Ishq Mein Marjawan 18th July 2018 Written Episode Update: Arohi is pregnant

Ishq Mein Marjawan 18th July 2018 Written Episode, Written Update on

Scene 1
Deep sees Arohi. He says why are you here again? She says because you still don’t know I am Arohi. she says inspector she is your culprit please arrest her. Inspector asks all of them to come in. He says in a few moments we will all know the truth. He says here is the report of finger prints. Arohi’s finger prints don’t match tara’s. Real arohi says she must have done something. Deep says enough. She says I am Arohi she is Tara. Inspector says enough go out. Deep leaves.
Arohi stops Deep and says can’t you see the love in my eyes? Can’t my touch remind you of who I am? Deep shoves her and says do you have any character? Arohi says you and Chawani are in danger. She is Tara and she is playing this game. Deep says I know who my wife is. Youa

re not Arohi.
Arohi recalls how Deep used to recognize her. She says deep is my love so weak that you can’t recognize who am I? Look in my eyes. Deep shoves her and says enough. Deep leaves with Tara.

Scene 2
At night. Arohi is in a restaurant. she asks for water but doesn’t have money. arohi sees a kid drinking from tap. She drinks from there. arohi says how did all this happen? I was marrying deep and then I ate the sweets and slept with Deep. After that I don’t remember what happened? She asks someone date. Its three months past her wedding. Arohi says what happened with me in three month? Where was I? WHy don’t I remember anything? What is happening. What has Tara done. WHat should I do?

At night, Tara comes to Chawani’s room. she looks a Deep asleep. Tara says poor arohi lost everything even her face and husband. No one can win from Tara. She says deep I can do anything for yyou. She takes out her knife and stabs him. Arohi wakes up. She saw this dream. Arohi is scared.
Tara says to Deep she thinks she is Arohi who is she? Deep says if she bothers us again, I will get her jailed. Tara says I am really scared. Deep says calm down. Take your medicine.
Tara drink water. arohi comes there. She is scared. She says how did you come? SHe says this is my house I know how to get in. Tara says stop annoying us. I am Arohi. Arohi says don’t you lie with me. What will you do with Chawani and Deep? I will expose you I will tell them who am I? Deep comes there with police. HE says I knew you would come here, Deep says take her and arrest her. Arohi says deep plaese stop. Please don’t do all this. Tara says don’t arrest her. She is mental. She should go to mental asylum. She says Deep you are in danger. She is lying. I am your Arohi. Deep says she is crazy. she will be given shocks there.. she will know her reality.

Scene 2
Arohi is in mental asylum. They give her sedatives. Aroi wakes up and says I am not crazy. Please don’t give me these shocks. The doctor says we can’t give you shocks. You are pregnant. You are three months pregnant. She says deep and my child? My child will return my identity to me.
Precap-Arohi calls Deep and tells him she is pregnant.

Update Credit to: Atiba

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  1. oohhhhhhhh i don’t like all this don’t like this new track so confusing. oKAY let deep chawani and evryone doubt but the viewers we have to know who is who its so complicate to understandd the story now

    1. the show is really getting confusive & seconde thing nia is not looking good in tara/ arohi character & earlier it was shown that tara can never get pregnent so she is arohi & if it is so the serial is going off track

    2. hi…. actually the opposite is happening in the show. it seems Deep, Alisha, chawanni, nia everyone knows who the real Arohi is and only we dont know what happened lol…. Deep definitely did something on marriage night, and both him and Alisha know it…. nia also definitely knows who she really is…. only we viewers are getting a headache watching both Alisha and Nia behaving like Arohi…

  2. how to destroy a serial should be learnt from ishq mein marjawan

    1. ?????????????? true

  3. Hello friends.
    Again confusion episode. Still am not understand anything. Finder print not’s true or someone change the report.but how can change the report in few minutes.when nia come to close deep, his expression is different. Nia think some romantic memories. That mean nia is arohi.i can’t accept it.Alisha more tensed and nervous.why deep gave some medicine. Wt medicine. Where is arohi fake mother.biggest shock nia is pregnant. But how. deep not spent night with her.who is arohi still not clear. again the baby twist wt a writers. Am not sure but Alisha also pregnant in tomorrow episide.that’s why she took the medicine and more nervous, guess.but Tara never pregnant.I think electric shock will give 4 members
    Good night.

