Ishq Mein Marjawan 16th March 2018 Written Episode Update: Arohi dreamed that Virat killed her

Ishq Mein Marjawan 16th March 2018 Written Episode, Written Update on

Scene 1
Deep says if you are Tara why this report says you are Arohi. Arohi is dazed. She tries to run someone comes in from the gate.. Arohi is dazed. Its Virat. He says you can’t run from here. I will send you to hell. Arohi tries to run from other side Roma and Prithvi stop her. Roma says you thought you will kidnap my daughter and take her place? Your game is over. She grasps her haro and shoves her. Deep says we should burn and kill you but if you beg we might just shoot you. Virat says first kill that child too. Roma says first ask her where is Tara. They all ask her where is Tara. Arohi tries to run but deep throttles her. Deep says we will only count till 5. Tell us where is Tara. he counts 5.. 4.. 3.. 2.. 1.. Deep shoots Aohi. Virat shoots her more. Then Prithvi and Roma shoot

her. Deep holds her hand. She falls down and dies.
Arohi was imagining all this. Deep says where are you lost? You must be thinking your game is over and what should you do to fool me again. Arohi claps. She says wow. He says what new game will you play now? She says you would be glad to know today we both found out same secret together. He says what do you mean? She says come with me I will show you. Arohi says the hospital that you brought this doctor from I will tell you.
Arohi shows him a video and says what was the name of that woman? Nurse says Tara. Arohi gave her money and says do what i asked you to that pregnant woman. kill that child it shouldn’t be born. Tara says see Arohi is alive. Go and do something about it.
Deep says if glass had finger print of Arohi not tara that means you might be Arohi and Tara is lost. If you are not Arohi why report had your name? She says how would I know? She is very clever. she pretended her death and ran from jail. Deep says why would I arohi do that? Why would she expose herself? Its better for her to keep hiding as a dead person. Tara says seeing this Arohi alive scares me. I thought my Deep is with me everything should be fine. But i was wrong. Deep doubts me only. You are disgusting. Deep says listen.

Arohi comes to her room and says I am doing all this to find my niku. Please help me in finding him. Deep comes to the room. Arohi grasps his collar and says why are you here? Don’t even apologize. He says I wont apologize until everything is clear. She says if all these misunderstandings cleared everything would have been happy. I was so happy that we will become family now. But orphans never understand value of family. But you don’t want all this. I don’t know what you want. I did so much for you. I changed myself. I left all bad things what did you do? You hurt me for that arohi. I want to get aborted right now but I can’t do this. This child isn’t in this world but he gave me a hope. Deep says listen.. She says I won’t. Arohhi says go from here . I don’t wanna see your face. She shoves him out of the room and locks the room. Arohi is scared. Deep is confused.
Deep sits outside and recalls the video tara showed him. He recalls what she said. He says I dont’ know what to trust.
Arohi says is deep actually looking for Arohi? deep says if I see Arohi in Tara? The one I think is Tara might be Arohi.. then? Arohi says that man can never love anyone. He can only find Arohi to kill her again.

Scene 2
Next morning, deep sees Arohi asleep on bed. He draws curtains. Deep says I know I made a mistake. You did so much for me. I always doubted you. I made a mistake. please forgive me. hit me. Arohi says what is wrong with you. She hugs him. Deep says I promise I will be a good husband and a good father. She says I am sorry too. That Arohi makes me aggressive. I was so rude to you. Enough of it. You have to forget that arohi now. We have to face her she is our enemy,. Before our child comes we have to use niku and kill arohi. Deep says get fresh I wanna take you where niku is. Arohi is happy.

Deep and Arohi are going. Virat comes in. He hits deep. He points gun at Deep. Arohi says why are you doing all this. Virat says he deserves this. Deep snatches the gun from him and says what did I do? Virat says you did all this to me. You brought that girl here. Deep says you trusted other people and not me. I gave my whole life for this family. Lets go to those dancers they will tell us what truth is. If I am the culprit kill me. They leave.
Virat and Deep come to the dancers. He asks who gave you money? Virat points gun at him and says who gave you money? he says Tara. Deep says what are you saying. He says Tara gave us momey and said if you get caught take deep’s name. Virat beats them and says you are lying. Deep says they are lying but even if they are not we have to be careful. Don’t tell tara anything i will handle it all. Virat says what you mean? deep says you will know it all tomorrow.

