Ishq Mein Marjawan 20th July 2018 Written Episode Update: Arohi to be given shocks

Ishq Mein Marjawan 20th July 2018 Written Episode, Written Update on

Scene 1
Arohi screams Deep save me. Tara says deep can never be yours. He is only mine. All the best. She leaves.
Doctor tells Tara that deep came to me. Don’t worry we will handle your patient the way you want.
The violent patient says to Arohi I will break your bones. She says here is the cutter. Arohi screams. Nurse says deep please save me. Please get me out of ere. Nurse says hear her screaming. Tara says get her killed. She should never come out. Arohi is scared. Nurse comes at night. She gets in more violent patients. Arohi says please get me out of here. They all scare Arohi. Arohi says God please save me.

Deep comes home. Tara says I will jump. Deep says arohi what are you doing. She says where did you go after Chawani’s school. He says I went to take gift for you. She says don’t lie I will jump. Deep says listen. Tara jumps.
All the women scare Arohi. she says to nurse please get me out. Nurse says you will have to stay here. Arohi hugs nurse and says please get me out. She steals the key. Arohi tries to open the lock.
Deep stops Tara. She says I love you Deep. You lied to me. You went to meet that girl. DEep says doctor asked me to come. I went to tell doctor not to let her out. Arohi says I thought you have changed. Deep says no one can come between us. You know all the truth. He goes to his room.

Arohi is hungry. Chawani says to tara please eat. She says don’t wanna eat. Deep says I will make you eat. If you don’t eat I wont eat either. Arohi says I should eat. A patient takes Arohi’s food and eats it.
Tara calls nurse and says whats happening there? She says we will start her treatment in a while. Arohi’s fake mother does pooja.
Arohi comes out. Nurse says to Arohi you will stay here. You will be given shock. She says please don’t do this. i am pregnant. My baby will be harmed. Nurse and warden take them out.
The fake mother tells deep something.

Arohi is taken to shock room.. She screams.
Precap-Deep gets a call and says your work is done. Tara gets a call. She says what? Whho stopped it? She says is deep playing a game with me?

Update Credit to: Atiba

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  1. the way Tara behave today how is it possible dt Deep didn’t realize she s behaving exactly like Tara sometime it feel like Deep is actually wth Tara and he betray Aarohi once again like seriously even though i have been watching this from episode one i still can’t understand anything its like the more i watch the more i get confused

    1. ya it’s true I too feel the same in three months a serial killer stays so calm and kind and patient …seriously… And deep doesn’t get any dout

  2. pathetic show…. suspense is not getting over at all useless to watch anymore!!

  3. You can torture nia as much you can I don’t feel bad, does too much overacting I watched on mute lol.

  4. Hello friends.
    Nothing new in today episode. And current track.these all already shown in shimla episodes. First shown true love,sweet romantic scenes between ardeep.then Arohi go to jail someone torture the same thing is happening.different it’s mental hospital. In jail kalyani first torture arohi,then she help the mental girl 1st torture nia.then she help to her.but in shimla episodes I felt arohi( Alisha) am not feel that pain.I don’t know why.deep knows who stay with him that girl is Tara. But why he call her as arohi. Deep something hide from Tara.but wt? The fake arohi mom help deep.and precap can’t understand.
    I can understand Alisha need rest.she can’t play both role for a long will be better Tara character die in this show.because already shown Tara character was dead.that time viewers miss Tara.but enjoy the change the leading role.most of the viewers can’t accept it.why writers do this.
    Better to show off air.happy ending with ardeep.after fire accident who saved arohi.who was done this plastic surgery. Wt about deep past?
    Good night.

  5. there is some mystery going on here…. this is the second time Deep has slapped Tara, and the way she reacted, Deep definitely wouldnt think her to be Arohi. standing on the balcony and threatening to jump is Tara’s standard character… Deep knows but he calls her Arohi. Tara knows but she calls herself Arohi. Chawanni is not shown much…. my bet is that the fake Arohi’s mother is a psychiatrist for Tara…. i want to know more about whats happening in Raichand house. seriously i dont care at all about the torture Nia is facing. same things happened when Arohi was in jail. Nia’s arc is like a repeat story. she will cry, she will get tortured, someone will help her….. I DONT CARE. show me clearly whats happening in Raichand house instead.

