Ishq Mein Marjawan 1st November 2017 Written Episode Update: Arohi mad at Deep

Ishq Mein Marjawan 1st November 2017 Written Episode, Written Update on

Scene 1
Deep comes to murder place and says to constable that I am forensic expert I am sent from Dehli to collect evidence here. They let him.
Laksh says you actually don’t remember you said about this police dog thing? She says I was with deep two days ago. I was trying to take him to restaurant. Enough of your questions. Please stop the car. He says I wont’ ask anymore but I will show you. They walk in the jungle. She says where are you taking me?
Deep replaces the knife.
Arohi trips. She sees Deep. She says that man looks like Deep what is he doing here. Arohi gets up. Deep leaves from there.

They come to the murder venue. Arohi screams. Laksh says did someone come from Shimla? Constable says no forensic expert came though. Laksh says why are

you crying? She says why have you brought me here? Let me go home please. I can’t see this murder. He asks constable to drops her home. Laksh says why she behaves so different each time.

Scene 2
Prithvi tries to open the door behind library. Sanaya is there. He says are you spying on me? SHe says you pay me doesn’t mean we won’t walk. He says go from here. He goes to Tara’s room.
Deep comes to the house and hides evidence.
Arohi is coming home too. She sees Deep. He says Arohi you.. He has evidence in hand. Deep hugs her and slides knife in her bag. He says thank God you came. I came here due to emergency at work. I would get bankrupted. She says nothing is so important that you left your wife alone in an unknown city. He says I am sorry you were asleep. She says not so asleep that I wont wake up. he says I didn’t get time. She says but you had time to have lunch with Laksh? He says where you met her? What was he saying. She says you don’t care how I got home. He says I really worry for you. I am sorry I didn’t want to disturb you.
He says what questions was Laksh asking? Deep says I was with inspector asking what was he doing in hotel. We booked it yet he was there. then I got the call. The knife falls from her bag.. She says where did it come in my bag? I dont know it. It has blood too. its not mine. I saw you where murder happened. He says I was with client. And this knife maybe inspector laksh placed it in your bag. She says why would he do that? Arohi says he took me to a murder site. There was blood everywhere. Deep says he is trying to get you stuck in something. Their case would be stuck so they want to sacrifice yoou. Don’t worry I will handle everything. He once arrested you before as well for no reason.

Scene 3
Deep comes to Tara’s room in anger. He sees her meds full He says you didn’t eat meds. I am doing all this for you and you keep increasing problems. She says I did this for you. You want to get arohi stuck. You had to leave arohi’s marks near the dead body and she would get stuck.
Arohi tells Maya that Deep came here. She says its weird. maya says he didn’t tell me. He doesn’t share problems. Arohi says he should share it with us. I should talk to him.

Sanay tells Sushant that Prithvi was talking about that madam again. She says I am so scared. They are going to do a big sin. We have to get out of this. I wont be part of this sin. He says relax don’t worry about arohi. We don’t know her. We shouldn’t care. We want out money. I am with you. I love you a lot. He is about to kiss her. Arohi comes there. She is dazed. Arohi says what was this? You both were kissing? You are siblings. Are you mad? Sanaya says he is your brother. What is this. This is wrong. Sushant please explain. Don’t you have any shame. Sushant says its not like that. SAnaya says please listen.. Arohi says how will deep react.
Sanaya says she will tell Deep. He will kill us. I can’t do this anymore. Please lets go from here. He says relax. Let me think.

Arohi comes to room in shock and says this is all so weird. What is happening. I can’t believe.. Sushant and Sanay. How will Deep react to this? This is very sensitive.

Precap-Laksh says Deep exchanged the ash tray. Sanaya says to Arohi your husband is cheating on you. He has another woman.