Precap-Deep and Arohi are in party.

Update Credit to: Atiba

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  1. thank you for such a fast update!
    so arohi is safe! it was clever of her to go to the hospital get another video made. it was not a very solid evidence but enough to confuse Deep. today i realised Deep is an emotional fool. the moment Arohi said i thought my Deep would get a family, when an orphan gets a family its such a big deal, Deep’s face was really hurt and confused. idiot again believed that Tara is pregnant with his child. he is still not sure though. then this reveal at the end, that Tara had hired the goons. i dont know what Deep and Virat would do after this or what Deep would think. maybe he would think Arohi dressed as Tara or i dont know…. but i noticed one thing, he hadnt told anyone else that Arohi is alive or nikku is alive. now was the right time to tell Virat that Arohi is alive and she is doing everything, but he didnt say this
    now coming to Virat. what was his plan? get out of jail and start hitting Deep? i mean seriously, that was his plan? the moment Deep said idiot we have to investigate them more he agrees and goes with him. again Deep says you dont do anything about this Tara matter, we will have to deal with it intelligently and Virat agreed. he is again depending on Deep. complete useless character… where is Roma? the son she was shouting for is finally out of jail and she was nowhere there. how did prithvi manage to get him out with all this media attention? i dont think the writers are going to explain that are they? they are just running from one shock to another shock…. i so whished Arohi to know where nikku is

    1. I agree Dhara that the writers are adding suspense without any full proof plan. Arohi herself disclosed about her existence and if Deep informs Roma or Viraat about Arohi being alive, then they can simply isolate Arohi and take her DNA test for confirmation…once the DNA result comes out to be positive then all 4 devil’s will kill Arohi.

      The way Deep was thinking ” am I really finding Arohi in Tara….or the one that I am assuming to be Tara is actually Arohi then….”,and when he blocked the sunrays from Arohi’s face I some how had a feeling that Deep can be positive in the future episodes….but again when I saw him threatening and punching those dancers I changed my mind.

      1. hi sonia…Deep is a very confusing character…. he is intelligent and that what makes him dangerous for Arohi. whether he is positive in the sense whether he will support Arohi or not i dont know….. only one thing i noticed, Deep is so happy when he think this is Arohi and he has caught her. he is smiling, hugging Arohi, cutting cakes, he has no worry where Tara is lol….. and then Arohi says i am Tara! and deep gets again all confused and sad. no more hugging and smiling… also, he still hasnt told anyone about what he has found out, so i dont know what he will do in the future πŸ™

      2. Mee too sonia

      3. Hi Sonia…
        Good morning…
        I too have the same confusion towards deep.

      4. Yes Dhara,deep sometimes seems to love Arohi sometimes not.

      5. Agree with u sonia..he said if she is arohi then”..then what???…

      6. Hi Dhara,Sona, Moneera and Rhivanya.
        Deep is like the chameleon that keeps changing it’s colour according to the colour of the surrounding.

      7. Hi Sonia…
        You are correct but by seeing a chameleon we know its colour but until now I am unable to understand that if deep’s character is +ve or -ve.

    2. Sonakshi5

      Hi Dhara….
      Good morning….
      Yes,Dhara deep is an emotional fool.His weakness is mentioning his mother’s name and that he is an orphan.
      Deep still suspects Arohi but it would be funny to see deep’s reaction when both Tara and Arohi will come in front of him and say they are Tara and deep will be left to identify who is who.
      Yes this Virat is completely useless.Whole family depends on deep for their safety as a family depends on their pet dog for safety at night.Good the way Arohi confused deep was nice.
      And yes Roma was invisible today except in Arohi’s dream.Don’t know why she didn’t come to welcome her ladla beta.