    1. Agree with you. Still am doubt on nia character. What about deep past?

  6. I am very sad because nia sharma as arohi please alisha panwar in leading role as arohi


  8. Alisha rocks it today I love tara/Aarohi (Alisha) no one take her place .
    1)Alisha expression super se upper
    2)I think deep know she is tara who live with as Aarohi
    3)Love Ardeep scene for me (Arjun and Alisha is Ardeep)
    4)In shimla Aarohi torture in jail nia torture in mental hospital I can feel Aarohi pain but I can’t feel nia pain smj nhi aaya nia dar rhi thi ya dra rhi thi
    5)Ye track bilkul accha nhi hai even they repeat the story first nia torture and then she take revenge from Tara nothing knew she doesn’t suit in Aarohi role .
    6)Being Alisha fan I love today episode except nia scene .Tara is come back I want Alisha also do Aarohi character.
    7)I think nia character name is anjali and she is Aarohi friend who come here to help her aisa hi hona chahiye warna koi ye show nhi dekhega
    8)Rivanya agree with you

    1. Hi Zain.who is anjali?
      Nia name is anjali mean how she knows Ardeep moment. It a privacy one.

  9. I just hate this Nia Sharma as arohi. I think director gonna mad. Alisha is best for arohi. Flop show iss ishq mein marjawan.

  10. Nia Sharma is looking so horrible in arohi’s look and the hairstyle didn’t suit at her at all…..she looks like a witch….and her way of delivering dialogues are also very poor Alisha performed the role very well she is good in both Tara and arohi role…..writers killed the role of deep in this show….they didn’t show what happened to virat they spoiled the role of Tara as well…..she is the serial killer and she hate cheaters than why she is not killing deep….and why every time she get successful to make her free from the clutches of poilce…..they just spoiled a good show with different story rather than that of saas bahu type stories…..what happened to bhabhi niku no one knows and arohi also didn’t care for them it looks like after when she gets deep…..she just involved herself in deep story only….no positive character in arohi’s life….serial is just full of negativity……
    I am new here I never commented but today I thought to do it

  11. I think deep knows it’s Tara….he wants to keep his enemy near that’s y keeping Tara with him n pretending that he doesn’t know…mayb Arohi is safe somewhere else….wen there was fire, deep saved Arohi n has hidden her somewhere…..nia is just there to confuse Arohi…or some other purpose…

    1. agree with you…

  12. Pratina

    Or mayb deep wants to know about his past, dats y keeping tara with him…

  13. full of confusion about deep character.. except nia part everything is nice..

    1. hey Sravanthi… i agree with you, except Nia’s part, everything else is interesting. the way Tara is reacting, even Chwanni should know that this is Tara. i just hope it is part of a big plan…. like before Deep trapped Arohi, but now he is with Tara to trap her, maybe to obtain knowledge about his past or some other reason and Arohi is with Deep in this plan. i just dont want to watch so much of Nia. just feels like i am watching some unknown character take too much of screen space

  14. Current status of immj show viewers:
    Alisha fans: we want Alisha play both role (arohi&Tara)
    Arjun fans: we want mastermind deep.
    Nia fans: can’t understand anything but like her performance.

    Writers:don’t Care about anything. Just wait &watch our shows.some twist will come.

    1. i just hope our arohi(alisha panwar) should be back she should be safe

    2. exactly ??

    3. hey Rhivanya…. i cant even imagine about Nia fans right now lol….. we are watching and we dont understand half things. if someone starts watching now, i can only wonder 😛 😛

      1. ☺☺

    1. how does it make any sense i dont know

  15. what is this promo?? means deep really betrayed arohi??? most stupid i must tell…

  16. hey dhara,Saras yes it’s stupid promo.

  17. arohi ka chehra badal diya deep arohi ko dhoka diya iss serial mein ab kuch bhi nhi bacha hai dekhne layak go hell with this serial i think we should stop watching this serial gies mtb aaj kal ke serial mein lead ko kaun badalta hai the serial is really gonna off track

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