Ishq Mein Marjawan 19th February 2018 Written Episode Update: Maya says Tara is Arohi

Ishq Mein Marjawan 19th February 2018 Written Episode, Written Update on

Scene 1
Deep says what are you trying to say? This sketch is of Kesari. You are drunk. She says I am not blind. Deep turns back and sees the sketch. He is dazed to look at it. Deep says thats Kesari not Arohi. Arohi says enough no one will take her name in this house. Maya says she looks like Arohi. Deep says please. We don’t have time for all this. He says give this to virat. Arohi says don’t dare taking her name again or I will kick you out. Maya says sometimes I feel like.. Arohi leaves.

Deep comes to his room. He says why was I thinking of Arohi? She doesn’t mean anything to me. She is dead. Tara is my wife. Arohi comes in and says yes Arohi is dead. I wish she was alive I would have killed her. DEep says she doesn’t mean anything. Arohi says don’t

give clarifications. Do you still love her? He says I just fooled her. I never loved her. she says you changed when you met her. I am trying to change and be a good person. He hugs her. Deep says I am coming. He goes out.

Scene 2
Maya says to Prithvi what is wrong with Tara? She behaves so bad to me. She wasn’t like this before. maya says she gets so mad. Arohi comes to her room. She says mausi.. can I come in? Maya says I am really tired. Arohi says okay. She sees Prithvi and drinks in her room. Arohi says okay see you tomorrow. Arohi peeks in. She records it. They are being romantic.

Scene 2
Next morning, Arohi notices Maya and Prithvi on breakfast table. Roma asks Prithvi to go to office. Arohi says where is Virat? Roma says he went out to find about Kesari. Virat says I went to her place. I went to Sweta as well. Someone shoved her. She doesn’t know about her. There is no record of her name. She doesn’t exist. Roma says interesting. Virat says she was impersonating. bindya says i told you about her color. Deep says we checked her color. Virat says what could she look like without that dark color and make up? Maya points at Arohi and says she looks like this with fair color. She is Kesari. She is living with us as an impersonator. Deep says what are you saying. Virat says what are you trying to say? Maya says she is Kesari. Roma says what do you mean? Maya says what do you think Prithvi. He says I doubt Tara madam too. Arohi slaps him.

Arohi says how dare you doubt me Prithvi and Maya? Virat says Prithvi what is wrong with you Prithvi. Maya is drunk but what about you? Arohi says you think I am Kesari? Then who hit her? You saw me there when you checked her color. Am I a magician? Maya says you are Arohi not Tara. You came here earlier as Kesari. You are living here as Tara. Roma says this can happen. Roma says Tara.. Arohi? Kesari? Who are you? Arohi is in shock.

Precap-Arohi hugs Kalyani and says you didn’t know who was I? She says no Arohi. Arohi says what did they do to you? Maya is recording their video.

Update Credit to: Atiba

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  1. Fantastic episode deep abhi bhi arohi sey pyaar kartha hey ardeep scene and background song super I like it interesting precap am sure arohi escape from Maya

    1. Amazing,ardeep scenes are awesome .I like it.

    2. i dont understand what sort of pyar this is. He went to jail and taunted her, snatched everything away from her. Just because he thinks about her from time to time, does it mean he loves her?

      1. I don’t think he loves her, he is just guilty about the wrong doings to arohi because arohi was a lovely girl and he was betraying her…

      2. I don’t think he loves her, he is just guilty about the wrong doings to arohi because arohi was a lovely girl and he was betraying her….. That’s because of his guilt he keeps thinking about her…

  2. Ardeep’s hug scene after a long time.
    Just loved it. ❤️
    Interesting precap.
    Hope Arohi escapes this time too.

  3. I jus hate deep…if he really loves arohi then.he had to stand for her when she need her but still avivi lagta hain woh naatak kar raha hain wo avi vi arohi ko hi pyaar karta hain..nd I think roma our prithvi ke bich najayaj rista hain…kalyaani deep ki maa hain.mujhe lagta hain..

  4. Naw a days, arohi is doing a fabulous job as Tara… Actually if u take a good look than we get to know that roma’s family has already started breaking… The IMMJ team is doing a wonderful job, their pace and storytelling is just perfect.. I don’t know but for me somewhere i can sense reality in this story, what i mean to say is arohi is not a typical good girl, holding everything to her self and the characters are grey shaded that’s the best thing,so it’s not a typical rona – dhona series.. There seems to be reality just like previous show krpkab…… And i loved the way arohi slapped prithvi, he very well deserves that??….. And today’s episode was good and i think tomorrow’s episode is going to be better…

    1. i like this about it too, that it is not a typical sas-bahu drama or the heroine is not ‘jagat-mata’ forgiving everyone types. instead Arohi wants her revenge and is rude to Bindya too, the servant girl who technically has never hurt Arohi. another heroine would have been too black/white and shown being kind to the servants or something. still, i wish the show brings some white characters or people in full support of Arohi. lets see how Kalyani turns out. as for Maya, i think she is either going to get killed like doctor chachu or get tied up beside Tara… anyways, can i ask how you add these smileys in your comments? i cant seem to find any lol

      1. Hello dhara…. It’s in my mobile keyboard itself and if u r not able to find any in yours u better install another keyboard from playstore….

    2. Hai! I am too a krpkab fan @abc.

    3. actually i am using my laptop to reply. maybe i should try from my phone and see. thanx for telling me 🙂

  5. omg ,maya is recording everything in precap .what will happen in next episode ?? i think somehow she will save herself .

    1. I think aarohi will blackmail maya on the basis of the video she just recorded when maya n prithvi were trying to get intimate

      1. I don’t think blackmailing is a good option though…

      2. actually in the precap Maya was mutterin to herself while recording ‘mera video banake sabko mere against kar diya na, ab dekho tumhara video banake main kaise tumhari chal tum pe hi chalti hun’ or something to that effect. so i guess arohi has already shown that video to everybody to prove Maya wrong. so no blackmailing, may arohi would kidnap Maya too

  6. No doubt Arohi will surely turn de table on both Arohi an prithvi

  7. to me it seems a little odd that Maya of all people should be able to tell that this is not Tara but Arohi. and she doubts because fake Tara is rude to her lol. and not only she doubts Arohi, she manages to link her up with kesari and almost guessing Arohi’s entire plan. Maya isnt that close to Tara, Deep or even Roma realising it would have made more sense. i think Roma tomorrow would say that she was kidding about arohi being tara and scold Maya instead for accusing her daughter… anyways am happy that they finally showed Virat is back in police station and doing his job. why does he never wear an uniform though? :p

    1. Dhara if you are typing on phone then there is a ☺ symbol in black and white colour beside comma symbol ( , ).The smile symbol is also in left of the space bar.

      1. thanx, will try from phone next time 🙂

    2. Sanaa.khan

      Me too I used to think if Laksh aka Viraat a police officer then, he must be wearing a police uniform and I guess most of the police officers feel proud to be wearing the police uniform…just like Salman Khan in dabang. Anyways Dhara from which place are u from in India?

  8. Wlcm .

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