      1. hi sonakshi, good morning….well if Deep has to identify the real Tara between the two it would be funny to watch….. you know i am still confused about what Deep really wants. there are so many mixed signals about his intentions, i hope todays episode clear things up. how long are the viewers supposed to remain confused? i dont want to keep guessing about his character anymore

      2. Sonakshi5 and Sonakshi are you both the same person?

      3. Even I am confused Dhara .Yes it is time makers reveal the true face of deep.

      4. Yes Sonia since I am registered I need to login if I don’t it comes Sonakshi if I do it comes Sonakshi5 .

  2. also friends… it crazy the number of comments that are posted on this page since the last two days. i am really happy about it but if i am not able to reply to everyone who take my name or ask me something then please dont mind. its not possible to read every comment…. and there are so many new commenters. i love reading all your comments and waiting for same today also πŸ™‚

    1. Yes Dhara but today there are less comments.

      1. sonakshi what i meant was by the time the next episode is aired, there is already too many comments…. like about 90 comments today also by now, and i am sure they will increase further… i am happy about so many comments but i am not able to reply to everyone or sometimes i even miss one or two comments :/

  3. btw tanya… we now know why Arohi was going to be in long churidar again… to shoot that scene with the nurse…. maybe arohi would even dress up with long churidars and go visit these guys from time to time to show that Arohi and Tara are different…. still, the look of Arohi as Tara is so similar to Arohi”s previous self, that it is not that much of a difference, in the beginning there was a stark difference between Tara’s and Arohi’s look. now its almost same

    1. Trueee now writers are messing with the story to much…. I want some positivity or a happy moment scene in this series at least once in a while…

      1. yes Tanya, and i also want some background of these characters. i mean we as fans are very interested about Deep’s parent or whether Arohi and Tara are related. while i am interested in Arohi’s revenge, its not going anywhere. two of the characters are dead and what is Arohi’s plan? she wont kill them, but she is not collecting any evidence for their arrest either. does she want to snatch away their property or does she just want all of them to fight and kill each other for her? she is not able to make Deep fall in love with her….. maybe some new dynamic would be nice, atleast some final say about Deep’s character :/

      2. Oh this was the meaning of old Arohi.Me too Tanya, I too want some funny scenes.

      3. I think Dhara that Arohi wants them to suffer slowly like deep because she said to chawanni that she wanted to give him happiness and then snatch it all or else she could have shot them all in one go and could have ran away because for the world she was dead.

      4. Hi Tanya…

      5. Hiii sonakshi

  4. all confusion…. writer seems to have forgotten what the plot was… lol….

    deep you are bad…. i was Hoping he could be good…but what’s happening??

    1. Hi saras…
      Yes writer forgot the title -immj it doesn’t match the current scenario.Who is doing this for love.Deep is doing for loyalty, Arohi for revenge,Tara for her madness.

  5. Sonakshi5

    Thanks for the fast update Atiba..I am both happy and sad by today’s episode.Happy because Arohi is alive and sad because if deep gets sure that she is Arohi then he will kill her.But I am more happy than sad because Arohi is alive.
    Whatever it be but yes as many guessed the precap was a dream.Btw as you said Dhara it is wrong to create tensions and suspense by wrong precaps and dreams.
    But yippee , Arohi is alive. I was so relieved to see her alive as if she really existed .

  6. Sanaa.khan

    My first guess was correct, it was all Arohi’s dream. Very smart of Arohi….I didn’t expect that Arohi as Tara would blame herself. I guess in tomorrow’s episode Tara ( Arohi) is going to prove herself innocent. Deep is an emotional fool… I was cheering for Viraat when he punched Deep… today’s episode was a breath of fresh air even thought the first six minutes increased my heartbeat up to 50%. Anyways eagely waiting for the next episode.

    1. Yes my heartbeat also increased in first part.

      1. Hi rhivanya ….
        Yes I guess everyone’s heart beat increased as the serial have a lot of impact on us unknowingly.

    2. Hi Sanaa di …
      Yes your guess was correct even I didn’t expect Arohi would do that and yes deep deserves punch ??? and slap too ??.

  7. Sanaa.khan

    All the commenters here especially Dhara, Salley, Sona,Sonia,Shey,moneera,Rhivanya, Tanya you all can have a peaceful sleep today after watching today’s episode. I am extremely overjoyed as Arohi has outsmarted and fooled deep once again. So dear friends what’s your opinion on today’s episode??

    1. Can l comment too for the opinion

      1. Sonakshi5

        Ye Shifa ,of course you can comment

        no need to ask.

    2. Yes yes peaceful sleep today after watching today episode.good night Sanaa.

    3. tensed in the beginning, relieved in the middle, then tensed again in the end….. why didnt Arohi use voice change while hiring the goons? or why did she have to say that her name was Tara? she could have said anything…. now Deep and Virat knows and i am sure soon the entire family would know Arohi is alive. :/

      1. Yes dhara I’m scared about the precape..I don’t know what will happen to arohi

    4. Yeah Sana! ?finally a good night’s sleep! I’m too excited I am not feeling sleepy too! I wanna watch the episode too just reading the update isn’t it! It’s soo nice to see Aarohi winning over those idiots!

