Ishq Mein Marjawan 19th March 2018 Written Episode Update: Arohi and Chawani detain Tara again

Ishq Mein Marjawan 19th March 2018 Written Episode, Written Update on

Scene 1
Tara comes out and says where is deep? She says I want to tell you something.. Arohi presses beep in the earrings. Her head hurts. Deep says she.. She says this earring. she takes off that earring. Deep runs other side to see who is there?
Arohi says i knew you would do this so I made you wear this. Tara says your game will be over soon. Tara screams deep.. Deep looks for Tara. Arohi and Chwania faint her and hide her. Arohi comes and says I am here Deep. Kids hide Tara.
Arohi says I feel so worried. deep says lets go to the doctor maybe you are not feeling well. Arohi says you were testing me in the party. You still doubt me. He says i will never do that. In this small world we will just live happily. What did you want to tell me? She says did you tell mom and virat

about Arohi? He says no we shouldn’t. Virat is already worried. Dont’ worry I will handle it myself.

Prithvi says to Virat deep made them take Tara’s name or maybe they did that together.
Deep and Arohi come home. Virat says what was it Virat? He says to Tara why did you send me to jail? Aorhi says what are you saying. He says thats truth. He says you blamed Deep for all that you did. Truth is that you invited that dancer here. You planned all this. tell me why you did that. Deep shoves him and says don’t dare touching Tara. Arohi says I will answer all this. Arohi says I am not an idiot. What about all that you did. On holi you tried to burn me. Deep says what? Arohi says yes he planned to burn me and my child. I sent him to jail so he doesn’t harm my child. He can’t be my brother. Deep says shame on you Virat. He slaps Virat Virat says listen Tara. Roma comes and says whats happening here? Tara says mom I will tell you. Deep says nothing it was a small thing. Roma says if you both fight in front of Tara i will kick you both out. She takes Arohi with her. Deep says to Virat better stay away from Tara and my child or I will tell mom.

Scene 2
deep blindfold Arohi and says there is a surprise for you. Arohi gets worried. He takes her to a room and opens her eyes. Its all decorated for their coming baby. Arohi gets very happy and checks it all. He says all this for our baby. I will make our lives equally beautiful. He says I brought all kind of clothes boy and girl. Arohi is happy. He shows her toys.

Roma says Deep.. Tara.. They come downstairs. She says look at this room. who decorated this? Deep says we did this for the child. Roma says till three months we don’t tell anyone. that can be dangerous. She says I know you both are excited. He says I wanted to make Tara happy. He says then cook for her. He says I can do anything for her. I will cook all her fav dishes.
Roma says to Arohi we need to keep the happy environment in this house.

Precap-Deep says to Arohi I want to give you and our child a happy world. Arohi says in heart I will ruin your world.
Deep says lets go to the doctor.

Update Credit to: Atiba

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  1. hi friends…. i had mixed reaction while watching the episode. Arohi was very smart today, Deep finally has no doubt on her and she also gave a proper explanation why Tara would want to hurt Virat. even Virat didnt have a reply because he knew he was wrong. i only wonder why Deep becomes like a obedient Robot infront of Roma…
    and i was also sad, because when Deep realized Virat had tried to hurt Tara he was very angry and fought with Virat. he never did anything like that for Arohi. and when he was bringing all those dolls and dreaming of a happy life with Tara, i felt so bad. how Arohi must have felt? she was once married to this man and maybe thought of the same dreams with him…. and here he was, happy with someone else. for Arohi it would be like again seeing everything she might have got but lost instead and was cheated…… you go Arohi, destroy this full family. i have no sympathy for any of them anymore. i wish there was a new proper lead for Arohi

    1. Hii Dhara
      l agree with u. Arohi’s pain .she was cheated by deep .she was also once dreamed all this with deep

    2. I also want same, a new hero for arohi who will help her and plz writer director bring some rocking hero to arohi plz.

    3. Completely agree with you Dhara.

    4. Sonakshi5

      Hi friends…
      Hi Dhara…
      The episode was good.Thanks for the update atiba.Now deep has no doubt on Arohi and deep and Virat are enemies.Wow !
      Arohi is destroying them step by step.
      I agree Dhara .She had been cheated and trapped.Her happy family was destroyed for Tara’s selfish reasons.There is no way she can forgive them .
      I no more want ardeep , tardeep is ok for me and a new lead should be paired opposite Arohi who would help her.
      Good night friends.

