Ishq Mein Marjawan 17th July 2018 Written Episode Update: The girl with new face is Arohi

Ishq Mein Marjawan 17th July 2018 Written Episode, Written Update on

Scene 1
The girl says deep its me I am arohi. We are fooled. She changed my face. I was burn in that room. My face was changed. I married you not her. Please help me deep. Deep says I know who my Arohi is and my heart beats for her. Here she is. She leaves. Arohi says to chawani relax. Don’t worry. He says i know you are my didi. Who was she? Is tara behind her? The gets back in. She says show me that mark. That was made on your back. She checks it but it is not there. A woman comes forward and slaps her. She says how dare you misbehave with Arohi like that. She says who are you? Deep says enough. I know who my wife is. Go from here. Why didn’t you recognize your mom if you are Arohi? She says deep my mom.. The woman says I am Arohi’s mom. Everyone is dazed. Arohi says my

mom died in childhood. I am arohi. I am Arohi and she isn’t my mom. i know everything about myself. Ask me anything. Ask me about you. Deep says I don’t wanna ask anything. Go from here.
Deep says prove if you are arohi. THe girl says I am Arohi. I don’t have anyone but you. Deep says shut up and get out. The watchmen take her out.

Scene 2
The girl is on road. She recalls what Deep said. She comes to temple and says God is with people who have no one. I thought tara is gone but she took everything from me. Even my face. But you know I am arohi. How can’t he see my love. Why did you do this. How do i tell pepople I am Arohi. I don’t want this face. This face shouldn’t be there. Its not mu identity. She picks glass. The girl says Arohi.. Will you give up because of just your face? SHe says how do I tell people I am Arohi. she took deep from me. Even chawani can’t recognize me. Why is this happening with me. Her conscience says you have to fight. Take your revenge. Who can do this with you.. Tara or.. She recalls her moments with Deep in the end. She slept in that room with Deep. She says deep can never do this. He doesn’t know I am Arohi and she is Tara. Her conscience says go and tell everyone that she is tara and you are arohi.

Deep says to Tara why are you so silent? She says I am scared. I dont’ wanna lose you. Deep says Tara wont ever come back. The one who came yesterday was a fraud. He gets a call. He shouts and says what.
Deep comes to police station. Inspector says we have to take your wife’s finger prints. We will match them in our records. Deep says okay you can take them. Tara says I wanna go washroom.
Arohi is in police station. Deep says to Tara she can’t come back. That girl was just pretending. Tara says she will take you from me again. Deep slaps her and says why are you acting like this. Do I have to remind you what happened at that night? Arohi hears.
Precap-Deep says no one can separate us after that night. Arohi hears all this.

Update Credit to: Atiba

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  1. ishq mein marjawan puri tarah se barbad kar chuka hai now i have no intrest in this serial

  2. Can some1 tell me who is nia? *Tara?Arohi*

    1. Arohi..?

    2. its still suspense only

    3. Arohi only???

    4. Still confused

    5. Tara
      Nia Sharma as New Tara Raichand (after plastic surgery)/Anjali (fake)

      1. how can u be so sure

  3. i still don’t understand anythhing lets see i hope arohi is arohi and the new track end soon

    1. Hi..
      me too feel the same one.. this track will end soon.. not at all interesting.. I hope the writer will bring back alisha as asli tara

    2. Alisha ko hi arohi rehne do..nia ko tara banao…agar alisha serial ki main lead nahi hogi to puri serial bakwas ho jayegi…pls alisha ko hi aarohi rehende do….

    3. My expectation also

  4. Mona146

    plastic surgery twist is the worst. may be danny is right. If deep is playing with arohi again even though her family did wrong to him then hhe must be killed. initailly they showed deep n tara know each other from childhood and later said deep was brought as an adult. where is that dilip tara father?? stopped reading updates as well. go to hell serial

  5. ishq mein marjawan has seriously lost its charm

  6. Nai is Tara I read in wiki

    1. Wiki content can be edited at any tym. It may not be true

  7. serial ke writers director or producers ko pata nhi kya ho gya hai wo log serial ke main lead ko kaise badal sakte kuch bhi dikhane se pehle wo log yeh nhi sochte hai ki viewers pe kya asar padega kitna yeh inpractical baat hai arohi ke saath sirf bura hi hoga mtlb aise to tara sach mein jeet gai wo arohi se boli thi ki sirf ek chehra bachega sirf ek chehra hin bacha wo yeh bhi boli thi ki deep uska hai aur deep uska ho bhi gaya serial mein in a way yeh dikha rhe hai ki kaise bure logon ke saath accha hota hai aur ache logon ke saath bura hota hai aur tara ka bhi killing character isme barbad kar diya i must say ki tara jeet gai ab to arohi ko sach me sucide kar lena chahiye kam se kam arohi ka chehra writers ko nhi badalna chahiye tha kyonki is serial me sab kuch chehra pe hi based tha the serial is seriously going off track

    1. Alisha ko hi arohi rehne do..nia ko tara banao…agar alisha serial ki main lead nahi hogi to puri serial bakwas ho jayegi…pls alisha ko hi aarohi rehende do….

  8. Hello friends.
    Confusion confusion confusion episode.
    Alisha behavior like as arohi.
    Nia behavior like as arohi.
    No one behavior like as Tara.
    Nia check the tatoo.suddenly arohi mom entry.but how.only writers knows.something planning deep.but what.temple scene more confused me.when deep slaps Arohi. I feel in old episode arohi slaps deep when he try to shoot I think Alisha as arohi.
    Wt happened in wedding night. Not understood.
    My mind said nia is not arohi not Tara.but deep past connect with nia character. My guess.lakshya kaisa virat hua patha nahi.jaisa show mey kya chal raha hai.kuch bhi patha nahi.good night.