    5. Hi Sanaa di, I agree that we all had a peaceful sleep last night. The episode was ok but I really wished she could have found some other way to tackle the problem…showing kesari has faked her reports or something. Oh I think the writers have completely forgotten Kesari and Dilip Singh.
      It was also stupid of Arohi in the last episode to eat the cake that Deep got for her…she could have easily acted to vomit and run to the washroom.

      Anyways I had way higher expectations from Arohi but let’s see what the writers have in store for us.

      Also Sanaa di pls update your ff Kuch Toh Hai Tujhse Raabta…I am eagerly waiting for it.

      1. hi sonia…. maybe Arohi didnt dress up like kesari in the video because till now Deep doesnt know that Arohi and kesari are the same person. now since the fingerprints have been changed, he already is doubting that Arohi is alive, and Maya once said kesari and Arohi are same person…. so maybe Arohi didnt use kesari because she didnt want Deep to make that connection.
        last time kesari was mentioned Deep was getting her poster made to put everywhere and see if some one could give any information about her. i wonder what happened to that storyline… also when Arohi/Tara was saying that ‘Arohi has made all these plans, Kalyani was related to her, Virat bhaiya is in jail bcoz of her….’ she mentioned everyone but did not mention Maya masi. i suppose the writers have forgotten completely about Maya as well lol

  8. Wow! Guys what we had expected happened. Thank God! What smart moves Aarohi! Haha duffer Deep! U go girl! I didn’t understand the nurse part I mean the first part of the update. Please explain!

    1. After it gets known that Arohi was dreaming and Deep almost sure about the person in front of him is none other than Arohi. Arohi then makes a smart move by showing him a video where she herself dressed as Arohi bribed the nurse to kill Deep and Tara’s baby. Then Arohi as Tara tells Deep that she got to know Arohi is alive. She then started her emotional attyachar to make Deep confused.

    2. to fool Deep, Arohi shows Deep a video. in that video, there is a girl with her back to the camera in a long churidar. the girl is talking to the nurse and says, ‘was the girl that came her named Tara rajsingh?’ nurse says yes. then the girl gives the nurse some money and say, ‘keep this money and remember whai said. inform me when she comes again… (the girl also says something more but i cant remember)’ the nurse and the girl turns to face the camera. the girls is Arohi.
      Arohi then turns off the recording and tells to Deep that i went to the hospital and found out that Arohi is after us, she is alive and she reached the hospital. i was afraid for a minute but then i thought you are with me and we will fight her. but here i come and i find you are suspecting me.
      i think Arohi/tara also implies that Arohi in the video had given money to the hospital for them to lie about the pregnancy, that if anyone asks if Tara is pregnant, they would say no. in this way Arohi/tara makes Deep confused that she is actually pregnant and Arohi is trying to create miunderstanding between them…. i hope this helps Shey πŸ™‚

      1. Thank you am understood.

    3. Me too am also confused

    4. Hi shey ….
      I saw your comment now as it is already explained I am not explaining.

  9. I’m new here! I think that Aarohi and Tara have the same mother and father as well.
    Arohi and Tara have been separated from each other when they were born.
    Aarohi and Tara are single twins.
    When Aarohi said she lost parents in accidents. then I think Tara was there, began to hate blood, and after that she met Deep Raichand-Deep rajsingh. then he helped her with blood and such things, I think Deep or Rome! found (Aarohi twin sister) to Tara, too. so he fell in love with her instead. for tara, but Tara kills people for her parents she does not know she has. or sister! its Drama here!

    1. but then why Roma picked up Tara and cares for her so much if tara has lost her parents already? or doesnt Roma know that she gave birth to twin daughters?