      1. same here Sonakshi, i want a super nice guy for Arohi, who would support her like Deep supports Roma and would love her like Tara loves Deep… lol 😛

    5. Sayanika

      Exactly so Dhara. Aarohi is here to destroy the devils now. I hope she gets some proper support. Chawanni is too young to help her everytime with every thing.
      But i loved today’s episode because atleast Arohi has won Deep’s trust and no one would question her for sometime now. And she doesn’t need to prove herself and can move forward with her revenge.

      1. yes Sayanika, she won Deep’s trust and she also shut up Virat. she really won this round in my opinion… now lets get back to revenge lol

    6. Hi Dhara didi…I agree there should be a proper male lead for Arohi…I don’t care even if it’s deep look alike. That Tara suits Deep better than Arohi and Deep. After seeing today’s episode, I have lost all my hopes for Ardeep..
      It would have been really amazing if there would be someone there to help Arohi instead of chawanni and his gang…. together they could blast that entire mansion with all the kaminas in it.
      I wonder if that would ever happen…to me I think Deep, Roma, Viraat, prithvi should deserve a punishment that’s worse than even death.
      It would also be great if they showed the theme..” jaisi karni, waise bharni”

      1. lol…. double Tara and double Deep 😛 😛 that would be like too much comedy of errors! yeah, i dont any of the to die easily, selfish greedy people…. hope Arohi makes them suffer

    7. Hai dhara. I agree with you. But I think writers not introduced any other role.

      1. i too think so Rhivanya, but Deep is better with Tara…. the villains in this show have everything while the heroine is completely alone 🙁

    8. thanq for replying Shifa, Zeah, Sobhana, Sonakshi and Sayanika… i agree the story seems to be back on track now…. i just hope Arohi finds at least one adult soon who will support her…. good night friends… 🙂

    9. Sathyaa

      Yeah,, no more soft corner for Deep and no more expectations that he would change positive and support Arohi ?

    10. yes dhara u ar corrct, but I hope deep is happy for Tara bcs he believes that she has carried his baby in her womb.. That is all.

      1. maybe, maybe not Moneera…. but it seems he doesnt have any feeling for Arohi now, maybe he is acting…. i always think maybe Deep is acting, maybe he still loves Arohi, and then everytime Deep just does something opposite again. i am too disappointed now….

    11. Ohh no I want deep to change then to be a good husband for arohi…he is the one who can return back arohi’s happiness.

    12. Sanaa.khan

      Hi dhara, sorry for replying late…well said dhara, Arohi made a smart move and deep has become the dog they had in that mansion. Wonder when will Arohi’s prince charming arrive.

      1. Deep has become a dog lol… that was funny but true…

  2. Tara today was not herself at all.. I miss Tara’s famous dialogue. ” Tukde tukde kardoongi ” .

    One more thing about Tara is I really love her with Deep…both kaminas together. As for Arohi, today she played a smart move…. Deep was trapped in his own plan and couldn’t differentiate between Tara and Arohi.

    I don’t know guys if you all had seen this post in the previous episodes…I have written a song for Deep and his thinking towards mummyji, Arohi and Tara.

    Deep( to mummyji):
    kyun viraat ka hai aapko intezaar ,main Hoon naa
    Viraat see bhi achha aur kamyaab, main Hoon naa
    Jo aapko kehna hai, aap mujhe kehdoo
    Aapki jee chahe jitna, aap utna mangloo
    Phir bhi aapko milega utna samman, main hoon naa…

    Deep (to Arohi):
    Teri Meri ,Meri Teri Zindagi ki Kahani hai mushkil
    Do lafzon mein yeh bayan naa ho paye
    Ek ladka aur ek ladki ki yeh Kahani hai tedi
    Do lafzon mein yeh bayan naa ho paye

    Deep (to Tara):
    Ek pyaar hai,kuch jaan hai
    Sab tujhpe….
    Sab tujhpe qurbaan hain
    Ek Arohi hai, ek parivaar hai…
    Sab tujhpe qurbaan hain

    Guys I want you to guess which movie these songs are derived from.

