Ishq Mein Marjawan 16th October 2017 Written Episode Update: Deep’s second sister Dia comes home

Ishq Mein Marjawan 16th October 2017 Written Episode, Written Update on

Scene 1
Deep says to Tara what if someone sees us? She says we should celebrate.
Sushant collides with Arohi. She says where are you coming from? he says was taking this novel from library. She says you like romantic novels? he says yes. He leaves. Arohi sees a paper. It says meet me at mall road I miss you.
Arohi says girl friend? He says actually.. He says please don’t tell anyone. She says don’t worry.
Arohi comes to Sanaya andd gives her the letter. He says keep this.

Tara makes him eat. He says what if someone sees us? he says our plan would be ruined. She says lets go on a long drive? He say arohi would be looking for me.
Arohi is looking for Deep. Deep says please try to understand. She says okay Ia m going to my room. She goes to her

Arohi sees someone walking. Its Mosambi. She collides with her.
Mosambi says I have seen a woman here. She is a ghost.

Arohi sees a woman’s shadow. It was Tara. She didn’t see him. Deep comes there. Arohi says who are you? Deep says what happened? She says I saw someone. He says go to your room I will see. A woman comes in. Arohi looks at her dazed. She says I scared your right. She luaghs. Deep says who are you? She says your sister Divya. Arohi says is she your sister? Deep says i don’t know any sister who doesn’t respect her brother. SHe says I came to meet my Bhabhi. She hugs Arohi. She says bhabhi is so pretty. Stop being so angry. I will meet everyone is morning. Where is my room? deep says there is rest room. Arohi feels weird.

Scene 2
Next morning, Sanaya and sushant are fighting. Arohi says deep i wanted to talk to you. how many things are there that you didn’t tell me. I feel weird at times. He says its been a few days only. Dia married a guy we didn’t want her to. So I never met her again. I wont hide anything. Dia comes there. She says Arohi says bhabhi make some sweet dish that is Deep’s favorite. Arohi says I don’t know what is his favorite. Maya says his sweet dish keeps changing. He likes all sweets. Deep says whatever you make I will like.

Tara says why is dia here? Deep says dad brought her. CAn’t kick her out she is my sister. Tara says I can. Deep says shut up.

Deep says try to understand. We decided we wont kill anyone. Please. Take your meds. She says meds are not my treatment. Get me out of here. I am sick of being here. Any normal person would have been mad here either. You are out dating and having fun. he hugs her and says I can understand. I promise you you wont be detained here for long.
I have to win Arohi’s trust first. I was thinking of going on a long drive with her to answer all her question. She looks at him angrily.
Deep says I have to ensure her I am not hiding her. She says be careful. He says you are always in my heart.

Laksh asks Vishal’s partner. Was he with you? Do you have proofs? He says I have residence slips and flight boardings.
Laksh says no one can stop me from reopening this case.

Precap-Laksh reopens the case.
Deep says first plan to marry Aorhi. Arohi says to Sanaya I am lucky to have Deep as partner. Deep says second part to win her trust.
Third part to win her trust. Sanay says going where? Arohi says wherever Deep decides.

Update Credit to: Atiba

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  1. Now a new entry O god Deep sister Dia.Lots of mystery. What is the new secret about Dia ????????And Arohi is trusting deep so deeply.

  2. Too much mystery what happened next very interesting and karvachauth scene kab aayega

  3. What is about letter?? Is any affair between susant and sanaya? Or something different?

  4. Great show. I just started watching last week. Can someone please explain what I have missed so far? Thanks so much

  5. I read all the written updates so now understand the show and characters to this point.

    I don’t tink sushant and Sanaya are Deeps siblings. They seem to be a couple and behave strangely together. It was strange that Maya, Sanaya and Sushant all gave different answers when Dia told Arohi to make Deeps favorite dessert and Arohi said she didn’t know it. It seems as though Dia is aware of something and wants to expose Deep. Can’t wait to find out more
    about her character. Very exciting show! Deep is equally mentally unstable as Tara if not more so. They’re both deranged.

    Does anyone know how long it will run for?

    Ishq Mein Marjawan reminds me a bit of Koi Laut Ke Aaya Hai. One if the best Indian serials there was. Still miss it?

  6. I feel this family is also hired by deep. Deep is deeply in love with Tara, who is psycho… to save her, he did all this love drama.. to make sure arohi believes that he is a genuine family man, he has hired few people to act as his family… that’s why when Tara said he is gonna kill his sister, he was not concerned about his sister… instead he was worried about Tara doing another crime…and same way his so called brother n sister are in love with each other…but can’t show it as they are paid to act as siblings…
    The family probably doesn’t know about deep’s intentions or about Tara…but they are thinking that they are hired so that he gets married to arohi… they are supposed to make arohi believe in deep… remember how deep’s mom handled the situation of the bracelet and when Tara name came in-between…she fully backed the cooked up story of deep ..and deep was smiling from behind….

  7. And that is why everyone said different sweet names when deep’s favorite sweet was asked…n deep got tensed and then his mom handled it some how…

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