      1. Hi Martina welcome…
        But if that was true then why would Roma want to kill her own daughter Arohi .

  10. Episode was bakwas and full of nonsense…. Arohi got disclosed and i don’t know what is coming next and its now high time raichands get what they deserve….. For a moment i thought that, this the time when deep may change ( when he was talking to himself)…
    And in tomorrow’s episode both tara and arohi r goin to be present….
    Virat is a police officer for nothing, i don’t get it why the hell deep is so loyal to those devils….
    I don’t think that tomorrow’s episode will be fun at all…. Almost all the things came infront of deep……
    Arohi is a bad player when she does it for anyone else other than herself for e.g. Kalyani, nikku…. I m pissed off by the way arohi behave sometimes and deep is another pain in the neck…. And my darling arohi use your mind and trap all of them in the horrible police case and when they r in custody they can tell u where nikku is or atleast u hve more chances to find nikku… Seeing this situation i really feel that she is preparing her own grave..

    1. hi tanya… do you know if tomorrows episode tu ashiqui and immj would be separate episodes or together?
      i think its because when Arohi is alone she thinks she has nothing much to lose.. but when she gets someone close, she is so alone she wants to protect them at all cost and thus starts making mistake… Arohi still made a move today that none of us could guess but i think Deep cant be fooled for long. Arohi should try to make someone else in that family on her side, maybe Roma. lets see what happens tomorrow…

      1. It will be together on the set of tu aashiqui..

      2. Hi dhara.good morning.not separate episode.

      3. good morning Rhivanya, Tanya….. arre yaar it means we have to watch for one whole hour and bear tu ashiqui scenes as well…. i dont like tu ashiqui at all, but the promos say something big will happen tonight, cant understand whether to watch or not πŸ™

      4. Actually its evening… So, good evening .. they r creating so much buzz around but i don’t think any substantial change in the story will come into play….. I too don’t like these special episodes and i don’t know for what reason they always keep a dance sequence for lead couples.,this just act as fillers and i don’t think so i m goin to watch it…

      5. Dhara it will be mainly of tu aashiqui n. I used to watch it at first,it was awesome but then again the creates destroyed the show so I don’t watch it now.
        You can do one thing . Don’t watch it just read update but if something special happens then watch it online.

      6. good evening Tanya, i also dint like this useless dance sequences, i mean if there was even some doubt they are falling in love then okay maybe, but Deep and Arohi are enemies right now and i have no interest in seeing them dancing when Deep keeps hurting Arohi all the time….
        sonakshi actually the written updates are not very detailed and if i read only them then i dont understand half things, besides the update would also contain names of Tu ashiqui casts and then i will be lost…. maybe i will start watching in the beginning and if get bored i will switch off… you are going to watch?

      7. Sonakshi5

        Actually Dhara ,there is a small puja in my house .I am not going to watch it but if something special happens then I will watch it online.

  11. thanks athiba for the quick update… I am fed up from arohi’s loneliness.. chawanni is a small one.. I think it’s unfare use such a character for like these things.. if writer adds a new protaganist mail character for help arohi.. I think it’s a huge support for arohi..oh god…!!!!!pls make deeps character white … or i hate deep.. always he had a chance to save arohi but always he misses that chance… devil deep.. the time is very near to him????????

    1. i agree Kavi…. if Arohi has an adult friend it will be nicer to see. Kalyani was killed. dilip is still in wheelchair. maybe when bhabhi comes it will be better. Chawanni is a kid and i honestly think that Tara would harm them very much if she gets a chance.

      1. yeh… and also i think always mmain character being good is need… i can’t inderstand deep’s feelings .. if any one love smone they can’t look other ones tears .. but always deep gives tears to aarohi…i like when deep knows about arohi… and also she have another lover or brother to fight with deep☺? it will be so sweet?

      2. so sorry for the repeat comment guys ,there is a network problem?

    2. I agree with what you both said.If bhabhi comes it would be good or if deep turns out to be a negative character then some new lead must be paired with Arohi but I strongly believe that deep will turn positive. I read it somewhere that deep knew it is Arohi and he was crying realising that or else why was he taking her to niku .He knows how dangerous tara is to niku .As she told him she will kill niku (Tara acting as Arohi ) in hospital.

  12. See. What I guessed came true. Whole episode was a dream. But Aarohi is herself talking about her in front of Deep to make Deep think of her existence and plotting. This will get him to know her truth easily. But it is getting dragged. She’s not being like Tara and saying she has changed. If one day, Tara comes to her family and reveals the whole story and what if they assume her Aarohi and kill her? Then what’ll be next? This is what going to happen in future. Not now at all. Till then “Suspicion” “ArDeep romance” “Virat-Deep’s conflict”.