    1. Really Sonia great work

      1. Thanks Imm dear.

    2. first one… kiska hai ye tumko intejar main hoon na… from Main hoon na
      second… teri meri, meri teri, prem kahani hai mushkil… from bodyguard
      third… kuch khas hai, kuch pass hai, kuch ajnabee ehsas hai…. from Fashion (not sure though about last one)….
      i agree sonia… Deep and Tara made for each other, i feel so bad for Arohi

      1. Dhara, good guess but the last song is derived from padmavat(i)
        Here’s the original song:
        Ek dil hai, ek jaan hai
        Dono tujhpe.
        Dono tujhpe qurbaan hain
        Ek main hoon, ek imaan hai
        Dono tujhpe haan tujhpe
        Dono tujhpe qurbaan hain

      2. good work sonia! 🙂

    3. Hai not watching movies.

    4. Sanaa.khan

      Sonia…superb work. The songs that you described Deep by perfectly go with his character.

  3. Deep was standing like statue when they ripping arohi’s clothes..Now see,how deep reacts when Virat tried to hold tara…He never started to fight with Virat,he was very cool but today he fight with him for his tara nd his child…if he also fight for arohi at that time,arohi won’t live in such horrible situation…Deep ne kya kaha,tara Ko khus karne ke liye mai kuch bhi kar sakte,iska matlab,tara ki khusi ke liye arohi Ko mar skta he…Precap is funny,he thinks that he will live a happy life with his child,but tara won’t be pregnant….Its good she can’t b pregnant,bcoz she is suitable to become a mother,i feel like if it is happen that tara become a mother,m sure she will try to scare her baby also with her knife

    1. Hi babe, i found your comment funny…I agree that it’s better Tara cannot become a mother and even if she does become a mother, she would probably hush her baby by scaring him/her with her knife ? saying..”chup ho jaa warna ..tukde tukde kardoongi”……lol.

    2. i agree with what you said Babe, watching Roma it is clear that she herself has no control over her violent outbursts and her children have learnt that from her, and Tara has even gone mentally unstable. now if Tara is not treated completely and taught kindness, her children will suffer too…. actually, any children will suffer in that family, even Virat is not good enough to be a father or a husband… i too hope Deep loses everything like Arohi lost once, his dreams, his hopes for a happy life, his trust, his family…

    3. hahah amizing song Sonia…even if I don’t know the meaning…but am sure u mean somethng

    4. Agree with u babe..Tara can’t be a good mother

    5. Hai babe and sonia I agree what are you said.

    6. I agree with u @babe, deep is not even a man he can’t respect arohi’s dignity…. At that time very well knew arohi can’t hide chip inside her clothes and she won’t be lying about that, i really really hate him for this… U know i used to like deep before this moment…. And i don’t get it wht does prithvi want from his life and why does he always support viraat his age is to play with his grandchildren, so he better go home and relax with his family..

      1. i dont know if Deep even has a family… he was having an affair with Maya but now Maya is dead and Prithvi is alone…. and an empty man is a devil’s workshop, i guess the old man has nothing to do with his sad life 🙁

      2. sorry i meant Prithvi* i dont think Prithvi even has family

    7. Yes very true babe! Aarohi shouldn’t fall in love with Deep again or forgive him! I mean the way he humiliated by ripping her clothes just to get a chip! So irritating! that’s so unforgiveable if he loved her he wouldn’t’ve done that! He could’ve resorted to some other means! Aarohi should get a loving, brave person to love not somone like Deep! Don’t take offfence guys I only hate the character Deep! I love Arjun and one of his die hard fans!

      1. Yeah Dhara! Prithvi’s life story is a mystery! I’m also thinking what youre thinking!

  4. Hello guys.
    How are u all??
    Dialogue of the day: Deep says to virat better stay away from my tara and my child..l wish he say arohi in place of tara .But watching today’s episode l lose the hope of ardeep.Feeling sad about that.
    Today’s highlights. …
    *Arohi’s smart move kidnapping Tara again
    *Deep again trusted Tara (Arohi) His doubt get cleared
    *Virat truth comes out in front of Deep
    *The punch scence.(l wish more but that ….roma entry spoiled it)
    *Deep’s dialogue. ( But he never did anything for arohi)#like dhara said in her comments
    *Surprise of deep for coming baby ( His dream never come true) He cheated arohi #no sympathy for deep#
    * Deep going to cook for tara
    Feeling so mood off by watching today’s episode I don’t know why?. but l think because again again again losing the hope of ardeep
    After watching today’s its cleared that deep loves tara a lot but……
    Precap ????? Why is he always saying to tara lets go to doctor????Is he playing something else????Does he still doubt about tara pregnancy?????Still confused