Update Credit to: Atiba

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  1. Now i really want laksh to know the truth and help arohi but one thing deep said right about arohi TUM BOHOT BHOLI HO

    I read in spoiler that sanaya will try to warn arohi about deep’s plan but will be killed by Tara
    And also that laksh and arohi’s love story will start but some say that laksh will use arohi I want the first want to be true because I don’t want both the male leads to use arohi

  2. I think I have a clue about how the story will end laksh will first arrest arohi but will get to know that she is innocent then he will help her than she will take Tara’s place and Tara will be sent to mental asylum then deep will be arrested and at last laksh will propose her which she will accept and HAPPY ENDING

    Its just my idea and nothing else

    1. Hey Anu I also think the same

  3. Hey again I am the first one to comment but why are the comments so less???

    1. Hi Anu please comment daily am only comment daily

  4. Alisha and arjun has played their character superb but vineet should give more attention in his expression because I didn’t liked his expression in today’s episode

    1. Ya you are correct I also like arjun and Alisha expression

  5. Very thriller interesting entertainment episode I like today episode laksh and arohi know the truth very soon

  6. Alisha and arjun are superb actors but vineet should give more attention in his expression I didn’t liked his expression in today’s episode

  7. Maybe laksh will know but arohi is so dump sometimes I just hate her

  8. Hey rhivanya do u read IMM spoilers

    1. No anu

  9. Need more laksh and arohi scene
    I just hope it doesn’t turn out that laksh was with Tara then I won’t watch

  10. Deep-cute villain
    Arohi-dump girl
    Tara-obsessed with make-up
    Laksh-good for nothing

  11. Hey one more idea came to my mind

    Arohi will get to know about deep’s plan after she gets arrested then she too will plot against deep-tara and will somehow make laksh believe her than deep will be arrested Tara in mental asylum and laksh arohi stays single-single

    Or same story but laksh will use arohi
    Its just my idea but which one is better among the three stories

  12. Full of my comments right but I am getting mad to know when will arohi and laksh know the truth??
    I just can’t handle so many raazzz
    This writers will make me mad!!!!!

  13. Nice episode, I think Aarohi will know the truth soon and inspector Laksh will help her or use her to get the real serial killer, by the way the precap looks interesting can’t wait for tomorrow episode.

  14. Will Tara kill Sanaya?

  15. For me I would like Deep and Aarohi to end up together.

  16. NerdyBirdie

    Yeah, I agree with the above comments. Arohi is a lot more innocent than I thought she’d be. But in the promo they show that she does get arrested. So I think Laksh will investigate more thoroughly now because it’s evident and unfortunately Deep slipped up pretty bad because Laksh is already suspecting him. It would be hard to believe with the way he’s acting that he doesn’t know about his wife’s murder sprees. But that stuff would probably come to light after Arohi gets arrested.

  17. Sathyaa

    I started watching this serial just for Arjun is there but now the show is really rocking with unique plot and amazing performance from everyone and the leads Arjun & Alisha are really doing a great job…. I didn’t expect that Alisha would handle the this roles so well,,,, she is just rocking…..

  18. Sathyaa

    I read in previous episodes comments,,, someone has guessed that Arohi n Tara would be twins of one dad and two different mother…. I remember once Arohi was crying that her Mom and Dad was killed and she didn’t get justice for their death…. I think Tara has murdered them…. I also doubt Deep n Tara aware about this… Arohi would take revenge on Deep n Tara to get justice for her parents and her lover Vishal death….
    Anyways show is going fantastic,,, waiting for the upcoming episodes….

  19. Arohi will get arrested n later laksh would realise that she is innocent..plot will reach a point where Tara is about to get arrested…at that point Tara will backstab deep n make him behind the bars for her deeds..
    I remember the promo videos of this serial where deep is behind the bars n telling “pyaar ne vo Kiya hai mere saath, ki pyaar se bharosa uth jaayega”…coz he loved her that deeply n was with her even after knowing her deeds…
    One more promo was there of Arohi saying the same Bhind the bars….
    First Arohi will get cheated by deep whom she loved n later deep will get cheated by Tara whom he loved….
    N Tara n Arohi are sisters…it was shown earlier that Tara’s father left them for another woman…n that would be Arohi’s mom…
    My thoughts..?

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