    1. no no… the whole episode was not dream, only the precap was a dream. Deep still has those fingerprint and pregnancy reports. what Arohi did was she said that arohi is doing all this but she herself is Tara and was also trying to found out about Arohi and thus got the video footage from the hospital. its a bit confusing to explain in words lol…. Arohi didnt have many option left. after the pregnancy drama and her not caring for Virat when he got arrested, it was only natural that Deep would begin to suspect and find out. Arohi has to try harder to be Tara but she is not changing her attitude at all

      1. Yes dhara arohi can’tcan’t change her attitude at all..the person’s attitude is like a skin,even u try to change u can’t change it.. And the way arohi makes deep fall for seemed that deep love that type of girl not like Tara..even if they looking identical

      2. you are right moneera, its very difficult to change one’s attitude. but Arohi is in a very different situation, surrounded by violent enemies on all sides, she is living with them! and she sits silently when Roma talks about Virat with Deep and she even smiles! for god’s sake atleast dont keep smiling like you are enjoying it πŸ™
        yes, even i dont think he really loved Tara. at first he was loyal to her and even now he is extremely loyal to the family. maybe he thinks if he does everything for them then they will love him as their own son. but i dont think he loves….

  13. thanks athiba for the quick update… I am fed up from arohi’s loneliness.. chawanni is a small one.. I think it’s unfare use such a character for like these things.. if writer adds a new protaganist mail character for help arohi.. I think it’s a huge support for arohi..oh god…!!!!!pls make deeps character white … or i hate deep.. always he had a chance to save arohi but always he misses that chance… devil deep.. the time is very near to him????????

  14. What I just saw!! Deep is really out of mind,how dare he try to take tara(he thinks) to nikku’s place!!! How he became so emotional nd get a teary eye when he apologized to Tara!! Where did his tear come from,Did he also know how to regret?!! So stupid,he will always remain as a pet dog for this family,he never want to get up also…Now he confirmed that Arohi is alive,so he will expose her soon…nd I don’t understand how Virat get a bail so easily

  15. What an episode. And I don’t think Deep is that much of an emotional fool. It could be his plan to check if Tara is Aarohi or not without letting her know. Maybe that’s why he decided to let Tara (Aarohi) meet Nikku. Orelse if he really cared about Nikku’s well being and kept him safe, why would he want Tara to meet the kid and probably kill him. Even though Deep had seen her almost attacking Nikku in the hospital.
    Deep has something going on in his head that he won’t reveal. Mastermind.

    1. you are probably right Sayanika, after all, when nikku thought it was Tara he ran to Deep to keep himself safe… maybe that is why Deep said we have to be careful to Virat. Mr. Deep RajSingh still has a lot of secrets and plans to execute

      1. I still hope somethink for deep, I wwas thinking about the same episode when arohi stop niku to rush at deep, why niku wanted to ask help from him if he is kidnapped ? I hope that we will understand Deep in the future because there are so many strang things


      3. Ha haha lol.You will break your TV??.
        But I will break
        All 32 teeth of deep ???????.

      4. Sonakshi, you are hilarious…but yes if he even dares to betray Arohi and break her heart again, I am going to punch him untill all of his 32 teeth falls off.

      5. Sonakshi5

        Thanks Sonia.

  16. Hey guys
    I am new here. First of all congratulations to each and everyone for crossing 100 comments on yesterday’s page. l am a huge fan of immj.l watch each and every episode from starting. I love this serial so such like a crazy fan.Arjun and alisha superb
    Coming to episode. Long lasting dream sequence of arohi.she is too smart. Again deep become papu. But deep has confirmed that arohi is alive.And that virat is so dump.He is such useless .Can’t do anything without deep.And that roma irritating character.
    And waiting for tomorrow .what’s going on deep mind.Will tara (arohi)prove her innocent or not?
    Happy to see immj (mahasangam)on Saturday Happy Happy Happy Happy

    1. Sayanika

      Hi Shifa. Welcome here. πŸ™‚
      We all are crazy IMMJ fans and ofcourse eagerly waiting for tomorrow’s episode. I wish there’s more of IMMJ than Tu Aashiqui. πŸ™‚

      1. Hi sayanika
        Thanks for welcoming dear.Me tooo wish that

    2. Hi Shifa…
      Congratulations to you too…
      Even I too wish that sayanika.
      I don’t like mahasangrams much.Hope we see more scenes of immj.