    1. Hai shifa.i agree what are you said.already said our thoughts are also you proved it.good night.

      1. Thanks for cleaning my doubt dhara

    2. hi Shifa…. i too wanted deep to love arohi, but i feel losing hope everyday…. i think in the precap he is really worried about his child and wants good doctor, definitely not the doctor who lied that Tara is not pregnant (that is what he thinks…)

      1. Me too lost that hope,,,,I Hate Deep for hurting Arohi again and again

    3. Hi Shifa, I guess in the precap Deep wants to take Tara ( aka Arohi) to doctor for a check up because he’s genuinely caring for her and her baby because he also said ” I want to fill your life with happiness while feeding Tara ( aka Arohi)…and I think here the writters might shock us by showing Arohi is really pregnant to which she might also be shocked…and this mystery track might continue for about a week or so…

  5. I mean she is not suitable to become a mother …

  6. Hai friends. How are you all. I really like today episode. Aroki ka plan deep really fall in love with Tara.but one thing is disturbed why nikku and arohi Bhabi still alive.what happened with dilip Singh.virat and deep fight is gud. I enjoy that and arohi also track is going on.nice. I love this excited for upcoming episodes.

  7. I agree with u Dhara,Arohi won’t be happy in such situation,but I don’t know y I can’t b sad when deep is excited to have a child as bcoz I always feel that deep love Tara not arohi,so its not so strange to me…I don’t want tied tara up for so long,bcoz story is going to repeat again nd again…For today episode,i love Deep’s smile,at that time I just think that he is too cute,nd nothing more… Nd I felt laugh when tara disappeared nd deep said “Ajeeb pagalpantihai”

    1. hi babe… i think its because of Alisha’s acting that i felt so bad. she was so good in that scene. she was trying to pretend to be happy like Tara, but the more she saw Deep smilling and eagerly discussing about clothes and toys, she really felt bad. she was looking like why couldnt she really have that moment in her life and why Deep cheated her…. i understand Deep’s point too, whatever he is, he is loyal and he genuinely wants a child, and his acting is good too and i always loved Arjun in those type of scenes where he is jolly and smiling, but after all that Deep has done, it isnt fair that he is planning everything so happily…. i would be happy when i see him realise that he will never be father because Tara really can never be mother

  8. Good night friends.

  9. Hi shifa,me too love punch scene,at that time Prithvi can’t control him also,roma came suddenly in between them,if he tell the truth to Roma,she will angry at virat,y he need to hide it from her…Nd I just wonder y deep didn’t get angry after he know that tara blamed him for all that she did… Arohi still can’t find about bhabhi nd nikku’s place,nd i don’t know y bhabhi didn’t come when Nikku was admitted to hospital… Nowadays I hate virat’s character more nd more,he proud himself as he is a police officer but he don’t know how to investigate also

    1. Sanaa.khan

      Hi Babe even I loved the fight scene between deep and Viraat. I agree that deep should have punched him more.

  10. The whole episode was great..big up to arohi..may god give u strength to move foward

  11. I wish there would come a man who would give her real love with happiness and leave him with his tara then he would know the importance of arohi..another thing, I wnt arohi to have a real pregnancy

    1. Sanaa.khan

      Hi moneera, don’t you think that it’s too early for Arohi to get pregnant? I mean she is still struggling to fulfill her revenge and she didn’t find her true soulmate yet.

      1. Yeah even I think it’s too early for Aarohi to get pregnant for real!

  12. Hi everyone! GM! I just thought of commenting on Mahasangam as none of you’ve replied yesterday! The epi was telecasted yesterday so I didn’t comment! I think Aarohi’s plan to send Tara to the party was wise otherwise she would’ve gotten into trouble bigtime with the ques asked by Deep smartypants!? I personally feel Detara are really good together (personality wise ?) The way Tara hugged Deep ? She really loves him,the was the only one she was concerned of. Aarohi deserves somebody better really! And what happened to chawanni? He disappeared all of a sudden he should’ve been to keep an eye on Tara and moreover Aarohi should’ve had a gun to scare Tara! Don’t know what lies in store for us ahead! That rising star idea in the show was not cool btw ?

