Ishq Mein Marjawan 17th October 2017 Written Episode Update: Deep forgives Dia

Ishq Mein Marjawan 17th October 2017 Written Episode, Written Update on

Scene 1
Arohi says what else has deep not told me? Sushant says don’t worry you will know everyone’s secret soon. Arohi says other people have secrets too? Like you didn’t tell anyone about your gf. He says please dont’ tell anyone.
Dia comes there. SHe says i know you are pissed at Deep because he didn’t tell you about me. I married by my choice and DEep didn’t even invite me for his wedding. When I got to know I came here. I am sure Deep must have forgotten. You would know everything soon. Arohi says everything happened in a hurry so we couldn’t know each other. AArohi says he is a good man. He always takes care of me. Dia tells her stories of Deep’s childhood.

Arohi serves everyone halwa. She says its the same halwa you

used to ask Dia to make. Deep says so you told Arohi? So everything goes in its sweetness. Please forget past. Maya says you did right Arohi. Sushant says eat it brother. Arohi says make didi eat it. Deep makes her her and she makes him eat. Deep says to Dia i am sorry and thanks Arohi you fixed a broken family.
Dia says why haven’t you planned a honeymoon yet? Deep says I already planned something you ruined my plan. Tara is looking at them,

Scene 2
Deep tries to calm Tara. She says you are giving my happiness to her. your family is always there for her. I can’t take it. I don’t like it. She hugs him. She says I dreamed so much. I thought you would be only mine. You said you will take me out of here.

Sanaya says wow bhabhi are you packing for honeymoon? You don’t know where is he taking you.
Arohi is in tears. She says what happened bhabhi? Tara throws his clothes out. She says take her on a world tour. Deep says this is third stage of plan. 1st Plan to marry her. Second to make her fall in love. Third to take her on honeymoon.
Tara says when she loves you why take her on honeymoon now? Deep says through this I will take her where murder happened. Her finger prints will be taken there. So your name would be replaced by hers. I will get her recorded in CCTV and change dates. I can fight the world for you.

Arohi says I was mad at Deep because he didn’t tell me about Dia. He was in trouble about it. I should have understood. Sanaya says calm down. Just decide where you wanna go on honeymoon?
Tara and DEep plan world tour.
Tara says she cooks good. She can be a good cook.
Deep says tomorrow she will fast for me. Tara says I won’t fast. You know I don’t believe in all this. he says but I have a plan.

Scene 2
Tara calls Ridhi as Arohi. She says you called to invite me for karwa chauth. I am not fasting though my sugar is low. Tara says she speaks so much. Tara says I was saying everyone is very modern here no one fasts. Ridhi says so there wont be any party? Arohi says yes. Tara says should I come there I will meet you there. Ridhi says okay come. Tara and Deep smirk. Deep says be careful. They shouldn’t doubt.

Arohi gets mehndi done on her hands. Maya says you are lucky deep really loves you. Don’t be so shy. Go show it to Deep.
Laksh shows inspector proofs to reopen the case. he allows Laksh.

Precap-Deep says today karwa chauth rituals will be done but you will do instead of you. Tara comes to Ridhi’s house and insults them. Nikhil says get out of here.
There is something in Arohi’s arti. Everyone screams.

Update Credit to: Atiba

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  1. Nice episode I think deep family is a fake family sushanth and Tanya is a not brother and sisters they are a lovers deep and Tara plan is not fair arohi ki kaisa apni bhaya aur bhabhi se alek kar sakthey they are only a blood relation with her precap is shocking my guess laksh saves arohi arjun aalisha play a role well

  2. I love this serial and want laksh 2 find out tara and end this misterious drama b/w Tara nd Deep.Tara should betrey Deep so dat Deep can also fall in love with Arohi

  3. @wat time this serial will come and even tell me repeated telecast timings please

    1. Colors TV 7.30 PM repeated time 11.30pm,9.30am,1.30pm &5.00pm

      1. Thnq so much Rhivanya?

  4. nice & interesting episode: i think Divya is Deep real sister or someone know about Deep and Tara and had a doubt about Sushant and Sanaya they look like lover , interesting pracqp waiting for tomorrow episode.

  5. Good episode. Does anyone know how long this serial will run?

    I’m anxious for the secrets to be revealed. There seems to be so many, especially amongst the family. My hope is that one of the family members feel some compassion for Arohi and try to help her. I’m sure Tara will turn on Deep. I don’t think even Deep is aware that his life is in danger by being with Tara. The show is moving a little too slowly and it just seems to be mystery after mystery.

  6. Waiting for tomorrow

  7. Neha1

    I think Deep will later realise his mistakes and feel guilty and start loving Aarohi.
    But that’s happen only when Tara betray Deep like they both did with Aarohi… bcoz We’ve seen some of promo’s where Deep and Aarohi both said:- “Pyaar ne woh kiya mere sath, jiske baad logo ka Vishwas uth jayega pyar se”.
    So I think, Deep will definitely fall in love with Aarohi.. but Will Aarohi trust deep after his betrayal..??? And also Will Tara’s evil side reveals or not.???
    Coming to Deep’s family, It’s obvious that everyone is aware about deep and Tara Secret relationship… But I have a doubt, Is Diya really Deep’s sister or she’s too giving her support to Deep’s misdeeds…? After watching yesterday’s episode I think she’s really deep’s sister but not sure…! Anyways, let’s wait n watch…But I honestly, waiting for– Deep’s regret for his betrayal and I want to know the whole history of Tara….she’s very smart…Sometimes, I felt she’s using Deep so that she can’t stuck all those murder case…Don’t know. Why! but I strongly feel that Tara is using Deep.

  8. I feel so sorry for Arohi now she isaid even going to lose her only family becoz of evil Tara only hoping that Tara betrays Deep then may be will he understand wat he is doing to my sweet Arohi

    1. I agree Staicey. I’m starting to get tired of all this negativity from Tara and Deep. I want to see Arohi get justice. I hope some positive changes come soon for her.

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