  17. @critic….whole episode was not dream,only shooting part is dream…I will be glad,if they make yesterday episode was someone’s dream,he takes out his gun also when he doubt she is Arohi …Now I can’t expect anything from this crackhead deep

  18. Hello dear friends. Finally we know that precap is a imagination. I cant understand what happened with deep.he really loves Tara or arohi.this confusion clear on tomorrow episode. What is virat plan.? How he escape from jail.this is a viraat plan.why deep hide from virat arohi is alive.

  19. Sonakshi5

    Yes Sanaa di .Now I can get a peaceful full sleep . Good night Dhara,Sanaa di ,.sayanika,babe,kavisha,critic,Kavi,Tanya,Martina,Sonia,shey,saras and all of you.
    Will reply to all your comments tomorrow friends.Take care , sweet dreams.

    1. good night sonakshi…. happy dreams πŸ™‚

  20. What’s happening ? where this show is heading to

    1. Saame question??????
      I guess this show is directly heading to hell with no good people and some day raichand will join the group of terrorist…… Don’t mind..
      I m pissed offff

      1. lol…. its a funny comment Tanya. i would like to know from where these Raichands get all their money. Virat is useless and police officers dont get paid much. Deep is always busy with these family problems and Tara does no work. Roma always stays at home doing puja and looking after the house, when they introduced Roma she was like ‘without my knowledge not even a leaf moves in this house’ now she is completely clueless…. so Prithvi is handling all ‘buisness’ matters? pfff…. the Raichands are most probably already doing lots off illegal activities besides killing i am sure lol

      2. Yeah really,,,, they are not giving importance to loyal viewers simply creating hype for trp

    2. i too feel like that sathya…. so many storylines started then left unexplored. the writers are just trying to shock us with misleading precaps and stuff… but where is this story leading? Deep and Virat not trying to find kesari, Deep not trying to find chawanni, Kalyani property matter not mentioned at all anymore, Dilip still in wheelchair and not getting any better, Arohi not able to do anything to find out about nikku…. also, the girl that filed complaint against Virat just vanished? the police must know where the girl is or how will they proceed with their investigation? and if the police knows then Virat should be able to find out about it but the girl is just gone…. just too many things not handled properly and on top of that Deep acting like villain and the continuous fear of Arohi’s identity getting exposed. i mean if you are going to expose her expose her, else show something else….. one sequence Deep was near finding her identity but Arohi won. so good…. but in the end of the episode again Deep would start doubting. how many episodes will be given to the same thing when so many other things should also be going on….

      1. Sonakshi5

        Yes Dhara makers should also show all these and also about maya and Arohi’s bhabhi .

      2. True that,,, they are changing the plots and sequence just for that time trp

  21. Thank you Sonia, Dhara for explaining it helped a big time I was a bit confused! I don’t read this update I visit the page to comment today I had to read cause the Mahasangam is telecasted here in SL on Monday and I don’t think if this episode will be telecasted or not! Colors is so confusing unlike Starplus! Thank goodness this turned out to be a dream! Our guesses were right! There’s sure to be a plan behind Aarohi telling Aarohi’s alive to Deep acting like Tara! Maybe she’s trying to frame Tara as Aarohi maybe later? And why had she revealed her name to the dancers like Dhara said she should’ve lied her name! That’s a lame thing! Deep lost to Aarohi yet again! Ha Duffer! Where’s Sly Roma btw? Writers tend to forget other Characters in the story which is weird they should pay attention to all! Good Morning btw, it’s 12 past so ?

    1. good morning shey… you are welcome πŸ™‚ Arohi is making a lot of mistakes lately, basically all these characters have weakness and no one is perfect. lets see what happens today, sorry to hear that you will have to wait until mnday for the mahasangam episode πŸ™

  22. thanks athiba for the quick update… I am fed up from arohi’s loneliness.. chawanni is a small one.. I think it’s unfare use such a character for like these things.. if writer adds a new protaganist mail character for help arohi.. I think it’s a huge support for arohi..oh god…!!!!!pls make deeps character white … or i hate deep.. always he had a chance to save arohi but always he misses that chance… devil deep.. the time is very near to hatehim????????

  23. Hellow friends..I didn’t reply your comments bcz I didn’t read them till now..I was too much the way ,i have liked a place where ardeep grew up crying.they seemed to have true feelings of love..and he knows she is arohi not Tara.