    1. hi shey… i didnt check Mahansgam comments again…. well Arohi’s plan turned out successful in the end so I am happy 🙂 true, yaar, Arohi deserves better and Deep and Tara belong together! waiting for your comments on todays episode 🙂

  13. btw, Sonakshi what happned? not many comments from you today and Tanya’s comments are also missing….

    1. saras also no comments…

    2. Yes dhara Tanya comment is missing.

    3. sanaa, salley, Arohi&Deep….

      1. Sanaa.khan

        Sanaa ka naam liya aur Sanaa hazir… hahaha…
        .Hi Dhara,Sonia,Tanya,Sona,Shey,Moneera, Rhivanya, Babe,Shift and others. I was really busy with my exams and next week my mocks are starting so I won’t be able to comment much but still I will try to comment.

      2. oh… it seems many are having exams now, all the best Sanaa… i hope you do well 🙂

    4. See here i come…. Hii dhara

  14. No use of bringing a new character for Arohi because atlast we will b seeing that They killed like every other stories

  15. Hi Dhara! Yeah I knew none of you would check Mahasangam comments! Btw update comments are decreasing day by day! Today there’s not much comments from our usual commentors (sonakshi,sana,sonia?) Aarohi well played! I like to see her brave and stand out like that! I’m in love with her smart moves! That’s how heroins should be! Not damsels in distress! Todays epi proved that Deep loves Tara? He is so concerned for her! Aarohi better destroy Raichands sooner or later! I can’t stand them being happy! Especially Roma ? I really hate her!

    1. right shey… i am in love with this heroine, she makes stupid moves sometimes but that is only human, no one is super smart like a computer. still she brings out completely brilliant and unexpected moves and that is why i love her…. who could have guessed that she will make her own video and show to Deep to confuse him, or that she would release Tara and still make it work…. she is one woman army yay lol…. comments are a little less today but i suppose the they are busy maybe, its not possible to comment everyday… still new commentators are coming everyday 🙂 i wish you would have been able to see the show during Indian air time and not wait for the next day 🙁

      1. Yeah Dhara! Thats soo sad cause when I come to comment most of the commentors are done and gone that’s also sad! The thing is it’s like that only on Colors! Starplus it’s not like that ?! Yeah Aarohis character is soo strong! Mistakes are bound to happen they cant make a full white character! Then it’ll be illogical! Her uniquenesss makes her stand out of all other heroins! I am just in love with her! Yeah I knoww everybodys not free all the time! Im soo happy to see u reply everybodys comments❤!

      2. thank you say… i also like reading everyone’s comments and replying to them… fans here have so many theories and emotions that it makes watching the show even more enjoyable 🙂 🙂 i will try to see when you post your comments and then reply to them even if it is late 🙂

      3. Sure Dhara! Thankyou soo much ?❤

    2. Sanaa.khan

      Hi Shey , the comments aren’t decreasing…it’s this busy month when most of us in schools have exams going on. Deep only loved Tara but didn’t realize it before and just as Sonia had mentioned both deep and Tara should be together…so from now drop the idea of Ardeep..from now on it’s only DeeRa or only Arohi.

      1. even i am beginning to think that Sanaa… Deep today said that ‘after 7 years they were getting happiness in their lives’ to Arohi/Tara… so i am guessing Deep found out seven years ago that Tara could not be pregnant? maybe this was the reason that with time distance arouse between them thinking their family would never be complete…. and when Deep met Arohi he became even more confused and thought that he could have a life with Arohi…. but now seeing him care for Tara and dreaming of children and a happy family… it feels he truly cares for Tara….. 🙁

  16. what was shown in precap of mahasangam did not happen in this episode and Deep knows that arohi is alive now aur wo hi jo kuch ho raha h uske piche ho sakti h to wo arohi ka pata to lagayega hi

    1. hi mohit… i have pretty much stoppped trusting the precaps lol… hmm maybe Deep will try to find out about Arohi but right now he is too happy to become a father, maybe he will become careless because of his happiness…

      1. Ya dhara.. trusting the precaps is useless.

      2. ya dhara.. trusting precaps is useless.