    1. Even writers donno what is going foolish are you to replace the female lead of the show? You are not considering viewer’s emotions. Trp will definitely go down for sure???

      1. Yes,writers always play viewers emotions.I hope everything will be good.

    2. maybe nia is tara but herself think that she is arohi maybe after accident she took arohi identity in her mind and she don’t rember being tara. I’m sure at last they will show us something illogical

      1. If u look at previous episode imdtly after marraige…it seems who lives with deep is tara…and they captured arohi and changed face….coz if u see in todays episode when police ask for finger print lady who pretend to be arohi and with Deep is worried

    3. Hi rhivanya…
      me too feel the same one Nia is not aarohi not Tara… Alisha is aarohi only bcoz if she is Tara she can’t tolerate Nia drama she should slap her

      1. Hmmn, i like nia more than previous lead actress, she looks…ok not so good as nia.

      2. If Alisha is arohi, then where did arohi’s mother come suddenly? Arohi doesn’t have parents frm childhood. Her brother looked aftr her. Bt the new girl said that my mom died in my childhood which is crct. Bt alisha’s tattoo.. confusion. Mata rani scene of nia..confusion.police station scene. Alisha nervousness..again confusion.?
        Arohi ko badalne ke sath is serial ka nam bhi badlo ‘confusion mein marjawan’???
        Is mein ‘ishq’ kahin nahi..sirf confusion hai.

    4. Yes aaradhya confusion mein marjawan.nia said to deep check the tatooo on Alisha backside.that scene is not natural. She try to act like as arohi.someone manipulate her.

  9. is any one here on twitter becoz arjun bijlani commented on twitter that lets see which is the new face is of tara arohi aur someone new & if any one is on twitter then plz see other comments of arjun bijlani also if it is relayed to immj nd plz reply what he has written

  10. Full of confusions
    1 Temple scene says that the girl is arohi.
    If she is arohi,how come tattoo there on tara’s back?
    2 And arohi’s parents are not alive. Suddenly frm were did arohi’s mom came?
    3 what abt dilip n virat?
    4 if deep betrayed arohi, had he accepted tara who killed her own mother?
    5 what was the purpose of introducing Danny in the show?
    6 if deep betrayed arohi why did he do all those love drama? He could have trapped her earlier, when he came to know the girl living wid him is arohi aftr London track.
    Makers are unnecessarily dragging this show. Day by day show is becoming dumb

    1. Hi aaradhya..
      the tittle u said is perfectly suitable confusion me majawan I like it

  11. I think nia is tara…or someone came as per Tara’s order.. this serial is becoming more confusing.who is deep? What is connection between Tara and Arohi,totel mystery.
    But i strongly think this anjali is tara or taras helper.

    1. If nia is tara/someone else what was the need of showing mata rani scene in temple? (It was arohi who always come to mata rani). That scene indicates it is arohi.

    2. whi os anjali plz reply

      1. Actually donno who s anjali. I went through spoilers. There also nia is sometimes mentioned as anjali. Some gossips say anjali is tara’s fake name

    3. who is anjali

  12. When police asked to prove the one who lives wid deep is arohi, she was so nervous.if she is real arohi why she need to worry?? And a new face is introduced as arohi’s mother. New girl says arohi’s mother was died in her childhood itself which is true. Then how come new girl be tara? And tara will not go to temple

    1. why are they destroying the serial yar

  13. Hi frnds…
    in to day episode I like only deep part..
    I don’t like Nia acting.. she is not suitable to aarohi r Tara..
    I like deep dialogue meri dil ki dhadkan aarohi hai ?????
    when bhabi died aarohi cried that she doesn’t have anyone sab kuch kogaya suddenly aarohi ki maa kaha se aagaya..
    this writer is unbelievable..

  14. I’m so incredibly confused and I have no idea how to make sense of any of this! They’re really making it seem as though Nia is Arohi. But how can Tara act exactly like Arohi too? If Nia is Arohi then where is her tattoo? I’m scared to think of Arohi being replaced. So many questions but no answers!

    1. If arohi is the one who burnt, tattoo may also be burnt..?

  15. Just with change of face, voice ,height and pronounciation changed. Even in anger aarohi used to deliver dialogue well,but new girl is just pouting lips too much for pronounciation.her expressions,omg. Such a blank face.wen she came and stood infront of mata rani,there sud be helplessness and a feel that she lost everything,but nia was just standing. #RIPIMMJ

  16. i watched ydays episode a little n to me it looks very clear that nia is tara… they just want us to keep guessing thats creating confusion….
    nia is aggressive little like tara n al8sha is intears for everything just like arohi….

    today will they reveal something about that night??hope so..

    1. Not reveal truth so soon.still the deep past is not revealed. So writers not revealed anything like easily. Maybe give some hint.

    2. Watch d whole episode. You can’t say who is arohi, who is tara, what is nia’s role..nothing is clear.If nia is tara, then why dat mata rani drama? Why alisha was so nervous at police station? What abt arohi’s new mother?

  17. new girl looks very bad…. her mouth looks very ugly…
    even in jamai raja it was same…
    alisha is soo good looking… they could at least select a better looki g actress…

  18. Nia’s character should be Arohi it will make the story more interesting.

    1. I watched today’s episode. It seems nia is arohi only

  19. dr.manju aggarwal

    nia go back.alisha is the best.she has performed two roles gracefully,u cannot do that,donot spoil this show

  20. Where is 18 July update.that update I was saw on last night. Now that webpage is not available.

    Msg from Team:

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