    1. gies one thin do u all remember when deep was making tatoo some 1 has put camera in deep & arohis room& 2nd thing tara has seen deep putting sindur & mangalsutra to arohi & also giving her mithai so we cant say any thing,may be tara is in shock and arohi never behaved like new girl neither tara so this is too rubbish

      1. Hi surabhi..
        I remember that scene..that tym roma was mad. One more thing there was a chip on Danny which was placed by tara to spy on ardeep. May be all the conversation b/w ardeep were there in tara’s mind. With that she may imagine those moments hpnd b/w ardeep after this fire accident. (Actually this is also a rubbish thing?)
        I believe tara is the one who was in the bed room at that night and she got burnt

    2. hi Rhivanya…. if Alisha’s character is also pregnant then i dont think Deep would have slapped her outside the station. He would be more caring towards his pregnant wife….

      1. Hi dhara.yes you are correct. My guess is wrong. And Alisha as Tara.nia as’s confirmed.

    3. What medicine arohi taking?? Why? Tara is the one who take medicines. If deep is also involved in betraying arohi? Does he know it is tara living with him? Otherwise why does arohi take medicine

  4. I want Alisha as arohi.and one play this both role in happy thing ardeep memories only shown in today episode. But tomorrow. Thank to nia bad least we saw a Alisha as Tara.the killer look.Alisha is awesome. No one replace that character. I don’t like nia deep scenes.
    I want only arjun and Alisha scenes.

    1. me too…

  5. Me too

  6. We want alisha as arohi…nia is looking horrible in this we didn’t watch ishq me marjawa if nia play arohi role…

  7. so confused after watching this episode.. literally cant understand anything.. if Nia is Arohi thn be ready producers and director to be go off air soon.

  8. Guys good news is that Nia Sharma is playing Tara according to the gossip site I recently went through………. Actually Deep had burnt Tara and Tara got plastic surgery done and she lost her identity and due tot his incident she lost her memory and she assumes her self as Aarohi.

    1. If nia is tara who lost her memory in the fire accident, how could she remember ardeep moments which hpnd only b/w ardeep. How come tara remember those sequence? I doubt if writers also lost memory?????
      Pehla writers ko shock treatment dena hai..

  9. Immj is unique show immj ki usp hai Alisha tara/Aarohi both look alike one person is positive and other is negative now immj lost his charm nia doesn’t look good seriously i watch 2 episode on voot and today I watch on t.v. only for Arsha specially Alisha she is only person who play both role.In today episode there is lots of Ardeep scene I love that scene Alisha and arjun look good together. Worst part of the episode nia character is pregnant for me she is not Aarohi not tara.

  10. maysarah khan

    I hate Nia Sharma… I want Aalisha as arohi… Arjun and Aalisha should be together… She was the lead actress how can they remove her 4rm positive and make Nia as lead role…. We want Aalisha as arohi not Nia…. We won’t watch ishq mein marjawan until Aalisha be Arohi….

  11. I HAVE to ask…what kind of love is this? Honestly I wish the real Arohi will just move on in life. She’s gonna loose that child. This show gives me heartache!

  12. guys plz any one clarify my doubt..
    1.on wedding night alisha doesn’t has tattoo we thought that was Tara.. if this Nia is Tara.. Tara won’t be pregnant.. how it’s possible..
    2.if Alisha is aarohi she had burnt on that night only after that she is not there If this Nia is aarohi how can she recalls after wedding day scenes that aarohi keeping wedding photo on the wall

    1. Hi sravanthi
      I can clarify your 2 nd doubt
      If nia is arohi who burnt that night,she was not there after that night. You didn’t notice which mrrg photo arohi is was hanging on the wall? That was photo of their 2nd mrrg. The photo hanging scene which nia recalls is actually a scene before marriage. If u watch it again u can understand

      1. Thank you dear..

  13. This writer has gone mad.. he losted completely… I just hate it..

  14. Shame on u makers.. u started with an excellent & entirely different theme. Casting was also perfect.Actors of this show are good-looking n u made this show a completely rubbish one by dragging it with an annoying storyline..At first i loved it very much. Nowadays i’m not interested in watching this dumb serial. I’m watching this as i’m a big fan of Arjun n Alisha. Immj-The worst serial i have ever seen. Arjun n Alisha plz quit the show? otherwise they will not end this dumb serial..??

    1. me too feel the same one…

  15. Guys, Alisha is Tara and Nia is Arohi..confirmed
    Here is the link..frm the location of immj
    When alisha walks tara bgm plays..she bribes the doctor to hide arohi’s pregnancy truth frm deep.

