tara are there and the door is locked. Deep is outside and he hears something and asks tara to open the door from outside.
      when he pushes the door open and comes inside, he finds only one girl but we dont know who she is because tara after escaping from chawanni had time for make up and dress up.

    2. You could watch the whole thing here
      Completely free and there many incorrect errore in this update.

    3. That’s why it comes under category suspense..
      Accept it..

  5. Nice episode keep rocking immj team I can’t understand the precap

    1. me neither lol, but when i saw the precap it didnt seem to me that tara/arohi has fallen from balcony, the jug on a tool falls down and then its shown that tara/arohi is lying there. it is possible that she fell down by becoming unconcious

  6. Sanaa.khan

    Every few days there is a murder. I wasn’t guessing that Kalyani would die so soon. But there is a great improvement in today’s episode. Finally Tara came out of chawanni’s clutches. In the precap I guess, Tara fell from the window and was injured…then Arohi took her place and chawanni must have hidden Tara or taken her for treatment. The doctor might be revealing that nothing happened to Arohi after falling from the balcony I guess.

    1. In a way its good that kalyani died… Because in her presence arohi was behaving carelessly..

    2. what frustrates me about Kalyani’s death is that we didnt learn anything new about the mystery. Kalyani wanted the property back. now that she is dead, in whose name the property goes? it is not shown that Kalyani had any children so that arohi could snatch back the property and give to the rightful heirs…. if the writers do not show that deep or Arohi were somehow related to Kalyani, then the whole point of Kalyani being introduced becomes meaningless. it will be an interesting twist though if deep learns Kalyani was his mother and he without knowing it caused her death. Arohi has already lost everyone and making Kalyani Arohi’s mother would increase her pain. i dont want that

      1. If kalyani become deep’s mother den Tara will be sister to deep because roma is second wife to dilip

      2. Sanaa.khan

        Well said Dhara, I guess Kalyani was only introduced to help Arohi to escape the prison and induce anger in Arohi after her death. To be honest I think Arohi was responsible for Kalyani’s death. Yesterday instead of the sindoor drama she could have easily helped her escape and blame everything on kesari.

      3. you are right Sanaa, in fact arohi should have been careful when she went to meet Kalyani at chawanni’s place. she is pretending to be tara but she keeps going away from home for long periods of time. she should have taken care that no one is following her, especially after she gets maya thrown out of the house. but i think arohi didnt realise that virat could be so impulsive, she was focusing wholly on Deep and didnt realize that virat was even there with a gun… and Kalyani got herself caught twice. in the prison Kalyani mausi seemed cunning. where did the cunning go once she got out of jail i will never understand

      4. Girija, you are right! i never thought of that… but before the leap they had shown that tara killed her father and his second wife. therefore i assumed that dilip is not tara’s real father. still it would be weird. i guess deep is not Kalyani’s son then

  7. Sanaa.khan

    It can also be Tara in the precap and the doctor might reveal that she’s probably pregnant.

    1. i dont think its tara, because in my mind tara is always screaming. she wouldnt be sitting quietly with the doctor but telling everyone what arohi has done. but lets see, the writers are completely unpredictable

    2. Why u r guessing that she is pregnant, this is somewhat a crime related show, so most probably it will be about her mental health…

      1. the doctor asks who is her husband and then tells deep something. maybe that y everyone is assuming the doctor would say tara is pregnant. but Arohi as tara has already asked Deep when was the last time we hugged? so pregnancy would seem a bit illogical

    3. This is possible that arohi would be plotting about this pregnancy thing! I think so

      1. Sanaa.khan

        This entire show is illogical, nothing makes proper sense. How did Roma take over Kalyani’s house and her life is yet to be disclosed. Sometimes Arohi behaves like the old Arohi especially when Kalyani is around. I really hope that this pregnancy drama is another Arohi’s plan…well only time can say what is going on in the director’d mind.

  8. Oh my goddd.. They always do the unexpected this is the reason why i love watching this serial… And the worst part tara escapes and confronts arohi and that too carrying knife in her hand, and thats obvious that arohi won’t die so then who.. Most probably tara… Writers.. Huhh just put lid on this matter,.. Now i just want to see deep taking charge or atleast helping arohi, they are just streching the issue….and i can’t digest the matter that tara without telling anyone about arohi directly went to confront her, so it can be a dream too..

  9. Upcoming.. Is Tara dead? Is Arohi pregnant?

  10. I really love this show. The way they capture everything is praisable. Ugh why can’t this show bc real. The events of course would be truly devastating but that persons life would be cool.

  11. i realise i have been making too much negative comments so i decided to write one thing i liked about the episode. i like that when arohi was shouting and said that she would go burn the entire town and kill everybody, it was virat who stopped her. virat might be a violent blood-thirsty person, but he really loves his sister. his sister just shot at him, but he is not angry and tells her that if she wants the killing to stop then he will stop (of course the very next scene he says he will kill kesari but that is another matter lol). i like the fact that atleast there is someone who has some love in his heart however twisted it might be. even Roma cares for tara and would do anything for her. only deep is the one who has no feelings, doesnt smile much and stands like a soldier waiting to take orders.
    as for the frustrating parts many have already commented. i would like to add one small thing. when kesari came to rescue Kalyani i was watching her hands and she didnt have any bandages on. her blouse extended to a little above her elbows and we know Arohi’s wound is still bleeding. i just couldnt accept it. the entire point of the show is how Arohi gets her revenge from these crazy people by being clever. the writers could have shown kesari wearing a longer blouse covering her arms but she wears a normal one and has no bandages. how is that possible? (also a few episodes back arohi had burnt all kesari’s dresses and things because she thought being kesari would be too dangerous. now when she needs she again has saree and spectacles)

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