Ishq Mein Marjawan 1st March 2018 Written Episode Update: Arohi goes for abortion

Ishq Mein Marjawan 1st March 2018 Written Episode, Written Update on

Scene 1
Deep says where is Tara. He looks for her. Arohi is in the OT. Deep comes and says stop. This abortion won’t happen. Aorhi says why? He says you can’t kill this baby. Arohi says you don’t want this child. I have taken my decision.
She leaves in anger. Arohi recalls she asked the doctor that her married life is in trouble. She wanted to save her life. And asked him to make report. He said I cant do this. Arohi said I will make this video viral in which you harrassed this nurse. He said sorry. She said say sorry to this nurse. And then make report. Nurse said to Arohi you saved us thank you. Arohi says we women have to fight for ourselves.
Deep stops in front of Arohi’s car. He says please I want to apologize. I want this child. I trust you completely.

He hugs her.

Arohi comes home. Roma hugs her and says how could you do this. Arohi says none of you trusted me. So I went for abortion. ROma says don’t say that worried. God gave you both this happiness celebrate it. She says Tara your birth changed ourlives. This child will be equally lucky for us. I will announce in the party that this child will be owner of half of my wealth. Virat is angry. Deep says what about Virat. Roma says its just half. He will understand. He has to.
Virat comes to his room and breaks stuff in anger. Arohi comes in and says Virat you heard what mom said. she will make my child heir. deep handled the business and in future my child will handle everything.

Scene 2
Party preps are going on. Virat says to Prithvi we have to stop mom from doin all this. We have to do some incident that will make mom forget about this decision.
Roma says Tara will do the pooja. Arohi does the pooja. Deep recalls what happened in the hospital. Virat nods at Pritvhi. He moves the fire rod and it falls on Arohi. Deep saves her. Everyone is dazed.
Deep says are you okay? She says I am fine. Roma says thank God you are fine. Virat says Deep you were taking Arohi’s name. Roma says Arohi? Why did you take her name. Arohi says I told you he loves Arohi. He sees Arohi in me. Deep says Tara calm down. Arohi says you love that Arohi. He is a cheater. Deep says I was worried. Arohi says I don’t wanna talk. She goes to her room.
Precap-Arohi celebrates holis with everyone.

Update Credit to: Atiba

  1. Very nice episode. virat is so greedy. money ki liye apni Behan ko marna chaatha. prithivi change the side. so interesting. waiting for holi episode. upcoming episodes more ardeep romance shown.

    1. i dont why virat is still after them, he will get half the property, right? if he loves his sister so much why cant he let her child have the other half of the property? he is acting against them based on a call he gets from unknown persons. wow. and i thought he would try to harm deep, but harming tara doesnt make sense for his character

  2. Am confused,,, Deep loves Arohi or Tara,,, a person can love one person at a time ? How long he can pretend to Tara if he really loves Arohi

  3. I don’t think that Virat want to kill his sister,he might want to create a misunderstanding between deep nd tara,he just want her to have an abortion…And I don’t think that deep love Arohi also as he had already tortured her so much,y would he love her suddenly?!! No way…

  4. Like seriously! Virat risked his sister’s life for property…
    I must say that he is very cunning,
    Well anyways arohi is succeeding in her plan…
    But I’m really not able to understand deep, sometimes he made us believe that he doesn’t care about arohi, nd sometimes he really makes me feel like,
    He really loved arohi nd he is still in love with her like today he taked arohi’s name while saving her,, is he good or bad, sometimes I feel bad for him, sometimes I think he deserves it,
    nd sometimes I hate him, nd sometimes I like him,,,, so my thoughts keeps changing about him, he is very confusing, not good nor bad….

    1. yeah, i too cant make up my mind about Deep. at most we could say that he is a grey character. he is not bad or selfish or greedy from heart, but he would do anything that Roma orders, even if it is to kidnap, murder, trap or torture somebody else.

  5. Did Arohi and Deep spend any intimate time together since she’s been acting as Tara?! I’d not, how can Deep believe she’s pregnant? LOL! I really don’t understand this pregnancy. She doesn’t even like hugging Deep. Isn’t he wondering how this can be true when they didn’t spend any time together? Writers, you really are amateur!

    Good episode overall. Virats character should be killed off as he seeces no purpose. Actually he never did. When he was Laksh he did nothing and now as Virat he does nothing.

    How did Arohi get the video of the doctor and nurse though? Another blunder by the writers lol. Wish they would put some thought into what they write and make it a little more realistic.

    1. Same here ….how she became pregnant ….cause Arohi didn’t went even close to deep ….she felt so uncomfortable …….maybe …….koi bio padhao makers ko

    2. thats what i thought of pregnancy part, even if arohi/tara was pregnant, the logical thing for deep would be to claim that it is not his child. depending on what the writers have shown us, i thought they were not close at all. now suddenly tara is pregnant and deep is happy about it. makes no sense to me but what can i do.
      as for the video part, maybe arohi spent the entire yesterday searching for a doctor to trap. we were not shown what arohi did after talking with chawanni. the next scene was of next morning.

  6. one thing i was thinking about saying, i like arohi’s character a lot. i mean she is not perfect, she gets emotional and she makes sometimes stupid mistakes. but i like the fact that she is getting her revenge on all her own. she is studying the situation and trying to find ways when she get one. she doesnt have a masterplan, but she has a goal and she is steadily moving towards it. and she is strong. even if she has lost almost everything, she doesnt cry for help or someone’s support. changing looks, using technology, making using of tara’s unpredictability… her only help is chawanni and still she has managed to eliminate the doctor and Maya, kidnap tara twice, and turn virat into wanting to murder deep/tara. i love that she is not like other characters who forget their goals when they meet the hero of the serial, or the serial starts with an idea but ends up being the same love story with misunderstanding, memory loss and kitchen politics. well done 🙂
    happy holi everyone!

  7. happy wid d going track…for arohi n lol for new creativity of writer- making someone pregnant widout any physical touch

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