Ishq Mein Marjawan 20th October 2017 Written Episode Update: Sanaya to show Arohi Tara’s pictures

Ishq Mein Marjawan 20th October 2017 Written Episode, Written Update on

Scene 1
Deep tells Tara how scared Arohi was when she got locked in the car. Tara says my smart boy.. What will you do now? Save her? he says yes. But let her cry and sob.
Arohi is crying and sobbing. She sits down and screams for help. Arohi is about to faint. Deep goes there. Deep says Arohi what happened open your eyes. He hugs her. She is in tears. She says I didn’t come here. Someone sent me here. Deep says who would do that? You went to bring arti. She says yes I heard something and someone locked me in the room. Deep says how can you say that? Did you see someone? She says no.. Maya and everyone come. Maya says bring her water. Sanaya says lets call doctor. DEep says no. Dia says who is joking with her. Sanaya says yes someone is doing this. Deep says who would do that.

door gets locked you should have pushed it harder. Arohi says I heard a voice. Deep says don’t worry. Sanaya says if an animal can come a human can too. Deep says I am sorry Arohi. Arohi says this is my phobia. I can’t stay in closed spaces. He says its okay. Lets go from here.
He takes Arohi to room.

Deep says don’t worry I am with you. He goes to bring water. Arohi holds his hand and says don’t leave me alone. I am scared. He says I am calling the doctor.
Deep calls someone.

Maya says I don’t know how snake came in. Sanaya says and how she ended up there? Raichand says forget it now.
Deep gives Arohi champagne. She says I was fasting. I don’t drink. He says you will feel better when you wake up. Arohi drinks it. He says drink it as a medicine. Arohi drinks it and coughs. Deep says try to sleep.
Sanaya says to Deep mummy papa are calling you. Deep goes downstairs. Arohi says Sanaya can you stay here? She says yes.

Sanaya says how you feel now? Arohi says better. Arohi says I am so lucky to have deep as my life partner. Sanaya says yes he is one in a million.
Dia says Deep we want to know what is happening in the house. Snake, cat and locked room? Deep says behave like a good family. A good family doesn’t blame each other. Go and sleep. He leaves.
Arohi says i heard the cat and went in. I should have taken the arti and came out. Sanaya recalls her with arti outside.
Arohi says I could have done arti. Deep would have given me water. Sanaya says what are you saying. you were out there. Arohi says what are you saying. Sanaya says leet me show you. She opens the picture. DEep comes and says Sanaya go to your room. Arohi says she wanted to show me something. What happened outside? Deep looks at Sanaya.

Precap-Deep puts Arohi to sleep.
Arohi says I love you. Maya, Sanaya and everyone ask Deep questions.
Sanaya says tell us truth. Deep says don’t forget your worth. You all know that you are not our real family. He throws money on their face.
Arohi comes there. Laksh sees Tara going somewhere. He follows her.

Update Credit to: Atiba

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  1. Nice episode I love arjun act he play a negative role but his act is fab especially the expression of behind the door. arohi ki kab sach patha chelenga more more interesting precap kya laksh know the truth ek aur murder chalnavale hai what happened next too excited can’t wait for next episode

  2. I hope arohi comes to know comes to know everything..

    1. I hope so too ABC. Otherwise this show will lose viewers if the writers prolong the same boring thing every episode. Arohi character needs to start coming alive and she needs to take charge. She seems to be smart, let’s hope she finds out what’s happening.

      1. Yup… I think she has enough proof to atleat figure out that all of them are hiding something or they are cheating on her…. After all arohi is not a dumb character and I request production house to make arohi character lively and real.. As u have done in your previous series krpkab…. All the best ?????

  3. nice episode, waiting for next week.

  4. Now the show is finally starting to pick up, excellent. I think now finally there will be some answers and truth. I do hope that Arohi is smart enough to figure out what is happening and doesn’t blindly believe every lie that Deep tells her. Looking forward to the next episode.

  5. I really hope that arohi should double cross deep so he can get taste of his own plans and cheatings… Then story will become interesting…. Woh kahte hai naa jodi takkar walo ki banni chahiye.. So, uske liye arohi ko thoda smart to banna hi padega….

  6. Did anyone notice the broach on his coat or it’s only me .

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