Ishq Mein Marjawan 1st May 2018 Written Episode Update: deep asks Arohi to meet him

Ishq Mein Marjawan 1st May 2018 Written Episode, Written Update on

Scene 1
Roma says Tara. She screams. Deep comes in. Roma says Deep help me. they get her up. Roma says I was going to do such a big mistake. Tara says I was trying to tell you. Arohi says to deep this happened because of you. I asked you to come and meet me. Her people kidnapped me. Roma says if something happened to my daughter i would have killed myself. Chawani heaves a sigh of relief. Deep picks Arohi and takes her to the car.

ARohi says to deep you are never there for me. Roma says you should give her time and care. I know you are stuck in my work but take care of her too. She leaves.
Roma says to Prithvi Virat is out of my hands. He says tell him truth. She says are you crazy.

Scene 2
Arohi screams and wakes up. she says Arohi will kill me and my baby. Roma

comes up and says dont worry I am here for you. We will do your baby shower.

Roma gives pandit ji Tara’s kundli. He says you and your daughter have bad days coming but everything will be fine. Roma says will everything be good for her ass a mother? He says she can never be a mom. Roma says are you crazy. She is pregnant. He says then get baby shower done today. Roma asks bindya to get things ready.

Deep says where is Arohi if it was Tara there? Arohi calls Deep and says I am sorry I had to use your wife. You couldn’t save me so I had to do something. He says I was never gonna save you. She says you love me and you want to get away from all this to. Listen to your heart. He says are you crazy. I will never leave tara and my babby.

Virat’s policeman friend gives him location of Vedika’s number. He says I will find her.

Roma gets everything ready for baby shower. Deep says should I do something? She says you better not do anything. What if Arohi gets to know? Whatever I tell you Arohi knows it too. Deep says I am sorry for all that happened. she says prove it. Kill that Arohi. Give me her head.

Deep thinks about all that Arohi said. He recalls what roma said. Deep calls arohi. SHe says you called me so fast? He says you have troubled me. I don’t know what to do. You have confused me. You introduced me to this feeling. I don’t know if all this is mine. He says I wanna meet you. Arohi says you will see the light. Come and meet me. Deep says come at 8, She says 8? Okay I will come. Arohi says how will I go there at 8?

Chawani says you have baby shower at 8. How will you go there? She says if I said no he would have doubted. Chawani says how can you be at two places on same time. Arohi says I have to make it possible. She calls Roma as Arohi, she says I have heard you are getting your daughter’s baby shower done at 8. You see what I do.
Deep sets cameras in the house. Roma says to Prithvi and Deep arohi called me said she wont let me be a grandmom. Deep says don’t worry mom. I have asked her to meet me at 8. Roma says cut her head and give it to me.
Chawani says to Arohi what are you doing. She says wait for what’s next.

Precap-Arohi says to Deep you had for wait for me. Roma says where is Tara? Bindya says she is there in ghunghat. Deep puts gun on Arohi’s head and says I have to kill you.

Update Credit to: Atiba

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  1. the update is so late…. anyways didnt care about today’s episode just because of Deep. i think atleast 30 times Deep has told Roma ‘mummy ji i promise i will get Arohi this time’ ‘mummyji i promise Arohi wont hurt us’ ‘mummyji i promise your enemies wont survive anymore’ ugh, i seriously want to throw abuses at him right now -_- what the hell was that scene where sits on his knees in front of Roma because Roma didnt tell him about the godh bharai rasam?! why is he so weak and cry baby in front of Roma? maybe this is why Virat doesnt respect Deep at all, hell i cant respect such spineless character. again he is going to point gun at Arohi tomorrow. repeatedly Arohi goes to meet him and gets injected or captured or what not…… i want to stop watching the show just because of Deep. fed up!! i like Virat a lot better now, he does what his heart wants and says clearly what he thinks and fights for what he thinks is his right…… why couldnt Deep be like Virat but with a good heart!!!!! or why couldnt Virat remained as an honest investigating police officer who could have been the hero for Arohi. i wish Arohi would just snatch the gun from Deep and shoot him and Roma!
    i wish instead of focusing on Arohi and Deep so much, the story will focus on others and at least give us the revenge we are waiting for. i cant handle another week of Arohi trying to manipulate Deep into growing emotions or whatever

    1. Sonakshi5

      Yes??…deep every says that he will kill Arohi ?? but he didn’t kill her until now…
      Me too …fed up of this show…….
      Agree virat is now better than deep but if either of them were good …this whole story would not have happened …..but even now if they change ,it would have been good …but the time is up now …i have no hope from any of them?….i want arohi to delete ❌❌❌❌❌❌roma from this world??? as soon as possible .

