Ishq Mein Marjawan 19th July 2018 Written Episode Update: The one living with Deep is Tara

Ishq Mein Marjawan 19th July 2018 Written Episode, Written Update on

Scene 1
Arohi sees her baby in sonoraphy. She says your papa will know when you are born that you are his baby. Arohi recalls her moments with Deep. Arohi says can you give me phone? i have to tell my husband. She says we aren’t allowed to let anyone call from hospital. Arohi says please.. I really need to call him. He should know. Please. doctor gives her phone. Arohi calls on landline. Deep picks. Arohi says deep I wanna tell you somethign very important. doctor said that.. Deep says who are you? Doctor takes the phone and says you have to come here to know about patient’s condition. Tara hears on other line.
Deep is leaving. Tara says were are you going? Can you please go with Chawani on his presentation? He says okay I will go.

Doctor says to her senior we can’

keep her here in this condition. A crazy patient tries to attack arohi. doctor says are you okay?
Deep comes to Tara and hugs her. Chawani comes and says you came to take keys. Deep says coming. He smiles.
Deep hugged Arohi and says when we have kids they will annoy us like this. Arohi said its not easy to handle kids. He said I will handle them. She said who will handle me? Deep said you.
Tara comes to hospital. Arohi sees her and says what are you doing here? She says you invited my husband here. So i came. Arohi says he is my husband. Tara says he is my husband stop annoying him. Dep says God has given me something that will get me everything. Tara says who are you what you want? I know you are not Arohi. She says Aroi is dead. Arohi is dazed. Tara says I burned her alive. Arohi is dazed. Tara says I can prove. She shows her video of the room arohi was in and was burned. Arohi says in heart why dont’ I remember anything. Arohi says you did all this to me. Tara says you know plan was it? She looks at deep and says depp.
Tara hides. Arohi comes to Deep. Doctor says deep please be in my cabin I wanna talk about the patient. Arohi says doctor will tell you everything deep.
Tara is keeping an eye on them. Arohi says deep must be fainted as well. He wont have let all this happen.

Doctor doesn’t tell Deep anything. Tara gave him money. Nurse takes Arohi back to her room. arohi says I will go with my husband. Nurse shows Arohi a patient. She says this patient is very dangerous. she has injured many people. Arohi comes to her ward.
Nurse leaves that dangerous patient with her. She says I will kill you. Arohi screams. She says please save me. Get me out. Arohi screams deep. THe patient comes near her. Tara asys you will be dead.
Precap-Arohi screams please save me Deep.. She will kill me. Tara says deep will never be yours. He wont come. Tara gives money to doctor. He says will do as you ask.

Update Credit to: Atiba

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  1. I ve decided not to further watch this show
    So i bid goodbye to all the commenters of the update but i will read the telly updates

    1. blo*dy disgusting new Arohi looks shirty I too will QUIT WATCHING THIS SHIT

      1. me too

    2. me too

    3. Me too

  2. Kya bakwas chal raha hai show mein I am not watching the show anymore aaj tak ummed hai ki alisha mam is arohi lekin aaj Pata chal gaya ki alisha mam is tara and nia is arohi so I am not watching the show

  3. Arohi character should be played by Alisha not Nia it would have been better if Nia was casted as Tara.

  4. seriously… they have lost it…. such a nice thriller how could tbey spoil it soo badly?? what a capability…

  5. Flopppppppppp

  6. Koi b nh dekega ab serial bkwas krdiya nia ko arohi ke jagh lake….bnd krdo show…arohi ke jagh koi nh leskta…At least nia to bilkul b nh…nia ko acting ka a b nh aata…god knows kis source se aaye h…

  7. Hello friends.
    Writers completely spoil this show.and totally disappointed me.
    Alisha as was good. Nia as arohi. No I can’t accept it.why change the leading role?
    Spoil the characters also
    Tara apni identity chupa kar arohi ka identity par deep ka saath3 months se rahi Tara character nahi.arohi naam Se Tara ko ithna nafrath hota hai.uska identity par she live a normal life with deep. why spoil Tara character.
    Arohi pehli jail jha chuki hai .now she loss her’s not fair. Totally spoil arohi character.
    Deep ka saath Tara arohi bunkar rahi hay usse patha kaisa nahi hua and deep arohi ko Tara samaj kar aag lagaya ithni badi galthi kaisa ho saktha hai.totally spoil deep character.nia kal ka episode bol rahi thi ki usse laddu khana ki baath kya hua yaath nahi.then how to she remember wt happened in wedding night.still am doubt that wedding night scene.Alisha dialog smile like as Tara and no tatoo on back,deep devil look and fire these all r still confused me.
    Flash back ardeep scene so cute.roma,viat,prithivi,vedika,danny episodes are nice.but nia no.I love only arjun and Alisha this show only for ajun and Alisha act.still this show watch only for arsha.
    Personally want this show end very soon.
    Good night.

