Ishq Mein Marjawan 18th October 2017 Written Episode Update: Tara fights Arohi’s family

Ishq Mein Marjawan 18th October 2017 Written Episode, Written Update on

Scene 1
Arohi comes to deep’s room to show him mehndi but he isn’t in room. She says he is never in room. She sees his phone ringing. She sees Tara’s photo. DEep comes in. Arohi says I never wore this dress but this photo is mine. He says I got these edited from my photographer friend. Because I want to get you this dress. He shows her photos from the photoshoot. He says look at your smile. Its the prettiest thing. Deep says I am fasting today. She says but I had to fast. Today is Karwa chauth. He says love is bigger than rituals. He comes close to her.
DEep says you have no idea what am I going to do today. You will only say I love you Deep.

Scene 2
Tara comes to Arohi’s house. Nikhil and Ridhi hug her. Nikhil says how are you? She says good.

Nikhil says Deep didn’t come? Tara says he was busy in meeting. Nikhil says how is your married life? She says really good. Ridhi says the house has changed so much. Tara says what has changed? Everything is same. Ridhi says new sofa and TV and dinning table. Sit on this sofa. Tara says this is so dirty dont you clean it. Ridhi says we have kid in the house. Ridh says sit let me bring you something to eat.
Nikhil says is everything okay? She says yes. Ridhi says to Nikhil come home help me in kitchen.
Tara looks around and says Arohi you came to my palace from this zoo.

Arohi is getting ready. She says today is my first karwa chauth and no one called me. She calls Ridhi. Tara sees Ridhi’s phone ringing. She says I have to do something. Ridhi comes. She picks her phone. Ridhi says you are here then why do I have a call from you on my phone? Tara says I think it clicked from by bag. Ridhi says oh no problem. She hangs up.
Deep comes and says takes her phone. He says whom are you calling?
Nikhil says we have made your favorite egg plant. She says eww. Ridhi says your taste changed in the palace. Nikhil says eat Rajma chawal. Ridhi serves her. Tara spits it and says its so oily. Don’t you get heart problems from it. nikhil says you are right we should reduce oil level. Ridhi says eat it. Tara sys I am not joking this is not good for health. Let me order something good for health.

Deep says I had been standing here but you weren’t looking at me. Arohi says I was trying to call bhabhi. I hope everything is okay. Deep says today is Karwa chauth she must have been busy. She will call you.
Nikhil says what is wrong with you. Nakul comes there. He hugs Arohi. Tara says don’t put your dirty hands on my dress. ARe you an idiot. She grasps his face. Nikhil says how dare you shove him. I could never imagine you can do this. Tara says he ruined my expensive dress. Nikhil says you went here from this house. You used to eat the same food and hugged niku ten times a day. Ridhi says you changed so much. Tara says I was unlucky that I lived with people like you who have no manners and choices. Ridhi says get out of here. Tara says you both are dead to me.
Nikhil says she has changed in just a few days. Tara leaves and says it was fun playing them.

Deep says you don’t worry about me at all. Today is my first fast. She says because this is your first marriage. He says I am very hungry. She says you want to eat? He says you are fasting for my long life what if I die because of hunger. She says don’t say that. We can break the fast together. He says if its about moon my moon is in front of me. Arohi smiles. She says I have to go for arti.
Deep says Tara played her plan well. She has cracked arohi’s relationship with her family forever.

Scene 2
Arohi is doing arti and rituals with all the ladies. Tara says to Maya I am so lucky to have a mother like mother in law. Maya says I am equally lucky. Sanaya says lets see what caame from her home. Arohi opens the plate and gives it to Maya. Maya opens it and screams. There is a snake sitting on the shagun. Arohi drops the plate.
Maya says what joke is this. Your family does jokes like these? Arohi says i am sorry mama I didn’t do this. Tar a says to Deep this was fun.
Deep says why all this today? She says so you want me to just sit and see her celebrating karwa chauth with you? To fast for you?

DEvi says now they can’t ruin our plan. Tara says what is next? He says you don’t have patience. Tonight we will do all the rituals. THe fast will break, the arti will be done and it would be you instead of her. Even though you didn’t fast. Tara says but how is that possible? What will you do Arohi? He says that’s the plan.

Precap-Deep says let her cry. Arohi is locked somewhere. She says is there someone. Please open the door. Arohi is crying. Deep count downs.

Update Credit to: Atiba

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  1. It’s the story but these two are so shameless no limits what over atleast spare German family

  2. Deep and Tara arohi ka feelings saath khelrahey precap is very interesting

  3. It doesnt feel gud to see Deep being sooo negative yaar..

  4. nice episode.

  5. This show is quite intriguing but I’m getting really tired of all this negativity from Tara and Deep. It’s starting to ruin the show for me. I really want to see Arohi get justice and to find out what is happening. The writers need to make some changes because every episode is the same thing and it’s becoming boring.

    1. Very true same for me…. I too want that arohi comes to know about them as soon as possible.. It doesn’t feel good to see arohi as a bichari married girl and as a dumb character believing in all those sorts of things even if she is suspicious about it….. Literally it is becoming quite boring to see same dumb arohi every weekdays….. But still let’s hope for the best… ???

      1. Yes exactly. Well said ?I’m curious as to how long this will continue like this. I hope soon some big changes happen.

  6. Yaar am not liking tara’s character…could it happen in the serial that deep fall in love with arohi…plzz makers of the show make it happen naaaa plzzz

  7. The show is nice but Tara’s role don’t suit…..please ,can tara be out from the show….
    I will say this also that the show is very nice but it would be more interesting when tara is out from the show…….

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