    1. lets hope so… that he knows she is Arohi and that is why not telling everyone about it or said Virat to not do anything and was taking her to nikku….. thats the best we can hope for right now πŸ™‚

    2. Hi Moneera….
      Hope so.

  24. I love deep, he is interllgnt,smart,hider of secret and alot of goods..wish for the best.

  25. DeepSatpute

    I love Arohi. She is so pretty

    1. hi…. if you dont mind can i ask how you decided your name for registration? i mean Deep i understand… but what is Satpute? just curious..

  26. Don’t kill me for this but I sometimes feel deep knew she is Arohi . The tears and promises to be a good husband was for Arohi .How can deep think that the person showing video is Tara .Was she there taking video then doing her hobby(attacking and killing) .Deep didn’t ask her why she hadn’t told this before.He is taking her to niku even after seeing her reach towards niku in the hospital.She said she would kill him.

    1. Arohi/Tara mentioned that she has also found out today only about the video and was most probably coming to tell Deep about it. but before that Deep started accusing her… i dont know yaar, maybe Deep is not able to show his true colors because he thinks if this is Tara and by mistake he showed that he supports Arohi then Tara would not leave him…. who knows :/

  27. Personally I miss Tara and her famous dialogue. ” Tukde tukde kardoongi ” .

    One more thing about Tara is I really love her with Deep…both kaminas together. As for Arohi she’s a perfect , down to earth and a clever girl so she deserves someone who really cares and feels for her.

    I have written a song for Deep.

    Deep( to mummyji):
    kyun viraat ka hai aapko intezaar ,main Hoon naa
    Viraat see bhi achha aur kamyaab, main Hoon naa
    Jo aapko kehna hai, aap mujhe kehdoo
    Aapki jee chahe jitna, aap utna mangloo
    Phir bhi aapko milega utna samman, main hoon naa…

    Deep to Arohi:
    Teri Meri ,Meri Teri Zindagi ki Kahani hai mushkil
    Do lafzon mein yeh bayan naa ho paye
    Ek ladka aur ek ladki ki yeh Kahani hai tedi
    Do lafzon mein yeh bayan naa ho paye

    Deep to Tara:
    Ek pyaar hai,kuch jaan hai
    Sab tujhpe….
    Sab tujhpe qurbaan hain
    Ek Arohi hai, ek parivaar hai…
    Sab tujhpe qurbaan hain

    1. You’re absolutely correct Sonia! Deep is not worthy of Aarohi! I also think Tara and Deep are soo good together! They are a perfect couple! Aarohi should get somebody way better than Deep! But I don’t think something like that will even happen(as our wish) cause there’s a more affinity for Deep and Aarohi as a couple!

    2. Sonakshi5

      Your comment is funny Sonia.Both kaminas together lol.
      And the poem also suits.

  28. It’s Okay Sonakshi! (Sonakshi5 and Sonakshi are both same?)? Yeah Dhara I have to wait till Monday it’s soo sickening! Btw this epis telecasted tomorrow ? soo fed up with Colors different timings cause Starplus it’s not like that!

  29. Hi guys! Will something special happen in Mahasangam btw? Usually it’s two serials so nothing much happens the important part happens towards the end! Btw what’s there in tu aashiqui for it to be a part Mahasangam? Nothing special or curious has been happening in TA these days! ?

  30. The Mahasangam episode is just crap. Mostly tu ashiqui scenes and rising star singers singing songs.The only imm high lights are
    – deep and Viraat blame everything on kesari in front of Arohi so that she doesn’t have any suspicion on them.( But Arohi sees Viraat signing to prithvi and has a doubt on both deep and Viraat)
    – deep was constantly touching Arohi in front of Roma making her uncomfortable…
    – Arohi goes to meet Tara and they make a deal: if Arohi lets Tara free for one day then tara can find out where nikku is by asking deep.
    – deep asks random personal questions to Tara which she answers correctly but tries to notify deep about arohi but Arohi blackmails Tara of shooting her if she tries to say anything extra.
    – Tara tells deep that she knows Arohi’s alive …deep also says the same.
    -tara was about to drink wine when pankti helped Arohi by stopping Tara from drinking by making an excuse in front of deep.
    – deep thinks the person in front of him is genuinely Tara.

    Precap: Tara tells Deep that I know where u can find Arohi while Arohi looks on from far being tensed.

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