    2. True Dhara,,,, am fed up with Deep these days,, more than Roma i hate Deep character, worst part is Arjun is doing this character

    3. Hai dhara.deep always said mummy ji Mummy ji mummy ji.I hate this kind of deep.

  2. precap is exciting waiting for tomorrow and deep’s reaction when roma says him to kill arohi

    1. Sonakshi5

      Obviously deep would be sad☹ but he won’t stand for arohi or against his mummy ji ?…
      I doubt was right ??…deep won’t change?? …

    2. Hai ankita.yes I love deep expression. So excited.

  3. Again same drama…. meeting, trying to kill, escaping, meeting , trying to kill , escaping …issh

    1. Sonakshi5

      Hi …
      Agree this is only happening again and again ??

    2. Hai sahina.don’t worry.some new twist will come.

  4. Dhara di you are right deep and his mummy ji irritate me. Aarohi ka plan kya hai wait for next episode.

    1. Sonakshi5

      I think arohi will again escape ??‍♀️??‍♀️…..
      At first I was irritated of three things
      Slow internet , when my earphones were tied and low battery?? but now i am irritated of this meri taraf ,mummy ji and deep??? .

  5. Updated is too late Dhara di you are right deep and his mummy ji irritate me. Aarohi ka plan kya hai wait for next episode.

  6. roma n deep are too much…” sar kaatke mere saamne rakha do… “…

    what kind of wish is that? is arohi a toy??? in whole Mumbai no people/police exist….
    roma n party can shoot anybody anytime n be with it…. what a foolishness..

    anyways… arohi can never instigate deep against roma… never… god knows y deep wants tobe a good boy infront of roma!!!!

    virat is super… he is being smart these days… i like him even more now….

    1. Sonakshi5

      Hi ..
      Yes , police????‍♀️?? comes to arrest arohi but they don’t come to arrest deep for killing tara ,vedika,
      virat for killing kalyani ….
      I am also liking virat these days ,he is better than that mummy ji ka chamcha …
      True even if roma kills ????deep he would say ji mummy ji i can die for u ??..

    2. True Dhara,,,, am fed up with Deep these days,, more than Roma i hate Deep character, worst part is Arjun is doing this character

    3. Yeah Sara’s,,,, Virat is practical now and this deep irritates to the core these days,,, always mummy ji mummy ji

    4. Hai Saras.agree with you.

  7. Hello friends.
    How arohi manage the situation?
    Waiting for next episode.

    1. Sonakshi5

      Hi rhivanya ?
      I am sure our smart arohi would escape this time too??‍♀️??‍♀️

      1. Hai sonakshi.i hope so.

  8. Sonakshi5

    Hello everyone?? ….
    Sorry dhara di and rhivanya,i replied to you in yesterday’s comment but I was late?.
    Shabash Arohi ????????????….you again confused??? them ….
    This Roma is too ???much ….so heartless and cruel …she wants her head … ugh ?
    And this deep should open his eyes …. they show him as master mind but he doesn’t even know the difference between his real wife and his lover??….
    In every episode someone or the other one is saying that he or she will kill Arohi ??but when they find her ,they just talk bakwas and let her escape ??‍♀️??‍♀️

    1. Ha ha true,,, real wife and lover,,,, he married Arohi too twice ?

    2. Yes he can’t handle the arohi and side responsibility another side love.

  9. I really want Aarohi to prove herself and wipe out the black spot put by Raichand family of killing people

    1. Hai wish also.

  10. In the next meeting of ardeep
    Arohi- deep mujhe pata hai tum mujhe pyar karte ho…. Mujhe kanhi le chalo…..Mein tuhmare buna ji nenhi painting.

    Deep- achha arohi mujhe ek bat bata o ki agar tum Mujhe itna pyar karte ho mujhe poison kyun di.
    ( Arohi’s inner voice LOL)….Then arohi tell to deep

    Are deep majak kar rehthi. Kya itna bhi haq nenhi meri ki mein tuhme poison na de saku.

    1. Hi pks. Is it true.

  11. I think Arohi’s plan is to end pregnancy drama before London track because she thinks deep is unable to love her because of this child. In my opinion, today arohi won’t escape repeatedly like previous episodes. Something unexpected may happen. In London promo, deep says that he had started the game that means Deep also has a purpose for going to London.

    1. Hai mohit.I want this pregnancy drama end soon.

      1. Even I want it to end soon

    Watch this video. Arjun and Alisha masti from london.

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