Ishq Mein Marjawan 19th June 2018 Written Episode Update: Roma plans to kill Arohi and Deep

Ishq Mein Marjawan 19th June 2018 Written Episode, Written Update on

Scene 1
Dany texts Arohi in 24 hours I will come to you. I have found a lot of information. Arohi says everything will be clear in 24 hours. Arohi blindfolds deep and says I want your time. SHe hugs him and takes him to his room. Arohi opens his blindfolds. SHe has cooked all his favorite dishes for a candle light dinner. Arohi says no one should come between us. Arohi makes him eat. They both come close.

Roma says only few hours are left. Do something. They will convict her. Virat ays case is so complicated. Tara says you all are idiots. Virat says I am sorry. I will punish that deep so bad. Roma says in 24 hours deep will know what it is like to deceive us.

Arohi has decorated the whole room with their pictures. Deep looks at them. Arohi says they are beautiful right. Deep

says you are crazy. SHe says if you hate me then tell me. Deep says yes we should hate each other. Arohi hugs him and says I know you are lying. I can do anything for you. Deep hugs her back.

Scene 2
Roma comes home. Arohi says you called me mom? Roma says yes. You and deep look good together. For me my kids’ happiness and protection is everything. So I have decided something. We will tell deep everything about his past. We will handle whatever happens next. We have to take deep to the place where it all happened. Do you know that place? She says yes mom. Roma says you have to drive then. Arohi says okay.

Deep comes to room. Virat comes in with a pistol. Virat says mom doesn’t want to hide anything from you. deep says tell me what is truth. Virat says come with me. He takes deep out.
Virat is in car with deep. He puts something in deep’s water. Deep drinks it. He faints after a while.
Arohi is driving. Roma says tara right not left. They stop at a house. Roma says this is the place. Do you see that room? In the closet is that thing which will remind deep of everything. You can only jump there because there are no stairs. You have to jump if you want that thing..
Virat brings deep in the same house from other place.
Arohi jumps from there. roma comes from the hidden stairs. SHe says wow you jumped. So brave. Tara wont have jumped. She has phobia of height. She can never jump. roma slaps her. She says now you see what I do with you and deep. I have written a terrible death for youn Arohi. Arohi says where is deep? What did you do with him? Roma shows her video of Virat slapping deep.
Precap-Deep is tied in a room. Arohi comes there. She says deep I wont let anything happen to you. Roma says if you wanna save him go and get Tara released.

Update Credit to: Atiba

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  1. This episode was a pretty simple one in my opinion. Didn’t feel very excited watching the episode. It was good though.

  2. Woh what a nice episode i am very exited to see it on tv

  3. Hello friends.
    Who will save ardeep?

    1. Hi rhivanya…
      Only writer..?

  4. i found episode very regressive… same old raichands torturing arohi… y is it never ending?? y cant arohi win at least once

  5. Hi frnds…
    I lost my patience..
    I hate this drama..

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