    1. hiiiii rhivanya yess i love alisha as arohi but nia noooo but still i am going to watch the show only to know how nia prove her as arohi because it is thrill to watch but still i’ll never accept nia as arohi

  8. Sry for long comment.

  9. I am nt going to comment on the episode. Nia’s acting is ok but i cant think of her as arohi when alisha is standing right there… But guys, did anyone hear the precap clearly? It said what will deep do after knowing anjali’s truth. Was it anjali or arohi? I am confused….. I wont watch the show anymore. Even tara is no longer believable. And arohi’s mom has disappeared or what? Deep’ mom truth no one knows but here comes arohi’s mom fir two seconds and then she also disappears…. Nonsense everywhere

    1. hiiii dhara i agree with u i’ll never accept nia as arohi as show is hell irritating they change the whole concept i will watch the show only sometimes just to know how nia prove herself as arohi because it is thrill to watch otherwise the show is total nonsense

      1. how can they replace aarohi character nd give it to nia instead of alisha mam mtlb nia se acting b nhi ho rha hai alisha is more beautiful more gud actreess then nia the serial has been destroyed

  10. I hardly comment but today I have to say I am no longer watching this show. The writers did a huge mistake by changing arohis face. Alisha is a superb actress and no1 can play both her roles the perfect way that she does. Goodby ishq meh marjawan, yourll should have just shut the serial down rather than making the viewers frustrated and angry with such a nonsense twist of story

  11. Stop watching immj.

  12. So angry they changed arohis face with nia! I have lost interest in the show. I’m guessing deep was playing arohi like Danny said and looking for his mum was a fake natak to trap arohi ? no more watching this stupid show.

  13. when tara has all personality traits of aarohi. there is no need of aarohi. Tara loves kids ,love deep even chawani not able to recognize her. so big question what is the need of aarohi. nia has such an ugly face i dont care about her.

  14. Guys let’s strt a common hashtag in instagrm and twitter To bring back Alisha as Arohi again..what do u all say?may b then writers may do something

    1. yes u r right

    2. Yes

  15. I’m not surprise at all i knew all a long dt nia sharma z Aarohi because i clearly remember when Tara say dt dey have de same face but only her face will remain but i think nia sharma can act as Aarohi but not as Tara only Alisha can act well when it come to posing as a serial killer

  16. Dawn

    Thank God Nia is Arohi

  17. i think still some suspense is there first writter thought something else to do then they just change their plan by making that burnt person arohi …….after eating ladoo she was dazed or this whole plan mastermind is deep only dont know still…..bcz first he gave laddu to arohi thn she was faint thn he use her and then burnt her thats y tara was saying u no who planned this all….dont know but tata bye bye immj

  18. Nia Sharma should not be as aarohi. Let Nia be Tara not aarohi . All the episode r bore no thrill. After Nia came the thriller serial became bore .

  19. I’m so fed up of all he twists and turns and never getting anywhere with this show. Coming up close to one year now that it’s been running and it is the exact same as when it started. I cannot believe this garbage. Hoe insulting to the fans of this show to do something so stupid. They have zero regard or appreciation for the fans by removing Arohi and replacing her with Nia. I will not be watching any longer. I’m sad that the show didn’t have any happy moments at all for Arohi. From day one until now it has only been about pain, heartache and despair for her. I’m so frustrated, I can’t believe it’s actually Tara. I really had hope that it was Arohi until today. So angry that they did this. To h*ll with you IMMJ. Should have valued your fans before doing this shit. It’s the fans that gave you the high ratings you had. Without the fans there is no IMMJ. Goodbye garbage show.

    1. u are absolutely right

  20. Nia introduction episode she said to deep,today is my birthday. Not Alisha birthday .and next day of the episode. Nia asked to some unknown person what today date. That mean???……..

    1. hi Rhivanya… there are many things like this but i dont talk about it because i feel the writers simply dont care. if Nia knew its Arohi’s birthday, then she should know its already three months gone. but she tells Deep i can prove she is Tara because she will have tattoo on back, like Deep cant see Tara’s back in three months by himself….. but next episode Nia doesnt know which month or day it is. How is that possible?? then again, first day, Nia doesnt have money to call Deep. but immediately afterwards she gets on bus and reaches Raichand Mansion. Like bus from Haryana border to Mumbai will bring her for free… Show anything, whether it makes sense or not. they think the audience doesnt have a brain

      1. Hi dhara.yes many mistakes are done by writers. Nia thought that her marriage was happened in April month.but tara birthday was celebrated in 11 June.and first day nia wear a yellow day she wear a blue she had no money.

  21. Disgusted

  22. gies how gud it will ne if nia is sent by arohi(alisha) in order to seek revenge from tara & deep

    1. It’ll b nice. Bt how is it possible?? Nia recalls all ardeep moments

  23. i cant quit wathing that show . i want to know who is anjali , deeps past and what happened on that night . who was that who was pretending to be mother of arohi .

  24. I freaking hate the new arohi she is NOT BEAUTIFUL than Alisha. Nobody can mach up to Alisha. So bye bye IMMJ I will only return when Alisha is back as Arohi and nothing else.


  25. Hi guys I am a silent reader I feel we have 2 give chance 4 nia it’s not about d looks but about d story. I think we fans support 4 them.sorry if I hurted anyone it’s just my opinion.

  26. Hi guys I am a silent reader I feel we should give a chance 4 nia it’s not about d looks but about d story. I feel we fans should support them. Sorry if I hurted anyone it’s just my opinion.

  27. Hi Dhanus, I agree that not everything is based on appearance. Everyone is definitely entitled to their opinion 🙂

    I think most of the fans are just shocked and disappointed that they would replace the lead character of the show the way they did. It’s the same repetitive story again and again and just seems to be getting more rediculous.

    If Deep does know that it’s Tara, that would explain why he was saying that woman is her mother. Arohi’s parents both have passed away, so that made absolutely no sense.

    The writers evidently don’t care about the nonsense they’re writing anymore. I guess now that all of us have said we won’t watch anymore, the ratings will drop for sure. GOOD!

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