    1. Oh god noooooooooo….
      I don’t want nia as aarohi.. ???????????????????????

  16. Now, i think after laddoo scene arohi was fainted and her tattoo was removed by tara while deep left the hall when power went off. Then tara left arohi in the bed room. Arohi woke up just before deep came. Arohi didn’t knew anything that tara has done to her bcoz she was fainted. Tara knows that deep will recognize her if she herself go to deep without tattoo. So tara made deep believe that real arohi is tara by removing the tattoo. Deep misunderstands arohi as tara. So he burnt her without knowing it was his arohi. By this tym tara went and made a similar tattoo on her wid the help of someone. Then she acted like she is arohi and tells deep that arohi fainted her. Deep tells her he burnt tara. Then deep n tara lived together. Real arohi somehow escaped and undergone plastic surgery. Since real arohi slept with deep that night, she is pregnant wid deep’s child of 3 months. Story has taken a 3 months leap also.
    May be this is the story. This is the only way the makers can justify the current track and introducing Nia.What do u think guys??

    1. I think the same one. Exactly its my view also.but I don’t like this track.I unlike that nia character.and one thing is confuse me.when deep enter at wedding night bed room.Alisha attitude like as Tara.and Tara never share deep to arohi.not only Tara.some questions going on my mind.wt about arohi fake mother.

    2. The women that deep leaves her in fire had no tattoo on her back you can see back the ep also if deep think she was tara and want to kill her by fair how she is became pregnant cuz tara can’t be pregnant that mean the women in that fair not arohi there was a big secret in that night !

  17. i dont know who Nia is, but Alisha is definitely not Tara. If Tara saw another one hugging or getting closer to Deep, she would immediately lose her cool and not stand in the sides watching worried. If it was Tara then she wouldnt have been scared watching Nia standing behind her, she would have taken that glass and attacked Nia immediately…. Tara would not care if a mentally challenged woman went to jail or hospital… If they show this woman to be Tara, then i must say they have completely spoiled Tara’s personality. Arohi was in jail for 3 years but Tara didnt change in that time. now, 3 months and Tara changed so much that even chawanni is convinced?? If nia is Arohi then at least maintain Tara’s character properly… but no. If they show Alisha to be Tara then they are showing whatever according to their wish and spoiling everyone’s character including Deep. (what kind of man stays with a woman but never realises this is not the person he loved? it happened once when Arohi stayed as Tara. now, Tara is doing the same?? then Deep is the worst husband a woman can have…) also, where did Arphi’s mom suddenly vanish?? All scenes are given to Nia and her thinking about her ‘past’ with Deep, and we are confused about what is happening now. the writers shoudl clear this mess soon…

    1. Agree with you. Today reveal all the truth.but not reveal deep past.

    2. Hi Dhara, did you watch the youtube link that i shared?? It is frm the location of immj. If u watch it you can see tara’s attitude in alisha. And if alisha is arohi, why they introduced a fake mother for her?
      I agree that tara won’t prefer sharing her husband. Bt there is no other assumption which justifiy current track. If alisha is arohi, who can be nia? Nia has all the memories that hpnd only b/w ardeep. She also went to mata rani. So,how can nia be someone other than arohi ? Can another person recall all the personal moments of ardeep? If nia is either tara or someone else everything will be stupid. Jst think abt it
      Donno what the writers are upto..anyway there will not be any logic

      1. i agree Aradhya that nia is behaving like Arohi, but Tara cannot behave so perfectly as Arohi. i am just saying that if they show Alisha as Tara, then they have ruined Tara’s personality as well as Deep’s character. If Alisha is Tara then they should have showed it from first day instead of confusing us…. right now Nia seems Arohi, with all memories, getting pregnant and saying she knows all ways to enter the mansion… i just dont like it

  18. Unfortunately Nia Sharma is playing Aarohi.

  19. Agree with you Dhara. They are just confusing the viewers by illogical twists. They don’t have any planning. Brainless writers. Are they thinking we viewers also don’t have brain? They think that the more complicated the story is the more will be the trp. That’s it

    Dhara your comments are good. You are writting update so nicely.once I went through a written update by you in b/w the comments.I was silent reader. Now i got irritated by this show. At first there was a nice feeling while watching this show..

    1. thank you Aradhya 🙂 i am glad you liked my updates. i was a very big follower of the show, and used to spend a lot of time on it, but i stopped watching regularly around the time danny was introduced and Dilip was made villain illogically. now, i am watching again just to make sure who is Arohi. but the way the writers made Dilip villain (numerous doctors said Dilip was paralyzed and Dilip tried to help Arohi so many times but still he is negative), i am sure the writers will do anything to show twist. i dont trust them at all. suddenly one day they will say Nia is not Arohi, whether it makes sense or not. i just cant believe the lead actress would continue doing the show when her major role is given to another actress and she is given the negative role…. anyways, lets hope for the best 🙂

  20. Sahina

    Shit guys….Alisha is Tara ???????

  21. Nia is neither tara nor Aarohi, she’s playing the role of Anjali..we want Alisha to come back as Aarohi not Nia, she looks horrible..bhai q trp kamaana chaah raha hai nia ko leke arker

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