  17. I wasn’t able to comment yesterday due to my exams but anyway i would have loved ardeep scenes if deep would have done it for arohi but anyway it was a happy moment different from the tensed ones…..
    Isn’t arohi playing a tit for tat game with deep first deep waited for arohi to fall for him as he can execute his plan, now arohi is doing the same thing…. At last result will be same deep will be inside jail as the former promo speaks, and seriously i don’t want any romantic movement between ardeep it really upsets me….. Deep like a mystery gift we really can’t guess what is inside him……

    1. hi Tanya… what exams are you giving? all the best and i hope you do very well 🙂
      yes she is doing with him exactly what he did to her… but i dont know if Arohi will be able to send him and Roma’s family to jail for the crimes they have committed… the writers just killed the doctor and Maya masi… but i dont want the others to simply die and be forgotten… i want the world to know that Arohi was innocent and she was framed and what devils these Raichands are…

    2. Yeah Tanya no worries! Which exams are u sitting for? Do concentrate on that u can come here anytime! All the very best!

  18. Hey guys ! Just now read a spoiler that deep has taken Tara aka arohi for sonography and this time deep is taking her to hospital because now he really cares for his wife and baby and somehow arohi does something and during live sonography when deep is also there, fame foetus is shown and the doctor makes deep hear the baby’s heartbeat and deep gets very very emotional tears in eyes and all…so arohi is trying to melt deep ‘s heart and make him love Tara even more and his love and emotions his weakness…

    1. hi sobhana…. i am very interested to see how Arohi would manipulate the sonography….

    2. Sanaa.khan

      Hi sobhana…that track would be really interesting… specially seeing Deep really being emotional.

  19. It’s written in the spoiler,”Aarohi plans a shocking attack on herself, while she visits the family with the temple. She then proves to Deep that Aarohi is trying to kill their baby”…….
    Guys do u think that she wil make deep to kill tara in disguise of Arohi?!! Now I can’t what’s her plan!!Whats wrong with her? Y she need to instigate deep to hate her more nd more? If she do like that,deep will try to find out about Arohi wil finished her for his child…..

    1. we have to wait and see what Arohi has planned for this move…. my only wish is till now Virat and Roma dont know that Arohi is alive and i dont want them to find out either…. if Deep kills Tara by mistake it will be a big moment for the show, like completely ironic!

  20. Hi shey,i also hate Roma the most…She is the main villain,head of psycho’s family….deep nd Virat can fight with each other,but who wil slap Roma!! I really want someone who can throttle her also

    1. Sanaa.khan

      Hi Babe, the only person who could slap Roma is Dilip Singh but since he’s on wheelchair, we won’t be seeing Roma being slapped soon.

  21. Dear writer try to make it a finite series so that the story would be engaging. And don’t fool audience make clear what is the deep’s character about.If he has soft corner for arohi or not.

  22. Hi Babe! Yeah Aarohi should strangle that Sly Roma first! She looks strong but I don’t think she can do anything without Deep! Thatsy she keeps chanting his name all the time?! Someone should definitely scare her like hell! And the thing u said bout the spoiler! Do u think it’ll be a good plan? Cause by that way she will be inviting trouble cause Deep will get angry if anybody tries to harm his child (remember how he reacted infront of Viraat?) He’ll definitely vow to find Aarohi that’ll be prob! Anyways writers intention is to create tension so there’s a possibility for this to take place!?

  23. Sonakshi5

    Actually Dhara and shey ,my college had conducted some extra classes today . Sorry I couldn’t reply to all of your comments and yes many daily commenters comments are missing.There are less comments now a days as compared to previous episodes .
    And Tanya all the best for your exams.

    1. no need to say sorry sonakshi…. evryone has busy days 🙂 many are having exams it seems… both Sanaa and Tara and maybe others too thats y….

  24. Sana, Sonakshi it’s perfectly fine! If you all have exams please concentrate on those! You can comment here anytime we all are available till the serial ends(hopefully?) All the very best you two! Do your exams well! Looks like the commentors here are young ones ? I’ve finished school 1 year ago so am free of exams for sometime till uni starts!

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