Ishq Mein Marjawan 19th October 2017 Written Episode Update: Tara replaces Arohi in pooja

Ishq Mein Marjawan 19th October 2017 Written Episode, Written Update on

Scene 1
Arohi says to Maya you know that I can’t do this joke with you. You are my mom. Maya says I know I am sorry. I was just scared. Arohi says where did it come from? Maya says maybe it came from some plants or so. Sheru says but the snake is dead. That means someone put it in thaali. Sushant says yes the snake is dead. Deep says sushant is right. Someone put it in the thaali. Who can do this sick joke. If any of you did you will be punished. Today’s program is cancelled.
Everyone’s dazed. Arohi says we can’t cancel it its not right. We have to do this. Forget about it. The moon is about to rise. Deep says if you want then okay. Sheru takes the snake our.

Everyone goes in balcony.
Sheru says I am fasting too. I have fasted for my wife to

Arohi comes out with thaali. Deep says in heart she is still in shock. Deep says are you still worried? She says I was wondering who can do this. He says I will find our don’t worry. He gives her a necklace and says I hope this will make you smile. She says its pretty. I feel bad I didn’t bring a gift. He says you are a gift yourself. SHe smiles. She says I forgot something in. She goes in. Deep hid it from her thaali.
Arohi comes in the house. Its all empty. She hears someone. Arohi does towards the direction of voice. She comes to a room. Arohi says who is there.

After a while Arohi comes out. The moon is out as well. Its Tara instead of Arohi dressed as her. She does all the rituals with him. Deep makes her eat. She says I didn’t fast but this all is fun. She says I am in her place now. No one has any idea. No one knows that I am Tara.
Sanaya says bhabhi I took your so many pictures. Sanaya says you made such good halwa. Tara says enough Sanaya stop boring me. And what are you wearing don’t you have any sense. Deep grasps her arm. Tara says I was kidding.
They go in. Tara asks Deep what did you do with her? He says when you get to know you will be dazed.

Arohi is locked in the room. She says please someone open the door. She is crying and sobbing. Deep and Tara are looking on phone. He says this honeymoon will also be part of my plan. Tara you are my only love. No one can ever come between us. I want to take you out of that room. She says you love me so much. I love you. They come close to kiss. Arohi screams on phone get me out please.
Deep tells her how he locked her. She heard some voice. She went towards the dark room and the door locked from behind.
Tara says you said you will make her say I love you. He says she will. She has phobia of closed spaces. Look how scared she is. Arohi is begging please someone open the door.

Arohi cries and screams please someone get me out.

Precap-Deep says no one will come to save her. I will go. Deep goes there. Arohi hugs her. She says someone locked me in the room. Sanaya says someone is doing this with her. First that snake thing and now this.

Update Credit to: Atiba

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  1. Nice episode what happened with arohi what’s her problem

    1. Rhivanya, Deep locked her in a room.

      I can’t wait for all the secrets and truths to be revealed. Why was Deeps mom pretending to fast? The family is very strange. Hopefully Arohi will find out the truth and plan revenge. Deep doesn’t deserve her, he’s too evil.

      1. Yes you are correct sof I can’t also wait but I like arjun and aalisha

  2. Something is really wrong with this family if they are trying to fake a family then why they were asking her such suspicious stuffs in the precap and deep saying Tara that he took all trouble so she can meet with her family and breathe in the open air……… For me this serial is getting boredom from day to day……
    Arohi darling wake up from your fairy tale dreamland… U have to understand that world is not so loving and caring.. People live for their own benefits….

    1. I agree ABC. If this serial doesn’t pick up quickly I think a lot of viewers are going to stop watching. The writers need to start explaining some of the mysteries here especially regarding Deeps family. He’s extremely rude and disrespectful to them too. I’m very confused by this show and I’m bored with the same evil deep ad Tara every episode.

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